Chapter 3 – Part 6, María Stays Black

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Chapter 3 – Part 6, María Stays Black

At the salsa club, some back-room girls began ‘humping’ the legs of their partners, leaving wet spots on their pants. Others would bend over to be finger-fucked from behind. The back room had become a seriously erotic sex show, and the lines to get in the club now extended for two blocks. Even the most popular male dancers had difficulty getting in the door, and they would pair-up with the most beautiful, sexy girls to form a couple that passed muster. No unattractive or casually dressed men or women were admitted. The club filled with the stunningly beautiful elite of Guatemala City.

María was still the queen of the women, she was prettier, always more sensual, and classy, especially in the back room. She didn’t fake screaming orgasms or display her body extravagantly or vulgarly. She had natural sensuality that burned in the groins of the men that saw her. María wouldn’t allow finger-fucking or nipple-sucking if she was nude, only sensual and artistic dancing. If she still had something around her waist, the men could ravish her as they wished.

María now preferred black men, but there were none in Antigua and few in Guatemala City. Fortunately, because I feared losing her. She encountered one-or-another on rare occasions, usually foreign tourists in Antigua, and she seduced them whenever practical. Her talent at seducing strange men in any situation was formidable. Her preference for Ladino men also shifted to darker and darker skin tones.

I asked her if she wanted to have that first black man again, and she quickly said no – she said if she ever saw him again, she would never return to me. She looked at me sideways and said, “Once you’ve tried black, you can never go back. You’ve been warned.” We found a dance club in Guatemala City that was frequented by blacks. It was in a low-class barrio, and the hygiene of the men was dubious. However, if we stayed long enough, a higher class black man would come in, and María had her fuck for the night. Any time she craved a black penis, 2-3 times per month, we could satisfy her. I always wanted to fuck her immediately after she fucked these black men, but she never allowed it until after she had showered and douched. María occasionally let me watch her fuck the Ladino dancers in the house, but never the black men. In retrospect, I think she wanted to keep me away from black penises.

I realized our marriage was far beyond the bounds of anything that could be considered sane or normal. I had married a beautiful trophy slut to have an extraordinary fuck partner. Intellectually, I still considered her to be a loose slut, not worthy of fathering my children, nor even worthy of love. I hadn’t realized how much she had grown on me, how attached I had become to her even in the ordinary moments of our life: washing dishes, working together, walking around holding hands. Our own sex life became less exciting to María as she experienced more variety of men – she seemed to save her best for her lovers, but it was still good. We usually had at least quickie sex on any day when she didn’t have another casual lover. It was bread-and-butter sex, and she frequently interrupted my work by seduction when she got in the mood. I understood her preference for darker men, and for spontaneous excitement with strange men. I was lucky to have such a woman at all, and life was good.

At the club, we had a reserved table right at the entrance door to the back room, and María had a reserved back-room corner. I could stand at my chair and watch her, and the bouncer was just inside the door. The bouncer and I would watch María and the other girls, and he would sometimes comment all women are putas (sluts), every one of them. They should just be fucked and thrown in the garbage dump. He was diplomatic enough to not comment María was the biggest slut in the club.

María learned to telegraph her desires for specific back-room activities by the way she dressed, and as the variety of sexual activities expanded, her dress changed accordingly. When she was wanting just to dance or when she was in her period, she wore longer skirts and pullover blouses with a bra, and plain white panties to cover her sanitary pads. When she was willing to have her breasts exposed, her nipples kissed, she wore button blouses, mostly unbuttoned, that hung loose over her skirt, and no bra or skimpy bras that were easy to remove. When she was willing to be disrobed, she wore skimpy wrap-around skirts that showed one leg to the waist and could be removed by pulling a bow. An open-crotch panty or no panty at all was her invitation to finger-fuck; a small, solid panty said NO.

We shopped for mail-order lingerie, and were happy to find Fredericks of Hollywood. We bought the most skimpy, sexy, transparent bras and panties available. Sheer fabrics, open-crotch, open nipple, thongs, etc. The open-mesh lace panties became our favorite, because they were sexy, feminine and hid nothing, and María loved her nudity. These skimpy panties made her dancing and finger-fuck shows exciting for her, the club and especially for me. She had me help her choose her lingerie when she had encounters with other men. I loved to imagine how the other men would react to her beautiful body, and María used the pain level of my erections as a gauge of her sexiness.

We were regulars at this club for a few years, and I was a permanent member of the club policy committee. My opinion carried great weight in setting club policy, second only to María’s conduct. Our drinks and food were always free, the club’s gratitude for María’s leadership into the murky, but lucrative, world of amateur sex shows.

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