Chapter 26 – Part 3, Mutual Treason

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Chapter 26 – Part 3, Mutual Treason

The Estrella watched the videos of the San Francisco politician, the Pol, with me in her apartment and she was fascinated by María’s affair with the Pol. I explained everything as truthfully as I could, but the big hole in my story was the break-up of María and the Pol.

In our next café meeting with María, the Estrella asked what had happened on that last night. María replied,

“When I arrived at his condo, there was a lobbyist there from a big public employees’ union. He said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he was going to fuck me. It wasn’t a question or a request, but a statement of fact. The Pol had already sold me.

“I didn’t mind at the moment, I was so happy the Pol still wanted me. But the lobbyist wanted a girl-on-girl show first. The Pol called for another girl, and we did coke and I stripped-teased for them while we waited. When the girl arrived … guess who it was? No? No guesses? The senate president’s wife, the 2nd lady! We stripped-teased each other very erotically. She had a great body for her age. We did the normal kissing, nipples, fingering, etc. And then a long 69.

“The lobbyist got so hot he fucked me right on the carpet. He shot faster than you, then we watched the Pol fuck the 2nd Lady. We coked-up some more and the Pol took her all the way into the Ride. She squealed when he ass-fucked her, probably her first time.

“The lobbyist got hard again and ass-fucked me, then went to sleep on the floor before he could fuck the 2nd Lady. The Pol took photos of everyone and told me I was the ‘million dollar baby’. Now I knew what the 2nd Lady meant when she said we were all prostitutes.

“The Pol showed me then what my new future with him would be like. We moved into a bedroom and did our normal ride stuff. I didn’t see the others again, but I heard noises that could have been fucking.”

The Estrella asked, “He sold you for a million dollars, then he dumped you?”

“He was going to dump me anyway after he found I had a child. The lobbyist probably demanded me for the donation, so he used me that last time, lied about marrying me, and disappeared. It almost killed me, but looking back now, I glad I didn’t go with him. He would have sold me again and again. I was willing to be his hooker, but he never would have married me. He would have dumped me for a younger woman after he wore me out.”

Coming clean is always a bad idea, I don’t know what possessed me to do it then. I said,

“I have something to confess to you. I setup the discovery of Brett by the Pol. I disabled the Nanny’s phone antenna so she wouldn’t get your messages or calls.”

“You swore you had nothing to do with that, and I believed you. How could you play with my emotions like that–I loved him and was going to marry him.”

“And I loved you and all’s fair in love and war. You always said you wanted a man who would fight for you. Well, I fought for you and kept you. There are many ways to fight for a woman.”

“Well, at least you fought for me that one time, usually you were willing to give me away…”

I couldn’t think of any rebuttal.

The Estrella turned the conversation to María’s gang rape–she simply didn’t believe my account of the story.

María said, “I’ve never told Guy or anyone this part of the story. At the convenience store before we went to Terri’s house, Larry came to talk to me at the car window and said, ‘I had no idea Guy had such a luscious wife–you look incredibly delicious-I’d sure like to see what’s below that skirt.’

María looked past me as she related the story, “I was in full prick-teasing heat, and I knew we’d drive away and never see him again, so I raised my skirt, opened my legs and I kept them open until I saw you come out of the store. I asked Larry if he saw anything he liked, and he said he could see everything and he liked everything he saw.

“I looked down and I saw I was wet, and my lace panty was almost transparent, I was practically nude. Even so, I didn’t close my legs until you came out. I was shocked when you invited Larry to come along and I felt guilty about provoking him so blatantly, so I never mentioned it to you. Actually, I was really mad at you because you had invited him to Terri’s after I had totally flashed him.

“At Terri’s party, I thought the young guy hitting on me was cute and I wanted him to fuck me, but he didn’t try hard enough. I let him get very close to my pussy, and all he had to do was push through. I had already let him uncover my boobs without fuss hoping he’d get excited. I only pushed his hand away when you were watching, when not, I opened my legs but he never moved-in. I would have taken him to a bedroom on the pretext of going out to the BBQ and fucked him silly. But the guy kept going for drinks every time I opened her legs–I wasn’t drinking mine, so he drank them instead. I was being risky with the guy because I thought Larry was telling you everything I did with him.

“Larry saw everything–I made sure he got good views of my pussy. I was mad at you for leaving me alone on the couch with the young guy while he stripped me nude, and you were just talking boring shop stuff with Larry.

“I waited for the guy to finger me for a while. I was going to take him to a back bedroom and fuck him. I guess I should add, without a condom.”

I said, “But you were in your fertile days.”


“You wanted him to make you pregnant? A complete stranger? What about me, your husband?”

“Hardly a stranger. He had his hands all over and in me that day. And he looked like he had good genes.”

I was shocked into silence.

María continued, “I knew I had been gang-fucked; a sharp pain brought me to half consciousness for a few moments and I saw you standing to my side while I felt another penis stroking me.

“I knew I was impregnated that day and always wondered who the father of our son might be. I thought maybe the young guy was part of the gang-fuck, and hoped he was the father, but I was afraid to find out for sure. I also thought Larry had been part of the gang but I didn’t know my cervix had been penetrated.

“Months after the party, I asked Terri about that evening and Terri broke down, cried, and told me all the details. Her boyfriend, Drew, was too different from our son, and the young guy hadn’t fucked me so I knew either Larry or you were the father. I felt guilty about provoking Larry so intensely and felt I had implicitly given him permission to fuck me. At the convenience store, as you came out to the car, I told Larry, ‘Well, maybe someday I’ll let you take me out for a ride.’ I wasn’t upset about the gang-fuck itself, I always thought I would eventually fuck all the men in the gang anyway.”

María didn’t say if she preferred Larry or me for the father, and I was certainly afraid to ask.

María continued, “Terri also told me how exposed I had been that day. Terri cried when she told me my pussy was mostly exposed, and everyone at the party, men and women, had seen everything. The exposure itself didn’t bother me–what upset me was it was in front of all those cold, frigid, sterile, repressed, moralizing, hypocritical, pale-skinned ‘gringa‘ women.”

I said, “Well, you did get pregnant that day, or the next morning when I fucked you awake.”

María said, “Well, when Terri told me about the rape, I hoped it had been the young guy. I wanted the young guy to fuck me right there on the couch in front of you. I pretended to be drunk and passed-out to make it easier for him. When I saw the stupid clod was going to pass out, I decided to go for Larry. I shifted my legs so Larry could see better, then I helped the guy get his hand in my panty. He wiggled his hand in and stretched my panty, that’s when he tore it. Larry saw everything.”

“You were conscious the whole time?”

“Yes, woozy but conscious. When you left to take the guy out, I pretended to come-to for a moment, and I slurred to Larry, ‘You’re going to ride me now, aren’t you?’ Then I ‘passed-out’ again. I thought Larry would just fuck me there laying on the couch. I wanted him to be between my legs when you returned. But he moved me around to the back. I never thought it’d be a gang-fuck. I was surprised when Drew and you joined in to fuck me, but I didn’t mind, I wanted to get pregnant. I could hardly jump up and say, ‘Surprise, I know what you’re doing.’ after Larry finished. You know the rest of the story.”

“I thought all these years we raped you. So did Terri and Drew. The rape really disturbed Terri, screwed-up her life for months. It twisted me up with guilt. I got a vasectomy…”

“You should have felt guilty, you did rape me, and you let those others rape me. What kind of husband is that! You should have felt guilty. I despised you for not telling me the truth. The gang-fuck changed our relationship forever.”

“You should have told me how much you wanted to get pregnant, by me. Or why didn’t you just lie to me, tell me you weren’t fertile and accidentally get pregnant by me?”

“You would have wanted an abortion. With the gang-fuck, I got my pregnancy and you couldn’t stop it.”

“I was changing by then, thinking about children. You could have convinced me to have a baby then.”

“Maybe so. When Brett was born, even before, when I was pregnant, I saw you change. You wanted me more. And when Brett was born, you wanted both of us badly and treated me better than I thought possible for any man. But I still hadn’t forgiven you completely, so when the Pol came along, I jumped at him for the promise of the Ride. He was so dangerous for me.”

“So aren’t you curious about who won the sperm lottery?”


“It was me.”

“Well, it all worked out perfectly, didn’t it!”

* * *

That night, on the fourth Level of Hades, by the stiffening of her abdominal muscles, I knew the Estrella would go all the way to Level Seven. Until among Josey’s whisperings, “… the rape was a setup…”, I bolted upright while the Estrella cried, “No te pares, no te pares…” (Don’t stop,…) I dived back into her vulva, but we never got beyond Level Four. Later I explained PP said the gang-rape was a setup, but I knew that couldn’t be true.

At our next meeting, I asked María. After a silent moment, she said, “The young guy had already passed-out. I forced his hand into my panty and pushed his finger into my vagina. That’s when I tore my panty. I made an obvious show of it.”


“I wanted Larry to see, I knew I could get him to fuck me. I wanted him to know I was faking so he’d know he could fuck me. When you went to get a camera, I asked him if he was going to ride me. He said we needed to get rid of you for a few minutes. When you left to take the young guy out to the car, Larry said he wanted me from the back, he had something special for me.

“He was so excited, I figured he wouldn’t last long, so I blew him first. I was right, he squirted within a few seconds. I pumped him up again for a longer fuck, I wanted him inside me when you returned. By the way, that’s when I saw his unusual penis, long and narrow. When I saw the same penis on Brett, I knew who actually won the sperm lottery.

Anyway, I walked around to the back of the couch and got in the position you saw me. You should have known, there’s no way he could’ve handled the dead weight of an unconscious person into that position. He fucked me thoroughly–I was sure I’d be pregnant after that. I had no idea the group-fuck would happen, but I was OK with that too. With three men, one of them was sure to hit the jackpot. You could have lined-up more men and I’d have taken them too.”

“You didn’t care who impregnated you, your own husband wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Afterward, I was glad you thought you won the sperm lottery. You really changed, you became a man to me. The years of my pregnancy and baby Brett were the best years of our lives. Until we fought about your vasectomy. You always managed to screw-up our best times.”

Now, I was silent. We looked deep into each other, me pleading for forgiveness and her rejecting it. I excused myself, went to the bathroom and vomited. When I returned, María had left.

* * *

At our next meeting, we intuitively decided to move on, to softer adventures in our history. María mentioned Brett’s wife, Rosa, “I suspected from the beginning the young woman in the bus station was Rosa. By her dress and attitude, I knew Rosa was a slut even before the other kid successfully hit on her.”

“Why did you encourage my relation with Rosa?”

“I wanted to protect our son from her, and make sure you knew how slutty she was. We would taint Rosa and force her away from our son. I thought you were bored and I could use your boredom as a trap for Rosa. I thought a cheating experience might help you realize the power in your penis–you just needed attitude to man-up. And after your various experiences with Drew, I was thinking Rosa might further addict you to the vulva and stay clear of penises.”

“You were just manipulating me…”

The Estrella laughed, “Men are so easy to manipulate, they always lead with their penis.”

María admitted, “Sure, I was using you, but I certainly didn’t hear any complaints then, you were fucking Rosa like a rabbit.”

“Yeah, I guess, but your plan failed. Rosa was also using me and her vulva was stronger than your scheming.”

“I also failed to keep you away from men. I hated what you did with the men at PerfectPenis’ parties. I threatened PP to make your sex with these men your choice, then finally, I stopped the parties. Even though you were crippled, I knew how you loved women, and I couldn’t understand how you could enjoy sex with men. I rationalized you did it under PP’s influence, and you didn’t really like it…”

I interjected, “Of course I was in PP’s control, every since our confrontation in San Pedro at lake Atitlán. At first, I did detest it but I deliberately immersed myself in sex with those men for the camera to please you, to free you from me. You clearly wanted PP more than me. Afterward, I came to enjoy it as that was all I had left.”

María still didn’t know PP had pimped me, and I didn’t tell her.

María replied, “I wish I had known sooner about San Pedro, I would have done things differently. Even before then, I tried to get you to fight for me. When we went to Antigua that time and you discovered my very used lingerie collection, I wanted you to take control. I argued for continuing with PP but I really wanted you to assert our rules about long-term lovers and forbid me to see him in spite of my arguments. You wimped-out.”

“I just wanted to please you…”

“I was afraid PP might overwhelm me so much I would decide to leave you, and I didn’t want that. But you wimped-out.”

“You let PP make videos of sex with him and PP used the videos to break me down. Then he trapped me with his damned penis and tried to crush my genitals at the lake.”

“And you helped him.”

“It was too late, he owned me and you too.”

María continued, “The other time I tried to turn you around was when we fucked close up right in your face. That was my idea–I wanted you to understand exactly what you were losing. I wanted you to see how PP was winning me away from you. I hoped the close-up fuck would inspire you to grow a penis, man-up, and reclaim me.”

“I always thought it was PP’s doing to humiliate and break me … you didn’t know the whole story between PP and me, so your scheme back-fired–it caused me to surrender you to PP as his perfect match. It also made me crave castration by PP more.”

“I had no idea PP intended to castrate you then and even less idea you wanted it also. I wanted and needed a husband, you, with a fully functional penis, and was shocked later when I realized PP had already mangled your genitals right in front of me.”

We stared at each other, this time her eyes pleaded for forgiveness, and I granted it. She left our meeting crying, and the Estrella looked at me like I was truly insane.

* * *

At our next meeting, the Estrella asked María about her lovers in Guanajuato, Mark and Jenny.

María replied, “Physically and attitudinally, Mark was no better than Guy. He had the advantage of youth in his prick size and energy levels. But he was another weak man and I wondered if the American culture had feminized all its men. But Mark’s semen was special, it gave me an intense hormone high with every shot.”

I commented, “You probably don’t know how Mark connected with you…”

“I knew you sent Mark to seduce me, Mark told me in a moment of heat when he was trying to persuade me to leave you. I thought you did that in revenge for PP, and I was proud you had finally taken a stand.

“And, the truth is I enjoyed him immensely. I deliberately held back from hooking him because of the age difference but I managed him for easy access to his prick, yet not so deeply to cause him to leave his fiancée. And he introduced me to Jenny.”

The Estrella asked, “Guy told me about Jenny, and she really surprised me, I had never imagined you so hooked on a woman. What was that all about?”

“I thought my vulva, actually all vulvae, were ordinary and unattractive even though Guy told me hundreds of times it was beautiful–husbands are expected to say these things. Many of my male lovers had refused to kiss my vulva, like it was dirty and undesirable.”

I cursed, “Puta madre, what fools they were…”

María continued, “Jenny told me I had the most beautiful vulva she had ever seen, and she’d seen dozens. As I kissed Jenny’s vulva, I desperately wished I had a penis, and then I realized my own power, the power of the vulva. Jenny pulled me emotionally through her vulva into her soul. Jenny’s strong desire for me astonished me–it was super sexy knowing I was wanted and loved, and I reciprocated, desiring and loving Jenny, if just for that intimate moment.”

The Estrella asked, “Have you had other women since then?”

“I have an occasional woman lover, not really a relationship, just the raw sex that satisfies my odd desires for immersion into a vulva. My lesbian experiences caused me to realize not every sexual activity between two women or two men break the natural affinity between man and woman, and my distaste of homosexuals is pretty much gone. The only act that still bothers me some is emotional bonding through male anal sex. But I guess I don’t care much about that anymore. Except it hurt me to see Guy change over so eagerly, like he was rejecting women, even me. Now I know why, and I feel guilty about that, about a lot of things.”

I lamented, “Yeah, we screwed-up a great relationship… can we get that back?”

“No, it can never happen again.”

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