Chapter 3 – Part 3, Rules to Cheat By

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Chapter 3 – Part 3, Rules to Cheat By

The fiery Latina in María emerged during sex and fights, and the next morning, we fought full combat. Of course, María won. She told me I didn’t own her body – she could fuck any man when and where she wanted. If I didn’t accept that, I could leave at that moment. I looked at her, she was ravishing, beautiful, sexy, Latin, fiery, much more woman than an ordinary guy like me could ever hope to obtain. If I lost her, I might as well cut off my penis, so I decided to negotiate.

María said I forfeited all right to judge her by my cowardice with the German, and our argument shifted to my acceptance of sharing her with other men without complaint. I accepted, and we began to devise a set of rules for her affairs with other men she said would keep our relations sane. María dictated the rules but let me suggest small changes:

She could have casual sex, one-time encounters, even over-nighters, but no long-term lovers. She could kiss and suck and fuck them anyway she pleased. She would be discreet in public, and always use a condom – no diseases or pregnancies. She didn’t have to tell me about the other men unless I asked, then she had to be truthful. At the dance clubs, she could choose no more than three finger-fuckers per night with unlimited ‘dances’ with those three. Her panties stayed on her body, and she’d only choose one to fuck afterward. Otherwise, she could dance with as many men on the main dance floor as she desired. She’d never have more than one stiff drink (with two or more drinks, she would open her legs to any man). She could ‘dance’ as clothed or exposed as she wanted. Any sex with new men had to be in our house, preferably with me elsewhere in the house. No group sex unless I participated. When we traveled separately, the same rules applied. I had to supervise any kinky settings and I could waive the rules for special situations. Finally, I was prohibited any type of sex with other women without her explicit permission – she owned my genitals.


After María and the German guy opened the floodgates of finger-fucking, all the back-room girls began doing it, and the back room became chaotic and crowded with pushy men that would get into fights. The club quickly became more popular and the club imposed rules to control the chaos. The club owner consulted me about the first and subsequent sets of policies:

  • No smoking. This was a direct request from María. And the club owner suffered from asthma.
  • The club switched to expensive paid membership, upscale dress required, and the price of drinks doubled. In the back room, the price of drinks doubled again.
  • No single men were allowed into the club, only couples and single women.
  • Men anywhere in the club must be always fully dressed, tightly zipped, to prevent any attempt to fuck the girls. One small exception was permitted to this rule.
  • Only couples were allowed in the back room; the ‘performance’ of the girls became a lucrative show for the club.
  • The back-room sessions with the same man could last only the duration of one song, then the girl must be returned to her table.
  • One or both breasts could be exposed, but only with the permission of the girls. Nipple kissing was allowed.
  • In the back room, panties could not be lowered, to finger-fuck the girls, the hand must be inserted into the panty from the top. This rule had the showy advantage it forced the skirt higher, and most men would stand to the side to comfortably insert their hand in the panty. This made the bulge of the hand in the panty and the finger-fucking motion more visible to the audience. It also gave a better view of the girl if she climaxed, real or fake.
  • The club installed video cameras in all the rooms of the club, even the dressing rooms, and signs were posted warning any illegal or prohibited activity was recorded.
  • Bouncers, bartenders and all the other club staff were forbidden any contact with the girls, in-or-out of the club.
  • Penis-fucking of the girls would be allowed only on exceptional occasions, only by long-term women members when the woman initiated the fuck, only in the women’s dressing room, and only with the full consent of the woman’s partner. The woman’s partner could not be the male. This policy was the most debated, and was simply a practical expedient to defuse potentially violent situations. It worked quite well – there were few penis-fuckings, maybe two-three per year.

The ‘back-room’ girls were mainly single poor girls, hoping for the chance of meeting someone, romance, love, and a better life. Other girls were the mistresses of politicians, mafia bosses and narcos, and wealthy businessmen, eager to show-off for their men – they were the wildest of all. María was different, she was there for sex – the dancing was just foreplay.

The club management had low regard for the back-room girls, calling them by a variety of vulgar names of which ‘puta‘ (slut or whore) was the most positive. This caused some awkward moments since my puta was paramount among the back-room girls. I laughed off these comments – I knew María was a puta and I was flattered to be included in the policy council.

María loved the new rules, they got rid of the creepy men in the back room, and she loved to show off her body. She was a natural and enthusiastic exhibitionist. She liked the audience to see at least one exposed breast per session, and she also liked the audience to watch when she climaxed.

María’s orgasms weren’t particularly elegant or pretty. Her orgasmic spasms spread through her legs and body, causing her legs to stiffen and jerk, and her body to shake, her back to arch. You could easily have thought she was having convulsions. The men interpreted these as proof of their sexual prowess, but she had the same reactions when she masturbated.


María’s extra-marital affairs moved intra-marital. We brought her best sex-dance partner home with us every dance night, and they filled the apartment with their moans and screams as I listened right outside the bedroom door.

Kneeling naked on the floor, my forehead pressed against the tile, I squeezed my testicles and pumped my penis trying to time my ejaculation with María’s screams. Hearing her moans and cries twisted and cramped my body until I heard the grunts of the man discharging into María, taking ownership of my most prized possession for a few moments.

I lay there exhausted until María opened the door. María liked to dress her lovers slowly, in a reverse strip-tease with caresses and kisses. While dressing them, she had me change the bedding and clean the spent condoms off the floor. Then I dressed and took the men to their houses. When I returned, María was already bathed and sleeping.

I bought condoms by the gross lot, and I could see they disappeared faster than María used them with her sex-dance partners. But I resisted all impulses to keep account, it was better not knowing. We also bought lace and crotchless panties by the dozen – María destroyed one or two each night by the hands forcing entry.

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