Chapter 4 – Part 3, Castration Conspiracy

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Chapter 4 – Part 3, Castration Conspiracy

When I got into the driver’s seat, María was already nude in the back seat, squirming over DeepThroat’s penis while he sucked her breasts. The back car door stood open, and they continued the show to the waiting line until a bouncer pushed the door shut. The show continued all the way home.

Arriving at our house, DeepThroat picked-up María and carried her bodily inside. He didn’t stop until he laid her out on the bed, and they wrestled in heat before I even undressed. DeepThroat ejaculated crazily just as I sat at the foot of the bed.

María called me into her vulva, and I dove in to clean the semen of both men. I had barely begun when DeepThroat seized my genitals like in the old days. But this time was different – he was vicious, squeezing and twisting. He pulled my head up so María saw the torment on my face, then he brutally hurt me. My eyes blurred from crying and María’s face zoomed in-and-out of focus. As she watched my pain, her face flushed and her nipples engorged. She wanted this. I told DeepThroat to squeeze harder, and gasped and stuttered with the new pain. I think I screamed, the pain paralyzed me. María looked deep into me, seeing the pleasure behind the pain. And I heard her tell him, “¡Lastímelo ahora! ¡Hágalo!” (Hurt him now! Do it!). Could she have said that?!

DeepThroat released my testicles, grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me backwards to the edge of the bed. I immediately thought, “Que puta madre, he’s going to corn-hole me!” I looked back just in time to see his kneecap smashing into my testicles. I staggered, fell to the floor, then tried to get up on my knees to crawl away. DeepThroat helped me up, pulled me up by my hips to my feet and drove his knee into my testicles again.

A searing pain in my groin caused my body to jerk and brought me back to my senses. Then another jerk and pain spike and I reached to cover my genitals. My hands found a bare foot planted there. DeepThroat stood at the end of the bed between my legs, one foot on my genitals, pressing into them with each stroke into María. He held María in the power-fuck position, bent over at the waist, hands gripping her hips.

I grabbed his ankle but was too weak to dislodge his foot, and my body jerked with each pulse against my genitals. María watched me, her face so contorted I could read no emotion, her eyes feverish with heat. She was firmly under the control of her desire and hormones, her body bounced with each of his strokes. Her eyes said she wanted this – men fighting for her, the domination of the weak man by the strong.

I held DeepThroat’s ankle until my strength gave out. María wanted this. I gave myself to her and lay there jerking as he slammed into her. “I can bear this for María”, I thought. Josey broke into my consciousness, screeching at me, “He’s going to castrate you, get away from him.” The pain was bearable but I grew weaker with each pulse against my testicles, my arms and legs flailed aimlessly. The jerking changed to helpless flopping as I lost control of my body. I watched DeepThroat ruthlessly power-fuck my wife; watched María watching DeepThroat crush at my genitals.

Her labia protruded past her butt cheeks into my sight, and I watched his penis stroking through her labia. Part of her vagina tissue pulled out around his penis with each outward stroke – her vagina wanted his penis securely inside. He looked down at me as he stroked her, wanting me to see his penis controlling her body, seeking confirmation I knew I had passed ownership of María to him. The treason of her vagina was too much – with my last strength, I forced my body to roll over and tried to crawl away. DeepThroat kicked my testicles again.

Next time I looked, DeepThroat lay on his back on the floor next to me, eyes closed, head tilted back. María rode his hips, one hand between her legs guiding his penis, the other hand on his chest. She swept him with her hair, swinging her hair around to flow slowly over his face, like caressing fingers. They stroked together slowly, deliberately, and María’s body rose-and-fell to meet his every stroke. Her eyes glowed with … what? Admiration? Could that be love? In a flash of inspiration, I had my first ever intimation of what love is – maybe love is a woman’s admiration for the man who vanquishes her husband.

DeepThroat knew what love is, he looked up at her with love – true, pure love. He wasn’t fucking her, he made an offer of love to her. She knew it and she accepted his offer, her face now beautiful, eyes glowing. María had left me, she belonged to DeepThroat.

I couldn’t watch, it was too intense and intimate. I crawled out of the bedroom and closed the door. I crawled up on the couch and listened, but I heard nothing, just the silence of their love and of my loss of María.

I awoke in the middle of the night to the noise of doors slamming, and DeepThroat emerged from the bedroom, dressed, demanding I take him home. He stared at me with contempt, proud of what he had done.

As I took him home, I thanked him for being a good lover to María. I saw the anguish on his face – I was taking away the woman he loved. He fidgeted, rocking back and forth, clenching and opening his fists as the muscles in his neck distended against his skin. As before, he twisted around and reached for my genitals, but this time in vengeance. He squeezed and twisted my genitals so violently I drove off the road. He opened his pants, extracted his penis, grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled my head down over his penis. DeepThroat gloated, “Now you’re my bitch, suck me good, bitch!”

Waves of nausea swamped me, my vision swirled around within a kaleidoscope of vulvae and penises, and my stomach contorted as I gasped to breathe. I sucked his penis eagerly, intuitively knowing I should pay homage to his superiority. I was his bitch – he owned me as he now owned María. Whatever he wanted from me was his. I held the base of his penis and scrotum with my hands, determined I would give him best penis suck of his life.

He struggled to work my pants down around my hips and I raised my body to help him. He got his hand inside my pants and went after my penis, that detested sentinel that judged his performance with María. He dug his fingers into my penis and scrotum and jerked and twisted. The crescendo of his curses and insults drowned-out the the radio as his twisting and squeezing of my penis moved beyond abuse into destruction. He said María told him to castrate me, but that couldn’t be true. The last words I heard were, “I’m going to rip out your gonads.”

I don’t know if he even ejaculated – I collapsed from the pain and slid off the car seat onto the floor to escape the mauling of my penis. He stepped on my head as he left the car. I stuck my head over the threshold, vomited, and fainted.

I awoke when a teenager pulled me from the car. Another boy took the cash from my wallet and threw the wallet away. The first boy said, “Find the car keys”, as he pulled me into a ditch. A car pulled up behind us, and the boys took off. The driver of the car helped me up, asking if I was OK. Seeing my pants down, he asked if they raped me, did I need medical help. But other than the cuts and pain in my genitals, I was OK.

I sat behind the wheel for a few minutes shaking the haze out of my head. I wondered what went wrong with their plan. DeepThroat had backed-out. He could have, should have killed me right then and gone back to claim my slut-wife, María, whom he loved more than I.

When I returned to the house, María slept on top of the bed, beautiful, radiant, angelic. She was more beautiful than the first time I saw her so many years ago. That acute guapa (cuteness) had converted into mature beauty. Her body was still perfect and I re-lived that perfect body moving in rhythm with DeepThroat strokes.

She couldn’t have told DeepThroat to castrate me, her own husband, I couldn’t ever believe that. She sent him away, and she was still here with me. DeepThroat lied, she still wanted me. My stomach revolted and I ran to the bathroom and heaved into the sink, each contraction of my diaphragm shooting lightning jolts of pain from my swollen testicles. My legs buckled and I held onto the sink. I thought of Martine, the Sacred Whore Goddess who asked me to give her my testicles. I thought of Jerk-Face laying in the gutter, hoping my kick destroyed his testicles. I cleaned-up and returned to the bed, rolled María over, pushed open her legs and buried my face in her vulva. I mixed my tears with the semen and licked them away until I drifted into sleep.

I dreamed I crawled up inside her vagina as a symbiotic organism permanently assimilated into her. Every time she fucked, the penis passed through my lips as it entered and left her vagina. I wanted to bite off the penis heads, but I couldn’t dare touch those sacred organs, because they pleased María.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Part 3, Castration Conspiracy

  1. Matt

    I came in late to the story and went back to read the first chapters. This story is starting to get interesting, sounds like Guy has some sexual identity confusion. There’s a ring of authenticity in the story, how much is your real story and how much is fiction?

    Still too much ‘tell’ instead of ‘show’, passive voice with ‘was’, adverbs, but, hey, I’m no expert, still trying to get published myself.

    1. María Post author

      Thanks again for your comments. I’ll leave the question about ‘sexual identity confusion’ unanswered. That’s a important part of the story answered in later chapters. The story is based on our actual life, heavily fictionalized to protect identities. There’s a brief explanation of this in the preface. Regarding ‘show vs. tell’, adverbs and passive voice, you’re absolutely correct. Discovering these problems are exactly what I hope to achieve in blogging the story. I’ll try to correct the worst of these ‘first-time-writer’ problems in the next draft, already underway, then hand the manuscript to a pro editor. Good luck with your own novel – have you self-published yet? What’s the name?

  2. Matt

    I haven’t published yet, still writing. another comment on your post: explicit sex descriptions and sexual violence may lose you audience, although I personally love them. I especially like how you avoid the sleazy sex words like shaft, cock, cum, pussy, etc.

    1. María Post author

      Thanks again for your comments. I guess I don’t know who my ‘audience’ is. I was hoping they would tell me through this process of blogging my book. This type of story may have no audience, and it doesn’t make much difference. It’s a story I have to get out, if just for my own sanity. In any case, I’m learning how to use social media, perfecting the techniques of blogging and tweeting a book, etc. When I finish putting out this story, then I’ll learn how to write and try different stories. Yes, I can’t stand to read stories full of the sleazy sex vocabulary. In my opinion, that vocabulary suggests that sex is something dirty, not the most natural and beautiful human activity. Guy

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