Chapter 23 – Part 1, The Prof’s Prostitute

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Chapter 23 – Part 1, The Prof’s Prostitute

After the conversation with María, concerned PP might indeed arrange for my death, I thought about how to protect my property for my son when PP succeeded. I wasn’t alarmed about dying really, I knew it would happen because PP wanted it.

I found the cell phone of the professor and called him – his excitement at my call zinged through the wires. He suggested a try-out period of five days in his second house in Guatemala City and I gave him what I thought was an exorbitant price. He asked me what he’d get for that price, and we began to negotiate: as many mouth- and anus-fucks as he wanted in whatever position he wanted, as many penis sucks as he wanted, deep mouth kissing, nipple sucking, body kissing and licking, reasonable S&M such as bondage, spanking and belting, unlimited photos and videos, condoms for anal penetration. I needed quick money and wanted to get out of PP’s house, so I agreed. And anus reaming – his anus! I absolutely refused the last, and we negotiated money again. Finally, two snake shows for his friends, for an additional cost.

The next day, I left a note for PP, the maid let me out, and the professor came for me. I collected the money up-front and left half of it at PP’s house, my first experience at willful prostitution. I thought about what I had charged him for five days, and realized I was a very cheap prostitute.

The Prof was tall, thin and light-skinned for a Guatemalan with distinguished salt-and-pepper hair and beard. He dressed well, drove a new car, and nothing in his demeanor gave him away as a homosexual. He drove me first to the medical school campus. He seemed to want to impress me, proudly touring me around the campus. In his well-appointed private office, he dropped his pants, and I gave him the first of many quickie penis sucks.

In the medical library, I was overwhelmed by the number of female students, many were stunningly guapa (pretty), including the indigenous girls. Most were dressed in white med smocks, but many wore skin-tight pants or short skirts. The indigenous girls wore traditional colorful hand-woven wrap-around skirts with modern blouses embroidered with indigenous motifs. Most of the ladina girls looked worried and stressed, but the indigenous girls bore a serene appearance.

As we walked through the stacks and study rooms, passing the occasional male student, the Prof confided smugly to me he had tried out this one… that one… that one at the desk… My raised eyebrows elicited his matter-of-fact comment, “sex for grades.” Some of the male students were shocked to see me – they were the ones that had their penises in my anus or mouth at the parties. All the students regarded me with open curiosity – an old gringo, probably the one they’d heard rumors about.

The Prof drove me back to his apartment, I undressed – I was to be nude always in his house. We had our first session, he started by trying to kiss me, and I turned away my head. He said that was part of what he was paying for, he pulled my head around and started deep kissing me. I felt sick to my stomach, but responded as best I could without gagging. He taught me how to kiss him and I did it. He stripped, had me kiss and lick his body down to his crotch, stopping to do lots of mutual nipple sucking along the way, and I spent time rolling his testicles around in my mouth. Finally, I sucked his penis, tongued his penis head, and he mouth-fucked me until he ejaculated. I sucked out his sperm to the last drop, the only part of the activity I really enjoyed. He had me kiss and lick his flaccid genitals while he recovered his erection.

While doing this, I reflected on why I could lick and suck a penis and testicles, or get anus-fucked casually, even enjoying it immensely with PP, but why body licking, nipple sucking, or any other activity on another man, especially mouth kissing, turned my stomach. I thought about doing these same activities with PP and decided I wouldn’t like that either, but I’d do it, and for free, if he ever wanted it. While I fucked the Prof, I had only images of the pretty girls from the medical library in mind, and it was these girls I imagined I fucked. I began to question my homosexual credentials, wondering if I was really homosexual, or if it was just PP’s penis power over me.

When the Prof regained his erection, he fucked me from behind, crudely, in a mad frenzy, and as he ejaculated, he grabbed my genitals and squeezed hard while he cursed me as a yanqui slut exploiting the Guatemalan homeland. He was exhausted and left to go home to his wife.

The following weekdays were a pattern of a quick fuck in the morning, extensive sex at siesta time and again in the early evening after his classes, and he went home in the evening. Besides what I’ve already described, there was some variation of bondage – he tied me to the bed legs to anus-fuck me or affix me in new fucking positions. He tied a cord around my fake testicles and hung them up as high as he could stretch them from a ceiling hook, he spanked and belted my butt until it burned red, he slapped my testicles around as they dangled beneath the gold bangles, and he took lots of photos and videos. He had two cameras on tripods, lights, and timers. We remade shots many times – his favorite photo was a contrived setting where he appeared to swing across the bed by holding my testicles with both hands!

None of these activities were part of why I was with him. When he went to the university each morning after the quick fuck, I dressed and went out, first to my lawyer, and dictated a new Will and Testament. I changed the beneficiary of all my property rights from María to our son. The same lawyer made a similar Will and Testament for my Mexican property. I took it by the Mexican consulate for authentication and over-nighted it to our Mexican lawyer. This process, all I needed to do, took three mornings, and I still had two days with the Prof.

Friday was a repeat of the sexual activities of the previous days, and Saturday, we sucked and fucked all day, interspersed with a snake show, filmed with some other male profs and students. He tried variations of bondage and fucking positions, most of them uncomfortable for me and impractical for fucking. We tried unsuccessfully to hang me horizontally from a ceiling beam so I could swing back-and-forth with my mouth sucking his penis. We decided we would need better slings to hold my body weight and he said he’d be prepared next time. He tied my upper arms together behind my back to protrude my A-cup breasts in front, tied ropes around and between my breasts, and licked and kissed them for half an hour. Within minutes through this trick, I was fully aroused and had a tiny erection in the unbroken base stub of my penis. This bondage stuff was growing on me!

The Prof was fascinated by my gold bangles and fake testicles; sometimes his hands would shake as he handled them. He tried many variations on tying them, stretching them, attaching them to objects, etc. He put a headband around my forehead, tied a cord around my testicles, passed the cord through my buttocks crack, and to the headband, pulling it tight which pulled back my head and arched my back. Then he sat and watched as I tired and tried to straighten my head and back, pulling against the testicles, then arching again to relieve the pressure on the testicles, a seesaw back and forth. I knew what he really wanted was to tear off my testicles, but he hadn’t paid me for that! He didn’t care my testicles were fake, and I protested with groans of fake pain when he abused them.

He liked most the ‘missionary’ position where I lay on my back, legs in the air, my crotch elevated with a pillow, and he stroked me while laying between my legs. He maintained this position for about an hour, delaying his orgasm, kissing my A-cup breasts or deep kissing my mouth while he calmed his orgasmic impulse. I liked this position and the nipple sucking of my A-cup breasts, but I hated the kissing.

While he ‘missionary’ fucked me, I got an idea about how I might end my life. I thought about it dispassionately, detached, as if it were just another casual activity like feeding my penis to the snake. I forced my hands beneath my body as best I could, and I asked him to choke me as he stroked me. He became excited by the idea, I could feel his penis grow larger and harder. I tilted my head so he could get a good grip. Being a doctor, he knew exactly where to squeeze, and he began to choke me while banging my anus harder. Of course, once I became short of breath, my survival instinct took over, I jerked my hands free and pulled his hands from my throat. He had almost ejaculated, and we lay there for a moment while he calmed down.

Then I asked him about a big artery in the neck I remembered went to the brain. He said it was the carotid artery that fed the blood to the brain. He said if he squeezed shut these arteries, I would simply black out without the choking reaction. I asked him if he shut the arteries for enough time if I would die, and he said yes. I immediately said let’s try it, without any thought at all I might die right then and there while being fucked by this pervert. He began to stroke me again, reached up and found the arteries, and squeezed them. I felt no impulse to remove his hands, and after a few seconds, I felt nothing at all.

When I returned to consciousness and my head cleared, he had ejaculated. I asked why he had dropped the grip on my neck. He said he lost the grip in the lunging of the ejaculation, the best climax he had ever experienced. He didn’t retake the grip because once he lost the orgasmic surge, he couldn’t think of any sane reason to be squeezing my neck. Furthermore, he didn’t know how to get rid of my body if I died. I had bruises on my neck, and he was sure he could never get away with snuffing me.

Sunday, I gave him a nice, freebie, thank-you fuck and suck in the morning. The thank-you was for the money, and for the smooth and mostly pleasant introduction into voluntary prostitution. Now, I could add ‘prostituto‘ to ‘puto, joto, perra y castrado‘, the list of adjectives to describe my perverted life. I wondered about taking female hormones to increase my breast size to a B-cup, but I’d need to wear a bra, too strange! I doubted PP would be interested in these new activities – he mainly touched me to mouth- or anus-fuck, and to fondle my genitals when he wanted to convince me to do something again against my interests.

The Prof drove me back to Antigua and we stopped to eat in a fancy bohemian restaurant] in San Lucas. The Prof was happy, chirping away about some new bondage positions he had seen on the Internet. Some of the positions sound intriguing, and I was tempted to accept his offer of another round, but I couldn’t get the distaste of the kissing out of my mind. Nor the images of the med-school girls.

When I arrived in Antigua, María was in the house alone, she came early to look through my stuff for indications of why I had disappeared. She wondered why Hilda was missing – PP had told her nothing. I told her I had been sucked and fucked to within an inch of my life, but I had modified my Wills in both countries. María was pleased about the latter, she wasn’t interested in grabbing my assets, and she hated the idea PP might take my life over property, even though she was obsessed and in love with him. I explained I had charged the Prof. a lot of money, now I was a prostitute. I told her about the choking and artery experiment. María was quiet. Perhaps she realized then I was willing to give up my life so she could be happy with PerfectPenis.

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