Chapter 3 – Part 10, VIPs and Politicians

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Chapter 3 – Part 10, VIPs and Politicians

The club’s owner held monthly policy meetings which I always attended. Club security, and security of the girls in the back room were always the major issues. Since María started the club on its upscale trajectory, the number of bouncers increased from two to twelve, and armed guards watched at the door. The club owner was especially concerned about organized crime, drugs, and prostitution. He had no qualms about the women taking money for sex or people killing themselves with drugs, but worried prostitution would bring in mafias and corrupt police. I heard of several face-offs with local thugs, and now, paid police augmented the bouncers outside the club and controlled the ever-lengthening lines of people wanting entrance. For the same reason of mafias, drug use was strictly forbidden, and all unknown men were frisked before entering.

The club’s owner was also concerned about the VIP visitors: politicians, the rich and famous that frequented the club. The VIPs thought the rules didn’t apply to them, and they brought bodyguards. The bodyguards interfered with the bouncers when their bosses needed discipline.

The club owner hired a security expert from Buenos Aires named José to help formulate policies for the VIPs. José had the build of a wrestler, but was intelligent and articulate. José explained the most dangerous moment in a highly charged sex and alcohol environment was a fight between customers. Raging testosterone destroys property and injures other people. José trained all the bouncers in techniques of restraining both men and women without hurting them or undue embarrassment, and the bouncers were expected to anticipate and intervene immediately at the first sign of trouble. The training was effective. We decided to enforce strict rules on the VIPs:

  • Maximum of one bodyguard per group.
  • VIPs and bodyguards were frisked. No arms of any type were permitted.
  • The bodyguards were required to take the restraint training.
  • The bodyguards must accept the authority of the bouncers within the club.

The first few times we refused entrance to VIPs over their bodyguards and weapons were tense, but it worked. The bodyguards integrated with the customers instead of inhibiting the atmosphere.

The conduct of the girls in the backroom was another heavily discussed subject, and the extent to which the girls could be exposed and handled was carefully regulated. Of course, the girls themselves were the problem – they competed for nudity and provocative behavior, and the men responded according to the amount of testosterone flowing at the moment. Many of the girls had been there for years, and were addicted to the sex and attention, María among them. The most provocative girls were assigned personal bouncers, just María at the onset. José, now chief of security, guarded María and the back room.

As I prepared to attend one of these monthly policy meetings, María opened my pants, caressed my penis erect, and told me she was ready to be publicly fucked in the back room. I think she envisioned a stiff black penis pristinely penetrating her vagina to the envy and admiration of the audience. I was appalled – she didn’t consider at all the issues of prostitution, mafias, corrupt police, venereal disease, condoms, pregnancy, and liability. I told her she could fuck, on special occasions, in the women’s dressing room, as she experienced once before. But she insisted she was ready to be penis-fucked in the back room by multiple partners! She borrowed my penis and demonstrated a couple of stylish positions, standing on one leg with the other leg raised straight up, riding the man’s hips with both legs around his waist, and the always popular bent-over-at-the-waist power-fuck, position.

I went to the club policy meeting, and launched into a tirade against back room fucking, and carried-on so passionately the owner finally stopped me and asked me what got into me, no one suggested allowing this. I sheepishly confessed María asked for it. This caused total silence in the room. María’s opinion was valued as trend-setting in the club. She expressed her opinion by what she did, how she acted, and she kept the club on the vanguard of sexual appeal in the sex-club market. The owner called a vote, which went unanimously against back-room fucking, and it never happened.

Over time, María realized what excited her most was the exposure, the teasing and provocation of glimpses of breasts and vulva. She tolerated the clumsy finger-fucking but manipulated the men quickly to vulva licking. Her dancing became more daring, and her outer clothes more revealing. She always provoked the men; she told me she wanted every penis in the club to be erect when she danced, and every penis should ache when she finished because it would never get inside her. ‘Prick teaser’ was a wholly inadequate description of María.


Pussy-eating became the new ‘de rigueur‘ activity in the club backroom. The level of sexual excitement and latent violence ratcheted-up several notches. The lines to get in the club grew longer, the clientele moved-up to the highest echelon of Guatemalan society. And it wasn’t the men driving this activity – the women dragged their reluctant husbands and lovers in to watch them be pussy-eaten by strangers. The club bought the whole building and expanded the backroom sex into several additional intimate rooms. But the most popular was still the original back room, María’s domain. I loved to watch politicians and the rich and famous men twist in pain as their women displayed their vulvas to the world and faked orgasms as the dancers licked their vulvas. Their bodyguards became unofficial bouncers, restraining their bosses from mayhem.

José protected María – some men couldn’t stand to watch her vulva and would jump up fighting their zippers. I watched senators and judges pumping their penises furiously under their table, and the women were kissed and pawed and fingered by their own men right at their tables. At times, the level of excitement and tension became so intense I became anxious, nauseous and woozy – we were fortunate neither the bouncers nor the bodyguards were allowed any type of weapon. The bouncers became experts at restraining men (and occasionally women) without blows and without overt embarrassment to these powerful clients.

María absolutely thrived in this environment where she was adulated, adored, and emulated. Me, not so much. When the levels of tension became too intense, I had vertigo attacks and had to rest on the floor.

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