Chapter 6 – Part 9, Sexual Politics

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Chapter 6 – Part 9, Sexual Politics

When the obnoxious office libertarian, whom I called the ‘Preacher’, saw María with the Pol in the video, he glommed onto me, preaching about government corruption of women, the use of vaginae in politics as just another of innumerable corruptions of political power – business as usual. He never mentioned María directly, so I found him just obnoxious, not insulting. But he turned out to be quite interesting, and we went to lunch frequently.

He explained why ‘liberal’, and libertarianism are not related – in fact are opposites. As he explained it, liberals (Democrats), and their extreme left-wing-nuts, the progressives, are only marginally different than Republicans and conservatives, roughly the difference between a catastrophe and a disaster. The whole left-right model of politics is a red herring, intended to distract voters from the real political spectrum: collective and state power based on violence vs. individual liberty. Both major parties are deep into the collective/state/violence spectrum, working equally to make the people the property of the government. Libertarianism states simply that individuals cannot be the property of others, nor can ‘democracies’ vote individuals into slavery, economic or otherwise.

The concept was certainly something to consider, and I could find no holes in the theory, but it seemed like a utopian fantasy. Who would build the roads and supply the schools? Who would help the poor if money isn’t taken by violence from the rich?

The Preacher gave me books and pamphlets about these ideas from authors by the name of Hayek, Mises, and Bastiat. I read a couple of hundred pages, then returned them. The Pol and the liberals promised to help the poor and the schools, and I believed them. But I couldn’t square this concept of liberty with the actions and corruptions of the Democrats in power. Something was wrong somewhere.

The Preacher wanted to discuss power politics but my interests were all sexual politics – specifically, María. It was precisely her spontaneity, her indifference to society’s rules for women, her free spirit, her sexual anarchy that was the joy of María. The more I listened to the Preacher, the more I suspected power politics and sexual politics were one and the same. María derived intense positive pleasure from sex; my pleasure was rather on the darker side, but both were freely chosen, and didn’t hurt the other.

A phrase nagged at me, ‘… the joy of María’. Why did I say that? I detested words that couldn’t be defined. What is joy? Is ‘joy’ like ‘art’ and ‘love’ – nobody knows what it is, but claim to know it when you see or feel it. These words are too much like those favored words of sleazy politicians: ‘fairness’, ‘justice’, and ‘equality’. Words that meant nothing at all except whatever twisted spin is applied at the moment to stir up the weak-minded. Puta madre – María and sexual politics! This was all too hard and I tried to push it out of my mind. But ´joy´ refused to exit gracefully – ‘… the joy of María’. María is joy. My joy. Joy. María. Puta madre.

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