Chapter One, Death is the Ultimate Act of Sex

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Chapter 1, Death is the Ultimate Act of Sex

Anything to please María.

The intercom blasted as PP called me into his bedroom. PP sat in the middle of a large bed, guiding María’s head between his legs with one hand. The other hand grasped her panty across her back and stretched it tight between her butt cheeks, marking clearly the shape of her vulva. It was beautiful and I reached across to caress it. She was wet and moved her body to my touch. PP yelled at me to not touch her. He told me I could never touch her again, ever.
María licked his penis head like a child would lick an ice cream cone, and I surged with envy, not for PP but for María. She had that black, beautiful object I craved between her lips. PP must have seen the lust on my face.

He raised María’s head and rolled her over to the side. He ordered me to turn around, hands behind my back, and he bound my hands with a large, gray tie-wrap. He wormed his hand into María’s panty, finding the valley of her vulva, then her vagina. He begin finger-fucking her, rotating from vagina to clitoris, and he pulled my head to his penis. I flushed, shaking as I sucked his penis into my mouth. From the side, I could see María watching me as she squirmed against PP’s hand. María reached in, held PP’s penis at the base, stiff, upright against the movements of my mouth. I felt her familiar hand on my head – María entangled her fingers in my hair then guided my head as she knew PP would like it.

I was ecstatic, this was my deepest dream and desire – PP, María and I making love together. I felt PP’s penis stiffen and the first pulse – he was getting close. I would drink his semen again, reaffirming his mastery over me. But PP pulled my mouth away from his penis, and pushed me to one side, holding my head by my hair. He lay back and pulled María over him. She hooked her thumbs into her panty, wriggled them off, and guided her vagina down over his penis. She began stroking up and down, PP’s huge penis moving effortlessly into the inverted V of her vulva. I watched mesmerized, it was beautiful. PP stroked María’s breasts with one hand. With the other he pulled me up to his chest, then wrapped his arm around my neck and moved his other forearm behind my neck. I could hardly breathe, and he tightened his choke-hold until I had no air. I knew he wanted to kill me, I just never thought it would be so soon. I felt that black volcano erupting in my groin and I raised my abdomen until I could see my penis engorging. PP didn’t seem to care, he was focused on María riding his penis. I held still, watching María until my survival instinct kicked-in and I began twisting and straining.

I watched María watching me, as I choked and heaved. Her face flushed, burning up, and she stroked him faster and faster, up and down, from front to back. Bunk, the little man in the back of my head also watched María and screamed at me, “See, she doesn’t love you, she never loved you, she’s fucking him in glorious victory over you, climaxing as you die, you stupid fool, you deserve her contempt and your death.” I ignored him – death is the ultimate act of sex. My wife’s beautiful face would be the last thing I would see in life, and I was pleased. Anything to please María. As I died, my brain exploded in a riot of colored stars among total blackness as PP shook and bucked in orgasm. I drifted in-and-out of utter blackness and intense brightness, the nothingness interspersed with a newsreel chronicling the events of my life, to back before my life with María had begun.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter One, Death is the Ultimate Act of Sex

  1. Matt

    It’s generally a bad idea to kill off your main character in the first chapter, though I suspect that was a feint. As I said in other comments, you need more ‘show’ and less ‘tell’. Try using more dialog as a technique, and use less passive voice.

    1. María Post author

      Thanks again for your comments. Since I wrote the first chapter, I’ve read that many publishers consider killing your protagonist at the start of the book to be a deal-breaker. Yes, it is a feint, it was just intended to introduce the three main characters of the story and create interest to keep folks reading. That event described did actually happen, but Guy did survive. I’m already working on the ‘show vs tell’ problem, primarily using dialog to express the emotion. You’ll see a lot more dialog in upcoming chapters. I appreciate your criticism.

    2. LionMan

      Tbe test for me as to whether erotica is good is what is does to me as I read it or view it. This piece had the desired effect! Reading more of it in a single session would surely result in complete satisfaction!

    3. María Post author

      Hi LionMan: Thanks for your comment. I’d like to know what it is you liked. You can read all the posts by clicking on the Table of Contents at the top of the page, choosing your chapter, then using the arrows at the bottom of the post to move to the next post in the sequence. Hope you enjoy it.

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