Chapter 2 – Part 6, María’s Work Ethic

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Chapter 2 – Part 6, María’s Work Ethic

María was a trophy any man would love to bag, and men hit on her continually, especially after we married. I got used to it and didn’t mind – in fact I enjoyed showing her off. I guess the men felt she was safe: they might get sex without any commitment. María was extremely sensual, and I sensed it was easy to get into her panty with the proper approach and appeal to her vanity. She was easy, but not your typical slut, sexuality was just normal to her. I figured some man would eventually seduce her, just like I had seduced many married women myself. I rationalized that when it happened, it was my turn to be the cuckold. Fair is fair and and there is a price to pay for being married to a beautiful woman.

I quickly realized it would be my job to control her availability, an impossible task. I was not going to let jealousy poison my life, so I decided I would settle for discreet, protected, one-time encounters. Of course, I didn’t tell her this. As long as she didn’t get pregnant, catch some disease, and didn’t flaunt it in my face, I would accept her adventures if they happened and pretend I didn’t know. I prided myself that it took a special sort of guy, a righteous penis, to share his wife with other men without fear.

Shortly after our marriage, María came home from work and announced she had quit. Her boss pressured her to fuck him twice a week instead of once. I was outraged – she hadn’t told me she did this, that she fucked him every inventory day, before and after we got married. María looked at me with surprise. How could I be so naive? She calmed me and told me it was her idea – when she applied for the job, she voluntarily offered her boss weekly sex as an inducement to get the job. She called it inventory day because her boss went through her body in detail.

Then I remembered we married on inventory day, and María confessed she went straight from the lawyer’s office to fuck her boss. He opened her blouse, pushed her to her knees and she licked and sucked his penis until he ejaculated on her breasts, spreading his semen over her nipples with his penis head. He told her that was his wedding gift to her.

I was furious but confused – furious another man got her first after our marriage; confused because I didn’t know who to blame or what to do. What kind of man would fuck another man’s wife within minutes of her marriage? What kind of woman would fuck another man within minutes of her marriage? What kind of woman would offer sex for a job? Was my brain located in my penis – what kind of man was I to marry such a slut? My head burst, I became woozy and lay down, my gut twisted and my testicles hurt like they were exploding. María caressed and kissed me until I recovered. I wanted to hurt someone, but I didn’t know whom, and so I did nothing, just lay there shaking. María pulled my face into her vulva, and her warmth, fragrance and taste released me. I forgave her, forgave her boss, forgave myself.

María explained she fucked every boss at every job starting at age 14 at a Chinese dry goods shop. She always thought it was a normal part of having a job, and she generally enjoyed it. The men were interesting and treated her nicely. She thought it was a fringe benefit – she got paid for doing something she liked to do. But her current boss was mean the day of our marriage, and became vindictive since then. But she had quit – it was over. And María joined me in my export business.

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