Chapter 3 – Part 2, Humiliated

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Chapter 3 – Part 2, Humiliated

I suppose what happened next was inevitable – a big German guy asked her to dance and he danced her into the back room. After two minutes, I went to retrieve them, but stopped stunned in the doorway. María deep-kissed the German, her legs spread, he had pulled her skirt up to her waist, and I saw the distinctive motion of finger-fucking. The bouncer watched me, ready to jump in if necessary. I couldn’t think of what to do, so I returned to my table. At the end of the song, the German and María returned to the table, but this time, he sat down right in front of me. He began to taunt me, to lick the taste of her vagina off his fingers. He challenged me – was I a man or not? He was bigger than me, but I could have punched him and the bouncers would have jumped in and thrown him battered into the street.

I did nothing. Even María glared at me with shame, and she accused, “Tú eres poco hombre.” (you’re not much of a man). María refused to look at me, she burned, wanted to fuck, furious with me, and she wanted to humiliate me. She stood, raised her skirt, pulled off her panty and dropped it on the table. The German picked it up, held it to his nose and drank deeply the scent of her vulva. He spread the panty on the table in front of me, caressed it with both hands, rubbed the panty crotch between his fingers, then left the table.

That opened the floodgates – it became open season on María. I sat there drinking and numb for half an hour or so while a series of men took her to ‘dance.’ Actually, all pretense of dancing disappeared – María and the men simply walked into the back room. The men kissed her, pawed her breasts, explored every millimeter of her vulva and finger-fucked her, and walked her back to my table. Only the presence of the bouncers kept them from bending her over to fuck. Some of the men shook their fingers as they walked back to our table as if to say their fingers burned with María’s body heat; others imitated the German by licking their fingers. The parade of men was orderly and civilized, she went with the next man that approached our table. Even one of the bouncers intercepted her as she came back to the table, and another bouncer stopped him before he could dig into her vagina.

I felt like the cheapest pimp, handing my slut-wife out to any finger-fucker that wanted her. The German man returned, took her into the back room, and as they returned, María said loudly, “Lléveme de aquí.” (take me out of here). They walked past our table and out the door. One of the finger-fuckers came to the table, grabbed María’s panty, put it to his lips and left, probably to hang it on his wall as a trophy. Moments later, I left, alone and broken. This was the first time María intentionally broke me into pieces with sexual humiliation, and she broke me all the remaining years together. I never recovered, even today. I was revealed as just a pathetic gringo without the least control over María.

I spent the next few hours imagining what María did with the German. I saw her licking his testicles and sucking them into her mouth, teasing his penis head with her tongue, pushing his penis deep into her throat, driving him into explosive ejaculations which she greedily sucked and swallowed. His penis in her throat was a sword in my groin, cutting my guts out as he spewed his semen into her. I saw him exploring every part of her mouth with his tongue, sucking her nipples up to pyramid points while she squirmed beneath him. I saw him rubbing his monstrous white penis between her breasts, up and down her thighs, getting closer and closer to her vulva until she begged him, crying, to fuck her. I gasped when he plunged into her, and twisted as he lifted her petite body off the bed by the strength of his penis, bouncing and jiggling her on the end of his penis until wave after wave of orgasms swallowed her, until she collapsed exhausted. I collapsed too, exploding semen over my abdomen. I smeared my semen over my testicles and cried – María had cut-off my testicles.

When she returned home hours later, she only said, “No te preocupes, su pene era pequeño.” (don’t be upset, his penis was small), and she went to the bed crying. I tried to fuck her but she kneed me in the testicles.

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