Chapter 3 – Part 5, María tries Black

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Chapter 3 – Part 5, María tries Black

The first time I saw María fully nude in the club, she danced with a short, handsome black man in a tuxedo from Puerto Barrios. It was the first time she had gone to the backroom with a black man, and the contrast of skin colors was erotic.

He gracefully danced her into her corner and, instead of pawing at her, continued with the graceful dance steps while he artistically unbuttoned her blouse. One twirl to the right, one twirl to the left, and her blouse spiraled to the floor. He spun her in fast circles, pulled and held the bow on her wrap skirt as she twirled, and she was nude. She was stunning, beautiful; it took my breath away to watch her dancing nude in his black hands.

He began to rub his hands over her body, pantomiming both a strip-tease and a porno self-stimulation scene as she danced under his lead – he explored her entire body, face to feet. She opened her legs wide and he ran both hands between her legs, passing his finger tips between her thighs and the outer labia, then stroking the inner thighs from crotch to ankles. He passed one hand down across her lower abdomen, over her vulva through her legs, then up her buttocks to her waist. He didn’t open her labia, finger-fuck her, or even suck her nipples. He caressed her entire body as she danced sensually. He cupped her vulva between her legs from behind and she pivoted around his body as he led her. It was a scene more sensual and pornographic than if he had been fucking her, a memory permanently burned into my brain. He displayed her proudly to the audience, a black man confident he would soon be fucking the most beautiful women in the club.

The club’s security cameras recorded the entire session, which later became a video sensation displayed on the screens in the main dance room.

I could see the sexual burn on María’s face. She missed a few dance steps, her thigh muscles bunched up faltering with desire. I feared she would start tearing at his clothes at any second.

The song ended – María, still naked except for her high-heels, took the black man by the hand, walked past me out the backroom door, across the main dance floor into the hallway leading to the dressing rooms. As they exited the back room, the DJ switched to the strobe and black lights. Her body paint glowed like a skeleton between strobe flashes, an almost macabre effect as she pulled the black man across the dance floor.

No one acted as if anything at all was unusual, and I collected her clothes and went to wait outside the women’s dressing room. About ten minutes later, the black man appeared at the dressing room door adjusting his pants and shirt, saw me, took María clothes from me and disappeared. Several minutes later, they both came out together. María said, “Let’s go home.” María climbed in the back seat with him, the first time she’d done that. In the mirror, I watched her open his pants, she popped out his penis, and I saw nothing but the back of her head bobbing over his penis until we arrived at the apartment. His face in the mirror was the face of ecstasy, of the pain of an eruption seeking an outlet.

By the time we arrived at the apartment, she was undressed, and he carried her nude to the front door. I gathered her clothes from the back seat, opened the front door, and he carried her across the threshold like newlyweds. They left the bedroom door open and I followed them in.

This was the first time I watched another man fuck my slut-wife. The black man fucked her differently than any way I had ever imagined. He showed remarkable control, he didn’t try to ravish her all at once, but rather he went slow, methodical, and deliberate in how he maintained her arousal and drove her to multiple orgasms. He had a hefty, pitch black penis. As he moved it around María’s body, the skin color contrast excited me so much I pumped my penis to ejaculation in front of them.

His method was simple, María would lick and suck his testicles and penis until he was hard, he would stimulate María into long, rolling orgasms with his mouth and black hands on her vulva and breasts, and while she convulsed in orgasm, he would insert his penis in her vagina, and build on her orgasm until he exploded into her.

Watching him devastated my ego. I lost my erection and felt my genitals shrinking away to nothing. I was a mere amateur in sexual technique. María opened her body and soul to him, and he poured himself into her. I watched fascinated and horrified as he consumed her from inside out – I thought I would never get her back. She lay on the bed moaning incoherently, almost unconscious, under the control of his mouth, his hands, his penis; he converted her into a quivering creature entirely of hormones and sensations. He destroyed her, then recreated her as an exact fit for his tastes, desires and penis. Of course, María survived, but she changed – her tastes and desires for men grew markedly darker.

The black man occasionally glanced at me in puzzlement. He must have thought it strange I watched him fuck my wife in such an intense, intimate and thorough fashion. He stayed all night, fucking her, resting, fucking her again, resting, … I could see he was getting attached to her, the way he looked at her turned from lust to love.

In the early morning, María finally slept, and the black man approached me. I thought he was going to ask me for her or simply inform me he was taking her. I resigned he would take her – I would never be able to deny her the pleasure of that black man. I thought the moment of losing my trophy slut-wife had finally arrived, and I was heartsick. I wasn’t yet ready to lose her. I bitterly rationalized that, after all, she’s just a cheap, trashy slut, certainly not the final woman in my life, not the bearer of my children.

But instead, he stopped and stood inches from me, and raised his penis until it touched my lips. The scent excited me. I extended my tongue and licked the top of his penis head, recoiled as my body shuddered. Some ancient racial or religious ghost clanged the alarm in the back of my head. I felt that old wooziness and disorientation I remembered from the Mayan ruins. I was about to breach some dark barrier from which there was no return. I knew my life would change irrevocably if I continued. Through blurred eyes, I looked at his penis, and I recognized the scent, María’s vaginal juices. How could this penis that gave her so much pleasure be bad? I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his penis head, then opened my lips and enclosed it in my mouth. Immediately my head cleared, my fear disappeared, and I succumbed to its power. I was lost, that black penis owned me, and I flushed with joy.

This had been a day of firsts, María’s first nude club appearance, her first club dressing room fuck, her first fuck with a black man, and my first time to watch another man fuck María. Now it would also be my first penis suck.

His penis was large, black, and delicious. María’s juices coated his penis and testicles, with intense scents and tastes. Another scent and taste, his semen, covered the base of his penis and on the testicles. As I licked and sucked his testicles and penis, I cleaned away and swallowed all that evidence of his consumption of my slut-wife.

He told me what to do, and I tried hard to please him. I rubbed my tongue all over and under his penis head, trying to excite the nerves there. His penis was large in diameter and it filled my mouth – sliding my mouth over his penis was sublime. It was initially both slippery and sticky. I pushed his penis deep into my mouth as far as I could tolerate, and sucked it hard and squeezed it with my lips as he pulled it out. I managed to suck him to ejaculation – when his semen hit the back of mouth, I felt I had achieved heaven. The semen was hot, slippery and sticky, and I felt the black man had injected me with his sexual prowess. Sucking his penis was my admission of my sexual inferiority, of this black man´s supremacy over me. I was hooked by this humiliation. I asked him how I did, and he said I needed practice, that María was expert and could give me lessons.

I didn’t realize it at the moment, but I had acquired a new taste – semen, other men’s semen.

He said he stayed with a friend in Mixco, a dangerous ghetto of the city I didn’t know, so I asked him to drive. I opened his pants and fondled his penis before we were two blocks away. I wanted to suck him as he drove, but the steering wheel was in the way. When we arrived at his place, he slid over and stretched out while I tried to suck Maria’s scent and taste off his penis. He bucked on the seat when he ejaculated, and exclaimed, “You have a great mouth, have Maria give you some lessons. If you want to be my bitch, call me.” I took his contact information.

When I returned to the bedroom, Maria still slept, she hadn’t showered, and she was covered with his scent. Her body paint around her vulva and breasts had mostly rubbed off. I showered, slipped on a condom, turned her and slipped inside her, stroking as I kissed her breasts. They had his taste, which excited me more. I kissed her mouth, forcing my tongue inside, and she stirred, moving her hips with mine. Now it was my turn, I said, “You don’t know where this mouth has been,” and she slurred, “uh-huh, what?” and returned to sleep.

When María awoke, I told her about the sheer joy of my first penis sucks. She listened quietly, and when I finished my bubbling description, she told me it was dangerous for me to suck penises, and I shouldn’t do it again. And I didn’t, that was the one time for me. I was overwhelmed she was still with me, and I feared alienating María more than anything else in my life.

I never thought to ask myself why María’s sexual encounters with other men caused me such physical and mental pain. And such pleasure. If I didn’t love her, if she was just a temporary companion, a fabulous masturbation substitute and status symbol, why did it matter, why did I care? Why did she twist and torture me with such pain and pleasure? It’s just as well I didn’t ask, I wouldn’t have understood anyway.

María had fucked the black man both in the club and in our apartment without condoms, and she told me she wouldn’t use them anymore except with unknown men. She hated having rubber between her flesh and their’s, and she wanted that semen hormone high. She was still on The Pill, and we decided we could handle the occasional infection with antibiotics. She would reduce the number of lovers and she’d get checkups frequently. She’d ask her favorite dance lovers for checkups at the same times.

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