Chapter 24 – Part 2, Death by Hell

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Chapter 24 – Part 2, Death by Hell

I decided to work on the snake show. I had come to enjoy giving the show and to enjoy the feel of Hilda enclosing my penis – it was the closest semblance to a vagina that I had available. I retrieved a box with tie-wraps and string from the closet, and the snake cage. I felt good, happy, so I took the zip-lock bag with María’s panty.

I went to my living room, sit in a heavy wood chair, and extracted María’s panty from the bag. I breathed deeply of her fragrance, I tasted the crotch of the panty, it was still delicious. I became exuberant, and I started working on the snake trick. PP always wanted the snake to swallow my testicles, real or fake, together with my penis. Since I had stretched my scrotum with the bangles, I thought I figured out how to manage it. I removed the bangles from my scrotum, tightened a tie-wrap around my scrotum just above the testicle, and tied string to the tie-wrap. I scrunched-up my penis and tied the other end of the string snugly just under my penis head. When I extended my penis, the string pulled the testicles up and against the penis still leaving some penis slack. The testicles met the penis about half way down the penis length. I could see that if both testicles were presented to the snake bunched together, the snake wouldn’t be able to swallow over them. I tried various tying techniques to put the testicles in line with the penis, one behind the other. I found that by removing the tie-wrap, separating the testicles within the scrotum, and tying them separately with string, I could present the testicles at least diagonally to the snake as she swallowed advancing down my penis.

I sit on the floor in front of the chair, coated my penis head with the anesthesia cream, and waited a few minutes for the penis head to become numb. I would be using the larger snake, Hell, because Hilda’s head was too small to swallow even the small, fake testicles.

I opened the snake cage in front of me, and Hell poked her head out of the box. Since my testicles were stretched under the penis, raising the penis about one inch, I jiggled my penis at Hell in the air instead of along the floor. Hell came out of the cage straight at me and struck my penis so fast I didn’t have time to anticipate the shock. I saw that my penis head had disappeared completely inside Hell’s mouth on the first bite, and it was less painful, as her teeth had passed over the penis head. I mentally noted this improvement for future shows.

Hell pulled back on my penis and my testicle pulled out and up tight against the penis. Hell worked her way down my penis, swallowing it a few millimeters at a time, appreciably faster than Hilda, and, as always, I found it fascinating to watch. It seemed magic, and I saw Hell’s body enlarge as my penis moved into its gullet. When Hell encountered the first testicle, she required multiple bites to pull it into her mouth – it was painful. The other testicle shifted diagonally, pulled more in line with my penis, and it also disappeared after several bites and pulls. Hell’s longer teeth penetrated the scrotum, pierced into the fake testicles, a new type of genital pain that I found pleasurable and I noted this for future shows.

Now I saw the much larger bulge in Hell’s body as the testicles passed into the gullet. I became very excited, I had finally achieved complete genital disappearance into the snake, and I became aroused, feeling the black tension building in my groin. My lower penis section engorged. I wished I had thought to get a video camera to show this to PP and María, but that could come later. There would be many more shows now that I had mastered this. Hell continued swallowing up my penis, and when she arrived at my abdomen, she didn’t stop like Hilda always did. Hell’s jaws opened wider, she got her upper jaw up on my abdomen, while her lower jaw extended to grab the lower scrotum and scrunch-up the loose scrotum skin inside her mouth. I grabbed and held her jaws until she quieted, then I waited to feel the burning sensation.

I was strongly aroused, I thought I might even reach climax, and I wanted to burn. I stood up and walked around, dragging Hell between my legs, feeling my desire, savoring the arousal in my groin, rolling my hips to shake Hell and find some stimulation in my genitals, wanting to ejaculate so I could remove Hell from my body. I wanted to burn, to climax. I would burn until I climaxed!

The bulge of my testicles had shifted within Hell’s gullet as I walked around. It had moved around on the side of Hell’s body. I felt my penis head begin to burn, Hell’s digestive acids were stronger than Hilda’s. The sensitive scrotum around the testicle burned stronger. I shook my hips and wiggled and waited and waited and burned. I checked my watch, this was twice the time that I had ever waited before removing the big snake. Still I waited, and I felt my entire genitals burning up and dissolving.

I thought about María, about Rosa, about the Estrella, imagining their richness, imagining my penis fucking them, the penises of dozens of men thrusting into their slutty vaginae. The tensions in my groin grew stronger, hurt me, burned me. I wanted and needed the relief of an ejaculation, but it wouldn’t come. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand the pain, still I waited.

I realized I was mutilating my genitals, they would be too damaged to display as a trophy for PerfectPenis. I felt I was arriving at my pain limit, I had to decide, to act before I started screaming, and I decided.

I would give my genitals to Hell. I took out the piano wire slicer, wrapped it around my genitals and waited. When the pain became unbearable, I would sever my genitals into Hell’s mouth. She would be pleased with her meal, and I would bleed to death.

I grabbed Hell with both hands behind her mouth and pulled her towards me to release her back-slanted teeth. But I didn’t stop, I pulled her mouth further onto my abdomen, as if thrusting my penis to the limit into María’s vagina, pushing another half inch of my penis into Hell´s gullet. Hell bit down again, and I felt her lower teeth penetrate close to my anus.

I heard a moaning scream and knew I wouldn’t endure the pain. I grabbed two large tie-wraps, joined them together in a loop, twisted them around several times to form a figure-eight, then stuck one hand through the arm rest of the chair and both hands though the tie-wraps. I used my teeth to tighten the tie-wrap, wiggling my hands to remove the slack while I pulled with my teeth. Finally, my hands were tightly bound around the arm rest.

Now there was no possible way to release my hands or to remove Hell from my genitals. I realized I hadn’t severed my genitals, now helpless to do so.

I nuzzled María’s panty with my face, transported by her fragrance above the pain. I sucked her panty crotch into my mouth, flooding it with saliva, then extracting and savoring her taste for the last time. Maybe there was a god – how else could such exquisite flavors be created? I pulled the rest of the panty into my mouth with my tongue and teeth, and bit down to stifle my impulse to scream.

An excruciating wave of pain roiled me as my scrotal sac gave way and the digestive acids flooded inside me, over the sperm and blood tubes and the nerves. I had no idea of the state of my penis, I felt nothing but burning pain. I twisted my arm to see my watch – Hell had been attached to my genitals for several hours, and no one would arrive at the house for three days.

I felt Hell squirming and saw my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I lowered and raised my legs, but I couldn’t stop the shaking. Hell squirmed and pulled at my genitals, Her body where my penis head had been was no longer enlarged, the soft tissues of my penis head must have dissolved away. I was happy to be free of the evil that my penis represented in the world.

I felt pressure in my bladder, I needed to urinate badly. I didn’t know what to do, so I just released my bladder. I feel nothing but burning, I don’t know if I urinated. Hell squirmed violently, pulling against me, my body began shaking like my legs, and rose-colored liquid leaked from Hell’s mouth. I realized I was making a mess on the floor, but saw the floor was varnished terracotta tile, it would clean easily.

How would I clean-up my blood and urine? What if my bowels released – it would be an embarrassing mess. I must clean-up my mess before anyone comes to the apartment.

Drops of blood leaked from Hell’s mouth – the dissolving blood vessels in my scrotum and penis would soon be spilling my blood into the snakes gullet. Whether the snake consumed the blood, or it spilled over into the floor, I would likely bleed to death within a few hours. If I did survive, the remains of my genitals would be unrecognizable. I didn’t want to make a mess on the floor, but I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed with pain.

I started drifting in and out of erotic visions that were framed within a rotating kaleidoscope of the mosaic patterns around the edge of the floor. I noticed that the room getting dusky, and wondered why – I could see from my wristwatch that it was barely 5:00 PM. I closed my eyes and re-entered the clarity and brightness of my mind.

How selfish I was to die in this manner – what about our son? How would María explain death by garden-snake-penis-feeding to him? Then I relaxed, María would force PP to cover-up my castration, bisexuality, snake penis feeding, everything. Perhaps they’d simply disappear my body. You can do that in Guatemala.

Our son was just weeks away from having his first child and the grandchild had already been identified as a girl by ultrasound. I had really anticipated seeing my granddaughter – but, well, my son was not really my seed, none of my genes resided in him, and the granddaughter would be nothing of me. My seed, my line died with me. But I still would have done anything for my son and his future daughter, simply because they carried María’s genes.

I had the perverse thought that I should have impregnated Rosa when I last fucked her, our son came back within a few days, and he wouldn’t have known it wasn’t his child. That would have continued my seed, and Rosa with my child would have united our blood lines. I hadn’t worn condoms when I fucked her because I told her I had a vasectomy – another stupid decision that prevented me from giving María another child, a girl, and from impregnating Rosa.

On further reflection, I thought maybe I shouldn’t ever know my granddaughter, she would surely break my heart. I thought of my granddaughter with the genes of María and Rosa. She would be a stunning beauty and a stunning slut. From her first menstrual period, if I lived that long, I would be terrified for her and how men would feed off her. She would break my heart.

I knew that Rosa would cheat serially on my son. I hoped she would be discreet and he would never find out. He had a strong character, he was not an ordinary guy, and Rosa wouldn’t break him like María broke me. He would break-up their family and my granddaughter would be cut adrift. I also knew that Rosa would get caught cheating, she was just too easy to score.

I thought of how quickly and easily I had lost María – just the time needed to twist and break a penis, no more than an eye bat in the scale of decades of marriage. PP was genius for castrating me. María would have pulled me back to her, was already pulling me back away from PP’s hypnotic power, from my perverted obsession with PP and his perfect penis. Crushing my testicles was recoverable; PP’s genius was in breaking my penis – María could not have a man with a broken penis, and his perfect penis became compelling for her.

The mental images of my entire life with María scrolled forward and backwards rapidly. I wondered what I should have done differently. I realized that the earliest years of our marriage had set the direction of our lives – those years of dancing in the salsa club. I certainly would hit the German guy; I would forbid her to be finger-fucked, disrobed, vagina-licked, and would forbid her from fucking the dozens and dozens and dozens of men that I watched and helped her fuck. I knew that none of these prohibitions would have made any difference; they would have only change the timing of when she broke me.

No, I wouldn’t change anything at all about my life, even up to this moment. And what a life! What a ride! Through sex, love, impotency, perversion, castration, homosexuality, prostitution, madness, and now death, a life more exciting than even a fiction writer could invent. I re-lived my castration by PerfectPenis in my mind, from a distance of many months, it was no more significant, no more negative, than any other event in my life. I was happy to have experienced that. I realized my life’s negative events weren’t negative at all, simply important and necessary experiences in the trajectory of my life with María.

The years of my life began to appear in random sequence, the good and bad, important events, friends, love, and sex, sex, sex… all these fleeting memories revolved around the universe of María, how her sensuality and sexuality drove my entire life, defined my self-concept, thrilled me, broke me. María was the 99% of the 80%-20% rule. My whole life was wrapped around her, and then, she vanished from my life, and I couldn’t bear it.

I began searching through these memories, for a specific image that I remembered but couldn’t retrieve, until … there it was! The crystal clear image of María reclining on Terri’s couch, just before the gang-rape. Except for a see-through wisp of fabric, María’s genitals were fully exposed. Every part that mattered of her vulva was exposed through the cut-outs in the lace, the outer and inner lips, clitoris, even the entrance to her vagina was clearly visible. Laying there, she was extraordinarily beautiful, like a decorated party cake with the lace and the colors of her skirt, panty, hose, garter belt, the couch, even the rose of her exposed nipple. Her face was angelic, and her legs were a perfect sculpture in marble. The small wisp of lace that covered part of her vulva just accentuated what was exposed. I thought that I was looking at the most beautiful example of female genitalia ever displayed or even conceivable, it was the masterpiece of female sexuality, the PerfectVulva.

María’s vulva became moist, and wet the panty, which became transparent as I watched and then just dissolved to nothing. María’s labia peeled to the outside, replaced by another duet of labia, and another duet, and another, inner and outer labia appearing and peeling away like petals of a fresh flower opening for the first time, forever. I was astonished at the infinity of labia appearing and rolling to the sides, always framing the vagina and clitoris perfectly. I must have died and found my paradise. I thought of the pleasure that awaited me, an infinity of cleaning her labia, her vulva, I must get started or I’ll never finish. And I never did finish, forever.

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