Chapter 21 – Part 4, Snake or Penis

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Chapter 21 – Part 4, Snake or Penis

A favorite pastime of these women was inventing new photo poses with me. All these poses involved my genitals – the women cupping my scrotum while they sat and drank coffee, their little pinky fingers stylishly extended. Some women pulled my penis horizontally while I leaned back. One woman managed to take a photo of pulling apart my penis and testicle in separate hands. I didn’t mind these sessions even when it hurt, I was pleased to have a woman touching me. The majority of the men were much less abusive – I think they imagined it could be them receiving the abuse.

Whenever the women thought up a new trick, they would huddle with PP, glancing at me with evil smiles, the sign a new humiliation approached. No degradation was too harsh for me.

After one such excited huddle, PP ordered me to sit on the floor, my legs open and flat against the floor, a cloth bag went over my head, and I was told not to move my hands no matter what happened. Two women sat beside me and began to jiggle, squeeze and pinch my penis. One of the women seized my penis head between the fingernails of her thumb and fingers like she was biting it. They all laughed, and I heard one of the men call all the boys out of the room to the hobby room. I thought the game was stupid and infantile.

I endured this for a minute or so, then felt a different pinch on my penis head with sharp pricks circling the penis head. The pricks were like thorns, they hurt like needles would hurt, but it was bearable. The circle of pinches and pricks moved up my penis, a few millimeters at a time, and I guessed one of the women rolled a ring of thorns or something similar along my penis. Then I knew what it was – I remembered seeing the children playing with ‘atrapa-novios‘ (boyfriend-catchers,) small, multi-colored cylinders woven from reeds the kids would push over their finger. When you tried to pull the cylinder off, the cylinder contracted, and the sharp reed edges dug into your finger and trapped it. These hateful women were pushing an ‘atrapa-novio‘ over my penis and pulling back on it.

But something didn’t feel quite right. I felt something cool and pulsating behind the ring of pricks, my penis compressed by a cool, wet, slippery hand. The pricks passed over the broken sections of my penis, up towards the scrotum, and the tip of my penis started to burn. The pricks tickled a faint memory, like when my finger was bitten by …

My mind reeled – they were feeding my penis to Hilda, the garden snake! I tore the hood off my head, and saw half my penis had already disappeared into the snake’s mouth! I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t think of what to do. I watched terrified as Hilda swallowed the rest of my penis until she was blocked by the bangle above my testicle. Her lower jaw extended to swallow the bangle, but it was too big. The upper jaw bit into the vein on top of my penis and there were droplets of blood. Hilda tried to back away taking my penis with it, but her body slid over the floor, waving side-to-side, my penis waving inside it.

I looked up. Most of the men in the room were horrified, pale and anxious. The women were smug, smiling and laughing. The children, all girls, took their cue from their mothers and pointed and laughed. Two girls swung Hilda’s tail from side to side. PP pushed me over on my back, my genitals went up in the air, and Hilda’s small head was inverted, its body flopping and squirming in the air, dragging her tail across my legs and belly. The two girls squealed, trying to catch the tail as it flopped around.

PP pulled me to my feet, his eyes burning with contempt for me. He walked me around the room, and Hilda’s tail dragged the floor between my legs, shaking and squirming like a gigantic penis. I saw men with cameras and realized they had photographed and videoed the entire event. PP sat me in a chair, Hilda dangling between my legs twisting and squirming. I couldn’t think, I looked around the room at the people, hoping someone would save me. My penis burned, Hilda’s digestive juices would be dissolving the soft tissues of my penis. I cried out to PP and he said to remove Hilda this time, but someday, he would leave her attached for good! That provoked tittering from the women while the men smiled awkwardly.

While everyone watched and filmed, I pried open Hilda’s jaws, and worked her down off my penis, scratching my penis badly in my haste. My penis was bright red and scratched but otherwise intact. I rushed to the bathroom to wash off the digestive acids.

I went to my bed in the hobby room and covered myself with blankets. I ignored the children playing in the room, and I stayed covered there the rest of the evening. Later, after the children had left, one of the visitors came to the room, uncovered me, rolled my legs off the bed, and anus fucked me. At least he had the courtesy to put on a condom and lubricant. I never opened my eyes.

Later that evening, PP brought food to my table and watched me eat. After I finished, PP cleared the table, retrieved a condom and lubricant, and had me lay over the table and relax. I looked back to see his erect perfect penis and I escaped my stupor to became aroused. Following his habitual routine, he wiped his penis up and down the crack of my butt, then slowly penetrated and slow fucked me around the intestine. When he started fondling my genitals, I heard his hypnotic voice cajoling, comforting, convincing. By the time he ejaculated, I had sworn a dozen times Hilda would swallow my penis anytime he desired, and I agreed we’d find another snake big enough to swallow the testicle as well.

* * *

PP had me conditioned better than Pavlov achieved with his dogs – punishment and reward. PP tormented me constantly with the nude body and sexual activity of his whore-wife, María, and with the sight of his erect, perfect penis. He rewarded me for prolonged good behavior with the honor of sucking his testicles and penis. His whore-wife had moderated his sexual and physical abuse of my body somewhat – giving my anus to other men was now entirely my choice. It made no difference, I let any of his visitors fuck me, and I sucked any penis or testicles that appeared in front of my face.

Apart from inflicting pain and torment on me, none of the men or women touched my genitals for sexual excitement. However, several men and women found my growing breasts attractive. The men pinched and sucked my nipples roughly like I imagined they did with their wives, before fucking me. The women were more gentle, and I discovered real pleasure in these caresses. I rewarded the women with my mouth in their vulvae, and let them know the shaking climaxes I gave them were in appreciation for their mouths on my nipples.

PP’s whore-wife also had her abusive moments, especially when she was in heat. She opened her shirt and passed her nipples slowly within an inch of my mouth, her safe distance. She exposed her vulva to me, with or without see-through panties whenever she wanted to torment me. She was a monster prick-teaser, and I was forbidden to touch her, my wife and PP’s whore-wife.

I lusted desperately for PP’s perfect penis, only desiring his whore-wife’s vulva more. PP rewarded me with penis sucks infrequently and only fucked me when he wanted me to do something I wouldn’t want to do. I was continually sexually agitated and frustrated. My shrunken, useless testicle hurt all the time because they tormented me all the time. I lived in a house with the two most potent sexualities imaginable and was only given half-a-taste every-so-never. Even though, no, especially though PP hated me, I admired him intensely. He had seduced my beautiful, sensual wife, led me into impotency, castrated me, made me his ‘joto‘ (homosexual fuck boy), and made my wife his whore-wife. I was now his house-boy, trapped by my deranged desire for his affection, his sexual toy, a buffoon for the entertainment of his friends. He had defeated me totally, I admired and feared him, and I was willing to be ground under his feet at his discretion. Like a defeated dog, I offered him my throat, sure someday he would tear it out, and I would be happy. I supposed my death at his hands was his ultimate plan for me, so I desired it.

* * *

PP came to my room to announce their next party would be a costume party, and he wanted me to body paint María as a stripper. She would wear no clothes, only a painted tanga and pasties. I barely controlled my enthusiasm to say “Yes, of course, I’ll do anything you want.” He told me I would attend disguised as a woman, almost nude as usual, and I should do my own makeup. He wanted full facial makeup, and body paint to enhance my small breasts and to minimize my genitals. I had never made-up nor painted myself before, but I quickly agreed.

The day of the party, I painted María’s tanga first, slipping a finger inside her vagina to steady my hand. PP watched, murder in his eyes, but did nothing.

Late afternoon, PP brought over a hair stylist for my hair, a short bob cut, then I did my make-up, taking about three times longer than I ever needed to make-up a woman. I body-painted designs on my breasts to emphasize their size and enlarge the apparent size of the nipples and areolae. María gave me a small, stretchy woman’s panty to squash back my penis and testicle, and I painted a complete vulva over the panty fabric. The finished result was hideous.

Nonetheless, both María and I were a great success at the party, and I had a long line of men and women in my hobby room that evening.

Thereafter, PP came to see me every day. He talked kindly to me, caressed my body, especially my breasts and genitals, repeating he wanted to fuck me as a woman as he anus-fucked me. Through suggestions, anal and oral sex, caresses, brainwashing, and hormone treatments, PP pursued a long-term process to feminize me. A bitch’s bitch. He rubbed deep into my genitals, pressing and pushing, showing me where my vagina, clitoris, and labia should be. I was in heaven from the attention and caresses.

And then PP insisted I put make-up and arrange my hair as a woman every day. As my hair grew out, María styled it like her own for show, but PP pulled it back into a ponytail for my bitch fucking sessions. Every other day, I alternated between wearing a brassiere and panty or going nude in the house. When I needed exterior clothes, I wore men’s clothes over woman’s lingerie. PP really wanted me as a feminized bitch, not a woman. I was more than happy to please him, and he fucked me so nicely.

PP brought a tattoo artist to the house, and against my protests, the artist tattooed PP’s name above my penis, identical to María’s tattoo above her vulva. On my back above my butt crack, he tattooed an American flag. In a subsequent session, I was tattooed with red, textured areolae around my nipples. The flag was a great hit among the leftist professors who cursed at the capitalistic pig American as they fucked me.

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