Chapter 9 – Part 2, Dildos and Waterjets

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Chapter 9 – Part 2, Dildos and Waterjets

We liked to walk in the late afternoons to the plazas to watch people. We saw a lot of odd couples: ugly men with beautiful women and vice versa, old with young, rich with poor, etc. We judged them on the difference by levels 1-10.

The most interesting were the couples where the man was older, richer and uglier. Their women were flamboyant: high heels, high maintenance, super sexy, dressed to make any man drool. She was ‘la otra‘, the other – a secretary, employee, whoever the man was fucking in the deception of his wife or partner, and rewarding the woman with gifts, trips, and money. These women carried themselves with a certain attitude, a particular posture and tilt of their heads, like ‘I’m the hottest woman in this town’ while they strutted their surgically-altered protrusions – boobs, booties, and noses.

I asked María how many times she had been ‘la otra‘, and her answer didn’t jibe up with her history I had heard up to that point. Part of the problem was definition, her perception of her relationship to the men was different than mine.

So we worked it out: Sluttery is raw sex, for fun. It could be frequent but there’s no real affection for the man or woman. We discovered Spanish is worse than English for descriptive sexual language – there is no word at all for ‘slut’, the value-neutral word for a liberated woman enjoying sex. We decided ‘ramera‘ was the closest, and would be the word we would use.

A whore has an expectation of receiving something in return – gifts, trips, even marriage, and can involve affection and public appearance with the whore, but the relation may be shorter-term. María put an escort in the whore category. In Spanish, we would use puta.

A prostitute receives money and has no affection for the client. Same word in Spanish, prostituta.

A mistress, ‘la otra‘, requires that the man have a commitment with another women, usually a wife. The relationship with a mistress is more serious, long-term, more affection, more frequent, public appearance and trips together, etc.

María counted again, but it still didn’t add up, she had been a mistress 2 times more than what she told me. Ignorance is bliss.

But still these categories didn’t feel right, and María tried to sort out the differences. I wanted to change the subject, but she kept going – I knew this couldn’t end well. She finally commented,

“A call girl is no different than a prostitute. Everything I did with the Pol was as a whore. With my bosses, I was a whore. With my paid clients, I was a prostitute, plain and simple. The salsa dance partners were sluttery. All the lovers I fuck to humiliate you are sluttery.

“However, just because I can say it doesn’t mean my husband can. You shouldn’t even know about these activities. You can call me a slut and you might even get away with calling me a prostitute if I’m in the right mood, certainly a mistress, but you’ll regret it if you ever call me a whore, a puta.”

I said, “I have just two names to call you: my love, and Magnificent Slut.”

María lit up like the sunrise. I finally said something right, and was rewarded with the most brilliant light in the universe. I still wondered about the two missing instances of ‘mistress,’ but was afraid to ask.

María was offended by the hypocrisy of these labels that deprecated women. She insisted we also needed a definition for unmarried men – sluttery covers the men without affection, but DeepThroat was a serious lover (she had conspired with him to castrate me and to abandon me.) So ‘amante‘ (lover), is an unattached man with serious affection and perhaps intention to steal the woman from her mate.

* * *

María initially complained the Mexican men were generally poor lovers – they were ‘macho‘, and spent more energy on their orgasms than on hers.

But, unlike the American men, María knew the Mexican men, with their darker skins, almost black penises, and their macho attitudes, would twist the knives in my groin. María made good on her long-ago promise to torment me with other men. María didn’t hide she seduced an occasional man in town. In fact, she announced it. She would come to me, sit on my lap and say, “I was a ramera today, do you want to fuck me now?” I did. She said they were one-time hookups, not to worry. I didn’t.

With casual comments, she said the other men were bigger, better, more energetic, lasted longer, ready to go again faster, and so on, no end to the small pricks of my ego. The dark volcano burned in my groin. We both knew it was a harmless sexual game with these casual hookups, but we played it well and it worked. I tried harder to please her. She told me what the men liked, and I put her makeup, her body paint, and helped her dress obscenely sexy. Body paint around her vulva was especially popular.

* * *

María missed her apartment management job or having something worthwhile to do with social interaction. I was too busy doing software programming and remote management most of the day to give her the time she wanted. I suggested she volunteer at the University language lab, teaching Spanish to foreigners. María took a volunteer spot in the language lab, giving Spanish conversation lessons. She was popular, and I sometimes saw her giving the lessons in a local café. Her students were always men mooning over her. She was a hit at the lab, making both foreign and Mexican friends, men and women.

We decide María could continue her tours to Guatemala. She took a certification program offered by the state of Guanajuato, and received a permit to operate tours in both Mexico and Guatemala. She confessed later she bribed the officials with sex. She scheduled her Guatemala tours to periodically visit her aging parents. I suspected she had casual affairs in both Mexico and Guatemala during her tours, but it wasn’t important.

* * *

María continued to complain the Mexican men were often poor lovers. She became both more aggressive and selective. She brushed-off any men that hit on her, and gave her selections unmistakable come-on signs, even in my presence. She took total control over her sexual activity – until she didn’t.

I never thought María would be susceptible to the ‘professor syndrome’, the mysterious attraction female students have for their male professors. María’s first professor seduction was by a teacher of Spanish literature. He approached her at a café table quoting romantic poetry, sat down and within a few minutes, she passed him a card with her phone number.

On their first outing, they spent hours in his place cuddling on the sofa, drinking wine, and reading romantic and erotic literature. He filled her ears with romantic poetry and her orifices with soft, expert fingers. He was impotent from a childhood accident, and had learned to compensate for that detail by other means. He had an extensive collection of exotic dildos, manual and strap-on, that he used to great benefit on his conquests. He also developed a variety of techniques with water-jet stimulation of the clitoris, specializing in continuous orgasms, as long as the woman could last. This was perfect for María’s rolling orgasms. She returned the favor by deep kissing, body licking, nipple stimulation, and of course, sucking his testicles and limp penis. She said he did ejaculate rather forcefully for a limp tube. She came home exhausted but excited to continue exploring his techniques.

On subsequent dates, they pursued mutual decorative bondage intermixed with vibrating dildos and water-jetting.

He took extensive photos María wanted to see, and he got her permission to put them on his private web site. The website required a password that wasn’t so private – he shared it with other professors and friends, and María received a deluge of potential seducers. He included her real name and marital status with her photos.

This was a big mistake for María – all the men looking for a wet-dream mistress now had their target. It was easy for them to find her, we were the only ‘Ordinary’ listing in the phone directory. They brazenly called our house asking for her without introducing themselves. After a while, I quit answering the phone. She listened to their pitches, and sometimes let me listen-in. They were explicit, exaggerated and detailed about the pleasures she would experience in their hands. And why not? They knew from the photos she could be had and what she was willing to do. She declined most of the invitations, and passed the most audacious ones a special email address and her cell-phone number. She gave me the password for her email account, but I refused to look at her messages unless she was there and invited me over.

I asked the professor to remove her name from the photos. He did, but it was too late – the word had spread. And María wanted the photos left on the site – they were major erotic, she looked great, and she was never ashamed of her own nudity.

We looked at her photos, incredibly sexy sequences of boobs, vulva and buttocks enhanced by artistic placement of velvet covered ropes. Her breasts were framed by thick ropes that made them look bigger, but the bondage gem was her vulva – framed on the sides and split down the middle by ropes. The first time I saw this, María pumped me to ejaculation right at my computer. I downloaded her photos so we could use them at home.

Then we backtracked to see the others women featured on the site. It was incredible how many women he had seduced, most of them attractive college students. I was a complete loser compared to him, and I regretted pursuing engineering instead of academia.

Through literature, he taught a large group of women they didn’t need a penis for sexual satisfaction. There was a lot of female-on-female experimentation among the university students, using and improving on his techniques. And none of the women had unwanted pregnancies. I learned a lot from the literature professor – the role of romantic words, sexual imagery, and intense focus on the woman’s body.

The website also featured a forum – with her password level, we could see the titles of the postings but not the content. From the message IDs, I knew which conversation threads were about her, and from the titles, that they shared information and tips about her.

There were a fair number of politicians among his website viewers, and by their sheer number, they overwhelmed María. Our phone rang constantly. The callers were the kind of power men that had wow’d her back in San Francisco. I had guessed this would happen – I figured that the politicians and gringo-hating academics were all psychopaths, sociopaths and control freaks, used to manipulating other people for their own ends. She lost control, men were once again running her sexual activities schedule

When she started responding to the politicians and power men, our sexual tension ratcheted-up several notches. She went to parties as their escort, she had frequent overnights, then they invited her on trips of multiple nights, sometimes a week. She didn’t ask me for permission, she decided herself and told me at the last moment when she asked me to pack for her. She told me, “I’m a puta (whore) again. Get used to it.”

The Mexican politicians were as generous with taxpayer money as the gringos – first-class hotels and restaurants. She received lots of gifts, usually perfume, jewelry and lingerie. She said the these men were more energetic than the gringos, but lasted less time. They didn’t use drugs, and she had no complaints.

The literature professor personally lost out with María – as good as his stimulation techniques were, he couldn’t compete with real penises. She still saw him irregularly for those long, rolling water-jet induced orgasms.

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