Chapter 2 – Part 4, Astonishing beauty

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Chapter 2 – Part 4, Astonishing Beauty

The year rolled over. María-date: + 3 months.

I went by to see María and she sported a nasty bruise on her cheek. She had been fighting with her fiancé for a few days, and he had finally hit her. I asked her out immediately and she accepted! María said she was 19, younger than she looked but almost an ‘old maid’ by local standards. Just jilted by a severely jealous boyfriend, I got her on the first rebound from a painful breakup.

We went out that very night. This was my first dating experience with a Latin woman and I was cautious – I treated her like a lady. María told me her story. Her boyfriend wanted to marry a virgin and he thought she was. In reality, the distance between then and her virginity measured in men would have populated a soccer team. María was transparent – she described every one of those affairs to me, what they were like and what they did to each other. She had casual lovers even while she was engaged. Her fiancé’s best friend in a drunken moment had told her fiancé he had first-hand, intimate knowledge she was a trashy slut, and her fiancé hit her. I realized I could have had her even before and I understood her previous flirtations. I was thrilled. This beautiful woman was just another slut, and I didn’t have to treat her like a proper lady anymore. I didn’t think at all about the other implications of her cheating on her fiancé.

The next night, María wore Jungle Gardenia, and when she greeted me with a kiss to the cheek, she swept her hair across my face, silky fingers of seduction. She gave me her INVITATION at dinner – when she was on the prowl, she would wear short skirts and let them ride up on her legs. When she wanted to say “yes” to a man, even before the question was asked, she would pretend to pull down her skirt. But as she pulled it down, she would subtly raise it above her legs to allow the man a view of her lingerie (if she was wearing any). This was how she first said “yes” to me and snapped her trap on me. I’ve since seen her use this INVITATION trap on many men over our many years together.

After dinner, we went to my house. Barely inside the door, I pinned her to the wall and we kissed and pawed for a few minutes, then raced to undress. María beat me to the bed, and I couldn’t help but stop and stare at her body. María let me examine her completely. Her body was petite, perfectly proportioned and symmetrical, her curves were smoother than any artist could conceive. I thought of Da Vinci´s Golden Ratio in Vitruvian Man – María’s body was far superior. Her skin was porcelain, unblemished, an even dark olive color that made a sexy contrast with my pale skin. Her skin was smooth and fresh to touch or kiss, her hair was dark brown, almost black and shined so brightly I swear it glowed in the dark. Perky B-cup breasts, large deep red areolas, with nipples you could wrap your tongue around. Her eyes glowed with the brilliance of a woman in love, she was radiant. When closed, the labia majora of her vulva covered the inner labia and clitoris completely, presenting a perfectly packaged vulva ideal to cup in my hand. As a former engineering student and fan of architecture, I was astonished by the composite beauty of her body; as a man, she simply took my breath away.

I went for my camera, and I photographed her from all sides in her lingerie. I pulled off her panty and bra, and shot another group, including close-ups of her face, breasts, and derriere. She wouldn’t open her legs for a vulva shot – she said I hadn’t earned that yet. I ditched the camera and stood in front of her, suddenly embarrassed by the bulge of my penis in my briefs. My penis was huge and hard, it hurt, but I worried it wouldn’t be as ‘righteous’ to her as to my self-image. She reached forward and stroked the bulge, and I exploded right there in my briefs. I was mortified, but María just laughed and said it frequently happened the first time for most men. She pulled me down on top of her. The softness of her skin, the smell of hair and skin, her kisses … she caressed me back to full erection within minutes. We had awkward, first-time intercourse and I was trapped. María’s body seemed to want me. I declined her attempt to suck my penis as I wanted to climax inside her. We kissed deeply, I explored her breasts and discovered her delicious nipples, and she pushed my face down into her vulva.

Now this was a different experience. The scents and tastes of her overwhelmed my senses. María had fine, sparse pubic hair that didn’t obscure or overwhelm her vulva; on the contrary, it enhanced her vulva, set it off like a rich picture frame enhances a fine painting. My previous experiences with vulvas hadn’t been great – the girls were embarrassed and fidgety, and the vulva seemed like a better place for penises than for faces. María’s vulva was a sensory masterpiece, she told me how to please her, where to lick and suck and kiss. She moaned, seemingly floating in a continuous orgasm. She submerged me in her vulva and drowned me there – I was lost and stayed lost forever. When she finally pulled my penis inside her, her vagina held on to it as if it should never leave. Then María whispered, “Te quiero” (I love/want you).

Making love to her shook the foundations of my soul and the shaking continued into the night. At 3:16 AM, the earth erupted in violence.

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