Chapter 28 – Part 1, Double Revenge

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Chapter 28 – Part 1, Double Revenge

The next morning, I got the Estrella ready for her shift at the hospital, I brushed and stroked her hair and skin interminably until she said I would make her late. I had her drop me in the Zona 6, made a call and waited for my ride. While I waited, I reviewed my plan over and over. Risky, but I saw no flaws. Minutes later, two sicarios (hitmen) picked me up and we headed towards PerfectPenis’ office.

There was another plan afoot—the sicarios stopped outside our old sex dance club and another man climbed in. I was shocked to see José again, the former chief bouncer and María’s lover. I wasn’t entirely pleased. I asked, “What are you doing back in Guatemala?”

“I heard from the club owner María had died and you and her daughter had returned to the club asking about María. He had her daughter’s phone and I called her. She told me the whole story, and now I’m here to kill PerfectPenis.”

“The Estrella is not her daughter, she’s my lover …”

“Yes, yes, I know and María is not dead. I just got into town last night, called in a few old favors and discovered your contract on PP. Now I’m here to help you get your revenge. Then I’m going to get María and take her back with me to Buenos Aires.”

“That won’t be as easy as you think, What’s your beef with PP?”

“When I went back to get María years ago, he sucker punched me, said he was María’s brother, invited me in and black-jacked me from behind. When I woke up, he had cut-off my balls and broke my penis, just like you.”

“You had no right to be with María. You were supposed to protect her when I asked you to rescue her. For that matter, in the club, you were fucking her behind my back, you were supposed to be her protector.”

“Don’t be an idiot, Guy. She seduced me. She was the biggest slut in Guatemala. And the best. I think all the bouncers were doing her and who knows who else. She said you knew and you liked it. You could have stopped it at any time, but you let her do it, so we just took advantage. Why not?”

“Why did your leave her?”

“Her stripper girlfriend had stolen your wedding rings. She called and asked Maria for money. When Maria went, she wanted money second and Maria first. She gave Maria gonorrhea, who gave it to me. I freaked out and left for a couple of days. When I came back to get her, that’s when this guy castrated me. I never knew who he was, now I’m here to kill him.”

“Still you betrayed me, you were supposed to rescue her, not make her the town whore.”

“You’re lucky PP broke me. I was going to keep her, take her to Argentina. You would have never seen her again.”

“Well, there are two of us that want to kill him. I guess I’m glad you’re here. I can use your help. I have an idea. If my plan works out today, you can have the coup de grâce.”

* * *

Just like María had told PerfectPenis about me, she had told me all about him. I knew his greatest weakness, his granddaughter that he loved more than his own life. From the stationary and correspondence I stole from his house, I had forged a letter from PP’s son to his granddaughter’s child care.

I checked my watch – just a few minutes before, a well-dressed woman accompanied by a private security guard should have picked up his granddaughter. I looked at my watch again, just as my phone rang–the sicarios reported they had her.

We arrived at PP’s office and parked half a block away, hidden beyond some trash cans. I told the sicarios to come in exactly five minutes, and I went and rang. PP was surprised to see me, but let me in. I sat and he said,

“You’re really not welcome here, what do you want? You want to suck my dick again?”

I squelched my desire to do just that, steadied myself, and calmly explained, “From this moment, you belong to me. I’m still María’s husband, bound by law and by love to protect her. Here, take a look through this folder.”

I passed him the list I had compiled of all his direct-line descendants, his entire seed, children and grandchildren with addresses, schools and places of employment.

“I intend to kill you and your entire seed. This won’t be the first time I’ve killed, I’m sure you know what I mean. If you ever hit María or bother her again, you and all your descendants will die, your dear beloved wife Hilda will get everything. This is a promise. You’re proud and stupid, so I know you’ll try something stupid, and you will all be killed.”

He reached into a drawer and extracted a revolver, laying it on the desk.

He said, “I could kill you right now…”

“And you and all your descendants will die. The contract is already out and paid for, and if I don’t stop it, you’ll be slaughtered. If anything happens to me or Maria or any of my friends or family, your family will be wiped out. Now, I need you to make me believe you believe I’ll do it.”

He smirked, “Maria has left me, you can get her back, if you can…”

“You’re a fool. I let you pervert me, castrate me so you could make María happy with your ‘perfect penis’. You destroyed me for nothing, I kept my promise, my pledge to you, all the way through to bringing you my testicles in a trophy sculpture. I did all that for nothing, you threw her away again by your jealousy. Look at me, look in my eyes. I’m mad, I’m your angel of death!”

I saw the first flickers of fear in his face, I meant the threat and I think he believed me. He seemed to shrink and age as I watched. How our positions had changed! Just a few months ago, I was naked on my knees in front of him, kissing his genitals as if he were a god. Now, he was growing small, ugly, old, afraid and insignificant. He wasn’t perfect anymore, I felt powerful in front of him. I felt a presence in my groin–I had got my penis back.

He said, “Is that it? I don’t care about you or Maria anymore, get your money back, no one will bother you. Now if you’re done, I have work to do.”

“No, I actually have one more request for you. Before I tell you, I want you to call your son, ask him where his daughter is, if she’s safe.”

PP picked-up the revolver, “If you ever touch her, I’ll tear you to…”

“Make the call!”

PP made the call, told his son he’d wait for the answer, waited a few minutes, then hung up.

“What do you want?”

“We need to even the score. Now listen carefully, if you don’t do exactly as I say, we will kill her, and not nicely. She will be raped in every orifice until she dies, then we’ll throw her body in a sewer. I’ll join the rape with a broomstick or baseball bat. We’ll video tape the rape and send it to her parents.”

“I’ll hunt you down and…”

“You and all your family will be dead first.”

“What do you want?”

“I’m going to leave here in a few minutes. As I leave, I’ll make a call, and you’ll have exactly five minutes to complete what I tell you. After five minutes, the rape begins. I hope they don’t kill her before I get there. If you do what I say, she’ll be safe at home within 15 minutes.”

“I’m listening.”

“When I leave, you’ll call one of your employees in here, and have him sit over there. He’ll be the witness for what you do. You’ll tell him to call an ambulance and report a serious injury. Now hand me my folder and remove the item from this bag.”

He opened the bag and took out a white hand towel, his face registering confusion.

I continued, “After he calls the ambulance, you’ll swivel facing him, Stand, drop your pants, and sit. Then you’ll use this.”

I threw the item on the desk, the same thin wire garrote he had given me months ago to amputate my genitals. I said,

“You know what to do. Cut off all of it in a single motion. You only have a few seconds before you go into shock. Immediately pick-up your genitals and put them in the bag. Cover your wound with the towel. Then order your employee to immediately throw the bag in the trash on the corner, then return to wait for the ambulance. That’s the most important part, to throw the bag in the trash can, but that has to be done within five minutes. When that’s done, and I have the bag in my hand, your granddaughter will be immediately released, completely unharmed. Otherwise, the first penis will be bursting open her vagina.”

“You are crazy, I’ll never do that. I can kill you right here, you’ll never make that call. And we’ll ransom her back.”

I went to the door and opened it. The sicarios came in pointing shotguns at PP. Behind them entered José with a pistol. PP turned green when he recognized José.

“You’ll do nothing–we’ll kill all of you with pleasure. Now put down the gun, stand up and move over there … Good. The first blast will rip off your groin. You’ll be castrated anyway. The next blast is for your face. Where they shoot you afterward is up to them, I don’t care. You stupid idiot, you could have saved your granddaughter’s life and yours.”

I picked up the revolver, and moved to the door, “Give me a few seconds then kill him.”

PP dropped to knees, “Wait, stop, I’ll do it, anything you want, please, just don’t hurt her.”

“Ok, you know what to do, you have five minutes, your genitals in the bag in the trash outside. Now, don’t think, just act.”

I faked a cell call and said only, “Five minutes”, then walked out the door followed by the sicarios and José.

We walked down the street to our car. Barely 15 meters away, we heard yelling in the office. By the time we got to the car, several men and women were yelling, and moments later, a young guy came flying out of the office, ran towards our car and threw a bag at the trash. He missed, the bag scooted along the sidewalk almost even to our car. José got out, retrieved the bag, and handed it to me. I looked in, and said, “Let’s go.”

As we drove, I called and said, “Take her home.” It had been mostly a bluff. The girl would have never been touched, and there was no contract beyond killing PP. I had to kidnap the girl to make the bluff believable, PP was the only one to be hurt. If he didn’t fall for the bluff, we would have killed him, otherwise he would have killed me and my family and maybe even María. Now I had his genitals, and he believed the bluff was real. He would live in fear the rest of his life, and would never dare to seek revenge. And he would never fuck another woman again, forever. An appropriate punishment for hitting María.

One of the sicarios commented to no one, “Too bad, the little girl is cute, I’d have liked to poke at her.”

José asked me, “When can I kill PP?”

“Wait till he’s released from the hospital. He’ll be at his ex-wife’s place. He’ll be an easy target. Take our friends here with you, they’re welcome to PP’s ex-wife. She’s sexy but evil. Give it to her hard, front and back, but otherwise don’t mess her up too bad. I think my contract adequately covers that. The girl is just for me.”

The girl was a bluff, I could never touch her in spite of her genes. I saw her at the child care, beautiful long wavy hair, big brown eyes, she would be a María-spirit, maybe even a María. If she were my granddaughter, I would worship her.

* * *

Back in the Zona 6, I paid-off the sicarios, and José and I walked to a bar for a celebratory drink. We sat at the bar, tossing down shots of rum Zacapa Centenario, admiring PP’s bloody genitals in the bag. He said, “I understand why you get so crazy about María. I think about her all the time. I know she’ll never come back with me and you shouldn’t count on it either. She gets crazy with sex, she craves pricks, wants one inside her all the time, and does loco stuff when she’s hot.”

loco stuff?”

“Men paid her big bucks to step on their genitals. Some got more than they bargained for, she destroyed their penises, grinding them under red heels. I even saw her fuck her brother once.”


“Yeah, she nude lap-danced him until he was burning up, she put his hands on her breasts and butt and between her legs. I watched all this. He fingered her, he was panting and crazy and desperate. She opened his pants, pulled out his prick and pumped him up, then she bent over. He jumped up, smacked into her, and banged her just three or four times before he blew. I barely had time to open the doors. He was screaming, ‘devil bitch, evil whore’, and she was crying.”

“Open the doors?”

“Yeah, they were in the little lap dance cube in the private lounge, and the town mayor and a bunch of political hot-shots were in the lounge, watching him screw his own whore sister. She wanted to ruin him with his own hypocrisy.”

“Oh, jeez. She was my wife, you should have taken care of her.”

“Yeah, whatever. Your wife was Guatemala’s biggest and best whore. I should have kept her but she was too out-of-control for me. You want her – I hope you get her back.”

My penis stub was pulsing and José’s face oozed raw sexual desire. I asked him, “Can you be sucked-off?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Let’s go to your hotel.”

José’s penis was broken much like mine, twisted into crooked sections. He tried his best on me first, it was just passable. Then I gave him the best penis suck of his life–until he jerked back with the first spasm of ejaculation and I nipped him with my front teeth. He reflexively punched my penis and I punched his back in anger. We took turns punching each other’s penis. He was much stronger than I and mauled my penis with exquisite pain. I wanted it all over and I begged him to kill me. He went loco and beat my body and penis with the rage of a man whose penis once commanded the respect of any woman, including my María. Our once virile, now useless, appendages were a gift from PP for which he would die.

The pain of José’s blows was delicious. I quit fighting and told him to never stop. He beat me until until he collapsed crying, calling out for deliverance by María. I called out for the deliverance of death. We both suspected if María had to choose between these two cripples, she would chose José. José had beaten me not for what PP had done to him but for the far greater crime I had done—I kept María from him for several years.

That’s when I finally understood—PerfectPenis was PoisonPenis but María was an addictive poison too. Once she gets in your system, you’re never free again. I watched José blubbering on the floor. He was just the medicine I needed at that moment, but he would never give me the deliverance I wanted. Only María could legitimately do that, and I existed only to please her.

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