Chapter 4 – Part 2, Smashing Testicles

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Chapter 4 – Part 2, Smashing Testicles

About a year after we were kicked-out of the sex club, I received a interesting job offer in the USA. I wasn’t academically qualified for the job, but the lead engineer owed me a big favor from our college days – I gave him the counseling that helped him avoid the military draft during the Viet Nam war. One of the job benefits provided all educational expenses would be paid by the company – I could start my advanced engineering degrees. The market for my handcraft exports was fading, and I was ready for a change.

María had serious reservations about leaving Guatemala, especially because of the dancing and her lovers, but we were starting to mature and she accepted a change might be good for us. So I accepted the offer, and we began to prepare for the move.

A few nights before leaving for the USA, we went back to the original sex-dance club to say our goodbyes. We surprised them, but they welcomed us in and gave us our old table. María wore a solid panty over her garter belt, but some mischievous glint in her eye warned me something special was up. She wore Jungle Gardenia, always a sign of something big.

Two of her old favorites, JerkFace and DeepThroat were there, and she danced with them and several other men on the main dance floor. Her presence once again electrified the club, and I heard many of the new patrons and back-room girls talking about her. We went around the room and said goodbye to the owner, bouncers, dance partners and friends, and she danced some more. I was so proud to be her escort. She told me her plan and my part in it. The plan was so audacious I couldn’t refuse – this would be my chance to wipe the ‘jerk’ off the face of my old nemesis, JerkFace. María went to the dressing room, removed her panty, and asked the DJ for a long song medley.

She signaled to JerkFace, he danced her into the back room, and I followed her to the doorway, stopping to talk to María’s former bouncer, José. DeepThroat came up beside me to watch María. I noticed the back-room’s corners were back-lit to show silhouettes in dim lights, and illuminate from the floor up. JerkFace artistically danced away María’s blouse and skirt, while she rubbed the bulge in his pants. María wore fishnet thigh-highs, a frilly garter belt and straps, and no panty or bra. Her breasts stood as perky as the first day I met her. JerkFace displayed her erotically around the back room, and then he ravished her – he kissed her deeply, kissed her beasts, stroked her body with his hands, dropped to his knees and kissed her vulva. They performed until her vulva dripped down her leg.

I distracted José with questions and small talk, positioning his back to María. While I watched María, José told me of the changes at the club. When María left, the club went through a rough period. Strange as it may sound, María had been a behavioral compass for the back-room girls – without María, they became overtly raunchy, insisted on bringing in their chusma (riff-raff) boyfriends, and they had problems with fights, drugs and girls asking money from the clients.

María pulled JerkFace by his pant’s bulge and backed him into her corner. Then, María changed the plan. She should have opened his pants and hand pumped him to ejaculation, stepping aside so the crowd would see him spurting. Instead, she stepped one leg up sideways on a chair, showing off a perfect silhouette of the inverted ‘V’ of her open vulva. Then came the silhouette of her hand guiding his penis into her vagina, and the penis disappeared upward until only the tight sac of his scrotum showed below her vulva. Their pelvises rocked together in a few strokes, then the painful, guttural cry of a man that couldn’t hold out any longer.

María signaled me, and I quickly crossed the room before the bouncer caught-on. As JerkFace struggled in ejaculatory agony to push deeper into her, I pulled María off his penis. His pelvis continued thrusting, unaware for an instant his penis was unsheathed. His penis flopped from side-to-side, still spurting semen, then stood straight up as my kneecap smashed against his scrotum. He dropped to the floor.

I grabbed María’s clothes from the chair back, and I escorted María past the main dance floor and out of the club. It was the proudest moment of my life. She was in full female flower, breasts enlarged, flaming red areolae, nipples protruding, the ‘V’ of her vulva engorged and open. The DJ switched the lights and her areolae turned black with a glowing circle of glitter around her areola and a spot on the tip of her nipple. The glops of JerkFace’s semen on her thighs glowed in the black lights. She was the fabulous Whore Queen Isis, and I was honored to escort her.

We exited the club and DeepThroat trailed us out. Seconds later, the bouncers dumped JerkFace on the curb, still clutching his groin, his pants down around his knees. His groans farther excited María, and her eyes gleamed in admiration in for the strong man, me, who downed the weak. DeepThroat and I dressed her on the sidewalk to the delight and applause of the folks in the entrance line.

That was the first time I struck a man’s testicles and I felt powerful and macho, ready to dominate María tonight. María told me to hurt JerkFace. I closed my eyes and re-lived the attack – I felt the thud of my knee in his crotch, imagined the crunch of his testicles. Lust jolted in my groin – I was still erect from the excitement. I thought I could get used to crunching other men’s testicles. The valet arrived with the car and I opened my eyes to see María caressing the bulge of DeepThroat’s pants. My ego crashed and I fumed – I guessed it wouldn’t be me celebrating my triumph tonight. I saw JerkFace’s semen dirtied my dress pants.

María climbed in the back seat with DeepThroat and climbed onto his lap. JerkFace struggled to get up. He rolled over on his hands and knees, legs sprawled. His legs were separated by just the width of my boot, and I kicked him solidly. It was a ‘gol’ (score), a great kick. I placed the square toe of my boot directly on his testicles and felt the squish – the testicles had no place to escape. My kick must of been harder than I intended, his body raised into the air, then dropped into the gutter. I didn’t hear him make any sound at all, and the cheering and jeering of the couples in the entrance line roared. JerkFace seemed to be unconscious, and the dirty gutter water splashed over him. I noticed some of the women in the line laughing and pointing at me. I looked down to see my erection pushing straight out against my pants.

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