Chapter 23 – Part 4, Fuck Fodder

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Chapter 23 – Part 4, Fuck Fodder

The Prof and I talked about his work and about the sexual exploitation of the students. He gave a long and interesting description of the medical training system at the university. As he stroked my anus gently, he described how the training system had become corrupted over time. Now, it supported the sexual desires of the teachers and resident doctors, the tenured staff, as much as it prepared new doctors.

Newly arriving students were discreetly sorted into four groups nicknamed estrellas (stars), mediocres (average), sonsos (dimwits) and mensos (ugly dimwits). The teaching assistants and junior doctors would evaluate the new students and classify them within the first semester. The sonsos and mensos would never graduate – but they would be given the opportunity to serve as fucking fodder for the tenured staff for as many years as they could pass the courses. This happened when these students realized they wouldn’t make it on their own, and begin to ask the staff for ‘sexual points’ added to their grades.

The difference between the sonsos and the mensos was the sonsos were attractive and had good sexual technique. The mensos were the unattractive students and those with poor sexual technique. The mensos seldom lasted for more than one year – once the staff lost sexual interest in them, they were flunked-out. The sonsos would be barely passed, earning just adequate grades through ‘sexual points’ to start the next semester. The sonsos could fuck their way into the residency internships and would be rejected at the last evaluation. The staff knew they’d never graduate, but they were kept going to serve the sexual wringer of the staff.

The mediocres could usually pass on their own effort, but they could improve their scores by ‘sexual points’. The estrellas were the brilliant students. They would easily pass, but they often participated in sexual favors because they competed for top honors.

This system did have some rules:

* The staff could never initiate the first sexual contact, not even with suggestive remarks. The decision to have sex with the staff had to be 100% initiated by the students.

* The staff maintained total discretion, the students could never know which other students participated in the ‘points’.

* The staff for the first year students sexually educated the students that chose to ask for ‘sexual points’. Sexual technique education was as important as medical education. Disease and pregnancy prevention were emphasized at this point.

* Once a student started sexual favors, he or she became open game for the rest of the staff for the duration of the student’s studies. It was OK for other staff to approach the student and suggest they could help them improve their chances. But no student was ever pressured into sex.

* Points added to the grades for sonsos and mensos could only help them get to the minimal passing score, no more. Grades were upgraded in the parts of the material that were most subjective.

* No incompetent student would ever be allowed to pass the final internship, however attractive or however polished their sexual technique. All sonsos and mensos must be flunked by the last year of the internship.

The entire administrative system of the university medical department was corrupted to support this sexual abuse of the students. Even the HR department would discourage the students from complaining, and complaints were useless because the students had always initiated the first sexual contact and agreed to subsequent contacts.

In recent years, the proportion of women to men students was overwhelmingly women, about 60%. Therefore most sexual activity was with the women students. Most of the staff was still male, but women were starting to move into positions of authority, and these women also participated in the ‘sexual points’ system. Some of these women also desired women students. Very few men asked for ‘sexual points’ from male staff; the ones that did were often homosexuals.

I asked the Prof. who would be the students that would come to see me. He had selected the first, a sonsa female. I got excited.

The next morning, the Prof came early as usual, and after he gave me the customary quick fuck, I left with him and he dropped me at the lawyer’s office. I had already dictated the divorce terms to the lawyer, so I walked in and signed, then took a taxi back to the Prof’s house. The first ‘sexual point’ girl was waiting for me at the front door.

The sonsa was very attractive, lithe, apprehensive, but sharp. As we talked about what she would see of me when I removed my clothes and why I was deformed, I realized how intelligent she was. She was easily as intelligent as me, and I considered myself to be very intelligent. That’s when I realized how difficult the medical program at the university must be. I thought how unfair it was the dreams and aspirations of these sharp, super, attractive girls were corrupted and used against them. They were destined to be fuck fodder for a few years, then dumped.

Seeing my crooked penis unnerved her, but she relaxed when she realized my deformity would not enter her body. We had an intense session together, she loved the idea I cleaned her vulva with my tongue before and after her climaxes, and she climaxed nicely with just my lips and tongue doing all the work. The fragrance of her vulva reminded me of María, not the same exactly, but nice. She hesitated to kiss and suck my A-cup breasts initially, but warmed up and did nicely once I re-warmed her vulva by fingering. She thanked me when she left and said the thought of that old Prof touching her was repugnant but she needed the points.

The Prof returned at siesta time full of energy and carrying web printouts of bondage scenes and instructions. We tried a couple but actually spent far more time trying to figure out the logistics and tying and untying than we did on actual sex. The bondage stuff excited him and kept his penis erect while he tried to bind me to match the photos. We ran out of time and we barely managed an adequate penis suck before he headed back to school. After his classes, he popped in for a missionary-style anus fuck, and he left for the evening with the life-is-great look spread across his face. We decided to move the bondage activities to the evenings when we would have more time.

This became our new routine. He came in the morning before school for a quickie anus-fuck. Lunch time was for extended suck and fuck, and the late afternoons were mostly dedicated to trying out new bondage positions. As before, most of these were largely impractical. Tying me into these grotesque positions took much more time than the fucking or sucking that followed, and often didn’t satisfy him into an ejaculation.

We made a breakthrough when we started looking at women’s bondage sites instead of the male sites. The women’s positions were much more practical and had the advantage of emphasizing breasts. We discovered one effective position on a women’s site, where my legs would be suspended widely separated vertical to the ceiling, my body at 80 degrees to my legs, and I had my arms free to control the back-and-forth motion of my swing. The Prof. simply inserted his penis into my anus, and I did all the work, a slow buildup to his intense ejaculation.

I found several websites of sailor’s knots, and I began to build pre-formed harnesses for the best bondage positions we developed. It became much faster to slip on the harnesses, hang at the proper position and height, get fucked or suck him, and slip out of the harness, ready for the next position. These harnesses had the extra advantage they weren’t tight. They were more comfortable, and looked sexier as well since I adorned them once they were built.

The harnesses were practical for the Prof but not satisfying. He wanted to tie me personally from unbound to completely immobile, but it was slow and tedious. However, the texture of the rope on my skin was reassuring and the smell of hemp arousing. I heard the slow intake of his breath as the ropes slid over my skin. His face flushed as he made the final cinches.

So we alternated between pre-made harnesses and personal tie-ups. The Prof was pleased overall, he thought he got his considerable money’s worth of my body. And I felt less-and-less like a cheap prostitute.

The next day, my fuck-fodder was another girl – the Estrella stunned me by her intelligence and attractiveness. She immediately grasped my physical and mental condition and was unfazed. She had seen every possible physical and mental injury in the emergency rooms of the hospital, and she was jaded and clinical about the human condition. She examined my breasts, my penis, my fake testicles and the bangles, and we discussed the options for rebuilding the penis. The broken sections could be repaired so I looked normal, but I’d never have an erection. She was so smart she had to simplify her medical explanations so I could understand. She knew she wasn’t going to be fucked by me, so she relaxed and was perfectly willing to have my face buried in her vulva. She said she hadn’t had a decent orgasm in more than a year, the men around her were pigs, and her schedule was impossible.

The words ‘man’ and ‘boy’ didn’t exist in her vocabulary; she referred to all males as ‘penes‘ (penises), commenting the occasional loan of their pene was the only thing males were useful for. When I explained briefly my story with María, she asked at which club we danced, and she squealed when I gave her the name – it was her favorite hangout. The salsa club was now a very upscale, sophisticated hot-spot that still featured backroom sex activities. She promised to take me there the next evening, her one evening off per week.

When I put my tongue to her vulva, she dropped all pretense of toughness and let me clean her at my pace. But when I started stimulating her clitoris, she held my head, directed my lips and tongue, and told me where and what to do in micrometer measurements. Her orgasm flooded my mouth with her fluids, it was heaven to clean her again. On a hunch, I asked the Estrella to look at my pills for testosterone replacement, and she promptly identified them as estrogen! PP’s perfidy had no limits – my A-cup breasts and body feminization were just another of his intentional degradation tactics.

The Estrella was ghastly intelligent, but some quality in her penetrated me. She left a hook in me and I was anxious to see her again.

When the Prof arrived that evening, I realized all was not well in our paradise – the Prof seemed frustrated, incomplete. He wanted more from the bondage – humiliation of me wasn’t enough, maybe because I enjoyed it. No, he wanted control, to degrade me against my will, to debase me psychologically into true submission. He tied my hands and feet and ordered me through some drills he had read about in a Dom’s manual. I told him I thought it was infantile to have him leash my neck, or crawl to kiss his feet. He wanted to have power over me, but it was the opposite situation – he wanted me more than I wanted him.

The following morning, I opened the door to see the next vulva the Prof. had chosen for me, and it was a man, probably a menso. He had fine feminine features that made him look quite young. He would be popular with the homosexual staff. The Prof had asked me about the previous female students at the end of each day, and he was likely disquieted by my enjoyment of the women. No doubt he sent this guy, wanting to speed my conversion from bisexual to full homosexual as soon as possible. “Why not?” I thought, this is likely my new life, and I made every sincere and unreserved attempt at male-to-male sex. I cleared my mind of female anatomy, tastes and smells, and the sex was actually quite pleasurable. From his mannerisms and talk, I was sure this menso was homosexual and didn’t know it yet. I asked him if he was homosexual, and he became upset, protesting he and his ‘novia’ (girlfriend) would be getting married as soon as he started his internship.

I decided to see if I could convert him over – he would be a prize to the Prof. I drove him to ecstasy, kissing, licking, sucking his testicles and penis. He whooped and gasped and walloped as I teased him towards climax, begging me for his finale – his ejaculation yielded young, fresh, delicious semen I savored in my mouth before swallowing.

I explained my preference for slow, exploratory anus fucking and he did me quite well considering he thought the entire idea of anus-fucking was disgusting. However, he became excited as he anus-fucked me, I felt his penis enlarging, but he was trying not to ejaculate. I began to coax him – I told him to pretend his girlfriend was fucking him, to imagine the feeling of her hard penis stroking inside his anus. That contradictory thought put him over the edge and he exploded again into my anus.

The Prof had made knowledge of his bondage room off-limits, so we used belts, strips of cloth and plastic, and whatever we found at hand to tie my upper arms together behind my back and tie around my A-cup breasts. The menso excelled at kissing and sucking my breasts and nipples, perhaps imagining I was his girlfriend. I felt the pressure building in my groin for an ejaculation, but it never came. Kissing his body was fine, purged of female thoughts, I enjoyed it, but when we started deep mouth kissing, I had to think of María’s mouth to make it bearable. Having sex with this fine young feminized man was much better than with the Prof. I saw that, given enough time and deprived of female touch, I could be converted to homosexual.

Maybe the boy was a menso, but he was smart enough to know at this point he was homosexual. We sat together on the bed for awhile and he anguished over what he’d tell his girlfriend, his friends, and family. He was so despondent I hugged him and stroked his hair – and soon we were kissing again, and fondling and caressing bodies and genitals. As I sticky-licked his penis head, his own tongue mimicked mine, and he cried as he anus-fucked me again. This was the closest I had ever come to making love to a man.

In the afternoon, I told the Prof about the conversion of the menso, and he became excited, so excited I realized I needed to be careful. If the Prof made one of these young men his permanent lover, why would he want me? I decided I needed to become more romantic and develop the bondage concept more for the Prof. I needed the money and access to vulvae the Prof provided. Even if the Prof had access to these young men, I could still help him seduce and convert them. I would become the expert on converting men to homosexuality, even straight men, I thought arrogantly, and an expert at bondage – the Prof would still keep me.

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