Chapter 20 – Part 2, Special Humiliations

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Chapter 20 – Part 2, Special Humiliations

The next morning, my group of engineers went to a café in the Parque Central to escape the office. As we entered, I saw PerfectPenis sitting alone at a table reading a newspaper. Perhaps emboldened by the group of men with me, I excused myself and went to talk to PP for a few seconds. With barely a salutation, I told him neither María nor I were his property, and I would return with María to Mexico when I finished my project.

It was an empty boast. The following day, when PP called us, María and I went to see him. When we arrived at his house, PP changed our routine. He tied my hands behind my back as usual and led me to the foot of his bed. He tied my ankles and knees together, then made me kneel and tied my hands to my ankles – I could scarcely move.

PP undressed and lay on the bed on his back with his lower legs hanging over the edge of the bed. His genitals were in front of my face, less than half a meter away. PP called to María, also nude, and she lay on top of PP, her legs doubled below her body straddling PP’s hips. She was so close and open, I could see inside her vagina. They kissed for a few minutes, PP kissed her nipples, and his hand appeared between their bodies caressing her vulva. María’s vulva became wet, and PP became erect – his penis seemed taller than María’s reclining body, much too big for María’s petite body. María sat upright, guided PP’s penis into her vagina, and lay back down on his body. They began their dance, stroking slowly, their genitals just a few inches from my face. I watched María’s juices dribbling on PP’s testicles as he stroked. They varied their rhythm, stroking slowly then rapidly. I strained forward to lick his penis as it entered and exited her vagina, but I could hardly move without toppling over.

As I watched, I felt uneasy, that it was cruel and sadistic to have to watch this level of intimacy between my wife and another man. It was too direct, a deliberate insult. I understood that PP now wanted to break me again. I thought of the boast I made the day before – PP had taken the boast seriously, and surely this exhibition of intimacy with María was part of his process to break me.

PP’s penis jumped, swelled and began to pulse. I heard his cry of orgasm as he pounded her faster and stronger. He paused, they were still for a while, his penis wilted and fell out of María’s vagina, pulling out a glop of semen. María rolled over to PP’s side, and she began to fondle his genitals while he played with her nipples. PP raised one leg and pushed me with his foot. I fell over on my side, unable to move. I noticed a blinking red light to one side and realized that PP was video recording my humiliation.

They talked, María expressing her satisfaction with the fuck just completed, and they talked about me. I heard again those criticisms about my penis – ugly, small and useless. María raised up on her elbow to look into my eyes, and she told PP I was as pathetic as always, she didn’t want me, and she’d change me in an eye-blink for a real man. I cried while they proceeded to kiss, to fuck noisily, deeply in love, half a meter above my head.

* * *

The next day, María couldn’t escape making a shopping trip to Guatemala City with some friends. PP called me at work, and I went alone to see him at lunch time.

PP had me strip and told me that he was going to anus-fuck me. I told him NO, I would never give him that satisfaction. He gave me a condom and lubricant, and told me to install it on him. He tied my hands behind me, grabbed my hair and bent me over the kitchen table. I felt his penis sliding up and down between my butt cheeks, and I felt pressure pulsing against my anus. I tightened my anus and PP was unable to penetrate. PP stepped back, drove his kneecap into my genitals, and ordered me to relax my anus. I felt the penetration of his penis – it was painful and uncomfortable but tolerable after the first few moments. I felt his penis sliding between my butt cheeks, and felt fullness in my groin. I supposed he was penetrating deep inside, and wondered if this was the same sensation of fullness experienced by women. The sensation was neither bad nor repugnant, apart from the pain. PP pushed again and I felt his pubic hair tickling my butt cheeks. He pushed forcefully against me and I felt his hips glued to my buttocks. His testicles squished up against mine and I felt relieved and even more powerful with his penis inside me.

PP grabbed my hair and pulled my head back with one hand while reaching around to squeeze my genitals with the other.

He said, “From this moment on, you are my ‘joto perra‘ (queer bitch), my ‘joto guycito perra‘ (little guy queer bitch).”

He made me repeat, “Yes, I am your queer bitch now” several times.

He ordered me to tighten my anus, he stroked into me quickly and he achieved climax several seconds later.

PP said, “You’ll be my queer bitch for a few more days. Then I’ll make you my castrated queer bitch.”

I replied, “Yes, please, it’s time to take my worthless testicles.”

* * *

María came back from Guatemala City sinus-sick, and she called PP to say that she couldn’t see him the following day.

PP called me the following morning, and I went running to see him in a motel on the outskirts of Antigua. I found PP and two friends in the motel room: a pimply teenager, and a well-dressed 50-ish man, both short and ugly. PP ordered me to strip and place condoms and lubrication on all three. PP told me that they were going to anus-fuck me, and I said, NO, I wouldn’t do it ever. PP tied my hands, seized my neck, bent me over a table and held me flat.

The teenager approached, opened my legs, grabbed my hip with one hand, his small penis with the other, and easily penetrated my anus despite my efforts to hold him out. He fully penetrated me with a single push. With both hands holding my hips, he fucked my rapidly for a few strokes until he exploded in ejaculation while screaming that I was a ‘puto chingado‘ (nasty whore). I barely felt anything, his small penis didn’t fill me.

The older man was totally different. He said, “Con permiso” (with your permission), mounted me, and stroked me slowly while asking politely if I would squeeze my anus while he stroked. He ejaculated with a series of grunts and soft pushes, withdrew, and thanked me. He was a real gentleman, and I was pleased that I had pleased him.

As I lay there waiting for PP’s turn, I thought back to the gang-rape of María many years ago, but understood that this time was different – I did this voluntarily – I was a bigger slut than María. But I didn’t like that PP was whoring me out. I’d never been whored-out before, and I felt dirty. I didn’t even get to choose who fucked me. At least María always chose – is this how she felt when I whored her out? Was this my new life?

With the other two watching, PP told me to lower my body trunk on the table and relax my body. I rested flat on the table, PP spread my legs until they no longer supported my weight. I let my body relax and focused on the sensations in my groin. PP mounted me. As he stroked me slowly, he talked to me softly, “Focus only on the sensation of my penis in you, doesn’t that feel good? You are a ‘joto perra‘ (queer bitch), this is why you’re no good with María, you are a woman and she needs a man.”

His penis did feel good stroking me, in fact, it felt great. I could feel the fullness in my groin as he went deep, then the emptiness as he withdrew. I didn’t like the emptiness, I wanted him deep within me all the time. I think he varied his angle of entry as I felt his penis in different parts of my groin. I loved the sensation, I thought I could do this for the rest of my life. PP was right, I am a joto perra, and I felt an immense gratitude to him for revealing my true character to me. I would be a joto perra, sucking penises and anus fucking, without shame, for the rest of my life. PP would help me.

I also felt arousal in my groin – a glow spread through my body, that tension of desire. I like this, I want this, please don’t stop! As I relaxed and focused, the pleasure grew stronger, washing over me, and I thought, ‘A man is fucking me and I love it. I’ve crossed over, I am a joto perra now. Maybe this is what love is, a big penis in your anus; learning you’re really a woman, expertly handled by a real man.’

While he fucked me, PP fondled my genitals between my legs. I felt the pain and throbbing of my erection. I was erect while being fucked and fondled by a man! PP droned on hypnotically, “You’re not a man, you’re a joto perra, your sexy wife left you because of this. She needs a real man, just like you need a real man to satisfy you. Your future life is sucking penises and being fucked like every other woman. Now, you are my puto joto perra, and I will make you happy.”

As he stroked me slowly, he pumped my penis in rhythm with his strokes. The tension built in my groin, and he increased his pace – I exploded in climax, spraying the table and floor until I was spent and relaxed again.

I lay there confused, am I homosexual or am I a woman? All the other men I saw on the street left me absolutely indifferent, the thought of sucking them or getting fucked by them was repugnant – no man but PP mattered, but PP was my whole world. I was in love with him… yes, in love!

PP continued seducing me, stroking me – I was a woman, I needed a real man, I needed to lose my penis and testicles. I thought, ‘This man has stolen my wife, and destroyed a long marriage. He has led me once into impotency, now he’s taking me into homosexuality, and my castration is next – what else can he do to me?’ I had visions of my future as PP’s prostitute, my face always buried in men’s genitals, my anus a fucking station for innumerable unknown men. I broke again. I moaned my agreement and I thought, ‘This will be perfect, PP will have two mistresses, his trophy puta María, and his puto joto perra guycito. I’ll have enlarged breasts, big pink nipples…’

But I began to get a foreboding – this hypnotic man that had taken control of María and me would eventually lead me to death, and I would go voluntarily, even eagerly and gratefully all the way.

PP ejaculated smoothly, moaning, pressing and holding inside me as deep as he could push. He lay down on my body and whispered, “Tomorrow I’ll destroy you,” but my response, “Yes, yes,” was lost in the cry of my second ejaculation.

* * *

I didn’t sleep all night, my last night as María’s sexual partner. Late at night, after we had finished our ‘mistress’ sex, I remained bright awake, imagining my new life. María was groggy but I caressed and kissed her body until she rolled into me and opened her legs. I had never been harder in my life, this was my last night as a complete man. I slipped into her slowly and her pelvis rose to meet me. She was in love with PP, she didn’t want me, yet her body recognized my love for her and responded automatically. We made love even though she didn’t love me. Our bodies rocked in perfect rhythm. I never felt greater love for her than in that moment.

Tomorrow would be the apex of my life, my finest hour, when I surrendered her to him, surrendered my genitals in total defeat to a superior man, to the man she loved. He would destroy my testicles, and I would be his slave. Something in my actions, in my excitement, stirred María. She pounded her vulva into me with a fierceness I had never felt before. I wondered if she knew tomorrow was her freedom day from me. I wondered how she had endured me for all these years.

When we finished, I kissed her body from her face down to her vulva. She was already drowsing off as I licked my own semen from her vulva and vagina. I wanted to deliver her clean to PP. She murmured, “That was special.”

I lay next to her pumping my penis, thinking, ‘This is it,’ the last time my penis would enter her after so many years. Never again – an unthinkable notion a few days ago. I thought it was too bad I had never ‘Rode’ her, my penis had never entered her throat. It could never happen now, never. That hurt me, and I wondered if I was making a mistake. But no, PP was our destiny.

Still, it wouldn’t be so hard. I wasn’t really losing her. I was gaining PP and her with him. The same penis that satisfied her would then satisfy me. I imagined his penis leaving her vagina and entering my mouth, and I ejaculated again. A new life, without testicles, I couldn’t wait! His testicles would become mine, his penis mine. He would make love to María, then share her with me through his penis.

* * *

Our final encounter with PerfectPenis was back in his apartment. María and I stood in front of him, undressed as usual. We were especially excited. I asked María why she wore Jungle Gardenia, she said she felt special today. PP tied our hands behind our backs, then tied my feet together. He grabbed my hair and penis and lifted me up on my toes. He pulled me backward by my hair and pulled forwards and upwards on my penis, again like he was trying to tear my penis from my body. I lost my balance and fell back. PP tried to hold me up, to suspend me in the air by my penis and it was quite painful. I lost my erection and he dropped me to the floor. I looked up at María, she was glowing red, excited and aroused by my humiliation, by a strong man sexually humiliating her weakling faux-husband.

PP took María by the hair, inserted two fingers into her vagina, and lifted her up on tiptoes. He kissed her ears, neck, breasts, nipples and mouth, inflaming her with desire to be fucked until her legs gave out.

PP untied her hands, lowered her to her knees, facing me, placed her hands in her vulva and told her to watch and enjoy the show.

PP sat in a chair and had me kneel in front, and I begin to suck and kiss his testicles. After he became erect, he pulled my mouth up to his penis and I sucked his penis head. I was erect once again, excited, wanting to climax. But with my hands tied behind, I couldn’t stimulate myself, nor hold his penis as I liked to do.

I looked over at María to see her reaction, but she had her eyes closed and had both hands in her vulva frantically stimulating her clitoris. Her body undulated in small circles, and the muscles in her thighs twitched – she was in the nirvana of a rolling climax.

PerfectPenis held my head with both hands and begin to fuck my mouth fast and I exploded in ejaculation. He pushed in deep until I choked, then held his penis deep while I choked and gagged. My diaphragm bucked and twisted, and I fought the impulse to vomit. PP withdrew so I could breathe, and pushed deep again. He did this several times, choking me with his penis until I was dizzy and disoriented.

PP worked his foot between my legs, and from time-to-time, withdrew his penis from my mouth and gave me quick kicks in the genitals. Then he pulled my face up to his genitals, and gagged and choked me again with his penis. My body trembled as I became dizzy, disoriented, weak and nauseous. This was not how I had envisioned my castration, but I understood that he was wearing me down to make my castration easy and smooth.

María watched with her customary indifference to me – the strong man, her lover and new husband, was fighting for her, defeating the weak man, her husband. As I weakened and flagged, her sexual excitement burned in her face. She waited for PP to finish with me and claim her as his prize again.

PP had progressively abused me since the first visit. María must have thought this was more of the same, but tonight was brutal. My hands and feet were tied, and I realized I couldn’t stop what was happening – I would be soon castrated, and I wanted it quickly if just to stop this torture. He didn’t stop for several minutes more, until after a particularly solid kick to my genitals dropped me face down on the floor.

He pulled me up and, at last, pushed his penis deep into my mouth and climaxed. I felt his semen hot in my throat but I couldn’t breathe and I was dizzy and fainting. When he withdrew his penis, I gasped for breath pulling his semen into my trachea, choking and coughing.

I lay doubled on the floor exhausted and watched PP lead María to the bedroom. He arranged her on the bed, raised her legs, and ran his penis up and down her vulva a few times. He penetrated her, leaned forward and kissed her breasts, her mouth, then withdrew. He left her legs bent over the edge of the bed at her knees, put her hands into her vulva, and told her to enjoy herself for a few more minutes. Her fingers worked furiously in her vulva and she began to roll her hips. It was beautiful to watch. Until he closed the bedroom door.

As PP returned, he took my wedding band from his pocket and slipped it on.

PP rolled me over on my back, my hands still tied behind me, and I thought that finally, the moment of my destiny had arrived. I lay trembling and submissive, waiting for PP to spread and raise my legs and stomp my genitals. With my hands and feet tied, and PP barefoot, I contemplated how the castration would proceed – I would be unable to position his foot over my testicles, and his foot would be a lot softer than the boot of the first attempt. I knew he would be unable to burst my testicles with his foot. but the narrowness of his foot meant he could press my testicles deeper into my groin. This would provide exquisite pain. I wanted the pain, to believe he could actually explode my testicles. I wanted the testicular pain for as long as he could last – we would dance, thrusting against my testicles until I passed out!

I would tell him how to complete the castration. Two possibilities came to mind – he could install my bangle around my scrotum above my testicles, then crush my testicles against the bangle with his heel. I would pass out with the first blow, and he could grind them to mush as he pleased.

Or, I would tell him to put on a boot. I’d sit up and put my scrotum against the hard floor; I’d position his boot toe squarely on my testicles, and tell him to stomp with all his weight in a single blow.

I lay there anticipating the delicious pain ahead, waiting for his foot to land on my genitals, when instead, he came off the chair and sat on my stomach.

PP leaned forward, grabbed my hair with one hand and held my head against the floor. He seized my throat with his right hand and choked me. I panicked, flopped and thrashed on the floor. This was not how I had imagined PP destroying me. I knew PP always intended to kill me, I deserved it, but I wanted to be castrated first. Or killed by the castration. I tried to still my body, I didn’t want to disturb or alert María only a few feet away in the bedroom. He choked me until I passed out.

When I came to, gasping for breath, he choked me again, I thrashed and faded-out, then came to again. He repeated again and again until I was exhausted, unable to move, accepting my fate. He remained seated on my stomach, now pumping his penis.

His eyes shone with hate, he wanted to kill me, to have his final triumph over me. He pushed his fingers into my eyes for a moment – I was terrified he was going to blind me, but he didn’t continue.

He said, “I should have killed you decades ago when you stole María from me. I would kill or cripple you now except as the father of María’s son, she would never forgive me.”

He choked me again, this time allowing a few gasps between squeezing again, over and over, pure torture. When he let speak, I begged him to stop the torture.

He said, “I’ll let you live but I’ll make sure you’ll never touch Maria again. Your days as a man are over forever.”

I replied, “Do it, do it now. Please don’t choke me anymore.”

He pumped his penis faster, he was engorged, ready to explode at any moment. I felt tension in my groin, arousal, I couldn’t take my eyes off his penis. My wedding ring gleamed in the light as it slid up and down his penis. PP said, “Beg me to castrate you and I’ll destroy you now.”

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