Chapter 24 – Part 1, The Estrella is María

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Chapter 24 – Part 1, The Estrella is María

I thought about life with the Prof. He could supply me with a constant stream of young, fresh, vulvae and breasts I could luxuriate in, the wet dream of every dirty-old-man. I would become expert in giving oral orgasms to these girls, such that they would forgive my ridiculous appearance, my deformity and age, and be willing to visit me. And I´d have an occasional young, fresh, solid penis when I was in the right mood. I would become an expert in bondage, not only of myself but of the young men and women that would be served to the Prof and I.

* * *

The Estrella called me, talking so fast I could barely follow her. She wanted to see me, and her wish is my command.

I jumped on a bus to Guatemala City and met her at a coffee shop. She wore the skimpiest, shortest dress, so short I thought it should be illegal. Her hair and makeup were disheveled, she was pungent with sweat, hormones and pheromones. I commented, “There’s no question of the color and size of your nipples,” which engorged as I spoke. She reddened, but then spun around, raising her hemline above her waist to reveal her see-through lace panty. The pop of penises produced an audible air surge in the room. She sat, pulled on her hem attempting to cover everything and beamed at me.

“I have something for you and a great story. Last night, I went to the dance-club to pick up the DVDs of María’s dancing. This is the outfit I wore, I thought you’d like to see it.”

“I’m surprised you got out of the club alive in that outfit.”

“Well, the club was full as usual, and I went to see the owner at the stand-up bar. He was knocked over by my dress, and he had this box for you. We sat and talked for awhile. He could remember every time he had seen Maria all those years ago.

“He told me my mother, María, was the most beautiful and sexy woman he had ever seen, and he was truly sorry she was gone. He had been obsessed by her, he wanted desperately to own her, to dance with her, to make love to her. His obsession with María caused him to neglect his wife, destroyed his marriage, left him lonely and depressed. He said, “Me dolió hasta la alma echarla del club.” (it hurt me deep into my soul to eject her from the club.) Now that María was gone, he said he could finally be free again.

“I didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. He gave me a small gift for you – the small plaque inscribed with María’s name, it’s in the box.

“Then he got confused, he couldn’t remember his bartender’s name and he started calling me María, and gave me an idea. When a slow son started playing, I asked him to dance. I told the barman to keep the songs slow until we finished. We shuffled on the main floor for a few minutes, dancing close. I nuzzled his neck and face, and whispered to him to take me to the back room. He did, he was so excited he could hardly walk, he grabbed my ass under the dress, steered me into the back room, and I told him to take me to María’s corner.

“He was such a gentleman, I had to tell him to do everything. We kissed, I told him to rub my breasts and body while I had my arms around his neck. He called me María, and I said, ‘Yes, I’m your María.’ I dropped my shoulder straps, and my dress slid down to the floor, I had nothing on but these panties. I told him to kiss my nipples and finger me. He slid his hand inside the top of my panties, but they were tight and he had a hard time getting inside my pussy. I pulled the panties down to my ankles and off, opened my legs, and he fingered me nicely. It felt really good, I thought I might get to climax, so I told him I was taking him to the clients’ room.

“I remembered what María had done, I left my clothes on the floor and walked out, across the main room totally nude, pulling him by the hand. Some of the people applauded me, but I wasn’t embarrassed. We found an empty room, and I lay on the bed and told him, ‘I’m your María, I’ve waited years for this, please fuck me now.’ He pulled his clothes off and lay next to me. He fingered me again, sucked my nipples, and said, ‘I had a minor stroke a few years ago, and not all of me recovered. I haven’t had a hard-on since then.’ I said, ‘I want to feel your cock in my pussy, please rub me there.’ I was super wet, he rubbed me with his cock, it grew a little bit but not hard. It felt good and I knew I could climax. But I saw in his face he was going to climax, so I faked a climax so loudly it would be heard in the adjoining rooms, and he came, little spurts. It felt good, but he got too soft and I never came. We lay there talking for awhile. I told him he had been deep inside me, so deep it felt like he banged against my heart.

“He thought I really was María. He kept asking if I remembered things she had done or happened, and I agreed with everything. One of the bouncers knocked, opened the door and set my clothes inside – he got a good look at my pussy. He said the owner was needed at the bar. We dressed and went out. You won’t guess what happened next.”

“No, but I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

“Everyone in the club stood and applauded … him. The ancient guy had scored a hot, sexy young chick, that’s me, in case you’re slow, and they clapped and hooted and banged their glasses. I’d never seen a man so happy and proud. I think that’s the finest thing I have ever done in my life.”

I said, “Hot and sexy is a gross understatement. If you saw how many men are adjusting their pants in here …”

“Stop drooling, when we get to my place, you’ll get as much of me as you can take. Anyway, he gave me the box and told me he had always loved me.

“It was late and I was dressed like this, so he had a bouncer drive me home, it was the guy that checked out my pussy. I was so excited and horny, and the bouncer wanted to fuck me. He was ugly, ignorant, and had a troll face. I asked myself, ‘What would María do?’ I felt something of María in me and I didn’t want to lose it. I thought she would say ‘yes’, and I couldn’t help myself so I blew him in the car, and then he pounded me good in the apartment.”

She was beaming. I remembered my night at the rumba dance with María when she forgave me and loved me again. I said, “No, your finest thing was saving me, and I love you for that.”

She said, “We’ll discuss someday who saved whom. Anyway, the box contained an envelope and a copy of María’s nude dance video and many other DVDs as well, the entire videotaped collection of María. I stayed up all night watching the videos with the bouncer, María’s dancing burned him and he fucked me over and over all night. Then he brought me here, I didn’t even get a chance to shower. I didn’t open the envelope but I think it’s money. Well, here is the envelope.”

“You really are María’s daughter and a true María. I’d be proud to adopt you, except I’d feel guilty about what I’m going to do you now. Let’s go your apartment.”

The bouncer had left semen – ugly, ignorant, troll-face semen all over her body and I kissed and licked her clean before arriving at her clitoris. She exploded immediately into orgasm, and for the first time since PP broke my penis, she sucked me to a shaking, spurting orgasm.

I asked, “Are you going to fuck the bouncer again? That’s what María would do.”

“Hell, no! I wouldn’t let a troglodyte like that anywhere close to my body. And what for, I’ve got you.”

I opened the envelope. It contained María’s name plaque, a lot of money and a note. The money were old bills no longer circulated. I didn’t know if they were a still accepted currency. The barely legible note said only, “To my love, María, your share of the club’s success.” I counted the money, it would have been close to $100,000 dollars equivalent at that time.

* * *

The Estrella said she had found a good ‘pene’ for our threesome, and asked when she could bring him to Antigua for our first adventure. I was very pleased and began to plan for that adventure. I wanted to buy some basic bondage ropes, at least to get my A-cup breasts tied-up like I had learned to enjoy. As kind of an afterthought, the Estrella again asked me if I now realized how demented I had become – I thought, ‘she has no idea.’

I considered the idea and results of having PP castrated. With the extra money I had earned selling my body to the Prof, I could afford to have his penis chopped off a few millimeters at each whack. María would leave him even faster than she left me, and … and I still wouldn’t recover her. María could never be mine again, although I might be able to see her from time-to-time. Maybe she’d allow me to kiss her vulva again. Why not, nothing to lose, I would do it!

I made inquiries through the Prof. for these ‘sicarios‘ (hit men). It was easy, the Prof had a close friend that owned large rental properties, and he used ‘sicarios‘ to solve problems with squatters. I had the contact information within a day and a contract within two days. It would cost me $200 dollars because the hit-man would have to travel to Antigua to do surveillance. I left the $100 down-payment in the designated drop-off point, with a guarantee of PP’s penis in a box within one week of his return to Antigua.

But in a sane moment, the evil of what I planned revolted me. The PerfectPenis’ penis was a masterpiece, worthy of a sculpture in a museum. I could no more damage it than I could sledgehammer Michelangelo’s David. Furthermore, it was a perfect match for María’s perfect vulva. PP made her happy, fulfilled her, satiated her, pleased her – I would kill myself before I would take PP away from María.

I suppressed the revenge impulses of the dark heavy Male blood. I took down a bottle of ‘aguardiente La Indita‘ (raw sugarcane alcohol) and poured myself a stiff drink, then another and another, more than I had drank in 20 years. Listening to ‘Por Mujeres Como Tu’ through an alcoholic haze, I remembered all my years with María. No other man had ever been so privileged, why wasn’t I content with that? Why wasn’t that enough? Why was my life an immense void? I sat, and pondered, and remembered her, missing her, missing her, hurting. The club owner was hurt into his soul, “pero yo, ya no me quedaba ni madre de mi alma. ” I had no soul left.

I contacted the ‘sicario‘ and canceled the contract, it cost me $300 dollars – $100 to fulfill the original contract, and $200, for the cancellation. I sent an email to the Estrella telling her I had made, then canceled a contract to cut-off PP´s penis. I told her again she was a ‘puta,’ that I loved her.

I received another email from the Estrella, she thanked me profusely for not harming PP, and she said she was really excited to see me again, I was crazy but, “Me tocaste a mi corazón” (you have touched my heart.) The Estrella melted me, she was so different from María, half as pretty but twice as intelligent – what could such a special woman want with a physical and mental cripple like me?

She said she had watched all the videos of María on the club DVDs, and sent me the disk numbers and filenames of two videos she thought I’d want to see. I got out my laptop, and watched the first video – it was taken inside the women’s dressing room at the dance club. It was the video of the black man fucking María in a toilet stall.

The video starts when María enters the dressing room, naked except for high heels, pulling the black man behind her. They go to a stall, and the man goes in, closes the door, and undresses quickly, draping his suit across the side walls of the stall. Then María goes in and disappears from the camera. Suddenly, her upper body appears, as if she had climbed up on the toilet fixture. She turns to face the black man, her breasts visible, and the stall door closes completely. The video shows just the back of the neck and head of the black man next to the door. María’s face and shoulders are visible beyond and above his head.

María grabs the top of the door, leans into the man, presumably mounting his hips with her legs, and there are a few seconds of fidgeting and squirming while she settles her legs around his hips, and gets his penis inserted into her vagina. Now she is riding his hips, rhythmically bouncing as he fucks her. Her head bounces side-to-side, up-and-down, she quickly is moaning and crying out in the ecstasy of the moment, her face distorted by the pleasure flowing up her body. She has her hands around his neck and periodically buries her face in his hair, then she leans her upper body back, her breasts jiggling.

There is a surprising number of women milling around in the dressing room – I thought they were voyeurs, they had followed María in to watch. The expressions on their faces range from disgust to smiles and smirks to envy. The fucking goes on for several minutes, longer than I thought it would last given how excited they were in the backroom. I hear the black man ejaculate, then shortly thereafter, María reports her orgasm with a series of sharp moans. They embraced tightly for a few seconds, then she slides down his body and disappears.

María leaves the stall, carrying her heels in her hand, and puts them on while he dresses. When the black man comes out, María goes in and shuts the door. Seconds later, the black man reappears with María’s clothes and hands them over the door. María exits the stall, takes the black man by the hand, and exits the view of the camera.

I watched the video several times, upset at the first watchings. What most upset me was not she had fucked the black man, nor that she did it so publicly, but by her naked beauty, and especially by the anguished look on her face as she bounced on his penis. It revealed an intensity of pleasure and emotion I hadn’t seen elsewhere ever. I deeply regretted I had never fucked María like that, and I added another failure to my long list of failures with my slut wife. However, I began looking forward to seeing all the videos from the club.

The second video was of María’s encounter with the German guy, her first public fingering and humiliation of me that started our descent into the wild sex activities in the dance club. It was exactly as María had described to me, deep kissing followed by finger fucking.

But there was something new in this video. The video cut between two cameras – the view I always saw in person was of the backs of the men pawing at María. Now there was also a side view I had never seen, in which, while the German guy kissed María, she opened his pants and fondled his penis. It was María that had instigated the finger-fucking, not the German guy.

Later, watching the other videos, I saw María did this with many men. María often fondled the men’s penises from outside their pants, causing them to paw and finger her even more frantically. I had never seen this because María had their backs to me, but most of the back-room audience could see. Everyone in the club except me knew how directly María provoked these men. She was such a beautiful, total slut, I never had a chance.

* * *

I had three days before my encounter with the Estrella and her ‘pene‘, and four days before the Prof would come to claim me as his lover. The housemaid came by early, left some prepared food and money, and pretended to clean the house for 30 minutes, oddly distracted by my nakedness. She said she’d be back in five days, the same day as PP and María would arrive back from Rio de Janeiro. I wandered the little apartment aimlessly, fixed myself a couple of drinks, and sat to watch TV, wondering how I ended up here and afraid to confront my situation.

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