Chapter 26 – Part 1, Never Tell Your Woman…

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Chapter 26 – Part 1, Never Tell Your Woman…

A few weeks after I visited PP, I received a phone call from María. She said PerfectPenis had told her about my visit, about my testicle sculpture and PP had given her permission to talk to me again–we still had a son and financial assets in common. She said I shouldn’t interpret her contact incorrectly, she didn’t love me now. I told her I loved her intensely, and I told her about the Estrella. We talked for two hours about PP, our son, the Estrella, and the changes I had made to our finances. At the end, I told her how sorry I was I had neglected to see all of her. It was too late, of course, but I wanted to say it once. Her voice cracked as she said goodbye, and I regretted apologizing, I never wanted to upset her or make her sad.

We began to exchange emails 2-3 times per week, to talk by phone every week, and within a month, we began to meet for coffee every two weeks in public places. Although I still loved her, our talk was only the talk of good friends. I would go early to the appointments to watch her approach the door of the café from a hidden spot across the street. The elegance, beauty, and sensuality of the older, mature María still stopped my breathing, and I need a few minutes to calm myself before sitting with her.

María surprised me by confessing she had a lover, a black man a few years her junior. She met him 2-3 times per week in the little apartment attached to PP’s house where I stayed before moving to live with the Estrella. She said she was very attached to him, his technique of making love to her reminded her of the first black man of decades ago–the man that had fucked her in the salsa club dressing room.

She surprised me again by revealing PerfectPenis was not perfect anymore, he would occasionally be unable to get an erection, the eventual demise of all aging men. She said his problems had begun on his last birthday. I remembered how he had examined my testicle sculpture in his office and smiled to myself. I asked her if PP knew of her affair. She said yes, of course, the housemaid told him, and they argued about it constantly, but he couldn’t stop her. María had indeed broken PP as she had broken me.

María was intensely curious about the Estrella, wanted to meet her, so I asked if I could bring her to our meetings. In their first meeting, Maria and the Estrella got along OK, but some hidden tension weighed between them. Of the two, Maria was the more transparent and I noted flickers of desire sometimes as María talked with the Estrella. The Estrella put on the inscrutable doctor persona when needed and she was much harder to read.

The Estrella knew many of my secrets with Maria; perhaps she blamed Maria for my condition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, what they both initially knew of each other came through my distorted lens.

In subsequent meetings, they relaxed more and settled into a normal catty relationships between women – the Estrella envied Maria’s beauty and grace; Maria envied the Estrella’s native intelligence and perhaps her unconditional loyalty to me. The Estrella fiercely defended me against any slight, real or perceived, and she went ballistic if María praised PP or mentioned ‘hot sex.’

I also sensed a latent sexual attraction between them – eye bats, soft touches, mirroring of gestures. When Maria left our table, the Estrella’s face wore the hang face of an abandoned puppy while her eyes strip-teased Maria’s clothes away.

The Estrella became our facilitator, mediator, counselor and psychologist, and referee. She rarely said much, overcome by the intensity of our relationship and experiences. With the Estrella as our buffer, we began to meet every week.

And this is how I learned María’s perspective on many of the events of our life was vastly different than mine. We began to wander over these events as the Estrella listened with incredibility. I asked María if I could ask her anything, and she agreed. And so I did.

* * *

I had always been curious about María’s women clients and lovers in San Francisco during those months as a prostitute–in particular, the Hispanic woman, María (nick-named María-lover). I asked, “What was so special about María-lover?”

“María-lover was more a soul mate than a lover. We were the same race, language, and culture with the same frustrations in life. We spent as much time together talking and joking and cuddling, as in sex.

“She was married to an American, a real nice, ordinary guy, barely adequate for her sexual drives. Her husband knew he had married above his grade and was jealous, often provoking fights with her over imagined affairs at her work. Otherwise, he was a good man and gave her the life she wanted. They were stable financially and he promised her children whenever she wanted; he was ready.”

“Sound almost perfect, if a little dull….”

“Well, he also had a kinky edge. He fantasized about his wife fucking other men, and told her she was a free woman, free to have lovers as long as she told him and followed his control.”

It was just man fantasy, of course, but I laughed when I heard that. “No man should ever tell his woman that–he’s likely to get what he fantasizes about!”

“She was fascinated and tantalized by my lifestyle and sexual freedom. She wanted to talk about it all the time. She’d never considered cheating her husband with another man, in spite of her sexual ‘freedom’, and she felt her sexual relationship with me wasn’t cheating.”

“Yeah, from how you talked about here, I thought you two loved each other, not in the ‘in love’ sense, as closest friends maybe.

“Well, the stories of my adventures corrupted her loyalties. A few weeks before we left San Francisco, I met her husband. He recognized me as the politician´s slut he had seen on TV, knew I was married to a white American, thought I had to be an easy slut, and he aggressively hit on me when he thought his wife wasn’t watching. She was.

“The next day, she asked me to help her have an affair, and I set her up with Satyr, that’s the black man from my apartments, Estrella, in case Guy never told you the story. Satyr was our Nanny’s lover. They used our house for their trysts. María-lover succumbed quickly to his sexual prowess. Once María-lover got a taste, she had other men, often with my help, and her marriage broke up, just as we left San Francisco. Her husband never knew what hit him – when she fulfilled his fantasy, he was crushed.”

“Yeah, I felt sorry for him, I doubted he’d ever find another woman like her.”

We talked about some of María’s other female lovers.

María said, “All my women clients had been married. I thought I was ‘in love’ with some of them, but the sex toys we used for fucking never satisfied me like a real penis. However, in the right circumstances with the right woman, I might go mainly for a woman, with an occasional penis on the side.”

The Estrella said, “It’s hard for me to think of you without a great penis, although I had a serious relationship with a woman before I met Guy.”

María conceded, “I’m tempted sometimes but I try to avoid starting anything with a woman – women are too dangerous for me, and I promised Guy years ago I’d stay away from women. You won’t believe PP recently told me I was free to have women as long as he could watch. Maybe he thinks a woman can take me away from my black man. Not a chance, I’d have both of them.”

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