Chapter 2 – Part 9, María’s First Lover

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Chapter 2 – Part 9, María’s First Lover

I wondered if María was a nymphomaniac. I didn’t think so. Away from the Mayan ruins, she wasn’t compulsive about sex – she enjoyed it immensely and was always ready and available. She told me she had sex with her bosses starting at age 14 and I asked her about previous experiences. After she related her first experiences, I understood why she had never volunteered the history before.

María’s first sexual contact was around age 3-4 years, with her father. It happened infrequently as they were seldom alone in the house. He sat her on his lap to read or play, put his arm around her as fathers do, but put his hand into her vulva. He inserted a finger into her tiny vagina, and gently rubbed her clitoris. María loved it, she would melt into his arms and luxuriate at the sensations of being hugged and caressed. He told her it was their special secret, she should tell no one ever. She was elated to know she was special to her father, she loved him as only a young daughter can love her father.

It never occurred to her anything might be wrong until the nuns at her school warned the children especially against this type of contact from men. María commented innocently she liked it. That same day, a priest came to visit María’s parents, and the secret sessions stopped. But it was too late for María, she had already learned how to stimulate herself and enjoy the pleasures of the vulva. And her father became cold and distant towards her, and verbally abused her.

In later childhood, María engaged in the usual activities with her playmates, playing doctor, innocent nudity in the wading pools, etc. She taught many of her female playmates how to touch themselves. She saw a penis for the first time at age 4 – she said she thought the tiny stub and sac were a deformity and she laughed and asked the boy if it hurt to have that bump.

María’s occasional cheating turned into constant extra-marital fucking when we discovered salsa dancing.

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