Chapter 8 – Part 2, The Accidental Stripper

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Chapter 8 – Part 2, The Accidental Stripper

María rediscovered Antigua, which had changed tremendously in the years we were gone. It was now a fully developed tourist destination, full of upscale hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, bars and night clubs. Many of her friends and acquaintances from her younger years were gone. And, of course, men hit on her constantly.

But a woman got to her first.

María got together with her old girlfriends and they went out together for coffee and for dinners, another remedy for the itch growing between her legs. For María’s birthday, they took her to a new strip-pole dancing club. The club was packed with many people she knew. She was surprised Antigua allowed total nudity and on-stage sex in the private rooms of the clubs – at least part of the old Catholic morality had been breached.

Her birthday night was amateur night, and as a birthday girl, the club gave her too many free drinks and pressured her to pole dance with a skinny, blond, attractive foreign woman as her guide. The stripper wore only a tanga, and thanks to the drinks, María’s natural inclinations, and the expertise of the stripper, she quickly stripped María down to her lace panty. Her girlfriends and the crowd cheered wildly for her as the stripper showed her how to erotically use the pole. María collected hundreds in Quetzales when she rotated her derriere in the faces of the audience. She must have flooded pheromones as both the men and women went crazy, stuffing her lace panty with money. The panty was soaked and nearly transparent. The folks that stuffed bills in her crotch were rewarded with wet fingers. As the set ended, the stripper kissed her. María was more than ready, and they deep-kissed and erotically caressed as they moved around the pole.

María removed her own panty, losing the money the crowd had stuffed in it, and lay on her back on the stage. The stripper deep-kissed her mouth and nipples, and fingered her to a series of jerking orgasms, right there in front of a hundred or so people. When the set ended, the stripper retrieved her clothes and left the stage. María followed her to the dressing room, leaving everything on the stage. María followed the stripper back to her house.

The following day mid-morning, María walked to her family home dressed in the stripper’s clothes. She noticed many acquaintances ignored her as she passed, or stared at her from a distance. She arrived at her family home, knocked, and her sister let her in where her siblings and mother greeted her with contempt. On the coffee table, next to her purse and shoes was the pile of her clothes from the club. Her panty was on top, and a small stack of money on top of the panty. María was relieved – her friends had brought everything for her, and her ID documents and credit cards were safe. She reached for the money, and her mother screamed at her, “Don’t touch that filthy money, nasty prostitute.” Her brother grabbed the money and threw it out the front door. Amidst the crying and screaming, María tried to explain she wasn’t a prostitute, but realized the absurdity of explaining the difference between men stuffing money in her panty and selling sex. María listened quietly while her family accused her of common sluttery and said she had shamed and dishonored their home. They asked her to leave the house. María packed and left.

She went back to the stripper’s apartment, where she was very welcome. The stripper had another stripper roommate, and between them, had several boyfriends, some of them male strippers. The men eyed María greedily, but the blond stripper had already claimed María as her lover. María began crying, this wasn’t why she had come to Antigua. She knew she had become the new town whore, and she remembered how she had disdained the ‘lost’ women when she was young. She had lost her family, lost the town she loved, she would be ashamed to show her face in public. She cried all afternoon, as the men removed her outer clothes and ran their hands over her body. Her stripper passed by every so often and shooed the men away for a few moments.

The smartest of the male strippers brought a six-pack and sat by her as she cried. After she drank the first beer, he took her left hand and examined her engagement and wedding rings. He asked her if she was married. He said that was a special thing, and asked how she ended-up crying on a couch in a stripper’s apartment wearing only stripper’s lingerie. The second beer made her cry more as he kissed her rings. He kissed her ring finger, all her fingers, her hand, arm, shoulder, her mouth, … By the end of the third beer, she had stripped off all her clothes and leaned back on the couch, sliding him between her legs. She begged him to fuck her, his pounding of her vagina made her feel wanted again, and she humped him furiously. By the time her stripper came to check on her again, she was fucking the third man, crying and kissing him and begging him to love her.

The stripper decided María wasn’t safe to leave in the house, so she took María to the club with her. She ask María if she want to strip, and María answered she wanted to fuck. They did a superbly erotic pole dance together, collected a lot of money, but when María removed her panty, she called over two of the male strippers. She penis-sucked one while the other power-fucked her. María called for two more men, but her stripper forced her off the stage into the dressing room, where she collapsed and cried for the rest of the night.

One of my old acquaintances saw this performance and sent me an message late that night. He said simply that María was distressed, hanging out at a strip club, and I should come for her immediately. I called María’s family – they coldly commented they had expelled the prostitute from the house and hung-up. I panicked, tried to book a flight, but every seat was booked for the next few days. I looked through my contacts for Guatemala, and found a possible solution: José the bouncer, if he had the same phone number. He did and miraculously answered the phone. I explained the little I knew, offered him a chunk of money for the bother, and he told me, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her, no charge for old times sake, and I’ll call you tomorrow.” I was greatly relieved, I trusted him even though I hadn’t seen him for years, even though I knew he had fucked her behind my back. I trusted him because I had no choice.

María passed the night in the embrace of the blond stripper, than passed the day like the previous, fucking the men and women in the apartment between her crying spells. Her stripper was disgusted María was such a whore, María would never be true to her. She decided she’d keep María as a regular stripper at the club, sure she’d be selling herself by the end of the night. María cried constantly. The women strippers were sympathetic, but the men fucked her as she cried – what did she expect? She was a trashy whore.

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