Chapter 21 – Part 5, One Testicle None

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Chapter 21 – Part 5, One Testicle None

The only time I really damaged my penis with the snake was at María’s request – María received a call from a married friend in town. The couple had seen the snake show and the woman told her daughter about it. Her daughter wanted to see and came with a group of four girlfriends. PP told María to handle it and she put the girls in the den. You can imagine their shock and horror when the gringo houseboy walked in naked, with perky A-cup breasts, gold rings between the testicles and a broken penis, carrying a tray of tea pots and cups. The girls were late teens, modern in identical sprayed-on jeans and dark button blouses. Small, discrete tattoos peaked out in the cleavage of two, and two had cute facial body piercings. They were rich, spoiled, protected and naïve, and they squealed and twittered as I walked around them.

I explained that they would see Hilda swallow my penis, but before, I had to give them some orientation. I approached the most mature girl, and told her to hold my penis and pretend that she was the snake, she should give small snake bites with her fingertips from the head up to the abdomen, which she did. She asked about the hollows in my penis, and I explained that I had been assaulted, my penis broken, and castrated. She reached down to feel the bangles, arriving finally to touch my small testicle. She asked and I explained that the rings were just spacers to extend the testicle away from the penis, so that Hilda could swallow the entire penis, and that I sit on the testicle while Hilda eats my penis. María watched amused – she knew it was against house rules for a woman to touch me except for humiliation, but she said nothing. I passed to the second girl, who repeated the touching, but when she rubbed the testicle, she asked if it hurt to sit on them, I replied that yes, it hurt good, and it made me sexually excited. I asked her to squeeze the testicle, and gasped with a sharp intake of breath as she did, closing my eyes at that beautiful sensation. María did nothing, and I continued to the third, fourth, and last girl. The fourth girl was timid and refused to touch me and the other two gave me very sensual squeezes.

Then I pulled Hilda from her cage, chose the most attractive girl and had her stand with me to handle the snake. From behind her, I put my arms around her and passed Hilda into her hands, making a big show of how she should hold and move Hilda. My penis pressed against her derriere, torso against her back, arms touching her sides, and I was in female heaven once again. Hilda crawled around her arms and shoulders as she squealed in fright.

I left Hilda in her hands, had her kneel down, and I sat on the floor in front of her hands. I applied a topical anesthesia to my penis head and pre-stretched the penis. I asked another of the girls to come kneel beside me, to hold my penis at the base, and to jiggle my penis in front of Hilda. When the cute girl released Hilda, Hilda crawled slowly to my penis, waving side-to-side, tongue flickering in and out, and finally bit the head of my penis. The jiggling girl screamed and jumped back, and all the girls started squealing and tittering again. We watched entranced as Hilda advanced up the penis swallowing. It fascinated me every time I did this, it was magic to see my penis disappear.

As Hilda swallowed, a small bulge appeared in her gullet, she grew in diameter as my penis moved inside her. Now the girls were horrified and excited – Hilda arrived at my abdomen, and I held her mouth and quieted her so she wouldn’t continue biting. Then I started part two of the show, I rolled onto my back and rolled my hips around, which caused Hilda’s tail to drag over my body. I stood up and walked around, which provoked nervous laughter from the girls. I stood in front of the timid girl, and invited her to pet Hilda, and she did! The girls exchanged several crude and unfunny long-penis jokes, and I sat between them drinking tea – Hilda squirming between my legs. I watched the clock and after a few minutes, I said it was time to remove Hilda or her digestive acids would damage the penis. But María said she liked it, and asked me to wait.

Then the questions flooded out from the girls,

“What do you mean by castration, and how it had happened?”

“A man wanted to steal my wife, and he broke my penis so I couldn’t fuck my wife again. And he crushed my testicles as a symbol of his power.”

“Why did you allow this, why didn’t you fight him?”

“The man convinced me to allow it. Sexual desire is a powerful force, probably the strongest force among humans and he turned my own sexual desire against me. My wife was in love with the same man and I thought destroying my genitals would please her and help her leave me to be with the man she loved. So I begged him and helped him castrate me.”

The girls looked at each other in confusion and incomprehension. María’s face was white with shock. The five girls were completely aroused – one girl had a visible wet spot on her jeans; another covered her crotch with her hand. Any functional man in the room could have fucked all of them, including María, on the spot.

“Why do you have a woman’s breasts?”

“My remaining testicle was crushed and no longer produces enough testosterone to prevent the breast growth. I take testosterone supplements but they obviously aren’t effective.”

“The rings tattooed around your nipples are ridiculous, why did you have them?”

“The man that destroyed my genitals became my master and owner, and he tattooed his name above my penis. Look, you can read his name here. He wants to feminize me, to change me into a ‘joto perra’ (queer bitch). He had the rings tattooed around my nipples to emphasize my breasts.”

“What exactly is a queer bitch?”

“When you’re talking about men that aren’t voluntary couples, called queers or homosexuals, the bitch is the man other men use as a female, that is, the man who is fucked by the others. They are fucked in the mouth and anus, usually it’s rape. If the bitch accepts the fucking, maybe even wants and enjoys it, then he’s a queer bitch. My owner wants to make me his queer bitch.”

“Are you his queer bitch?”

“Yes, he fucks me whenever he wants, and I want it too. He also lets his friends fuck me, and I want that too because my owner wants it. I guess that also make me a ‘puto’ (slut), because I let anyone fuck me that he sends me.”

“Did you tattoo the flag on your back because you’re American?”

“No, my owner did that. The men he sends to fuck me are usually very anti-American. The flag on my back excites them to anus-fuck me harder, they have stronger climaxes, and it hurts me when they fuck me roughly.”

“What does your wife think about this?”

“My owner succeeded in stealing my wife from me and now she is with him. I know he wants to hurt me – if my wife let him, he’d kill me. She feels sorry for me, even though she loves him. But if you want to know what she really thinks, you’ll have to ask María.

I could see the girls’ brains working out the implications of this, María was ghostly pale, and I went to the bathroom to remove Hilda. My penis was damaged, I had several superficial lesions, mainly on and close to the head. I put on my robe to return to the girls, but everyone was gone. I called a doctor to come by the house, and he gave me an ointment. Two weeks later, my penis was fine. I think María had requested the delays to punish me for the female touches, or, maybe she just liked me that way.

I later regretted telling my story – I had upset María; I had failed once again to please her. However, after this episode, I noticed that María’s tormenting of me with her body tapered off greatly.

* * *

I loved the humiliation by the women. The White Witch was my favorite with her light skin, European features, short stylish hair, long skirts and high heels. Her demeanor commanded respect from the other academics, and she was the most strident leftist and feminist of the group. I deliberately provoked her, especially if María was in the room.

I called our favorite humiliation the ‘bounce game’. White Witch would call me to kneel before her. She’d position her foot between my legs and quick-kick my genitals with the arch of her high-heel, then bounce my body kicking lightly with her shoe against my genitals while I hugged her bare leg with both arms. It was tremendously erotic to see the point of her high-heel protruding from behind between my legs, and this humiliation usually signaled the start of frenzied sexual activity among the guests. As she bounced me, I grabbed higher and higher on her leg, her skirt permitting, and often wiggled my hand under the skirt up to her panty. She was no fool, she knew what I was doing, and kicked me harder as a reward.

I was further rewarded when she came to see me later in the hobby room. Her contempt for me as a capitalistic pig was overwhelmed by her desire for my tongue on her clitoris. And I had never imagined that a socialist/feminist could taste so good. I was proud to pierce her aloofness and reduce her to a quivering, crying mess of desire. She must have felt like a Nazi officer, shamed by his need for his Jewish mistress. She reduced me equally to a quivering, crying mess of desire by squeezing my testicle against my bangles. She was the only woman that sucked my broken penis, but never to ejaculation. That would have violated some hidden taboo.

After her first orgasm, when she was helpless to protest, I’d deep-kiss her and suck her nipples until she begged again for my mouth in her vulva. After her second orgasm, while she composed herself, laying there completely naked to my sub-human eyes, she would talk about herself and the university. Her academic status had surged due to how she publicly tormented me in the parties, but her personal reputation had suffered on the rumors of sex with me. Some male professors made suggestive comments to her that infuriated her. She unabashedly commented on my sub-human existence while caressing my broken genitals. I suggested,

“You can recover your anti-yanqui credentials by publicly completing my castration. PP owns me, ask him for permission.”

“I’d love to castrate you. Would you let me do it?”

“Absolutely, it’d be an honor for me. There’s no higher calling for a rotten man than to be castrated by a rotten woman. You’d be perfect.”

“I’ll let that feeble insult pass. Do you think that PP would let me do it?”

“He might, although he wants to finish me himself. But María won’t let him hurt me again.”

“At least it’s good that you know that your rotten …”

“But not for the reasons you think in your putrid Marxist ideology of hatred and violence. I’m rotten because I failed María, a woman that should make you ashamed of your existence …”

“How dare you compare her to me! She’s ignorant, un-educated, fucks any hard-on that looks at her, was married to a slime-ball American for years, and …”

“She’s a free woman, not tied up up in knots of hate like you. That’s why PP destroyed my genitals, although he doesn’t even know why himself, because I stupidly mistreated a free woman.”

“I heard he tortured you first …”

“You could torture me too. In front of all your colleagues. You’d be their super heroine. But my torture would be recompense for what I did to María, not to show-off your feminist prowess. So yes, torture me, kill me with pain if you can – you’ll get extra points for that.”

“Please fuck, urr, lick me again!”

“You’d make a superb María-spirit and be infinitely happier if you’d stop being a Penis-woman and change your beliefs from violence-based Marxism and feminism to Liberty. You’re intelligent, educated, easy to talk too, very attractive, and have a good heart, though you’re totally screwed-up in what to do with it. And you already have a most essential piece, a magnificent, delicious vulva.

“Oh god, shut up and lick me.”

“Yes, Master, umm, Mistress.”

I picked up her panty, folded it it small and put it on her lips,

“Bit down on this so you don’t scream when you climax.”

“I never scream …”

“You will this time, because I’m going to give you the best orgasm of your life. Then you’re going to tie me up, gag me, torture me, and complete my castration.”

I did.

Then she did.

I awoke in the clinic alone, pushed along on a gurney. I told the doctor to preserve the testicle. She said OK, then covered my face with a mask. I awoke with a splitting headache, still alone. No White Witch, no María, no one, alone. I truly wished she had killed me. I felt my scrotum. Testicles, two of them, tiny squishy balls of some rubbery substance. I cried until I slept.

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