Chapter 6 – Part 12, Impregnation Contest

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Chapter 6 – Part 12, Impregnation Contest

Yellow called me, “How about another round in a coupla’ weeks? Your second donation to my project didn’t take. I’m having my second period since we tried.”

“I guess your husband’s contribution didn’t take either…”

“You won’t believe what he did, he blew his chance. He screwed me like a madman, but he wore a condom. He said he didn’t want his penis where the other man had been, he didn’t want to get contaminated.”

“Well, I can see some men might feel like that. Still, I can’t believe you’re deliberately cuckolding him. You said he’s a good man, why not give him your pregnancy? I’d guess he’d be proud to do it.”

“He blew his chance, and I already have three by him. Why not you? I like the look of your genes, and it worked out fine when María did the same to you.”

“There’s more of that story you haven’t heard. Sure, why not. I’ll collect that penis suck you owe me. Just let me check with María, we don’t keep important secrets.”

I screwed-up the courage to talk to María about it. She asked me, “Does the journalist know you’re sterile?”


“She wants to get pregnant – isn’t that dishonest?”


“You want to fuck her just for the pleasure of fucking her? That’s against our rules – does that mean you’re leaving me?”

“Against our rules! What about you? You’re not allowed serious lovers, but the Pol is so deep into you you won’t even let me touch you. It’s been weeks and I’m dying to have sex with my wife. And now, you begrudge me a simple fuck…”

“OK, it’s OK, she used you, use her back. No harm done.”

“And no, I’m not leaving you never, got that? Never.”

* * * * * * * * * *

I met Yellow a few days later. She wanted to talk as we did slow, deep-strokes, my bangle pressing against her vulva each time,

“After my exposé published, I became persona non grata at the Democrat events. However, thanks to your advice, I became the mistress of a senior Republican – his public mistress. He was married, but now he’s separated because he likes to show me in public.”

“Hmmm, I’m not sure I want the credit or blame for breaking up a marriage.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, his marriage was already on the rocks, that’s why he went after me. He’s well-respected as the only libertarian among the Republicans. He takes me, all dressed-up, to the Democrat events where I was banned. They allow it because he’s highly regarded among the Democrats for his integrity, if not for his political beliefs. I’m not allowed photos, recordings, my notebook or any other reporting of the events.”

“How does your husband react to your public appearances with your lover?”

“He hates it, of course. He knows almost everything and he’s working hard to get me back exclusively. I no longer shower after my dalliances, and he’s a tiger, trying to outdo my lover. He thinks I only have a single lover, and he still puts condoms to stay uncontaminated.”

“A single lover? You have more?”

“Lovers, no, just him. You were right about my addiction to the sex at the after-parties. I still do a few respectable trysts, kinda’ like María, as much as my lover allows. He gets off on watching me and makes sure I don’t get carried away. He doesn’t buy votes with me, I’m respectable now. It’s a badge of honor for me, I’m a respectable whore, and I still don’t play by their rules.”

“Do you see María now?”

“Oh, yes. We’ve become good friends, she tells me your secrets. You’re a kinky SOB, into pain and humiliation.”

“How’s she doing? Is [the Pol] still buying votes with her?”

“Worse than ever. All the men want a piece of her, so she stays busy until he takes her away. I think she’s in love with him, she wouldn’t do what she does with those clowns otherwise. He’s clearly using her, but I think he loves her in his own psychopathic way. I’m sure he’s going to marry her – I don’t know why he’s delaying, but when I see them together, it’s clear he’s going to take her. Sorry for being so blunt with you … it’s better you know. Do you want me to keep an eye on her for you?”

“No, I guess not. She’s a big girl, and she says she’s going to leave me sometime soon anyway. Well, maybe if you see something that might give me an edge in getting her back from [the Pol], you’ll tell me. I know I shouldn’t ask this – Does she mention me at all?”

“Actually, yes, she speaks highly of you, how good you’ve been to her and your son. She says you have the best mouth. She regrets how you’ll be hurt. It’s kinda’ like with my husband. He’s everything most women would want, but something is missing for me.”

“Yeah, when we fight, María tells me I’m not ‘enough’ for her, whatever that means. I don’t know what else I can do. I think it’s hopeless now and I was hoping you’d still be around when that happens.”

“You missed your chance. All you had to do was say ‘yes’ when I asked and it would be all us now. I’ll never forget when you said you’d be honored to have me. I’m planning on keeping my family and my lover. My lover and my husband have met, and they have sort of an uneasy truce. It’s great, they compete for me. That makes me feel like a special woman.”

“You are special. Maybe I’ll be competing for you too before too long.”

“Speaking of competition, my impregnation is a competition.” She raised her hips, hooked her feet behind my buttocks and pulled me deeper into her. She wiggled her vulva around against my bangle, and exhaled loudly, closing her eyes. “I’m in the middle day of highest fertility, you’ll never guess who took their shot yesterday.”

“[The Pol]?”

“No, unless there’s a back-door path to the uterus. We’ll see who wins when the baby pops-out. Now its time for your best shot.”

She clamped down on my penis, accepted my donation after a few strokes, and commented, “You’re easy to get off.”

“Yeah, I’ve always had that problem, one of my problems with María, but she knows how to pace me.”

We lay there still for a while, she continued, “There are lots of great women around beside María and me that would love to pull your mouth between their legs. I wouldn’t worry too much.”

“I already have one candidate. She’s … don’t laugh … she’s our live-in nanny. She’s poor, undereducated, barely pretty, and incredible. When she touches me, I can feel her desperation for me. If any man can deserve any woman, I don’t deserve her. She’s working on me continuously now, sucking me in. She knows María is going to leave me. When that happens, I’ll surrender totally to her, probably my only chance to survive María. She has a long-term lover who lives with her in our house. He knows about us but he’ll be crushed. He’s been my friend for years. I’ve decided to let him impregnate the nanny first, to show my respect.”

“You are a strange duck. I hope you win my sperm lottery, I’d be honored to have your child. Are you ready for the part II blow-job? I need to run and I hate to be in debt.”

I collected her debt, and commented, “Wow, no wonder the liberals love you. I might join their party just to fuck the enemy.”

I guess somebody’s impregnation stuck; she didn’t come for insemination again. She occasionally sent sent me photos of María and funny stories. I ask her for more photos of herself, which she willingly sent. She was deep into raunch, even as her belly grew. The politicians lined up to fuck the pregnant enemy.


I later looked for her in the news media and was surprised by her new beauty – maybe it was the glow of love?

Months later, Yellow invited me out for coffee, her way of telling me it wasn’t for sex. She was seven months pregnant, face drawn but still glowing. Happy with the happiness I should have given María. After she let me rub her belly and listen for the tiny heartbeat, she said,

“I took your advice, it’s my husband’s, I know your dying to know.”

“How’d you control who won the sperm lottery?”

“Easy, I had everyone, except my husband, screw me on my off days. There was no contest. I made a deal with my husband, he gets the pregnancy and keeps our marriage, I get my lover and side action at the parties. He knows what a whore I am now and accepts it. You and María were my model.”

“He’s lucky to keep you, it’s a good deal. Is he getting perverted?”

“You mean like you? No, he just bears it. He wants me more than he hates my whoring. He even supported my impregnation contest, it’s just as well. It’s amazing how many men are willing to impregnate another man’s wife, if there are no legal nor economic consequences. For that matter, it’s amazing how many men are willing to screw a pregnant woman. I’ve had a great time. My husband suspects correctly if I have to choose, I’ll choose my lover, he burns me up!”

“Are you in love with him?”

“What do you think – yes, yes and yes,”

“And your husband?”

“I love him too, but it’s different. I want to keep him, he’s a good man for me and my children. How are you doing with María?”

“Nothing much has changed with María. I wish she wanted to keep me. I think [the Pol] is taking her for granted, always a mistake with María, but she seems more stuck on him than ever. The Nanny is still full blast after me, she smells victory, and she’s right. I told her we’d marry the day after María divorces me. Our house is strange. The Nanny’s lover is still hopeful of keeping her. If fucking noises are any indication, he’s twice the lover I am. María only lets my mouth into her vulva, fortunately the Nanny keeps my testicles emptied.”

“So how do you feel about another man screwing your future wife?”

“The same as another man fucking my present wife. The best women need multiple men. Husbands accept that or fight it. It’s always a losing battle. If the other men pleases the wife, it’s good. For most husbands, it’s better not to know, men are hormonally unbalanced to accept that reality.”

“I wish I’d met you 15 years ago. Too bad I’m too big to screw now. Let’s go somewhere, I’ll trade your mouth for mine.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Drew became an frequent partner for María. He got almost as much of María as the Pol. He handled María so differently than the Pol. If the Pol was raw fuck power, Drew was a buffoon with a good heart. He was honest, direct, transparent – and rough and crude. While he fucked María, he laughed, made jokes, produced funny noises and bumbled and fumbled. They wrestled and tickled and slapped. María said he was great fun. María was easy to arouse, and easy to bring to orgasm. Her primary sex organ, her brain, was highly sensual and well developed for sexual pleasure, so Drew left her satisfied. For Drew, María was a goddess. He was fucking several levels above his grade, and he was grateful for every minute with her. He taught María to deep-throat, and she taught him how to ride her. They meshed.

Drew rehired at the coffee shop, and I saw him once a week or so. We talked a lot, usually about María, and we became friends.

I asked Drew about the Ride. He blurted-out María fixed her hair in a long tress so he could move her head around like …

“Oh shit, I promised María I’d never tell anyone about the Ride, especially you. I’m sorry dude. Hey, how about if we do some coke and I suck your dick?”

Puta madre, not her hair too!

I declined his generous offer – coke was forbidden to me. María had never forbidden me to receive penis sucks but I was stomach sick. And now I knew the Pol had her hair also.

I asked Drew if Terri was still doing the multi-fucks, and what he thought about the other men fucking her. He answered, “What do you think about other men fucking your wife? About me fucking her? Why do you allow it?” I had no answer he would understand.

Drew had seen the video of María with the Pol, and he asked if the Pol was fucking her. I told him the whole story, clothing purchases, limousines, grand parties, fancy dinners, cocaine, the all-night rides in substantial detail. He was blown away – he said he’d have to work on her a lot harder. I told him I admired how he pleased her. Our bond was now much deeper than the original gang-rape. He knew her anus and her throat, parts of her I might never know. I told him his smallish penis was part of his success, and I envied how he used that defect to his advantage. He was surprised I had never throated nor anus-fucked her. He said he liked to hold her in the ‘bowling-ball grip’, and she liked it too. He gave me throating tips, but when I told him the anus-fuck prohibition was María’s decision, he exclaimed,

“Man, that’s fucked-up! She’s the nastiest whore I’ve ever had in my life. She lets me fuck her any way I want. She has the wettest cunt and the tightest ass, and she screams like a banshee when she comes. She blows me like an industrial vacuum cleaner. Can you get me some of that cocaine [the Pol] uses? You need to fix-up whatever you did wrong, and plug into that ass.”

As if it were that easy.

“I guess I might as well tell you everything – I lick your semen from María’s vulva.”

“Shee-it, man, you’re a sicko pervert. Would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

Drew was as crude as I was pretentious, a condition common to men that walked in the shadows of a María. “No Thanks, I’ve never done that and never will.”

“Suck my dick?” he suggested hopefully.

We went to the men’s room together, and I broke María’s most important rule. Maybe it was the hundreds of hours I had spent with my face in María’s vulva, or how she patiently delayed my climaxes, but whatever I did to him was very much what he liked. He was stoked from talking about María, ready to shoot, so I used the techniques María used with me to control early climax. My favorite is soft genital foreplay – I kissed and licked and nipped around his thighs, abdomen, and testicles until he calmed, then teased him with long, slow licks and sucks around his penis, compressing the base of his penis or squeezing his testicles when he got too excited. I correctly guessed he’d like a little testicle pressure and pain, a man after my own heart. When my mouth tired, I sticky-licked around his penis head. His body shuddered and shook and he yelped and banged the cubicle walls until he released his very soul into my mouth.

I liked it. I hadn’t sucked a penis since Guatemala, years ago, and I decided I’d do this more often, especially since María had cut me off.

Drew said, “Fucking A, that was better than María. You should package and sell that!”

It was small compensation to best María in penis sucking, but it gave me an idea, “I’m sure I can do better with some practice. How about you call me each time you fuck María, while she’s still fresh on you?”

We had a deal. Two or three times a week, María left her juices all around his body and I licked him clean. By the time my tongue circled his penis head, he was shaking. I scheduled my lunch breaks around the María-Drew fuck schedule. I scheduled my nights with Nanny around María’s schedule with the Pol.

Maria and Terri were becoming close again. Maria confessed about fucking Drew, but Terri already knew. María told Terri about the Pol, and Terri was pure envy. Terri told Maria about the multi-fucks. She picked up guys primarily from a weekly church singles’ social, over 40 different men in total to group-fuck her. She said she felt like a total slut. Maria just laughed, she had long lost count at around 200 or so.

Drew was cheerfully bi-sexual, and he wanted to pull me in. He always offered me coke, but I declined. He started calling me even when he hadn’t fucked María but I didn’t know until I arrived – I sucked him anyway. If we were in a hurry, Drew snorted a thick, long line before I sucked him. It helped him ejaculate strongly – he’d fuck my mouth furiously and spray semen into my throat. It reminded me of Deep-Throat. DeepThroat throated María, and I wanted him to throat me. Now Drew throated María. I was sure Drew could teach me, but I couldn’t imagine having this crude man’s penis jammed down my throat.

Drew pulled me in deeper. He reciprocated my penis sucks, using my same techniques. He quickly became better than María – I guess men understand penises better than women. He turned me on to nipple sensitivity. He wanted to anus-fuck and kiss me, but I absolutely refused. We took turns squeezing testicles – he wasn’t masochistic and his pain tolerance was low. When he discovered the pleasure of torturing me, I explained how the Sacred Whore Goddess Martine had controlled my body, and Drew soon had me flopping and thrashing on the floor. He loved my bangle, so I gave him one María wouldn’t recognize.

I realized I had drifted far away from licking María’s juices from his body, and a third of my sexual activity was homosexual. I liked it but I didn’t want that. I wanted María back, so I stopped seeing Drew. And hoped María would never find out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Since the beginning of María’s affair with the Pol, I asked her about using cocaine with me, and she told me, “No, you can’t handle drugs!” I hoped she wasn’t getting addicted. She had no interest in coke outside her rides with the Pol, so I quit worrying. She seemed to have certain aspects of her life neatly compartmentalized. Now she used it occasionally with Drew, and I pressured her again.

María asked the Pol for coke to use with her husband. The Pol gave it but said it was time to cut the hubby off. The hubby was obviously a loser, otherwise, why was María there with him? And just as obviously, the hubby didn’t really want her since he allowed the Pol to fuck her silly anytime he wanted. He said she should prepare to separate from me, to be ready to live with him when the time was right.

The coke wasn’t for me, it was for Drew. Drew´s coke was horrible, it gave María flashes and anxiety. But María brought home a small dab of cocaine to use with me while I cleaned her vulva. It was only for her, a one-time deal because I wasn’t safe with drugs. It was such a small amount. María said this was medicinal-grade cocaine, more than a small amount would be dangerous. I watched fascinated as she pulled it into her nostrils. A few crumbs remained, she moistened her finger, swiped up the crumbs and licked them from her finger. She removed her clothes, and by the time she finished, she had become a frenzied animal in heat. She climbed on my legs, pushed me back on the bed, straddled one leg, and began to rub her vulva back and forth on my leg. She tore at my pants, pulled out my penis and pumped me painfully. She frightened me. After the coke surge wore off, she realized who she was about to fuck and stopped, just left me hanging. I pumped myself to finish.

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