Chapter 3 – Part 4, The Sex-dance Club Scales Up

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Chapter 3 – Part 4, The Sex-dance Club Scales Up

The club zoomed in popularity and moved upscale. Many beautiful, sexy single girls showed up each night, and the line to enter the club stretched around the corner. As the guests of honor, we walked past the line and entered immediately. We had a reserved table, María had a reserved back-room corner, and our drinks were free. As María’s escort, I was the only man allowed to wear casual dress, and I sat with the most beautiful woman in the club. I think some of the patrons thought I was the real owner. Or perhaps a drug trafficker or mafia boss.

The new upscale clients dressed bettered, richer and more sophisticated. In the back room, the elegant couples drank, watched, and sometimes participated. Some of these couples swapped partners privately – a group of three couples at a table would rotate the three women among the three men, each getting finger-fucked in turn. It was all exciting and addicting.

The pampered women of Guatemala’s politicians and rich elite were no less slutty than the common street girls. The spoiled barbie-doll mistresses of the politicians were the most vulgar of all. Their husbands and lovers gritted teeth behind stony faces, feigning nonchalance as their wives and mistresses wiggled over the fingers of strange men. Some men sent their bodyguards to even the score afterward. There were no cell phones in those days, and cameras were strictly forbidden. Their bodyguards personally supervised the erasure of the club’s security videos.

The dress rules in the main dance room started strict, and the dancing was fantastic. Vulva and breast coverings were enforced, but of course they too loosened over time. The women became prettier, sexier, and nuder over time. In the back room, the women competed for sexy clothes and daring behavior, always pushing the rules to the limit. Even María was tempted to descend into vulgarity. I was her behavioral compass, and she was the compass for the other women.

By attrition, the rules were relaxed, and María was usually the instigator of the changes. María destroyed the panties rule by wearing crotch-less panties, changing into them just before she allowed men to dance her into the back room; they were sexy looking and imposed no discomfort on the hands seeking her vulva. María wore no bra, her B-cup breasts stood-up naturally perky, and she favored skimpy, easy to open blouses with buttons. The blouses hung loosely over the short skirt, so when unbuttoned, they would swing open on both sides. María favored short, skimpy, wrap-around skirts that let her show one sculptured leg up to the waist tie of the skirt.

So over time, panties became optional, and María quit wearing them. Blouses could be opened or removed, and finally, top and bottom nudity was permitted as long as the girl wore some sort of fabric around her waist. Eventually, even that pretense was discarded. As usual, María first broke the rules, and the other girls followed her lead. Since finger-fucking was the touching outer-limit, all the women always did it. Nipple kissing and sucking also developed into an artistic display.

María had sparse, almost invisible pubic hair, but many of the girls had substantial pubic bristles. As waist-down nudity became popular, these girls began shaving or depilating their pudenda. Then tattoos appeared above their vulvae and along their thighs. María loved the colored tattoos and insisted on getting one, but I absolutely forbid it. I finally relented to allow henna tattoos and body paint. So María depilated her pubic area, and went every ten days or so to try out different tattoo and body paint artists. She found an artist we both liked – a woman that mixed her own concoctions of colors and glitter that sparkled in the back-room lights. The thin, elastic body paint lasted up to two weeks, and made our at-home showers together very erotic.

I dropped-in once on María’s body paint sessions. María lay back in a recliner chair and the artist, a pretty but heavily tattooed girl leaned over María’s pudendum working. María was relaxed, eyes closed, perhaps sleeping, so I approached to watch the painting. The artist, as she painted, inserted the middle finger of her left hand in María’s vagina, and slowly swirled her thumb upon María’s clitoris while she painted with the right hand.

The tattoo parlor also sold condoms, sex toys, vibrators, and some punk-style lingerie for women. A testicle ring caught my eye. It was thin, about 1/4 inch, with a swivel latch and designed to fit around the scrotum between the testicles and the base of the penis. The ring was heavy and gold-plated. I tried it on with some difficulty, and María liked it, so I bought and wore it out of the store. It felt tight and heavy upon the testicles. I liked the constant pressure , but after a week or so, my scrotum stretched a little, and I no longer noticed I wore it. María loved to fondle the ring and my testicles below. I called it my bangle, and I loved its effect on María – she always squeezed my testicles when she fondled my bangle.

María favored body paint with swirls and points that directed the eye to her vulva. She also painted the outer edges of her areolae, but not close around her nipples. That dark hole inside the glittering circles drew men’s lips irresistibly to her nipples.

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