Chapter 7 – Part 2, An Accidental Model

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Chapter 7 – Part 2, An Accidental Model

One of María’s male clients was a pro photographer, a ne’er-do-well from a rich family, barely better than ugly, who chose nude photography as his hobby. He photoed her extensively in all states of dress and nudity. I first found this out when she mentioned he displayed photos of her as decorations in his house – nude photos, and photos of their trysts. When I asked her how she how she could allow this, she brushed-me-off, “He fucks me in every orifice and position in the Kama Sutra, how can a few photos matter. Besides, he pays me for my time with him.”

“Him fucking you finishes at the end of each fuck. Your photos are forever, everyone that visits his house will know what you did with him. I want to see these photos.”

“Ok, I’ll get them if you’re sure you want to see them, but you’re not going to like it. These aren’t ‘wife’ photos, they’re puta photos, and if you respect me as your wife, you shouldn’t see them.”

The Photog sold her photos to a well-known men’s soft-core magazine – she appeared on the cover hotly dressed, and inside totally nude. Only her open vulva wasn’t shown. The Preacher brought the magazine to work. It disappeared from my desk, and made the rounds of the company. My colleagues alternatively envied and detested me for having María.

Besides the hourly fees the Photog paid her, the magazine paid her a lot of money for the article, and it launched her short modeling career. She always modeled for the same photographer at his studio using the Pol’s taxpayer-paid outfits, plus travel shots. The Photog took María on several one-two week photo shoots at exotic places around the world – she was willing to be away from Brett and I for only two weeks. These trips, in luxury hotels surrounded by the rich and famous, were romantic, and he overwhelmed her. He wined and dined her, photoed her most the day and fucked her most the night. A couple of the trips left me uneasy – her emails were incomplete and obtuse. But she never complained, and I thought it was a great career opportunity for her. And she charged him hourly fees (with a wholesale discount) for the sex and photo sessions.

The Photog also sold her photos to an exposé rag, about sex in politics. Her nude photos appeared along with Yellow’s photos from the Pol’s parties. The Pol was one of six politicians covered. They all sported these incredibly beautiful, sexy women, but I thought María was the best. The exposé made the rounds at my job and in our social circles. The men thought I fucked at home what they saw in the magazine. They didn’t know about María’s puta concept – what they imagined from the magazine was what she gave as a puta to her lovers, not what she gave her husband as a wife. In my heart of hearts, it did hurt me other men enjoyed the best of my wife our whole married life, but I didn’t let on to María. She deserved this special attention. and I wanted to please her. I was not going to rain on her parade.

I body-painted her for a few shoots with the Photog, but she never let me stay for the shoot. He fucked her between sets, then photoed her immediately while she was still flushed and agitated. He took her hottest photos when she had just disengaged from his penis – hot, sweaty, nipples and vulva engorged, with mussed hair and makeup. A woman is her most beautiful when she has just had a great orgasm. I saw her heat and desire in the photos, and so did every other man. I named one of my favorites her ‘thick-lips shot’, although my enthusiasm drooped to learn he took it right after a marathon penis suck.

María gave me photos of the photos the Photog used for house decorations, showing where and how they were displayed. I most assuredly didn’t like them, not only that he displayed her all over his house, but what she did in the photos. Puta stuff. The mural-size photo over his living-room mantel showed them in the Ride position. It struck a blow to my heart and to my testicles. I gave the photos back to her, I couldn’t stand to look at them. Puta stuff – but why not with me?

Photographing her made the Photog hot, he couldn’t keep his body out of her’s, and I couldn’t blame him – I’d have done the same. She swore she wasn’t getting attached to him, he was just a ‘john’, and she loved the attention, the money, and he had great sexual technique. I trusted her.

* * *

The Photog did put her photo on the cover of a national fashion magazine. Maria sat sideways on an immaculate bed, one knee up and bent, the other leg passing under the first. Her camera-side arm crossed her chest between her breasts. Both breasts were visible, nipples engorged. But it was the look of her face that drew the eye – sleepy and sultry yet glowing. A look I knew well, her face as she relaxes from an intense orgasm. The cover caption promised ‘Be the Woman Every Man Wants!’ The photos inside were tastefully erotic – she was indeed the woman I wanted. Her trade name was Isabel Velásquez. I bought out the newsstand, about three dozen copies, and distributed them to my male colleagues and friends. I was proud, and I wanted their testicles to ache.

María told me later that edition set the all time sales record for the magazine. The edition sold as well to men as to women. María flaunted the look every woman wanted to feel after sex, how every man wanted his woman to look after sex. I did my part in setting the sales record – I bought over a hundred copies and distributed them to all our friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. I still have a few copies. That cover made the career of the Photog, but he never had the same success again as with María. I followed his career for years afterward, and always marveled how he managed to find so many beautiful women willing to be photographed and fucked.

María came home moody and disturbed by the last couple of photo shoots. Whereas before, she arrived bubbling with enthusiasm over the clothes and poses and fucking the Photog, now she didn’t want to talk, she was deflated like a pricked balloon. After another session or two, she decided to take a long time-out. When she was ready to return, the Photog had a new whore. Once the word got around she quit the Photog, the invitations poured in from other photographers. She politely declined them all.

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