Chapter 3 – Part 7, JerkFace and the Taste of Semen

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Chapter 3 – Part 7, JerkFace and the Taste of Semen

We always took one of María’s back-room finger-fuckers home. The three lucky men selected on any night quickly figured out they competed for the after-club fuck, and they tried everything they thought might give them the advantage. The large pool of candidates narrowed down to about six. Among these, she favored the ones that showed-her-off most artistically and seductively in the back room. Only two men figured that out, and they became her favorites. Her first favorite I nicknamed JerkFace.

In these type of environments, the worst that can happen usually does. And it happened with María first. When she danced with JerkFace the first time, he backed her into her corner, removed her blouse, kissed her breasts and got his hand into her vulva. Then he dropped to his knees and started kissing and licking her vulva. The bouncers and I looked at each other, unsure whether to intervene. He broke no rules. We did nothing. I shook with lust watching them, my hormones surging. He brought María to a shaking climax, and when they returned to the table, she said, “Let’s go home.” She got in the back seat with him, and they tore at each others’ clothes before I made it out of the parking lot. In the mirror, I saw only the man leaning back against the seat and the top of María’s back and head working over his lap. Moments later, she climbed onto his legs, and they bounced so hard the car shook. At the house, I went into the bedroom with them, and we did a strange threesome.

JerkFace backed María hard against the wall, and they tore at each other’s clothes. He quickly stripped her and she turned around and ground her derriere into his groin while he still struggled with his pants. No matter, he plunged his penis into her almost before I had settled into a chair. One hand on her hip, the other pushing her back downward, he pounded at her for a few seconds. She teased him by pulling away, twisted around and flopped on the bed, legs open, inviting him in with the wiggle of a finger. He slipped between her legs, attempted to penetrate her again, but she slapped him, twisted away laughing, and they wrestled for a while. He tried to subdue her, to get her on her back and between her legs, but she wriggled away several times. Her earnest struggle turn to token resistance – she allowed him to seize her hands and stretch them above her head while he pressed her body into the mattress with his body weight. He pulled one of her legs up into the crook of his elbow and simultaneously plunged into her again. From there, the action was all his – he pulled up her other leg and rode her. She climaxed first, bucking and banging her vulva hard against him.

I had never seen nor experienced María play-fighting like that before, and could barely quash the impulse to pull him off her and mount her myself. Too late, I exploded in my hand, spurting semen on my shirt.

When JerkFace ejaculated and rolled off her, she told me to remove my clothes and come to her. JerkFace blinked and smiled to see me wearing my bangle. She pulled my face down into her vulva and told me to clean her. I wasn’t squeamish about tasting semen – my first penis-sucking experiences with the black guy had been pleasant and exciting, even more so when the semen mixed with María’s juices. I licked her vulva clean, outer and inner labia, clitoris, and inserted my tongue deep to clean out her vagina. I licked and sucked her clitoris until she climaxed again. JerkFace watched, returned with a new erection, and María sucked him to ejaculation. She called me to clean her mouth. Half an hour later, he repeated in her vagina and I licked clean her vulva again. JerkFace was exhausted, and I took him home. When we arrived at his apartment, he grabbed my head by my hair, pulled it into his lap, and chanted, “Suck me bitch, suck me.” Still hot and notwithstanding María’s prohibition, I rushed to obey.

María had just converted me to be her vulva cleaner after trysts with other men. I developed a liking for the taste and texture of semen mixed with María’s vaginal juices. Many of the men offered me their penises in the bedroom, but I refused, mindful of María’s prohibition. These odd threesomes became more frequent, then every time. I was pleased. Maria forbid me other women, but now I could share what she did with other men. María didn’t allow me to get on the bed in the dirty club clothes, so i stripped before I could clean her vulva. I sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, naked, with those painfully hard erections María provoked, stimulating myself as I watched her fuck these men. I loved it and the Guatemalan men loved it too. They got to fuck my beautiful, sexy slut as they wanted, and they thought it degraded the gringo to lick their semen off.

JerkFace and I didn’t like each other much but he knew how to please María. Playing for the audience in the back room, he quite artistically exposed her breasts. He swung around her skirt showing off her lingerie, vulva and buttocks in quick flashes. He became a regular at our apartment, but not the exclusive, after-club fuck. He fucked María in the car back seat as we drove to the apartment from the club. Especially as an insult to me, he drove María into screaming, shaking orgasms I heard all over the apartment. When María kicked him out of the bedroom, I took him home and pretended to resist when he pulled me to suck his penis. We both relished this finale to the night – he asserted his superiority, and I recognized it.

Actually, Jerkface hated me, a gringo that had stolen the most stunning Guatemalan woman he had ever seen, and he insulted me subtly in María’s presence in our apartment and in the club. He cursed me as I sucked his penis each time in the car. I didn’t care, I got her almost every night, even if in second place.

In retrospect, I realized Maria recognized and accepted, if unconsciously, my submissive and masochistic character, and she brought me into her sexual adventures to humiliate me – or perhaps because of growing contempt for me. It’s amazing what is invisible in the moment is obvious in hindsight, a wonderful thing.

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    1. María Post author

      Thank you for your question. Yes, they did exist back then and were exactly as I described. I have videos from the club of the story, including dozens with my wife María. I re-watched them many times to write the club scenes. I don’t know if the clubs still exist – last time I went to Guatemala City, there were fewer clubs, and they had become ultra exclusive, ultra expensive. The club where María and I danced is gone – the owner died and the building was remodeled into a restaurant. The ‘back room’ is a dining room now. We ate at a table in her corner – María cried for no reason she could tell me. She said she regretted nothing. We never went back.

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