Chapter 21 – Part 1, PerfectPenis’ Victory

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Chapter 21 – Part 1, PerfectPenis’ Victory

María said she came out of her masturbatory trance when I started screaming and it took her a while to realize what was happening. PerfectPenis continued crushing my testicles after I passed out. Within a few seconds, María rushed in from the bedroom, grabbed his hair and pulled him off me. She screamed at him he had promised not to hurt me – she was going to call the police. PP dressed quickly and left. María called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital emergency room.

The doctor opened my scrotum and examined the testicles. One testicle had been ruptured and was removed. The second was deformed. He wanted to remove it also, but María wouldn’t allow it. He said I was lucky the man that attacked me didn’t have enough strength in his hands to crush the testicles completely. He gave me antibiotics and other medicines and checked me every few hours for one day. Then I was released.

The doctor told me the remaining testicle was severely damaged and scarred but might still function to produce testosterone. If the remaining testicle didn’t start producing hormones within two weeks, it would be removed. I requested it be removed immediately, but the doctor declined without María’s consent. He explained how hormone replacement therapy would work if it were removed. Meanwhile, I had blood tests every third day to measure hormone levels and white cell count.

My penis was badly damaged also, and the doctor said I would need additional surgeries to have an erection again – the sacs that engorge with blood to create the erection were damaged by the twisting of the penis. The doctor said I was functionally castrated at the moment, and would only regain any sexual use of my penis after a long recuperation.

PP had disappeared, probably fearing arrest for assault. We didn’t report the assault to the police – we could hardly explain the entire perverted sexual adventure.

I’m was anxious to return to PP to take my place as his ‘puto joto castrado guycito‘ (castrated queer whore). I wanted him to complete the castration. I didn’t know what he’d do with me – maybe he´d keep me as a house pet, naked and on call for penis sucks for him and his friends. Or maybe he’d sell me as a prostitute. Maybe he’d cut off my penis and my soon to be empty scrotum. Maybe he’d kill me, choked to death by his penis in my throat. He was my love and Master, I’d do whatever he wanted.

The blood tests showed my testicle still produced hormones and I had no infection, so María decided my testicle would stay. I was weak from the assault and my testicle was still swollen so I could barely walk. María decided we’d return to Mexico immediately and we flew back. Fortunately, I had worked out basic schedules and work plans for my project in the days before the castration, just in case. I turned it over to my assistant, said I had been assaulted and needed recovery time.

* * *

We stayed in GTO for over two months, working out our relationship and consulting doctors. My testicle didn’t produce enough testosterone, so the doctors put me on hormones. We roamed through our house listless and anxious.

Brett and Rosa were settled in Monterey, and we hid everything from them and from my family. PP returned to Antigua and he sent María messages every day. He had moved into his new house, and was busy furnishing and decorating it for Maria. He asked her to come back to her husband.

I felt the constant urge to return to Antigua, But Maria insisted we stay. She argued we were married again, we could be enough for each other. She kept her promise to leave PP and return to me if he hurt me. We must stay. My mouth was the greatest, penises would be easy to find, we’d work it out, and she begged me not to ever return to Antigua. It’d be like it always had been before, she’d have lovers and I had my mouth to please her. I still had feeling in my penis head, she could still suck me to climax. When my penis healed, we’d do the surgeries to restore my ability to have erections.

The doctors lied to me for her. It was hopeless, I would never have another erection. One of the doctors slipped and said that, but I didn’t believe her. I called another of my doctors and he confirmed I was permanently impotent. I didn’t believe him and dialed yet a third doctor. María took the phone from me. She said it was true, but didn’t matter, we’d work it out. And meanwhile, new technologies were being developed to cure my problem.

Maria had also been in denial and the reality of our condition sunk into her. Her lifestyle had always included a partner with a fully-functional penis. She couldn’t fuck other men every day, and her penis addiction had not diminished over the years. Now her American lover was gone, my penis was useless, and I was morose and depressed over PP. María felt deprived and desperate. She started seeing previous lovers around town, but still couldn’t find satisfaction. And PerfectPenis still had hooks in her.

I also craved that perfect penis but wanted much more than that. PP had defeated me, destroyed me, and I wanted to grovel at his feet, to be ground under his heel, to be humiliated by him. PP should enjoy my humiliation and degradation at his pleasure. I wanted PP to complete my castration. I wanted to have my body, my anus and my mouth lent and sold to and abused by whomever he pleased. Like in the times of the Greek and Roman warriors, the victor crushed the loser and took the loser’s wife as his concubine. PP had defeated me and now should enjoy my wife at his pleasure. But both the victory and the defeat were incomplete – María was still with me in Mexico, and my castration needed to be definitively completed. I needed to immerse myself again in that dark heavy Male blood, to keep my pledge to PP. I wanted to return to Antigua in spite of María’s entreaties.

* * *

I broke – I started packing, and soon, we were on a bus back, through Mexico DF, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, through the border at La Mesilla, and finally, back in Antigua.

María and I both knew why we were there, yet neither of us made a move until the next day. I moved first, I slipped out of our house in the late afternoon and took a tuk-tuk to PP’s house. I rang the bell, the housemaid recognized me and let me in. PP entered and gave me a long, silent look. He asked,

“Have you brought my wife back?

“No, but my wife is with me.”

“What do you want?”

“We have unfinished business.”

PP told the housemaid I would be the new houseboy, I would always be nude in the house, and he asked her to make up the cot in the hobby room for me. I followed him silently as he walked through the den into the hobby room. He explained I was restricted to those two rooms and the adjacent bathroom unless he summoned me elsewhere on the intercom.

PP ordered me to undress as the housemaid fixed the cot bedding. Initially shocked, the maid looked me over, decided my broken penis wasn’t a threat, ignored me, and she left. PP stood in front of a chair and said simply, “You know what to do.”

I jumped to open his pants and pulled them down to his knees, he sat and I removed his shoes, his pants, his briefs. He opened his legs and I buried my mouth in his genitals, first sucking his testicles, then, as he became erect, licking, kissing and sucking his penis. He told me I had to learn to suck penis correctly, and directed me to pass my tongue and lips repeatedly over the edges of the crown of his penis, alternating every few seconds with deep strokes of the penis into my mouth. I apparently was doing something right, his penis enlarged, hardened, pulsated and released his semen into my mouth. He grabbed my head, shoved his penis deep, and continued pulsating and releasing semen, which I sucked out by stroking and squeezing the penis with my lips. As his penis relaxed, I stroked and sucked until he withdrew from my mouth, then he pulled my face into his genitals, and I was happy to continue kissing and licking. When he released my head, he told me to dress him, and I did. Then he dropped me to the floor with a knee to my genitals and he left the room.

I was delirious. I called María and told her where I was and what I had done. Her response was short, “Now you’re lost. I’ll come over later”.

Later that evening, I heard María arrive and the maid let her in. I expected her to come to see me, or at least for PP to bring her to show-off his new, naked houseboy. Instead, I heard their rustling, as she worked PP into a frenzy. I heard the distinctive moans of María, the sounds she makes as she’s building towards her orgasm. Then came the sharp screams and yelps that signaled an intense orgasm, then silence and the murmuring of conversation. PP had not shut his bedroom door – I was too insignificant for him to worry about me overhearing his fucking of my wife. The victor was claiming my wife as his prize, and I would experience his full victory, right in my face.

I was thrilled. I thought how sweet it is to be dominated, vanquished, and crushed by a better man. To grovel at his feet while he takes his trophy, your woman, for his own pleasure. I wonder how it felt to be the victor – I had never known that feeling.

María didn’t come to see me, but I was happy and slept soundly that first night.

* * *

I awoke from the intercom blasting as PP called me into his bedroom. PP sat in the middle of a large bed, guiding María’s head between his legs with one hand. The other hand grasped her panty across her back and stretched it tight between her butt cheeks, marking clearly the shape of her vulva. It was beautiful and I reached across to caress it. She was wet and moved her body to my touch. PP yelled at me to not touch her. He told me I could never touch her again, ever.

María licked his penis head like a child would lick an ice cream cone, and I surged with envy, not for PP but for María. She had that black, beautiful object I craved between her lips. PP must have seen the lust on my face.

PP raised María’s head and rolled her over to the side. He ordered me to turn around, hands behind my back, and he bound my hands with a large, gray tie-wrap. He wormed his hand into María’s panty, finding the valley of her vulva, then her vagina. He began finger-fucking her, rotating from vagina to clitoris, and he pulled my head to his penis. I flushed, shaking as I sucked his penis into my mouth. From the side, I could see María watching me as she squirmed against PP’s hand. María reached in, held PP’s penis at the base, stiff, upright against the movements of my mouth. I felt her familiar hand on my head – María entangled her fingers in my hair then guided my head as she knew PP would like it.

I was ecstatic, this was my deepest dream and desire – PP, María and I making love together. I felt PP’s penis stiffen and the first pulse – he was getting close. I would drink his semen again, reaffirming his mastery over me. But PP pulled my head away, and pushed me to one side, holding my head by my hair. He lay back and pulled María over him. She hooked her thumbs into her panty, wriggled them off, and guided her vagina down over his penis. She began vertical stroking, PP’s huge penis moving smoothly into the inverted V of her vulva. I watched mesmerized, it was beautiful. PP stroked María’s breasts with one hand. With the other, he pulled me up to his chest, wrapped his arm around my neck and moved his other forearm behind my neck. I could barely breathe, and he tightened his choke-hold until I had no air. I knew he wanted to kill me, I never thought it would be so soon. I felt that black volcano erupting in my groin and I raised my abdomen until I could see my penis base engorging.

PP focused on María riding his penis. I held still, watching María until my survival instinct kicked in and I began twisting and straining. Eliminating me, his lifelong rival for the possession of María must have excited PP. As she drove him to orgasm, he squeezed my neck tighter with every effort to delay his climax. I thought I would die of a broken neck first.

I watched María watching me, as I choked and heaved. Her face flushed, burning, and she stroked him faster and faster, up and down, from front to back. Bunk, the little man in the back of my head also watched María and screamed at me, “See, she doesn’t love you, she never loved you, she’s fucking him in glorious victory over you, climaxing as you die, you stupid fool, you deserve her contempt and your death.” I ignored him – death is the ultimate act of sex. My wife’s beautiful face would be the last thing I would see in life, and I was pleased. Anything to please María. As I faded-out, my brain exploded in a riot of colored stars among total blackness as PP shook and bucked in orgasm. I drifted in-and-out of utter blackness and intense brightness, then nothingness, the void of my existence without María.

* * *

I wheezed as air filled my lungs, and PP pushed me off the bed. He ordered me out of the room, and I went to my bed, hands still tied. I lay there, thinking of PP and María. I wondered that my wife had enjoyed watching him choke me – what an orgasm she must have had! I wondered when he would kill me, and if she would fuck him as he did it. I realized then she must want me dead also. When did she change? Was it only under his influence? When his penis is inside her, is she just an extension of his penis? My death would solve all the problems of divorce and distribution of assets, plus the insurance money. PP would kill me and she would dance in orgasm over my body.

I thought again about the insurance and our assets. I didn’t trust PP, trust that he really loved her. I decided if I had the chance before he killed me, I would change my will and insurance beneficiary in favor of our son.

Afterward, PP came into my room, dragged me by my hair and bent me over a table. As he placed and lubed a condom, I told him I knew what he was planning. I told him when he does it, my body must be easily found, easily identified so María would quickly get the insurance payout and inheritance settlement. It was for María. He laughed, said “You’re so stupid you deserve to die. I know you want me to kill you just like you wanted me to castrate you. You lay there for me to choke like you lay there to have your genitals crushed. You should be careful for what you wish for, you may get it!” He entered my anus brutally, I screamed from the pain and bled. When he finished, he cut my hands free, and left me laying on the table. “Get used to it, you’re my bitch now.”

The following morning, PP called me on the intercom to go to his bedroom. When I walked in, María lay on her back, naked except for a garter belt and thigh-high hosiery. She held her legs up and apart with her hands behind her knees, and PP held her legs by the toes. His penis stroking into her was perfectly visible. It was beautiful to see how her vulva moved in rhythm with his penis. I watched, entranced. María watched me as I watched his penis stroking into her. When I looked at her face, she had a strange expression – sadness, maybe, regret, of ‘this should be you’. I could never again do for her what PP did in that moment. I was PP’s houseboy and she was his wife now. In her eyes, I saw flickers of that most brilliant light in the universe – were they still for me?

Her eyes closed, and when they reopened, they were flat, resigned, the tiredness of finality. Her light for me had extinguished. She turned away, and I saw PP watching us as he stroked inside her. María looked at PP, and that brilliant light ignited again for him. She didn’t love me anymore.

I had ruined myself exactly for this, so she could lay there in peace, his magnificent penis sliding into her. This was my finest moment, the culmination of my life’s journey since María-date: zero. I had joined together the perfect vulva to the perfect penis. I was at peace, finally, and I would share in their perfect union.

After a minute or so, PP flipped her over and began power-fucking her, and he ordered me out of the bedroom.

And yet the next morning, he called me on the intercom, and I walked into his bedroom naked. María lay on her side on the bed fondling his genitals while he stroked her side, hips, and breasts. María barely looked at me. PP asked for coffees, and I left to prepare them. When I returned, María was on her back, legs in the air, and PP thrust between her legs, fucking her forcefully with deliberate, measured movements. He kissed her deeply, and when I set down the cups, he disengaged from her mouth just long enough to say, “That will be all”.

Now the rules of the house were clear – he would fuck María as he wanted in front of me as if I didn’t exist. She would be his sex toy, and an object with which to torment me. I would be his slave; when he tired of María, I would suck his penis, or he might fuck me as a sex toy, nothing more. I both desired and hated my new life, but my desire was stronger, and I still wanted the final defeat, total castration. And perhaps subconsciously, even death by my Master’s hand.

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