Chapter 19 – Part 2, Almost Rape, Almost Castration

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Chapter 19 – Part 2, Almost Rape, Almost Castration

A few days later, María slept in late while I worked in my studio. María received a phone call, and I heard her excitedly talking to Mark. Today was her day for a full afternoon with Mark, and she always was excited about dressing up sexy and going to meet him. After she hung up, she came into my office, upset and crying. She was dressed and said she was going out.

While she was out, Jenny called for her. I thought this would be a good time to get to know María’s newest lover, so I invited Jenny to a café in the Plaza San Fernando. Watching Jenny approach the café, I thought María had grossly under-described the attractiveness of the mulata. We greeted, sat, and ordered coffee.

Jenny appraised me coolly for a few seconds, then blurted out, “I like you.” Surprised, I asked why, and she countered she liked me because I was impotent and because I didn’t try to control María’s sexual activities. She said she was a hard-core lesbian, had never liked men, had never had a penis in her, and the very thought of penises nauseated her. She concluded with, “The only good penis is a dead penis.”

I decided I liked this girl. Maybe she’d be the one to take my penis. I drifted away for a few seconds fantasizing how she might do it, but quickly returned to reality. My penis belonged to PerfectPenis, only he could take it, at his convenience.

After a few more minutes of equally charming conversation, I told her about Mark’s phone call in the morning. She knew Mark intended to break up with María that day.

Then Jenny made her pitch. She wanted María, and she wanted my help to make María her exclusive lover. She made a compelling case – I was impotent (she thought); it was safer for María, less chance of contracting diseases; it was safer for me – María wouldn’t leave me for another man with a working penis; and so on.

I said I’d think about it, I was stimulated by the idea of these two beautiful women making love, more concerned about my sexual fantasies than what might be best for María. If Mark broke with María, this could work to my advantage, I could get my penis inside María regularly again, and Jenny would create some great fantasy situations. All those fantasies pictured me fucking Jenny.

I decided to bargain – María for Jenny’s vagina.

Jenny was shocked, beyond shocked, repulsed and nauseated. I used PerfectPenis’ arguments: It would only hurt for a moment and would be over quickly. Then she’d have my support to own María. I’d use a condom – there’d be no hormones, disease or pregnancy, no aftereffects. We bartered over sex, María’s sex, Jenny’s sex.

Jenny was in love with María and she thought she could get María anyway, but I convinced her otherwise. María would always want a penis – that would be me, and Jenny would support I was her exclusive penis. I wasn’t completely impotent – the fantasies of the women together would get me erect.

We were eyeball-to-eyeball, and Jenny blinked – she wanted María desperately. So I upped the ante – we’d have full sex: mouth, breasts, vulva, vagina and clitoris, my hands, mouth and penis everywhere. Until we both climaxed. Jenny said she’d have to think about it, but I was sure I had won. My first black woman – I could hardly wait!

Later that day, I thought about liberty – María’s liberty. I had just conspired to sell María for a couple of hours of sex with a mulata. It was a monstrous violation of María, but my hormones were in charge.

As I waited for Jenny’s capitulation, I received a work call – an urgent contract, my flight to Istanbul was in three days! I replied ‘yes’ immediately and decided to take María if she would go. In my excitement, I forgot about Jenny and began planning the trip. My first meeting would be in five days.

Jenny called me mid-afternoon and said she accepted my deal. I had won, and I thought ‘why not?’ Two hours later, we undressed in her bedroom where she had first ravished María. Jenny had a big supply of condoms and lubricants ready. She was a petite woman, pretty in the face, but with a world-class body. She was several skin tones darker than María. I could easily understand María’s erotic attraction to her.

When Jenny saw my bangle, she made a gagging noise and said, “You won’t touch me with that thing on. What kind of pervert are you, take it off!”

My first look at Jenny’s vulva, that exquisite real-life example of the mythical black orchid punched me in the diaphragm. I knew I could lose María to this woman, and those nagging doubts about María’s liberty struck me again – I might well be trading María for an hour or so of delicious sex. What if María fell in love with Jenny – she might skip Istanbul and stay with Jenny? And what right did I have? María’s husband – hah! What about María’s liberty? What right does a hormonal slime-ball have to a woman’s affection, a woman’s body?

The perfume of Jenny’s vulva tickled my nose and my noble resolve succumbed again to my hormones. With an impressive erection, I dived into Jenny determined to get my ‘money’s worth’ from this trade. If I might lose María for a piece-of-ass, I would prolong my pleasure for as long as possible.

It was my pleasure… Jenny hated it. She barely tolerated the kisses and caresses but made some effort to respond as she thought I wanted. She did lick and suck some while I worked her mouth with my penis. She especially hated the pain of my first penetration – she was still a technical virgin, and I popped-her-cherry, my first time to see the smearing of hymen blood. I detested the condom then – I wanted her blood on my penis.

As her ordeal continued, she became more passive, but I luxuriated and wallowed in the pleasures of her body. This was perhaps the best masturbation of my life. Jenny sobbed between gasps of pain. She did everything I wanted without question or comment – she was desperate to have María, she wanted María more than I. She hated me then, I could see it in her eyes, in her body movements, in her passive acceptance of my assault.

I paced myself, going right up to the edge of ejaculation, then backed away. I twisted and bent her into positions I had never tried before, wondering how much pain and discomfort she would take before she refused. But she endured everything – she wanted María more than any man had ever wanted her before.

I decided to attempt the ‘Ride’, my first attempt ever – she surely would balk at her anus. I positioned her on the bed and worked her anus open with one, two, then three fingers in a well-lubricated condom, just as the Pol had done to María. When I tried to mount her, I was as hard as I had ever been, but she tightened and I had to coax her for a few minutes. I finally penetrated her anus, straddled her body, held her hair as I had seen other men do to María.

Her hair didn’t excite me – it wasn’t smooth and silky like María’s. I reached for her clitoris, but she pushed my hand away. I kneaded her nipples but she just cried harder. This had become a rape, even with her consent. She tightened her anus, squeezing my penis so I barely lasted a minute before exploding. I detested the condom – I wanted to leave my semen in her, in her vagina really, to assimilate part of me into her body.

I didn’t much enjoy the ‘Ride’, I must have done something wrong. It lasted only a minute or two, and the position was uncomfortable. And Jenny hated it.

I asked her to kiss and caress and pump me up again, but she just lay there on her back. I was spent so I lay next to her. I talked to her, about María, asked about her life, but she was silent. Her body was tense, arms, legs, and torso tense. She wanted to scream she hated me. She wanted to beat me. She wanted María more than she hated me, so she lay there in silence.

I finally mentioned I was leaving on a work assignment is a few days and wanted to take María with me. She asked me,

“Does María have to go?”

“No, it’s her choice, but I think she´ll want to go. She’s always wanted to see Istanbul.”

“If she goes, how long will she be gone?”

“My project could be several months, María might want to stay for a while. But when she returns, she’ll be yours.”

Jenny rolled up and over me, straddling my body. I smiled – she was going to pump me up again and bargain with me to leave María here. I’d get one more fuck from her. She pinned my wrists to the mattress, dangled a beautiful black breast above my mouth, and I raised a knee against her vulva. We both wiggled until her labia opened, my leg nestled into her vulva and I felt her wetness. She smiled sweetly at me, the hate was gone from her eyes. She lowered her breast to my mouth and I closed my eyes and swirled my tongue around her nipple. I already had a throbbing erection, and this time, it would go, sans condom, deep into her vagina.

She set me up perfectly. I never saw it coming and didn’t know what happened until it was finished. My body folded in two – her first kneecap blow to my testicles stunned and incapacitated me. As I drifted out, I felt my body jerk under multiple blows to my genitals.

I came to in an emergency room. The paramedic explained a passerby found me naked and crumpled on the sidewalk, my clothes strewn around me. My wallet had IDs but no money, I had been mugged. The surgeon said I was lucky, my testicles were bruised but still intact. Another blow or two might have ruptured them, requiring removal. Ugly green stitching closed the incision in my scrotum. I was released, there was nothing else to do.

Jenny came so close. This must have been her Plan B. She made one crucial mistake – she didn’t re-install my bangle. That would have ensured she crushed my testicles. I admired her, she almost succeeded – a woman! Finally, the person that wanted María so badly she would castrate me to win her. So close to claiming María – María would have taken her, and I would have given her up, no longer a man.

But Jenny didn’t win María.

When I waddled into the house, María was crying. Mark had definitively broke-up with her, and she was confused about Jenny. I gave her the news about Istanbul, she brightened, and I told her to go shopping for new clothes for the trip. I told her to make them sexy and slutty. “No, wait”, I said, “I’ll go with you to help you choose”. María didn’t notice I waddled.

* * *

The engineering project in France earned my client firm strong referrals within the European Community and elsewhere, and I was promoted to chief systems engineer. As the contracts and money rolled in, I was able to pick and choose assignments and locations, and I took María with me. María and I spent the next two years living abroad in the most exotic places of our dreams: Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Thailand, Croatia, and shorter side trips. These trips had the effect of subduing María’s pain at losing Mark and Jenny, and further distanced and subdued both our desires for PerfectPenis. I regained full potency, and María allowed me to fuck her frequently. In these exotic places, we depended on each other, and gradually rebuilt our relationship. I also involved María in my travel writing projects; she developed quite the talent for editing photos and my scribbles. I put her name on every published article – we were a team again.

María had a succession of exotic lovers in these exotic places, Their strangeness brought out María’s sensuality, and she attracted men into crazy situations that would send you into adrenaline shock. But those are stories for another time.

However exotic these locations, I tired of the frequent moves, and of being in countries where I couldn’t speak the native language nor integrate into their societies. After two years we found ourselves once again in Guanajuato. Mark and Jenny were gone, and María and I had stabilized our relationship.

* * *

Then I received the best phone call possible – I needed to return to Antigua Guatemala, we had been awarded a huge project. Both María and I were ecstatic – she wanted to go home again, and I felt PerfectPenis’ poison surging through my body again.

I wondered if María would want to see PP again – we hadn’t heard of him for over three years. A lot of things and happened to us in that time, and our relationship was great at the moment. PP had claims on both of us, María as his Mayan wife, me as his property. If I found him, I planned to spend a lot of time on my knees in front of his perfect penis. Still, I imagined he had moved on to other victims, and I would firmly control the situation should he appear. Antigua would be a relaxing trip for us and life was good.

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