Chapter 27 – Part 2, Woman with a Penis

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Chapter 27 – Part 2, Woman with a Penis

As promised, by 9:00 PM the next evening, about 25 girls crowded into our apartment. They were all from the med school, ranging in appearance from super ‘guapa’ to pretty plain. The Estrella was among the top three in attractiveness. All, except for two indigenous girls, were dressed in sexy costume-party attire, complete with garter belts and thigh-high hosiery, and since we didn’t have but a few chairs, many sat cross-legged on the floor, legs and lingerie in full view everywhere. They didn’t seem to care that I looked and mentally drooled over them–they knew I had a broken penis and no testicles. I figured that was why many of them were there, to see what a broken man looked like. I already knew a few of the girls, including the ‘estrellitas’—they smiled knowingly at me as they remembered my mouth in their vulvae.

This was a girl-on-girl costume party and I had heard the med students gave the wildest parties. I was not disappointed. In spite of the rum punchbowl, loud Latin music and energetic salsa dancing, I quickly realized I was the prime attraction. Several girls joked I was overdressed, even though I wore only shorts and a T-shirt. In short, they expected me to get nude, and the more they drank, the higher their expectations.

The girls began dancing seductively, flirting with each other. Of course, the Estrella had chosen only lesbians, bisexuals and wannabes for guests and they were already deep kissing and fondling. The Estrella watched me circulate among the girls, serving drinks and finger foods. She twinkled and laughed, thoroughly enjoying my discomfort at being the object of curiosity. Our relationship had progressed such that we could do that and love each other for it. I adored her.

But I was most intrigued by another girl–she was the most attractive, the super-’guapa’. Every time I looked at here, I had a deja-vu flash I couldn’t identify. She wore a short plaid, pleated skirt, a thin, off the shoulders blouse with elastic neckline, thigh-high white hosiery with a frilly black garter belt and lace straps supporting the hose. A large plaid bow in her wavy, shiny hair and five-inch heels completed her outfit. The skirt barely covered the top of the hose, and every movement of her body danced her skirt above the garter straps below.

The flash became a flash-back. She was the mirror image of María on some occasion in our early years, with that fierce cuteness that had overturned my world and changed my life completely. But this girl looked even younger, too young to be in medical school, not really old enough to be of legal age. And her eyes followed me wherever I went. Her name was María Karina, nicknamed Marikarina, and her gaze lit that old fire in my groin, what was left of it. I judged her to be a full María.

As the evening progressed, the dancing grew crazier, and some of the girls were getting antsy, and I wondered just what type of show the Estrella had planned for me. Someone called out, “Guy, the Estrella said you have a fantastic mouth – let’s see what you can do with these.” It was Marikarina talking. She had removed her blouse and was unhooking her bra. Her bra was purely for decoration. Her breasts were too small to need a bra, not even an A-cup, and she had small, pale nipples and areolas. This just reinforced my impression she was underage, and I looked over at the Estrella. She smiled and gave me the thumbs-up.

I walked to Marikarina – her breasts were small but well-shaped and symmetrical–I loved them. I reached for her, but she said, “You’ll have to undress first.” That took all of 8 seconds, and I ignored the collective gasp when my mutilated genitals were exposed. A fierce tittering broke out among the girls, none of which I really heard–I was on my knees attempting to capture Marikarina’s nipples with my tongue. Marikarina watched my mouth for a few seconds, then closed her eyes and drifted away. I ignored the buzz around me and concentrated on those beautiful small breasts, licking and sucking. I was as hot as a man with damaged genitals could ever hope to be. Marikarina held my head and steered me from side-to-side between her breasts. Her small nipples engorged, reddened, and she pressed her body against me.

Marikarina finally pushed back my head, and said, “The Estrella was right, you have a great mouth. Let’s see what you can do with this.” She unzipped her skirt, hooked her skirt and panty with her thumbs, and dropped them both in a single movement. Her body had a magnificent hourglass shape, smooth curves, and flawless skin. My eyes moved down to her smallish but well-formed erection, a beautiful erection. The chatter in the room stopped instantly, I heard Marikarina’s rapid breathing.

It took me a moment to realize something was amiss, yet it still felt right. Her penis was feminine, beautiful, long, dark and slender. The scrotum had pulled up tight so the testicles and sac were hardly visible. I looked at the Estrella, then at the girls around the room. Everyone there knew about this except me–this was the show. I looked back at the Estrella, she smiled and relaxed. I reached forward and held Marikarina’s hips in both hands, leaned in and kissed her penis lightly, then began licking her penis. The noise exploded again in the room. I pulled Marikarina to the floor on her back and began to devour her penis. Exactly how a great mouth should do. As I licked and sucked, I remembered María’s prohibition and my oath to her. But she was not a man, she was Marikarina, a María, and I was bewitched.

Marikarina was definitely a María for the man who wanted a woman with a penis – she easily passed the dirty dish rag test with me.

Marikarina shuddered and ejaculated, and I sucked every drop out of her penis as she became flaccid, pulling and stretching on her penis. Then I lay half on top of her, and put my mouth to work kissing her. She kissed me back like she loved me. I knew she loved me, and great waves of joy washed over my body. Maybe that’s what love is: sucking the penis of the sexiest girl at the party. I told her between kisses she was the most amazing woman I had met in many years.

After awhile, Marikarina wriggled out from under me and sat up. I looked around and saw most of the girls had paired-up and retreated into corners to kiss and caress. I saw bare breasts, buttocks, lingerie, and the occasional vulva everywhere. This had become a real sex party. The Estrella and the ‘estrellitas’ were a threesome, shifting hands, mouths and vulvae as they squirmed together.

Marikarina said, “That was fantastic, the best I’ve ever had. Now it’s my turn. She was erect again, rolled me over, spread my legs, magically produced a condom and lubricant, and penetrated me. I didn’t feel any pain, just the sensation of movement in my groin. I sniffled, suppressed the urge to cry, letting those waves of joy flood over me again. I was delirious, crazy–I had found a María once again. Life would be good again.

The Estrella appeared, caressing my back, and kissing my neck while Marikarina stroked into me. When Marikarina ejaculated and withdrew, I lay there basking in love. The Estrella rolled me over and caressed my chest. Marikarina lay besides me. Several girls came over to examine and fondle my genitals. I asked Marikarina if she could throat me, her penis was a perfect size for that. She said she had never tried—she would ask her boyfriend to practice with her, and when she could escape again, we would do it.

The Estrella wanted to talk, “The guy that’s been coming to see me every week? He told me yesterday he loves me, he asked me for a commitment. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, but I won’t commit to him without your OK.”

“Do you love him? Does he burn you inside?”

“Yes, more than that, I think he’s the one for me, finally.”

“What would he think of you at this party?”

“He knows. He knows about my ‘points’ and my lovers, men and women. He knows about you, that we sleep together and what your mouth does to me. He says he can live with that as long as all pregnancies are his. He says I’m a free woman, and he hopes I’ll choose him.”

¨That seems very reasonable.”

“Was that your deal with María? Pregnancies had to be yours?”

“No, we had no deal other than her rules: she would do whatever she wanted and I would accept it. I don’t think Brett is my natural son, but he’s still mine.”

“Would it have mattered if she had other children by other men?”

“No, men’s genes don’t matter. If it comes from her womb, it’s mine. Do you believe your boyfriend?”

“I told him I’d get fucked tonight, and he said, ‘Enjoy yourself, but remember who really loves you.’”

“You don’t need my approval, I exist to please you. I’ll support you whatever you do.”

I looked around again. Most of the girls were nude except for their garter belts and hosiery. The two indigenous girls had lost all their clothing. One was on all fours, her derriere in the air, face buried in her skirt on the floor. A Ladino girl swirled two fingers around in her vagina, alternately stroking and rotating. The other indigenous girl lay on her back, breasts beacons to the sky, while a Ladino girl worked her vulva with her mouth. The look on her face was as much anguish as ecstasy–she violated an ancient Mayan taboo, divorcing herself from her culture, and she knew she’d never fit in again.

I turned to the Estrella, told her I adored her, and asked her to ditch the guy and marry me. She said, “Of course, but first you have to do something with that great mouth for me. And several other girls are waiting for you too.” I did as I was told, and when her thighs released my head, Marikarina’s penis took the next turn in the Estrella’s vulva. Life was good again.

I feasted on a succession of vulvae, each a different flavor, like a kid in a candy store. I noticed Marikarina was as popular as I, pleasing the girls as I no longer could. She passed a lot of time stroking into and deep kissing the Estrella. Later she did the same with an indigenous girl, but the girl insisted Marikarina should not wear a condom. I’ll never understand women. I took the indigenous girl next, and gave her my whole semen-cleaning ritual. As I finally drifted off to sleep, Marikarina was mounting estrellita-blondie, power-fucking her with the energy of only the young.

I swirled in bizarre dreams, re-lived the gang-rape of María with Larry and Drew and Terri, and jerked awake with a yell. I reached for the Estrella, but I was alone on the floor. Marikarina was dressed exactly like María the day we gang-raped her. The Estrella had dressed Marikarina like that just for me. But why? One of the girls opened her legs, called to me and I crawled over to please her.

The next morning, I awoke on the floor reeking of vulvae and rum, and my head was splitting. The Estrella had already left for work, and I sat at the table drinking coffee, watched several nude girls on the floor sleeping, and wondering what had happened. The very thought of kissing a man’s mouth or body was repugnant. Yet I felt happy about Marikarina. She was not a man, just a great woman with whom nature had made a cruel mistake. I started cleaning up, cups, plates, food fragments, lots of clothes. I kept all the panties for my personal collection. I drained the punchbowl in the sink, and discovered gel-cap residue in the bottom. They had spiked the punch with some drug–you should never trust anyone at a med-school party.

Marikarina was a María-spirit. She would have been an authentic María except for her genital mismatch. Like María, she could free me from other prisons if I followed her. Conventional morality could not contain these women. I was blessed.

* * *

The next day my cell phone rang – I immediately recognized Marikarina’s voice and my groin contracted in pleasure. She said,

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Can we get together and try out the deep-throat you wanted?”

The tension in my groin began doing somersaults, and I felt the volcano warming my body.

“Yes, absolutely, I’m in the ‘Zona 7’, is your place nearby? I’ll come right over.”

“Well, I don’t have a place anymore. My boyfriend heard about the party, and he threw me out last night after a brutal fuck this morning. I’m at a friend’s house for the moment. I thought maybe I could move-in with you.”

Now my whole body shook and burned with desire. But this could never work.

“But you’re so young, I could easily be your father. How old are you?”

“Old enough to be in a residency in med school. Old enough to make my own choices, to choose the right man for me.”

“Yes, but why me? I’m old, ugly and deformed. There are dozens or hundreds of young men at the school.”

“Because I felt your love for me. That you understood me. Do you love me?”

“I did love you, I do love you. I don’t know if I understand you or any other woman, I always get stuff mixed up, yes, I love you.”

I had told Marikarina I loved her. I said those treacherous words without hesitation, meaning be damned. I doubt if anyone knows what love means. It’s much easier to say if you don’t know the meaning or if it means nothing at all. I should have realized that decades ago, when I really needed to say it to María.

Marikarina replied, “You’re the only man that understands truly I’m a woman. Will you take me to live with you? I promise I’ll make you happy.”

“Yes, I want you. I’ll make you happy too, at least try my best. It’s not fair, you’re so young. Can I caress your hair anytime I want? Will you save me? You have no idea how demented I am!”

“The Estrella and the estrellitas told me all about you. Yes, I can save you. I promise.”

I explained to her I had to check with the estrellitas. I would move to their apartment in a day or two and they had to approve her presence with me in the house. This might take a couple of days since I hadn’t seen them yet. And I owed them so much. Marikarina said she could stay with her friend for awhile. She gave me her address and I called a taxi immediately. I could already feel her mini nipples under my tongue, her penis sliding into my throat. I was bewitched, out-of-control.

We had to go out for lubricants when I arrived. Marikarina kissed me all over my body, my nipples and spent extra time time sucking my broken penis. She throated me so expertly I suspected she had done it often. She was the perfect woman with a penis.

Returned from Marikarina’s place, reclining back in the taxi seat, I re-lived what I had just experienced. This second time was much better than the first. I leaned my head back, formed my mouth into an ‘O’ and began sucking as her imagined penis slid smoothly into my throat. The taxi driver watched me in the mirror, pulled off the road and politely pleaded for a blow-job. I was still buzzing with the pleasure of Marikarina, and felt generous. He slid into the backseat and I popped his penis out, imagining it was Marikarina’s. He wanted more and his hand snaked into my pants. His penis pulsed but I slowed down to give him a chance to grasp my penis, then quickly sticky-licked around his penis head to a thrusting explosion. It pleased me to please him and I was happy with his shot of testosterone. The taxi ride was free.

The estrellitas already seemed to know about Marikarina. Maybe she’s part of the conspiracy to shift me from the Estrella to them. And they’ve already tried out her penis. Maybe Marikarina loves women, maybe she thinks I’m a woman with a man’s facade. She pounded estrellita-blondie at the party like a horny teenage boy. I’ll be a woman for her if that’s what she wants, or a man with a vulva if that’s what she wants. I´ll learn how to kiss like a woman, maybe get a vulva and vagina. I won’t blow my chance with this María, it’s my last chance in life, until I get María back.

I told the estrellitas about Marikarina’s penis in my throat, her penis in my anus, two sheaths for her penis. I described our kisses, my mouth on her nipples, sucking her penis, teasing out her tiny testicles. I asked them what else could I do to please her? Yes, yes, another sheath for her penis, a vagina. I needed a vulva and a vagina. I’d ask the Estrella if it could be done. It’d just be a fleshy appendage, of course, the real vulva is in the mind. I’d be a man with a vulva, perfectly paired to a woman with a penis. I got excited.

I was also excited about something else. I had a special surprise for PerfectPenis the next morning.

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