Chapter 27, Part 1 – Little Stars

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Chapter 27, Part 1 – Little Stars

Life with the Estrella continued to improve. She was now in her last semester of residency, supervising other students, with shorter hours and was happy all the time. Her goal was within sight, her personal life was in order, except for the lack of her own perfect penis. Her casual ‘penes’ and my mouth kept her sexual impulses well satisfied.

I noticed a change in her behavior – she seemed more serious about men than she had ever been, and she brought ‘sexual points’ to the house, most of them for me! I always remained partially clothed as I enjoyed these young women, and they certainly received a partial sexual education from my perfect mouth. I never tried to kiss the ‘points’, unless, of course they initiated the kiss, which happened occasionally in the heat of their orgasms. I thought they would find it repugnant to kiss an old man, just as I found it repugnant to kiss the Prof.

I made sure that not one vulva left my mouth un-satiated, and two of them began to reappear frequently and stay longer beyond the cleaning and kissing of their vulvae. They were magnificent sluts, attractive, intelligent, personable, and I called them the ‘estrellitas’ (little stars). They both asked to see my broken penis and empty scrotum. I had a clean, flat abdomen, which I kept completely free of pubic hair.

The estrellitas asked about my life with the Estrella, my marriage with María, they looked at my testicles in the jar; they talked about their lives, their studies, their men, everything. I began to get attached to them, to sense their Female, their Isis, beneath the doctor persona.

Then I understood what was happening–the Estrella was preparing to launch her normal life as a doctor, with a normal family, and she was prepping her replacement for me. These women were looking for the help, stability, financial support, and no-commitment orgasms that I had provided for the Estrella. It was inevitable that I would lose the Estrella someday, but now was too soon. My heart began breaking while she was still with me, and I began to dwell on María again.

But eventually, acceptance found me, and I began to think about, to chose between these new women, comparing their personalities, facial and body features, sexiness. I thought how lucky I was to be an old, ugly castrated man and still have the option of these young beautiful women. I realized my broken penis was a primary point in my favor–there’s a big difference between accepting the penis or accepting the mouth of an old man in the vulva and vagina. If I could get an erection, I’d have to pay dearly for the company of women like these, I couldn’t afford it.

My next café meeting with María was a shocker – she wore heavy makeup, attempting to conceal a bruise on her cheek. PP hit her after he demanded again that she stop fucking the Black Guy, and she had reminded him that he was flaccid the night before. She had moved to the little attached house and she refused to see PP. I joked, in poor taste, that the last time that a man hit her, she went out of circulation for over three decades. María looked at me strangely, curiously, and asked, “You didn’t know it was the same man?” I laughed and thought about my impulse to find and punch him back then – how might that have changed our future?

I pleaded with her to return to me–she could divorce PP and return with me to Guanajuato. We would start by going to Antigua, to the Tanque de la Unión where we’d swear our marriage vows anew and annul her indigenous marriage to PP. We would return to GTO and marry there in the church. If not there, we’ll go to the US and marry. It’d be like it always had been before–she’d have lovers and she’d have my mouth to please her.

She said I didn’t understand, it was too late. All I had to do was stay with her in Guanajuato the last time and work it out. I had given her away again. She would never let that happen again, never.

She shocked me further by telling me she had never legally married PP that she had never divorced me! She never signed the divorce decree–we were still married! Now she had something very important to tell me. My entire being leaped into pure joy–we were still married, she wanted me back! I held my breath, waiting for her to say those magic words that would return my wife to me. And then she spoke, “My black lover stays with me nearly every night and I love him deeply. I’m going to move in with him in Ciudad Vieja.”

I laughed out loud and María thought I was laughing at her. For a moment, I wished I still had my testicles, so I could cut them off right there in front of her. Of course, she could never have a man without a great penis, what was I thinking? María’s desire seemed to follow the largest hormone donor of the moment.

I told her congratulations, that I would do anything possible to help her, to please her. I told her I had greatly developed my abilities to please the vulva with my lips and tongue–if she ever wanted to supplement the Black Guy’s penis with a perfect mouth, she could call me immediately to her vulva. I knew this black man wouldn’t last more than a few years with María, he was much younger and there were 2-3 generations of beautiful Guatemalan girls coming up behind María. Eventually, even her elegant, mature beauty would turn with age. Maybe I could be the perfect mouth to complement another man’s penis for María sometime before we died.

When I got back to the apartment, I called some friends in Antigua and did some research on PP. I decided to give him a special gift for hitting María. He opened up the possibility that I’d get her back again.

But María’s new man, Black Guy, crushed my hopes. I knew then I’d never get her back. I believed, and accepted my destiny. I felt nothing, no pain, no joy, no dark volcano, nothing. The black void had won, swallowed me entirely. Blissfully numb, too numb even to take my life, the effort was too great, and the Estrella propped me up unknowingly. Had she known, she would have been kind, she would have taken my life as she promised, she loved me.

A week later, the two new estrellitas showed up together at our apartment. The Estrella and the estrellitas sat down together with me for a serious discussion. The estrellitas had decided to become roommates. They had rented a three bedroom apartment, and they invited me to join them. I told the Estrella that I loved her deeply, so deeply that I would let her go to her new life without a fuss, as long as she’d let me pay the expenses of her last months of residency.

It wasn’t going to be too hard for me really. The lecher, the dirty old man in me was already scheming about the two new, fresh vulvae. The shocker was that all three women wanted me to move within a week, and they gave me the keys. They had already planned a moving-on party for me for the next night. In my honor, all of the invited guests would be women, some would be women that the Estrella had brought over the months to ‘point’ with me. And they had a very special surprise for me.

And I needed to move-up PP’s surprise gift before I moved.

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