Chapter 3 – Part 1, Salsa Dancing = Sex

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Chapter 3 – Part 1, Salsa Dancing

María Date: + 3 years.

About three years into our marriage, we decided to take-up Latin dancing, and we scouted around clubs in Antigua and Guatemala City. In those days, Guatemala City was relatively safe, and the historic center and business zone were still attractive. Buildings from the 18th century were common and the churches and public buildings were decorated with artifacts scavenged from Antigua after the 1773 earthquake. We found a sex-dance club in Guatemala City in the Zona 7 with great music, and a sexually charged atmosphere. I strutted around with my trophy slut, and María strutted her body – perfect . I was a clumsy, two-left-feet dancer, so María would dance with the single men in the club, most of them excellent and exciting dancers. María was always the most attractive and sexy dancer at the club, and her presence supercharged the sexual electricity of the club.

María intentionally provoked the male dancers when we went salsa dancing. She would wear flats to the club, then change to heels, making sure half the men in the club could glimpse her lace panties as she changed shoes. She sometimes pulled the same trick with fish-net stockings. She once went in a super low-cut blouse that slipped sideways on her shoulders until it caught on her nipple, displaying the pink areola around the nipple. Every man in the club stared at her, and if she knew, she feigned ignorance of the display. I didn’t tell her, I was proud to show her off, and she displayed the areola for about half an hour before another scandalized woman got her attention and admonished her by gestures.

When María danced, she made sure her spins and twirls flashed her panties to the crowd. She often wore open-mesh lace panties that hid nothing at all, only her movements blurred her genital features. The DJ would put the strobe light on when María danced. He would try to freeze her movement to give an momentary glimpse through her lace panties, and it worked well. I was amazed at how much of her vulva I could discern with the strobe.

María was a popular dance partner, of course. There was a line-up of requests to dance with her, and some of the men were brazen in handling her. They constantly rubbed her across the breasts, stroked up and down her body, and every man wanted to cup her butt. She initially didn’t mind as long as the men didn’t get too low or get between her legs from behind. Actually, she didn’t mind that either, she just didn’t want these strange men to do it in public.

We went to the sex-dance club in Guatemala City at least twice times per week, and María wanted more. We decided to rent an apartment in the city to avoid having to drive back to Antigua late at night.

Over time, María came to associate dancing directly to sex. She loved dancing and dancing aroused her – she would have rewarded her good dance partners with sex on the dance floor if I wasn’t there to control her. She wet her panties on the first dance, turning them transparent, and the gush of her pheromones turned the men into panting dogs. Her Latin style of dancing was sensual and provocative. She wasn’t vulgar, but she provoked strong reactions in men, and dancing with her was an easy method to hit on her. I was a clumsy dancer, so I sat at the table while she was invited to dance by multitudes of men. I did enjoy sitting and watching, the men loved to spin her to raise her skirts, and the flashes of her panties kept me as hot as her dance partners.

Even after three years of marriage, I still thought of María as a trophy slut, a fucking machine for my pleasure, and her dalliances with other men fed my sexual perversities. Many of her dance partners slipped her contact cards while they danced, and she kept them in a box in our bedroom. The men sometimes wrote explicit suggestions on the back of the cards, and María and I rated the men with one-to-five stars.

I noticed some of her dance partners would dance María into a back room, escorting her back to our table as the songs ended. I decided to spy on her in the back room, and saw the men would back her into a corner, sometimes kissing her, and feel her up from breasts to crotch. She kept her legs tightly together but would allow some of the men to kiss and nuzzle her face, neck and ears. There were other girls in the room getting the same treatment. After a few of these episodes, I confronted her at the table, but she just brushed me off, “It’s fun for me and harmless, let me have some fun!” An audience of men and women watched in the back room, and some of the men fondling the women would expose the bras or the panties of the women for the audience. The most audacious couples about what they exposed were the lesbians, and I enjoyed watching them. There was a bouncer in the back room, so I wasn’t too concerned about María, but I begin to follow her in after a couple of minutes with any man. I’d tap the man on the shoulder, then push them out towards the main room. It made me excited to see her aroused by other men, but I didn’t want her to get too used to them – I wasn’t ready yet to lose my trophy slut.

Of course, María earned the reputation as the club slut. Not only was she the most beautiful and sexy, good for a quick feel, but worst of all, she was the only married woman among the backroom girls. When we entered the club, you could see surge in excitement among the men, and the looks of disgust on the faces of the women. Even the foreigners began to ask her for dances, and an occasional foreigner would dance her into the back room.

In retrospect, I’m sure she fucked some of these dancers outside the club – she would arrive at the house from some long errand and go immediately to shower and douche. I remained either blissfully blind, or found my perverse pleasure in her infidelity. I was blinded by the tyrannies of great beauty and partner inequality. I felt I couldn’t anger her nor alienate her, she was simply so much more desirable than I. With a long list of prime candidates ready to take her at any moment, she could abandon me without spending a single night alone. Couples should never be so disparate, it distorts their entire relationship. María’s great beauty prevented me from looking at other women, from seeing their smaller beauties. Had I been able to see those other women in those years, I would have known there could be other women for me, that losing María would not doom me to a solitary life.

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