Chapter 26 – Part 2, Testosteronic Zombies

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Chapter 26 – Part 2, Testosteronic Zombies

Our biweekly meetings became every week. They were therapeutic for me and I sensed both María and the Estrella found them soothing and relaxing. Seeing María was still painful for me, but I never made a scene or begged her, I was permanently damaged and I wanted María to be happy.

Rosa and my son had their first baby. From the photos, my granddaughter was as beautiful as a baby can be. I couldn’t tell if she resembled my son or Rosa most, so I thought our son might indeed be the father. María and I were stuck in Guatemala, so it would be awhile before we could visit them in Monterrey, Mexico. Rosa and Brett sent us photos of the baby almost daily. I was immediately fond of her, really quite in love with her. I resolved to help them care for her and protect her from the predator penises, like I had been, later in her life. One photo showed the baby’s tiny perfect vulva with the same proportions as María’s, and I was again taken by the beauty of the life creation force of Female.

* * *

María talked about the way men had abused me when they fucked her in our apartment after the dances, about how she had intuitively recognized the power and violence inherent within the penis. She said, “It’s natural for one man to dominate the other. The competition among the men produced more hormones and energy and made the prize, me, more valuable. Their testosterone increased my sexual drive as well as the desperation of the man to drive his penis into me.”

María confessed, “The violence of my lovers’ abuse of your genitals excited me to crazy orgasms. I couldn’t stand it. I told them to destroy your ‘huevos‘ (eggs/balls) and I’d stay with them forever.”

“I always suspected you were goading them…”

“But then I’d look at you sitting at the foot of the bed with the biggest hard-on, like it doubled in size, ready to explode from watching those guys fuck me, and I stopped them just in time because I’d be the target of your hard-on next. And of course, because you were my husband.”

“You didn’t stop DeepThroat, you helped him! You struck my testicles yourself.”

“That doesn’t count. I was in love with him and he promised me a family.”

I flashed back to Zihuatenejo, stiffened as I relived Flacucho’s long fingers crushing my testicles, my back and neck arched backwards in helpless agony, “Or Flacucho in Zihua…”

“You can’t blame that one on me, that was years later and you were stupid enough to play his game.”

The Estrella interjected, “What! What’s this in Zihua?”

I said, “It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later.”

María replied, “What’s so long about it? It was a castration contest among testosteronic zombies–the winner got to fuck me. Eleven men lost their balls for a chance to fuck me, if you can imagine that! Another five or six lost for the other girls there.”

I said, “Well, they deserved it, there’s no end to the stupidity of testosterone. But you manipulated me into playing…”

“That was one time I really wanted you to lose, I enjoyed watching Flacucho crush your balls, my orgasm almost blew me apart!”

The Estrella stared at María, her mouth dropped, not believing what she’d heard. I stuttered, “But I was your husband…”

“I don’t expect you to understand what it means to a woman to have a man want you so badly he’ll even castrate your husband to get you.” María looked at the Estrella, “I’m sure Estrella knows the feeling.”

Silence. Minutes of silence.

The Estrella broke the ice. I had previously told the Estrella about the Castration Game and now she wanted María’s perspective, “What about the Castration Game? What Guy described was insane!”

I jumped-in, “That period was the hottest sex we ever experienced.”

Maria replied, “Those men jilted me after what I thought were fantastic sexual sessions. I thought my fucking techniques and desirability were slipping, so I worked hard to improve, to make each fuck earthshaking for the man. I practiced on Guy…”

“And how! It was earthshaking…”

María said, “You liked that? You were just the quick practice, a perfect dummy because you were an early shooter. I figured if I could control your ejaculations, I could control any man–my lovers got the real thing. But then they always disappeared…”

“Of course, I watched how serious you got with them, then I threatened them. I told them I’d expose the affairs to their wives and relatives.”

Maria glared at me and we squirmed in silence, “I didn’t think you had it in you to do something like that. How dare you mess with my relationships like that!”

I said, “But you were trying to replace me. All’s fair in love and war.”

The Estrella giggled and burst out laughing. I loved that girl. Maria softened then laughed, then started crying, leaning against me, “How could we have been so insane?”

How indeed! I said, “It was exciting, wasn’t it?”

“You wouldn’t understand how PP makes me crazy, but in truth, he’s boring. We’re boring compared to what I lived with you.” Her voice trailed off, she muttered in English, “I miss that, I miss you.”

This was the first sign of regret I ever heard from her. The first chink in her armor. My body practically cramped with hope–I would get her back, I knew it.

I wanted to steer María away from PP, point out his flaws, so I joked, “I guess the Pol was the only man that could actually do you an all-nighter.”

María corrected, “No, José did me all night the night he saved me at the club, and he didn’t need drugs. And if women count, the strip-tease artist at the Antigua club did me all night. The Photog almost counts too–he intermixed sex, photo shoots, and naps over 12-16 hours. And tattoo Pablo did a credible job, lasting until 5AM.”

I decided to drop that theme.

I lay awake all that night, remembering and reliving those trysts with María. Every touch, every look, her hair, her words, especially her words, how she cajoled and flattered me. With a shock I realized her words had all been ego-stroking–my ego. Can all men be so shallow, or is it just me?

I resolved to bring up our wild adventures in future meetings, simply reminding her of the excitement of our lives together. It was a dagger I could stick into her, not into her genitals but into her heart.

* * *

In our next meeting, the Estrella said, “The club owner said José had told him you worked his strip club in Guate City.”

They looked at each other warily, this must have been something María never wanted to reveal, and she didn’t know what the Estrella knew.

María said, “I lived with José in Antigua while José worked in Guatemala City in a different club. He sometimes took me there. I stripped, pole danced and lap danced.”

She continued to look at the Estrella who met her gaze, “The Antigua club was more interesting then, after I stripped at the pole, I fucked some of the men for money, sometimes on their laps, sometimes in my apartment. José was my pimp. He said he didn’t want me to do it, but he was no better at controlling me than you, so he pimped me to ‘protect’ me, he said. I was already treated like the town whore so I thought, why not act like it. My lap dances were very popular.”

I couldn’t breathe, I managed to squeak out, “José was supposed to protect you. You didn’t need to do that, I would have sent you all the money you needed, you knew that. Why?”

“It wasn’t for money, it was to punish them. I was the town whore, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. The men were the upright citizens of Antigua, the moral hypocrites. I did it to bring them down to my level. I was a stripper whore, just one step above a street whore. Even my brother came to watch me, hiding in the back. You should have seen his face when I danced. I sent José to bring him for a freebie lap dance.”

“You nude lap danced your brother?”

“More than that. I jerked him off right there in front of god and the town mayor. He was spurting almost before I got his prick out of his pants. He’s not my brother, he’s nothing to me, just another hypocritical john. I might have fucked him but he didn’t last long enough. It would have been worth it just to expose his hypocrisy.”

“The Estrella mumbled, “No wonder he hates you.”

I looked at María, this woman that had been my wife, the woman that I still loved, and wondered who she was. After a few moments of silence, I said, “I trusted José to take care of you.”

“Oh, he did. He fucked me every night, he was a great fuck.”

“You were my wife, you were supposed to be arranging our marriage here.”

She ignored that comment, “José disappeared when I gave him VD, and I never saw him again. I’d probably still be whoring in that club if he’d had stayed. Every man I’ve ever had has whored me out, including you, my Ex.”

María looked at the Estrella, “Is that what you wanted me to say?”

“No, I’m sorry I mentioned it. I didn’t know anything about that.”

There were a few more moments of silence, then the Estrella said, “Speaking of José, he did come back for you. The club owner said he was assaulted in Antigua. He was robbed and his genitals mutilated. He was in the hospital in Antigua, and someone from his family in Argentina came and got him.”

María turned pale, she asked, “Mutilated?”

“Yeah, his balls were crushed and had to be removed. His penis had been twisted and the top half was amputated.”

María turned green. She said, “I don’t feel well. Please excuse me now.”

After she left, I asked the Estrella, “Why didn’t you tell me this? You shouldn’t have told María, she’ll think it’s her fault. I hope she’s OK. Did they catch the guy that attacked José?”

“The club owner didn’t know. Don’t you wonder that his injuries sound like yours?”

“You mean PP assaulted him? Not likely, José was a big guy and a street brawler. PP could have never taken him. And he was robbed. Poor guy. But it worked out for me, I got María back to Mexico.”

“Yeah, but there was another man for a coupla’ months.”

“Well, she said he was a stripper, just an occasional fuck. I wonder if she kept working at the strip club. I’m not going to ask, please don’t ask her either. Let’s let that sleeping dog lie.”

“Guy, we need to talk. María is a whore, a gutter whore. Why do you want her so much?”

It’s my fault. It has to be my fault, I just don’t know why. Please help me get her back.”

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