PerfectPenis Wins María

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PerfectPenis Wins María

María was equally excited by the news of my return to Guatemala. She didn’t mention PerfectPenis, but I was wary of putting them in close proximity. I wasn’t sure she should go, I wanted PP for myself, and thought her presence would complicate matters. But she was adamant, she was going together with me or separately. So we packed for a short trip and off we went to Antigua. We settled in effortlessly in a vacation rental within a single day.

I contacted the local project managers immediately and we developed a schedule for the engineering and execution of the project. I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out María contacted PerfectPenis just as quickly. We were both surprised when PP invited both of us to dinner at his house.

María surprised me again by dressing formally. She wore a sleek, tight, floor-length dress that hugged her curves and showed the outlines of her lingerie. She wore her hair down in long wavy curls, a large white orchid in her hair. She did her own makeup and finished with a couple of drops of Jungle Gardenia. Beautifully elegant was a gross understatement. So off we went together; María already knew where PP lived.

The dinner was very civil and pleasant. María and I sat together on one side of the table like a proper couple and PP sat on the other. PP’s maid, a no-nonsense dour woman of about 50 years served us five courses of excellent Guatemalan delicacies. We spent about an hour on small talk, the weather, common acquaintances, happenings around town, etc.

As we talked, PP’s magnetic charisma and sexual potentiality enveloped us. Watching María, I saw she burned with my same desire for PP, our systems were overwhelmed by his poison. María finally realized I had some sort of prior relationship with PP. That relationship quickly became explicit – looking directly into my eyes, PP told María he had visited me at the lake, he had forced me to suck his penis as the price to stop bothering her. He said his idea was to humiliate me, and hopefully, make me impotent. Both PP and I turned to look at her, and we were astonished by her response. Her face smoldering with desire, María looked straight at PP and stated, “Sometimes my husband is barely a man.” She refused to look at me.

PP and I looked at each other relieved – whatever plans he had for me, I wanted them as badly, and we now knew there was no obstacle ahead. I was his property and he thought María was his wife. I was sure he planned to take my testicles, then take María. My testicles ached, I could already feel his boot crushing against them. I would give him my testicles but never give him María.

PerfectPenis didn’t waste any time, he led us to the living room and commanded us to undress. Just to torment PP, I first undressed María slowly, stripper style, peeling off her lingerie with extravagant flourishes. María was so excited she tore her hosiery. I knew she would fuck him, but I wanted to show him I was in control.

PP embraced María and kissed her, and she returned the kiss, molding her body into his. Their kiss lasted forever, more passionate than I had ever seen her kiss before, not me, not any man, not even any woman. When they separated, he said, “This is how a man kisses his wife.”

I replied, “She’s not your wife and never will be.”

PP had me undress him – he was erect and I quick-kissed his penis as I lowered his pants. His diagonal eyes narrowed, his dark, Male Mayan blood weighed on me, pushing me down on the floor.

PerfectPenis began with María. He took her hair in his left hand and bent her slightly over backward, inserted two fingers in her vagina lifting her up on her toes. He kissed her mouth, eyes, earlobes, neck, and breasts as long as she could maintain her tiptoe balance. Watching this drove me mad with excitement, my penis hurt. When María tired, he led her to a bedroom, to the bed in full sight of the living room couch, and opened her legs so wide I could see the interior of her vulva. He placed both her hands on her vulva and told her to enjoy herself for a while.

Back in the living room, PP grabbed my hair and bent me backward to the edge of my balance, then grabbed my erect penis and pulled it upwards and forwards like he tried to pull it off my body. I went up on my toes and grasped the arm that held my penis. He pulled me around in circles by my penis while María watched. I glimpsed her face, she burned at this display of sadistic dominance. The old María, the María of dark, heavy Mayan blood, had returned.

When I couldn’t stay up on my toes any longer, PP pulled me over by my hair to the floor. He sat on the couch and commanded me to kneel in front of his genitals. Now I burned, my humiliation pathology took complete control of me. I was in the control of a real man that knew how to handle me. He pulled my head back with his left hand and reached down with his right to grab my testicles, and began to squeeze them in quick bursts, each squeeze causing my body to jump. I was in sexual ecstasy, flooded with his poison and my hormones.

PP whispered to me, “I’m going to destroy you and take María. You’ll never fuck María again.”

Barely coherent, I whispered back, “Take her, destroy me, do it now!”

PP replied, “Yes, but not now.”

He pulled my head into his genitals and told me I already knew what to do, and I did. I began to kiss, lick and suck his testicles and penis while PP held my head and María watched. Her faced shined with cruel sexual excitement as she watched the strong man dominate the weak.

PP must have seen her approval, he fucked my mouth deeply and slowly, causing me to gag, and the convulsions of my body excited them both. I had read someplace that swallowing the penis alleviated the gagging reflex and was also a pleasant stimulation of the penis – I tried it and it worked.

I had trouble breathing with his penis blocking my throat, but his stroking was fast enough to let me breathe every few seconds. When PP realized I was taking his penis deep, he held it deep longer, until I pulled away to breathe again. When PP ejaculated, he did so in the middle of my mouth – he wanted me to reaffirm his ownership of me, and I did. I milked every drop of semen I could suck out of his penis. As PP began to lose his erection, he pushed me over backward, rose, and went to María in the bedroom – she sat up on the edge of the bed, working her vulva furiously as she looked at me.

PerfectPenis led María back into the living room. Her face was flushed red, and she shook with anticipation. PP said, “Fuck. I want to see you fuck, how you do it in pathetic gringo style.”

María and I looked at each other, and I said, “You want me to fuck my wife in front of you?”

Pinche gringo, show me how you fuck a woman! I want to see how a real woman fucks a gringo.”

María grabbed me first. She was rough and surprised me with her strength, and we went after each other. We weren’t fucking, we were fighting. She pushed and pulled at me, scratching me, grabbing at my genitals, pulling me inside her mouth and vagina. I tried to control her body without hurting her but she overpowered me. Neither of us tried to please the other, but we weren’t hor-fucking, we didn’t seek our own climaxes. We did it for show, to please PP. It was fuck-fighting, a mutual rape. María fought like she fought for her life. Inches away, I watched PP watching us like we were a dogfight or cockfight, his smirk telegraphing his contempt for me.

We keep going, tiring, neither wanting to climax – the loser would be who climaxed first. Of course, I lost. She sat on me and her eyes commanded me to be still. She stroked until I ejaculated.

María swiveled to the side and began to kiss his genitals. PP pulled her off my penis and took her back to the bed. She lay next to him and caressed and kissed him until he became erect again. Then he fucked her thoroughly and slowly while I watched. María abandoned her body to him, and he reclaimed ownership of her, his wife. My guts twisted in my body, not only for the loss of María but for my desire of domination by PP.

He called us to stand before him, and said, “Now get out of here, both of you, I want you back here tomorrow.”

We dressed, and he followed me to the door. He took my arm, pulled me around and drove his knee into my groin. “That’s for fucking my wife.” I came back to my senses in a taxi as María shook me. She said only, “Never fuck another man’s wife while he’s watching.”

That night, I told her a little more about PP’s visit to me years ago at Lake Atitlán,

“He was there because I sent him a message asking what I could do to free you from him. He wanted me to suck his penis. When I finished, he said I belonged to him. He wore our wedding rings. He said you had married him. Did you marry him?”

“Yes, we used a Mayan ceremony and we married.”

“But you were married to me, that marriage could never be real or legal. Why did you do it? Were you just hot for him? In love with him? You gave him our rings – you have no idea how much that hurt me. I never told you because I was afraid I’d lose you.”

“I gave him the rings because I married him. The Mayan ceremony erased my marriage with you. I was going to tell you, but then he cut me off. Now I know why. He traded me, his wife, to you for a penis suck. I’m still thinking about that.”

I had to be careful now. We were both here from sexual excitement for PP. She had done this many times before. She’d got hot for a man, but then it always broke off or faded away. Her infatuation would end like before, and I wanted to be there for her when it ended. I was here with PP for a much more serious reason. I had no guide for how it would turn out, that’s up to PP. I know what I want, but that may not be what PP wants.

“Your marriage was never real. But in any case, he traded you for a penis suck – that was your divorce.”

“No, in Guatemala, I’m married to PerfectPenis. In Mexico, I’m married to you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Marriage isn’t a physical location. It’s who you want, who you love, who is in your heart. I want you, I love you, you own my heart. I’m married to you.”

I waited for her declaration of who was her husband.

She said, “You were angry about the wedding rings, that’s why you came back so hateful, why you whored me out to everyone.”

I couldn’t think of what to say.

“You whored me out!”


“You gave me away like a cheap whore. I didn’t know why, and I hated you. You fucked me like the cheapest of whores. I fucked every man I could get to look at me, dozens of men. And you licked out their semen to relieve your guilt. You did this over some cheap wedding rings?”

“Yes, yes, I whored you out, but no, it wasn’t about the rings. It was about you marrying PP. You were my wife and you married PP. You were supposed to be there arranging our new wedding, but you married him. You betrayed me. And you fucked him crazy like a woman should do only with her husband.”

“So that’s your excuse for making me a cheap whore?”

“Oh god. There’s no justification. I was so angry, I hated you, I went crazy. I’m so sorry. I know it’s too late to say this, I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize now. I forgave you back then. Do you remember when you told me to ‘be careful with those men?’ That’s when I knew you forgave me. I forgave you because you forgave me. I didn’t know what you forgave, but you did, and I forgave you. We got better after that.”

I wanted to hear her marriage declaration, but she wasn’t ready yet.

“You said you sucked PP’s penis, and he said you belonged to him? Did you swallow his semen?”

“Yes. That was a long time ago, what could that mean now?”

“Did you swallow it today?”


“You need to leave here now. Not tomorrow, right now. And take me with you, to be your wife.”

“What? Are you nuts? I’m here to run a project. I can’t leave.”

“You can’t ever see PP again. What he did to you today, he humiliated and abused you, will get much worse. You gave him your allegiance, you belong to him, and he may hurt you badly. He will absolutely take me from you, and I’ll be his wife. If you want me, love me, want to be married to me, leave tonight and take me. We can pack right now, spend the night in a hotel next to the airport, and leave in the morning.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I’m here for a job, I can’t leave.”

I had other reasons for staying, but I couldn’t tell her now.

“Don’t blow this, let’s pack and go. This is your last chance to save me and yourself. Right now.”

“I can’t. Besides, you were all excited he abused me, just like years ago.”

She took a deep breath and said, “I’ll see him tomorrow. If he still wants me, which I’m sure he does, I’m his wife tomorrow. Permanently. No backing out, no refunds, I’ll leave you tomorrow. Think carefully, this is it, last chance. Take me away right now or lose me.”

I was silent.

“OK, take me to bed and fuck me. It’s probably your last time.”

I did.

* * *

Our second day in Antigua I had project meetings, so María went alone to see PP. She returned late evening, radiant, smiling ear-to-ear, eyes glowing. All our history was forgotten, I was irrelevant. María was newly in love.

I said, “Well?”

“I spent a beautiful day with my husband. We celebrated our marriage anniversary which just passed last month. We’ve been married for three years. He’s got the best penis and we fucked once for every year. We went shopping and had a romantic lunch together.”

She held up her left hand, showing her engagement ring and wedding band together, and said, “Look. The first time I’ve worn these together truly married. Aren’t they beautiful?”

“So that’s it. You’ve decided. You’re married to him, not to me after all our years together.”

“No, you decided last night. We could be in Guanajuato by now, happily married, happily fucking. You gave me away again. How many times have you given me away? Did you ever think once I might not come back?”

“We’ll be leaving here again in a few weeks after my project is completed. We’ll be back together in Guanajuato soon.”

“You don’t get it – you never have. We’re only friends now, as long as PP allows it. I should say friends with benefits because I’ll still fuck you as a slut. Actually, I’m his wife and your mistress – that’s what PP says. PP has me staying with you awhile, while he arranges a house for us. He has to leave the apartment that’s attached to his wife’s house. They’re still married, there’s a big scandal in his family. He has another house which he’s preparing for us. So I’m your mistress for a few days. Take advantage of me, because it won’t last for long. I’m going to bed now, are you coming to fuck me?”

“You can’t be serious. Your marriage is a joke. He would never let another man fuck his wife.”

“You let me fuck other men for decades of our marriage.”


“Is my Ex coming to fuck me or not?”

As I climbed into the bed, she said,

“I went to see my relatives in the afternoon. They somehow knew we were here. They also knew I’ve been consorting with PP. They were abusive, they told me I’m still a whore. My brother hates me. They want me to sign over my piece of the house. My brother said I’m not morally fit to share a house with decent people.”

“Just blow them off, they’re in such a small religious fanatic world, they know nothing of real life.”

“I’ll never go see them again, they don’t exist for me anymore except as hostile strangers. I’m going to file my mother’s will with the civil registry and put a stop-action on the title. I’ll get my revenge when they try to change the title. Maybe I’ll force a sale of the house.”

“That would serve them right, and get you some extra money. I’ll help you.”

“Why are you going to see PP? He wants to hurt you. You suck his penis and he hurts you. Are you gay? Do you love him?”

“No, I’m like you. He has poisoned me, I’m addicted to him, to his penis. I don’t know what I want, but when he hurts me, humiliates me, when I suck him, I feel like my life is fulfilled somehow. The sexual excitement overwhelms me. You can understand that.”

“Yes, but I’m a woman. You’re not right for a man. He wants to hurt you badly, but he won’t. I told him I’d leave him and go back to you if he hurts you. He won’t hurt you seriously, but he’ll cause you a lot of pain. You shouldn’t ever go see him again, you should go back to Guanajuato.”

“I like the pain and humiliation. But thanks for protecting me.”

“We’ll be seeing him in an apartment until our new house is finished. I think it’s safer for you there.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I really love you, you know.”

“Please, let’s not talk anymore. Please fuck your mistress.”

I knew I had lost her then. When she said ‘we’ and ‘us’ and ‘our’, she talked about her and PP, not me. She said it so casually, so matter-of-factly. It was done, I had lost my wife, my María, but I still kept hope.

I did fuck my mistress. She had left PP’s semen in her vulva, and she pulled my head in to clean her. Instead of the gasps of pleasure I had heard for many years, she cried. She cried harder than I had ever seen before. I hugged her, tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t kiss me. She didn’t stop crying and I lay on her and I fucked her, the first time I had ever fucked a hysterically crying woman. She cried most the night.

* * *

Our next visit with PerfectPenis was in a faux-colonial apartment on the edge of Antigua. As was fashionable those days, the floors were cold ceramic tile with imprinted designs, the wooden furniture was treated to look like termite-eaten antiques, and the counter tops and tables were made from uneven quarry stone with rough edges. It was a depressing, sterile place for our sexual activities.

PP tied our hands behind our backs, and when it was my turn to be pulled up on my toes, he grabbed my testicles instead of my penis and pulled me around by my testicles. It hurt exquisitely, and my penis flopped from side to side as he pulled me around. In front of María, he pulled me on my back arched over his knees and squeezed my testicles in short bursts causing my body to twist, jump and shake.

PP whispered to me, “I’m going to castrate you, you’ll beg me to do it.”

I gasped back, “Yes, do it, castrate me now.”

María was frantically working her vulva, and I heard her climax, which provoked my own orgasm. I ejaculated into the air and on my abdomen. With a final squeeze of my testicles, PP dropped me on the floor, went to the bedroom and closed the door. I didn’t move from the floor, I lay there and listened to the moans and yelps of María and PP in their own ecstasy. I was hurt PP had denied me the honor of sucking his penis.

María cried again that night as I cleaned and fucked her. Now I was getting worried.

* * *

The third night of her new marriage, she didn’t cry but for a few minutes. She didn’t let me kiss her that night either, she said that was reserved for her husband. That’s when I lost hope – this was forever.

* * *

We visited PP together every day. I had to make all sorts of excuses at the project to escape when PP called us. Fortunately, I was the senior engineer, so I could give orders for the day’s work and could then disappear for awhile.

PerfectPenis increased his sadistic abuse of my body, genitals, and mind with each visit. It was now evident María would permit any level of abuse of me – her dark Mayan Male blood was right on the surface. PP was also testing me, making sure I would submit to castration when the time was ripe.

We settled into a routine – when PP calls us, we go to the apartment to meet him. He makes us remove our clothing and stand naked in front of him. María lays on the bed, just two meters away, with her lower legs off the bed, and her legs spread wide, her vulva facing us. Her shoulders and head are propped up on pillows so she can watch us.

PP orders me down on my knees in front of the chair where he sits, and I suck and lick his testicles. Sometimes, he presses his foot against my testicles or gives me little testicle kicks. Sometimes he squeezes my head between his thighs so I can hardly breathe. He becomes erect as soon as I start sucking his testicles and he lays back in the chair. I kiss and lick his testicles and his penis shaft until he grabs my head and pulls me up to the crown of his penis. This is the part I love the most, sucking on his crown to make him climax.

While I suck his penis, I pump my own. I try to delay my climax until he climaxes, but I never last – I explode and ejaculate in my hand or on the floor. María watches us while she stimulates her clitoris. I sometimes catch her climax by the jerk of her legs.

PerfectPenis doesn’t want to ejaculate in my mouth. He simply wants to humiliate me and get to the point of ejaculation before stopping with me. He doesn’t want to give me the satisfaction of sucking his semen – he already owns me and he wants to climax in María. It always a contest, to see if I can excite him to where he can’t stop, or if he can withdraw first and go to María. I usually win, probably because he loves to see me on my knees sucking him.

When I do get his ejaculation, he pretends to be upset and torments me, usually by pulling me over his legs, either on my back, choking me while squeezing my testicles, or on my belly, holding my hair while squeezing my testicles through my legs. I buck and bounce as he squeezes until my humiliation makes him erect again. He pulls my head back and chokes me. Then he fucks my mouth to gag me until I run to retch in the bathroom. Each day is a little worse, more violent and painful.

PP is calculated and methodical. He’s getting María conditioned to watch him abuse me ever more seriously. I know where this was going, and I endure it willingly – I am being conditioned too. And my abuse excites María, a great side-benefit. I considered it a privilege to endure this torture for María, to please her. I watch her when I can, and realize she is caught up in my abuse.

Then I watch as PP goes to fuck María. He sits next to María on the bed – with his right hand, he caresses her breasts, and with his left hand, he caresses her vulva. He kisses her deeply on the mouth, he stimulates her clitoris and inserts one or two fingers into her vagina. She never fails to have multiple orgasms.

As PP recovers his erection, María caresses his penis until he’s hard. He gets on top of María, places her legs on his shoulders, and moves up on her body, bending her up at the waist, inserting his penis into her. He strokes her very hard, made even harder as she bangs her vulva hard against him to force him deeper.

This routine continued for several days, and my physical condition deteriorated fast. My lips and tongue were bruised and swollen and my throat was raw. My testicles were so swollen I walked awkwardly. My penis was bruised and abraded. My whole body was sore and my neck showed the marks of PP’s choking. I had trouble fucking María when she called me to the bed, and finally couldn’t do it. I was also upset about losing María and had trouble sleeping. María noticed, of course, but so did my colleagues at work. If PerfectPenis intended to wear me down, he certainly had succeeded.

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