Chapter 5 – Part 2, Gang Rape

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Chapter 5 – Part 2, Gang Rape

Even in the USA, when María came in heat, she got sexy and sassy. She was what we used to call a natural ‘prick-teaser’. She would dress and act in ways to deliberately provoke men, even (or especially) around me. Maybe she felt safe from her provocations in my presence. Often, men would hit on her right in front of me – I would patiently wait it out, I already knew whose bed she would be in that night.

In retrospect, I realized we had been lucky with María’s sexual adventures. For about 10 days each month, she fucked me and her lovers without condoms and she never caught any disease that wasn’t easily curable. We had a couple of pregnancy scares, but they were false alarms and we tightened her schedule. And had she resulted pregnant, I would have coerced her into an abortion.

We went to a party at Terri’s house, her best friend. It was a costume party, and María dressed in the sexy version of the young Latina schoolgirl, with a short plaid, pleated skirt, a thin, off the shoulders blouse with elastic neckline, no bra, and instead of white, calf-length stockings, she wore thigh-high white hosiery with a frilly black garter belt and lace straps supporting the hose. Her panty was a light-gray, see-through open-mesh lace so fragile and transparent I wondered why she even bothered to wear it. She topped off the costume with a large plaid bow in her hair, five-inch heels, and a touch of Jungle Gardenia. The skirt barely covered the top of the hose, and every movement of her body revealed the garter straps below.

Along the way to the party, we stopped at a convenience store, and I ran into a former workmate, Larry, as I got out of the car. I introduced him to María and went in the store. When I returned, Larry stood at the car window talking to María, dumb-struck by her beauty and costume. He looked well endowed by the bulge in his pants. When I got in the car, I saw the prick-teasing bitch had raised her skirt up to her crotch and sat legs open. I knew she already flashed Larry her INVITATION. But, dreading spending an afternoon with this dull group of my wife’s friends, I invited Larry along. His penis immediately jumped into his car, pulling his body along behind.

At the party, Larry and I sat at a table and talked shop and gossip about the project we worked together. María sat on the couch behind me, the immediate center of attention with her girlfriends and their partners cooing over her outfit. The hostess prepared a stiff punch mix, which after the first glass, I felt tipsy and I switched to soft drinks. After a while, the guests went to the BBQ grill in the backyard leaving four of us in the living room. María sat on the couch alone except for an unknown young guy, reasonably handsome. He hit hard on her, but evidently in good taste and humor. María smiled brightly, laughing, prick-teasing to the max. I’m sure the guy hit her vanity hard with flattery. She stretched those sexy legs towards him as bait.

Larry, sitting across from me at the table, enjoyed a clear view of María on the couch which kept him aroused and distracted. I was showing her off, and I enjoyed seeing Larry squirm in his chair, losing track of the conversation as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. María wasn’t just prick-teasing the guy on the couch, she also gave Larry an erotic show. Larry glanced repeatedly at her and I looked behind me to see the young guy tracing his fingers along the top of María’s hosiery, and inserting his fingers beneath the garter straps. María smiled, laughed, caressed the guy’s hand, enjoying the attention. I was pretty sure she intended to fuck the young guy, I had seen her compulsive-slut signals many times before. I ignored their activity. I wouldn’t worry about it unless they got up to leave the house together, then I might intervene. The guy obviously didn’t know her husband sat just a few yards away.

María hiked-up her skirt, and as I watched, the guy made many attempts to move his hand between her legs. She held him off each time. Of course, her idea of a safe hand distance was about one inch. They were both soused, their movements and speech clumsy, and the guy kept refilling their glasses with punch. Larry and I made a bet on the guy’s success – I bet $5 he wouldn’t get his hand into her vulva. And several failed attempts later, the guy gave up, turned his attention to her breasts. I collected the $5.

Her nipples protruded through the thin blouse, and only a thin strip of elastic held up her top across her shoulders. The guy began to caress her arms, shoulders, and neck line. He kissed her shoulders above the blouse, but she still smiled, loving the attention, as obviously drunk as the guy. I told Larry she was already too drunk for me to fuck that night. Larry bet $10 the guy would get his hand on her bare breast. We continued talking shop while Larry pulled at his pants, trying to accommodate an uncomfortable erection. In mid-sentence, he stopped talking, then said, “Pay up, I win.” I turned and saw María’s right breast was exposed except for the guy’s hand fondling the nipple. María seemed to be asleep. I protested the bet was unfair, she had passed-out, but I had to pay. The guy tottered, I doubted he’d even last long enough to uncover the left breast.

A few minutes later, Larry said “pay up” again, and I turned to see the guy had worked his hand inside the top of her panty down into her vulva as he passed-out. Larry had watched his progress, and he told me I owed him triple: the $5 bet, the $5 he previously paid me, and $5 extra because the guy fingered her before he passed out. Pissed about losing the bet, I gave Larry $50 to take the smirk off his face and we went to examine them. The guy had spread her legs and he did indeed have his middle finger half-inserted in her vagina, tearing the panty open in the process. If the guy could have stayed awake five minutes more, he could have disrobed her. In another two minutes, he could have fucked her right there on the couch. Too bad he didn’t make it. That would have been a show worth watching.

This scene was too good to lose, and I went looking for the hostess to borrow a camera, but she was out of film. When I returned to the couch, Larry stood there looking at the guy’s hand covering María’s vulva. I pulled the guy’s hand from her panty, and Larry laid the guy over on the other arm of the couch, and we looked at María again.

Passed-out, she slipped downward on the couch which pushed her pelvis out and upwards, and her legs hung down over the edge of the sofa, protruding her pelvis even higher. The guy’s fingers had opened the labia of her vulva. Except for a see-through wisp of fabric, María’s genitals were exposed, as was one breast. Every part that mattered of her vulva was exposed through the tear and the cut-outs in the lace: the outer and inner lips, clitoris, even the entrance to her vagina was clearly visible from an angle. I shivered with lust to lick her vulva or fuck her on the spot, but she was out cold and Larry stood next to me, full of the same lust, no doubt.

Laying there, she was extraordinarily beautiful, like a decorated party cake with the lace and the colors of her skirt, panties, hosiery, garter belt, the couch, even the rose of her nipple. Her face was angelic, and her legs were a perfect sculpture in marble. The small wisp of lace that covered part of her vulva just accentuated what was exposed. I thought I was looking at the most beautiful female genitalia ever created – a masterpiece of human sexuality. I left her there just as she was and returned to the table with Larry. He commented, “You’ll need to watch over her, or someone will fuck her.”

I replied, “Well, my soon-to-be ex-wife is a prick-teasing slut and it would serve her right. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Soon-to-be ex?

Gesturing behind me, I said, “Would you have children with a woman who does that with a stranger?”

“No, but I’d bet she still has a lot of great poontang left in her.”

“More than you can imagine, that’s why I’ve kept her for so long, but she’s not enough now.”

In that moment, my world flipped around and I paused, confused. Bunk and Josey scuffled back in the Gray Matter, and Bunk chanted, “Fuck the slut and throw her away,…”, drowning out Josey’s wail, “no, wait, wait…” María had told me many times I wasn’t enough for her, always in the sexual sense. This was the first time I said she wasn’t enough for me. I had finally won, but I didn’t feel good. I felt queasy, unsettled, and said nothing else while Larry prattled away about María’s sexiness.

The party began to break-up, all the guests started leaving, each one walking within inches of María, looking at this beautiful spectacle. There were some minor children in the group, and the parents carefully shepherded them out the door on the backside of the couch. The men were reluctant to stare outright, they were uncomfortable, and none of the men looked towards me. Not so with the women – they smiled and stared, some of the women pointed and whispered to their male partners, probably commenting about María’s genital features.

Not one of María’s friends, men or women, not even the hostess, as she escorted out each couple, made any move to cover her. None of the women berated their male partners for looking at María – they wanted their partners to see it all. I had the distinct feeling many of the women were pleased at her nudity, perhaps they envied María’s good looks. Some were smug and smirking as if María was getting a comeuppance. I heard some racially-tinged remarks about the ‘Mexican’.

Most of the women looked at me – their expressions seemed to imply if this was OK with María’s husband, why should they care? I saw something vicious in their faces. In fact, the women were giddy with victory over the Mexican slut. They looked at María’s vulva and saw her as dirty and disgusting, where I had only seen great beauty. The men were not so sure, afraid to show their arousal and excitement in front of their wives. I realized some of these women María considered her friends despised and envied her for her raw beauty and sensuality.

This display allowed the women to show their men my attractive wife was just another cheap whore. By extension, all beautiful Latina women were whores, and the men needed to roost at home. I saw most of the men had erections as they went past. I told Larry María would hear all the details tomorrow from these ‘girlfriends’. And besides her embarrassment at her nudity, she would be furious at me for letting the guy paw at her and leaving her uncovered.

An attractive brunette came in the front door and headed straight for the guy on the couch. She was faraway the prettiest woman among the Americans, and she walked like a woman on a mission. The crack of her slap across his face startled me, and she began cursing obscenely at him and María. Even I was scandalized by her language. Her least offensive comments were ‘bitch’, ‘filthy slut’, ‘your brain is in your dick’ and ‘how could you even think you’d stick your cock in that disgusting slut’s cunt’. I jumped up and got between her and María, just in case. The woman was small and I could wrestle her down without hurting her if needed.

Her cursing was useless – her boyfriend and María were still out cold, and she ran down after a few minutes of cursing. She slapped her boyfriend again, and started crying. I offered to help her move him out to their car, the least I could do for a guy who had successfully fingered my wife and made me $50 poorer. It took a while to get him to their car and laid-out in the back seat.

When I returned, María lay over the backside of the couch, her skirt thrown up on her back. Her breasts were uncovered and hanging under her, almost touching the couch cushions.

Larry fucked her from behind. The hostess and her boyfriend watched them from the kitchen doorway, and watched me to see how I’d react to my colleague fucking my wife.

I did nothing, I stood in the front doorway watching. Larry floated in testosterone heaven, eyes closed. He stroked María slowly, as if savoring each movement of his penis within her vagina. Maybe he thought I had given him permission to fuck her. Maybe he thought I had paid him to fuck María and he intended to extract every penny’s worth of my $50 out of her. Terri and her boyfriend, Drew, argued about something, and I guess he won. Drew walked over behind Larry and got in line to fuck María.

He waited a long time, Larry stroked María slowly. He pulled out his penis slowly, then pushed it in even slower. I went close to watch. When I crossed behind the couch, I was blown away by the sensuality and beauty of the scene. María’s legs were symmetrically spread standing straight upon her 5-inch heels. Her panty was down around one ankle. Her sculptured legs were accented by the thigh-high hosiery. The frills of the garter belt and lace in the straps exquisitely framed her derriere and the body of the man between her legs. A picture-perfect male’s wet dream.

Larry rotated his penis around the sides of her vagina, and he changed his angle of entry with each stroke. He raised and lowered the angle of his penis as he stroked, like he reached for a different location each time inside her vagina. He systematically explored the interior of María’s vagina with his penis head. Eyes closed, his concentration focused surely on the sensation of his penis head passing over the wrinkles and folds inside María’s vagina. His face twitched at the sensations. Excited by his technique, I went next to him and asked how it felt. He replied, “It’s great, the sides are similar but the top and bottom are very different.” He said he was probing her os and cervix, it was soft, slippery and possibly dilated enough for penetration. María’s vulva dribbled fluid and I wondered if she dreamed erotically; even out drunk she must have been aroused.

Larry withdrew his penis out to the tip, his penis was slim but appreciably longer than mine. I was seized by an moment of insane envy and jealousy – envy because I knew he stroked her where my penis could never reach, and jealousy because of the immense pleasure he experienced exploring my slut’s vagina in a way I had never even considered. I’m sure Larry showed me his long penis as revenge for the prick-teasing he endured. I knew no one, not even me after many years of marriage, had experienced María’s vagina better than Larry at that moment.

Larry continued stroking and sometimes, when he was fully inside her, he bent over her body and reached around to fondle her breasts. María responded with soft sighs, and her nipples engorged. Larry continued exploring and probing at her cervix, narrating what he felt from time-to-time. He did a series of strokes, narrating, “I’m above her uterus, I’m below, I’m above, I’m below,…” I was stung by the absurdity of this occasional co-worker describing the interior of my slut’s vagina in detail. It made bizarre sense – Larry was a structural engineer, and he was auditing the structure of her vagina.

Larry fixed his penis head in one spot and he rolled his penis shaft around like he was grinding. María flinched, and Larry exclaimed, “I’m in, I can feel her cervix locked behind my penis head. It’s tight, really tight, it’s fantastic!” Larry wasn’t moving, concentrating on the sensation, savoring the tightness of the entrance to María’s uterus.

I was seized again by another surge of jealousy mixed with stupid rage at María – that slut gave up her most intimate secrets to this stranger. I had never felt what Larry felt at that moment inside my own slut´s vagina, and probably never would. I angrily told Larry, “She yours, if you want her, take her.” Larry opened his eyes and said, “What?” and I repeated it. After a moment, Larry withdrew from the cervix, and returned to the slow, methodical stroking around her vagina.

When Larry finished his exploration, or simply couldn’t hold out any longer, he starting banging against her derriere. María’s body bounced on the sofa back. Her head bobbed up and down and her breasts jiggled below her. Her legs were spread behind the sofa, and Larry stood between them banging away at her body. Her blouse was pulled down to her waist, her skirt thrown up on her back and her panty was down around her ankle.

I came out of my sexual stupor to see the situation was exactly what it looked like: an unconscious woman being raped, and the raped woman was my wife, María. Another man lined-up behind Larry to make it a gang rape! Larry fucked her not like she was the most beautiful woman in the world, my wife María, but like she was a drunk, trashy, cheap slut, my slut María. He banged her through her cheap, trashy, slutty vulva, deep into her cheap, trashy, slutty vagina, and had even penetrated the cheap, trashy, slutty cervix of the drunk, trashy, cheap slut, María.

I looked over at Terri; she was distraught and crying. Her boyfriend was lined up to rape María next, and Terri’s face pleaded with me to do something. My wife María was being raped as I watched and I needed to make a decision, to do something.

I decided. I joined Drew in the line, opened my pants, and copied Drew in pumping my penis while waiting my turn. I joined in the gang-rape of the slut.

Larry ejaculated with an impressive series of grunts and yells. He lay over her body for a minute or so, and I saw his groin pulsing as he continued to eject his semen into her. He lost his erection, withdrew, and Drew stepped-up immediately and dropped his pants. He mounted María, and began fucking her furiously, I knew he wouldn’t last more than a few moments.

Larry walked by me on his way out the door, winked at my erect, but shorter penis, glanced at Drew’s frenzy pounding María, and said, “I guess she’s getting what she deserves!” Larry didn’t want a cheap, trashy slut, even for free. Terri, already crying, wheeled away back into the kitchen and disappeared. Her boyfriend ejaculated with a coarse bellow and continued to fuck her with those slow, post-ejaculatory strokes. He finally withdrew.

I examined the thoroughly fucked, raped vulva of my slut, María – it was swollen and smeared with semen, otherwise it looked perfectly normal. The pubic hair below the vulva was matted with semen, and semen dribbled down her thighs into the hosiery. I decided to clean her up first, squatted, and began licking the semen away, starting with the hosiery tops and working up to and all around her vulva. I sucked on her public hair to remove the semen embedded there.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Terri watching me. Maybe she was jealous I licked away Drew’s semen. Or maybe she wanted to lick María’s vulva herself, maybe she wanted María? No, none of that – she was scandalized, her hand over her mouth. I licked María’s vulva multiple times, inserting my tongue in each fold between the labia and around the clitoral hood.

Finally, I inserted my penis, and it felt great, better than I ever remembered, and I had a hard time holding back my ejaculation. Her vulva and vagina were swollen, her vagina well lubricated with the semen of the other men, but also sticky. Her vaginal tissues pulled against my penis both entering and leaving. It was intensely stimulating and I paused many times to keep from exploding. I had no chance to do Larry’s exploration or Drew’s furious fucking – I was a hair trigger away from ejaculation. I gripped the base of my penis and squeezed hard, waiting for the pulsing in my groin to subside. I began slowly stroking again, and it felt fabulous. I decided this wouldn’t be the last time I’d fuck my slut second or third in-line without her intervening douche. I resolved her other sex partners would become more welcome and frequent. Remembering Larry, I leaned over her body and found her nipples, which quickly hardened as I handled them. She sighed and stirred beneath me and I thought about Larry’s penetration past her cervix – if him, why not me? I needed to find the small dilated opening …

My breathing stopped, my world flipped around again. I went from sexual ecstasy to dead panic in an eye blink. That soon-to-be ex-wife I raped became the beautiful, precious, mother-of-my-children wife María again. She was dilated because she was in heat, in her most fertile days. I batted Bunk out of my head. María had been fucked by two other men, neither wearing a condom. She might already be impregnated, especially if her uterus entry had been widened. I certainly didn’t want her to have a child at that moment, but if she did, I wanted it to be mine! I didn’t remember if the first or last penis in had the advantage, but I had to win this race. I stroked her faster, seeing each stroke pulled out a small amount of sperm. I thought, imagined, or just hoped I cleaned out her vagina. For a moment, I became disoriented, seeing every glop of sperm as a tiny baby boy with an enormous penis, a monster injected into my María by those evil men. I pulled them out and watched them roll down her thighs, saving María from these parasites.

I held my own ejaculation as long as possible. I wanted to inject her with the maximum number of my babies, all girls with long dark hair and perfect vulvae. When I finally did explode, it physically hurt deep in my groin but I kept stroking, pushing baby girl after girl at her uterus. I stroked until my penis bent and fell out.

But now I felt confident. I knew I had won. María would be pregnant with my little girl, and I would love that little girl with my life. When my penis fell out, I pulled out more sperm, probably my own. I didn’t lick her clean – eating my own sperm didn’t seem right. I retrieved toilet tissue from the bathroom to clean her up, collected her and carried her home.

The next morning early, I awoke in the same panic. I rolled into María and fucked her again. She half-awoke, hung-over, commented how nice it felt, and returned to sleep. I called her best friend early, who was absolutely furious at me and at herself. She accused us of rape, of raping her best friend.

We argued for a while but finally agreed María couldn’t ever know about the gang-rape, and she would hear only she was modestly uncovered on the couch. If María knew the truth, she might dump her best friend and her own husband! Larry and Drew might go to jail, and even Terri and I might be guilty of something. Since no one else was there for the rape, the story would stick.

As I predicted, the phone started ringing around noon and María got several different versions of her appearance on the couch. None of her friends had the heart to tell her how exposed she had been. María was furious at me, more so for the exposed breast than for her ‘modestly exposed’ bottom. Then I commented none of her ‘friends’ had covered her up either, and I pleaded drunkenness. She thought a minute, then laughed, and said, “After all, it WAS a costume party”. And as a final jab at me, she said if she ever had affairs with anybody at the party, well, they already had seen what they would get! How could you not adore a woman like that! Of course, María never knew about the triple-rape.

María missed her period. I told her I fucked her without condoms the night of the party and the next morning, which she remembered. I had never seen her so happy before – she was finally pregnant.

I wasn’t so pleased. I wouldn’t be able to force an abortion on her without the rape story coming out. And María was still a compulsive, trashy slut, not the woman I envisioned as the mother of my children. But she was the mother of my new baby girl, and I’d learn to live with that. Maybe that’s how love starts, learning to live with the slut mother of your children.

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