Chapter 6 – Part 5, Satyr and Nanny

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Chapter 6 – Part 5, Satyr and Nanny

Our nanny was quite pretty in the face but too llenita (plump) in the body for my tastes. She worked for us part-time to match María’s part-time work in the apartments. Her life was a shambles when María found her. She grew up in poverty in San Salvador, neglected by her mother and sexually abused by her brothers and father. When she decided to escape to the USA, she barely survived the trip through Guatemala and Mexico. She was forced into prostitution on the Guatemala-Mexico border by gangs working with the border guards, but managed to escape that horror at age 17. Crossing illegally into the USA in Arizona, she was saved from dying in the desert by a sympathetic right-wing militia type – he picked her up and released her in Tucson out of sheer kindness. She spent a season harvesting fruits in the valley south of Sacramento, then escaped a raid by la migra (US Immigration) literally by seconds.

She ended up with 20 or so other illegals in a small apartment in María’s apartment complex. There she traded sex for room and board until the group was evicted for contract violations. María picked her off the curb and offered her an under-the-table housecleaning job at the apartments in exchange for a cot in a janitor’s closet and left-over food from the clubhouse. They talked a lot, became friends, and when we needed a part-time nanny, María gave her the job. Nanny continued to work part-time at the apartments. She also found a boyfriend there, a thin black man that treated her nice and restored her faith that men actually existed that didn’t regard her as a throw-away sex toy.

With María working at the apartments part-time and doing the Pol’s events, we put Nanny on full time, live-in. Our flat was one of those narrow, long flats with the entrance door in the middle, so she took the small bedroom at the back. She brought her boyfriend over to meet us, and he seemed like a nice guy, so we gave her permission to have him for occasional overnights. María, always attracted to black men, looked at him greedily, but I forbade María to seduce him – he was the first good thing Nanny had in years. I actually enjoyed that he was a temptation for María, he provoked that itch between her legs, and she felt the frustration that I often felt with her and other attractive women.

When the blacked guy fucked Nanny, her cries filled the apartment. He seemed to last forever, so we nicknamed him ‘Satyr’. I enjoyed the noise, but it put María on edge. Sometimes she asked me to take her out when they fucked. I think María envied Nanny – she wanted to be wanted the moaning target of the Satyr. I absolutely forbid María to touch him.

I got along well with Satyr. He was great with little Brett, and I enjoyed having a non-female in the house to talk to. He said he was a medical technician, an assistant for surgeries. I had this strange attraction to him – not sexual desire but something else I could never identify, some commonality between us.

Of course Nanny knew about the Pol, she was María’s confidante. Nanny assured that she, Brett, and Satyr were out of the house for the limo pick-up and drop-off. She wanted María’s life – married to a white American ‘para mejorar la raza‘ (to improve the race) with a house, car, good job – the American Dream. She thought María was crazy for jeopardizing all that with the Pol and her lovers, but she knew I knew. Maybe she thought that was part of the American Dream too.

During one of my humiliation episodes while the Pol rode María, I approached Nanny respectfully and she immediately acceded. I fucked her spectacularly, if I say so myself – I felt like my old hippie self of years ago, and I finished with a hands-off power-fuck. She said I was better than Satyr. And she, like María, thought it was just a normal part of the job. She asked me why I hadn’t seduced her in the years before, and said she was willing again. We never told María, and I swore it wouldn’t happen again, but of course it did, if infrequently.

María was even more photogenic than the Pol so photos of María at the political events were featured frequently in the local newspapers. She became a mini-celebrity in San Francisco – people stared at her in public, wondering where they had seen her before.

Both Nanny and Satyr had seen María on the news with the Pol, so there were no secrets in the house. The Satyr never once mentioned it.

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