Chapter 19 – Part 1, María’s New Lovers

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Chapter 19 – Part 1, María’s New Lovers

When I arrived back in Guanajuato on the flight from France, I half-expected María to meet me at the airport, but she wasn’t there. I took a taxi, arrived home, and rushed into the house to greet María, to fall on my knees and beg her forgiveness for all the wrong I had caused her.

She wasn’t at home, and I deflated completely she hadn’t bothered to be there for my arrival. She arrived shortly afterward with her lover, Mark, and a new friend from Haiti, Jennifer. Jennifer was an attractive dark woman, a mulata from Haiti. I quickly discerned Jenny was also María’s lover in more than just sexual activity.

They went to León for a romantic lunch, and afterward, they did a superb threesome in a luxury hotel throughout the afternoon – they were celebrating their last day before I arrived back. After Mark and Jenny left, María described their afternoon in detail, everything they did and said. Her description and enthusiasm didn’t depress me or make me impotent, but rather it excited and aroused me. I remembered how being second-in-line left her vagina superbly stimulating on my penis. I got an erection for the first time since I left for France, which totally dissipated my noble resolve to immediately fix our relationship.

I grabbed and assaulted her. She protested she hadn’t showered or douched yet, but I was determined to fuck her before I lost my miraculous erection. I could still smell the scents of Mark and Jenny on her body, her perfume, their sweat, his semen, which made me more excited and stronger in fucking her. I told her to keep talking about what they did to her, and I tried to match how they had touched her, sucked her, fucked her. Her vulva and vagina were swollen and slippery and sticky with his semen and Jenny’s vaginal juices, her vagina grabbed at my penis, trying to milk my semen from me.

I was building towards my orgasm as she bubbled and babbled on about them until she let it slip, “Estoy totalmente enamorada de ellos” (I’m so totally in love with them). That statement of bisexual betrayal was the trigger for the biggest orgasm of my life – my groin exploded, my body ripped open, the top of my head blew off. My jumping and jerking triggered an equally energetic orgasm in María.

When I finally could think straight again, I was hurt but I understood I was born and destined to be hurt, to be betrayed, to be trampled by her sexuality and by her lovers. I was masochistic, I would endure yet enjoy any pain she inflicted on me, and then, much of what had already happened to me, to us, in our decades of marriage made sense. As we cuddled and spooned that night, I wanted to meld with her, to saturate myself with her Female. This event partially broke my impotency – now I could get an erection again – especially if I was second-in-line for her vulva.

The next day, I asked her about what she said about having sex with Mark every day while I was traveling, and about when she had brought in Jenny. I told her I thought daily sex would be difficult to manage. She said it was mostly true, most of the days she did have sex with Mark, but it was ‘quickie’ sex. She said she would go visit him (or he would come to our house), and if they only had a few minutes, she would pull up her skirt and lean over a table – he would pull her panties to one side and power-fuck her from behind while she rubbed her clitoris in front. He would climax quickly and it was all over iin 4-5 minutes; usually, she would climax too.

If they had more time, 10-to-15 minutes, she would kiss and suck his penis and testicles until he climaxed. She didn’t climax because she gave him all her attention. Several times, he came to our house to stay the night with her, and they would have extended sex in the evening, then again in the morning. María said she liked Mark to take my spot on the bed, and sometimes, he would pretend to be me as he fucked her.

* * *

Then María told me about Jenny – their relationship was barely a week old. María went to see Mark at his research office for their regular quickie, and he wasn’t there. An attractive, milk-chocolate-skinned mulata girl about Mark’s age was working in his office, and she said, “You must be María, you’re the only woman in town that could match his description.” The girl was a new co-researcher on Mark’s project, a Haitian doctorate researcher, and she had quickly become his confidant. Mark had to leave the office unexpectedly and asked his new colleague, Jenny, to wait for María and tell her what had happened.

Mark had told Jenny about his affair with María in some detail, about his fiancée in the USA, and the mental anguish it caused him to choose between them. Jenny told María she was more attractive, more lovely than how she had been described. Since Mark wouldn’t be back that day, Jenny suggested they go out for coffee and girl talk.

They went to Jenny’s favorite café in the Plaza San Fernando, a crowded student joint where the outside seating was picnic style tables and benches. The café was full and they shared a table with a young Chinese couple jabbering away in their sing-song language. Sitting side-by-side on the same bench, María said they hit it off immediately like they had been friends for years. María was surprised how much Jenny knew about her – Jenny knew María was married to an oft-impotent American and María would be there today for a quickie. Jenny was so friendly and animated María forgot her annoyance at Mark for spilling her private information. Jenny said Mark was handsome, virile, and she asked a lot of questions about Mark and sex, what was he like, how did he make love, what type of quickie activity did he do, and so on. Jenny asked María if she was in love with Mark – she said Mark told her he was in love with María and it was destroying him about his fiancée in the USA.

María looked at me and said carefully she answered, “yes”, she was in love with Mark. I already knew this from a verbal slip María had made before, but it still hurt me to hear her say it directly.

María said all this talk about Mark and sex had aroused her. She was sitting on a bench in a short skirt, with crotch-less panties, dressed for a quickie fuck. She wanted sex at that moment – she wanted to be bent over Mark´s desk, his penis pumping at her. María noticed the waiter was leaning over on his elbows at the counter looking under her table, undoubtedly looking at her legs. She said he looked like the creeps she used to see at the salsa dance club in Guatemala, and she decided to torment him – she spread her legs just enough to be interesting.

Jenny continued to chirp away about Mark and María, every compliment she made about Mark was surrounded by two-or-three compliments about María – how beautiful, sexy and personable she was. María said by the time she realized Jenny was hitting on her, she was already seduced. She felt Jenny´s hand on her thigh, and she grabbed Jenny hand in surprise. The conversation stopped. Then Jenny began chirping again, María released Jenny’s hand, and Jenny moved her hand higher into María’s inner thigh. María realized she had just signaled ‘yes’ to Jenny’s advance, and she wondered what would happen next – María hadn’t been with a woman for several years, and never with a mulata woman.

María described the remainder of the seduction – as they talked, Jenny caressed the outer labia of María’s vulva and María opened her legs. Jenny worked her hand, her middle finger over María’s clitoris, rubbing and stimulating gently, then worked further down over and into the vagina, extracting lubrication from the vagina and returning to the clitoris. María was burning hot, she felt a climax building right there in the outdoor café. Jenny’s hand circulated between her vagina and clitoris, lubricating and stimulating. She noticed again the waiter now stared intently under her table. She’d be damned if she would climax in front of that creep, so she closed her legs and pressed Jenny’s hand to quiet it. They left the café and went to Jenny’s apartment.

María said the experience was deeply satisfying in many ways, and greatly lacking in other, important ways. Jenny had been so gentle, so feminine, so soft María hardly knew she was being seduced. Jenny began by kissing María’s neck, throat, ears, and Jenny quickly discerned María’s earlobes were a highly sensitive erogenous zone. María said she lost track of time and of what Jenny did to her. She remembers Jenny removed her clothes and kissed every inch of her body. Jenny deep kissed her mouth for the longest time, the sweetest kissing of many years, and María’s hormones were raging. She remembered the kissing of her nipples, Jenny’s face between her legs, Jenny’s tongue ravishing her vulva like I had done to her hundreds of times. But Jenny was softer, more gentle, and María’s series of orgasms were softer but extended for seemingly forever. As I listened to María’s description, I began to get aroused myself, and my penis stiffened – I soon had a painful erection as María talked.

Up to this point, María had been the passive recipient of Jenny’s cariños. The contrast of Jenny’s darker skin had made her excited. Now it was María’s turn to please Jenny, and she felt uneasy – she was betraying Mark, and betraying a promise she made to me years before to avoid emotional entanglements with women.

Jenny led María’s face, her mouth into her vulva, her black and pink vulva, and the tastes and scents of Jenny drowned her. It tasted and smelled fresh, musky, and was deeply stimulative. She said it made her want Mark’s penis stroking in her own vagina. Jenny talked her through her first exploration of Jenny’s vulva with her tongue and lips – Jenny had specific sensitivities.

María described the encounter with Jenny in detail as she always did with Mark – María passed her tongue over every crease and fold in Jenny’s vulva before Jenny had her suck and lick the glans clitoris to a first climax. María licked up the lubricating fluid coming from Jenny’s vagina, and María repeated the process several times. María’s last exploration of Jenny’s body was of the nipples and areolae. María discovered the textures of both, how Jenny’s nipples engorged, enlarged and hardened when stimulated. They finished this first encounter by scissoring their vulvae together and squirmed until they both climaxed again.

Yesterday’s threesome in Leon had been an amazing experience. Mark and Jenny took turns with María, although they didn’t touch each other. Professional distance, María thought.

María was still confused, and she was happy I was back to talk with. Mark had accepted her relationship with Jenny, but she still felt she shouldn’t have started a relationship with Jenny without telling him first. And she was concerned Jenny had gotten so deep into her so quickly. She knew from years ago women were dangerous for her. María expressed no remorse about betraying me, her husband, and to whom she was asking for advice about her lovers. María thought Jenny would soon be her principal lover, yet she felt incomplete without Mark’s penis. And María wondered if she was in love with Jenny.

Her description made me very aroused, very erect and I wanted to fuck her badly at that moment.

She loved the experience with Jenny, wanted to repeat it again and again. She still missed the presence of a penis pounding her vagina, of testicles slapping against her body. She especially missed the penis filling her mouth, the texture of the penis shaft, the curves and lines of the penis head, the taste, heat, texture and smell of semen in the back of her mouth. Still, she thought she might forgo Mark’s penis for a few days in favor of Jenny’s breasts and vulva. She asked me what I thought. I remembered what she had told me many years ago about penises, and I fed it back to her as a question – is kissing vulvae and breasts dangerous for you? Should you do it again? She couldn’t decide. I tried to embrace her, to kiss her, to arouse her to fuck me, to use one of my scarce erections, but she brushed me off.

María sees Jenny every day, sometimes just for a café, more often for sex. Jenny is jealous of Mark, so now María sees him separately, and doesn’t talk about him to Jenny. Jenny is upset she’s not sufficient to satisfy María, but María still craves a penis. María now lets me fuck her after seeing Mark, as long as I clean Mark’s semen from her vulva. I guess this is a lite version of the Humiliation Game. I can’t touch her after she sees Jenny, but I still dress her to go see Jenny.

* * *

María is still seeing Mark 2-3 times per week. She usually goes to see him in mid-afternoon, after the cleaning maid leaves our house. Before she leaves, she shows me which sexy lingerie she is wearing, and I get excited thinking about what she will be doing with Mark. By the time she returns, I am excited and aroused. I can usually guess what she did with Mark by looking at her makeup, hair, and clothes. If her appearance is normal and she returns quickly, she probably did a quickie where he fucked her from behind. If her appearance is normal and she returns late, they probably had extensive sex and she reapplied her makeup and dress. If just her makeup and hair are disturbed, she probably gave him a quickie penis suck.

I try to guess what she did with him, and then she tells me all the details. We repeat exactly what she did with Mark, be it ‘quickie’ sex or whatever. Now, María and I only have sex after she has fucked Mark. I love fucking her in second place – her vagina and vulva are swollen so my penis is tighter inside her, and the other man’s semen lubricates her vagina but is also sticky. This stimulates my penis more and gives me stronger climaxes.

María comments there is one major difference between our sex and her sex with Mark – since he always takes her first, when I kiss her mouth and vulva, Mark’s penis has already been there first. María says that is my punishment for fucking her second-in-line. I guess I’m learning how Mark smells and tastes almost as well as she does. Since María doesn’t know about my recent penis sucks with PerfectPenis, she has no idea the presence of Mark’s semen is not a punishment but a reward for me.

María and I have crossed over a new line of perversion in our sex, but we are both happy with the situation. I cowardly rationalize my behavior by her happiness. I’m still partially impotent with María – on the rare occasion María talks about PerfectPenis, I immediately lose my erection and stay flaccid for a day or so. I also find I become impotent when I think of María as my ‘wife’ who is cheating me with lovers. However, if I think about her not as my wife, that she really belongs to Mark or to another man, then I’m not impotent because I feel like I am cheating that other man by fucking her. So María, for me, is evolving to be another woman, a slut I fuck while she is cheating on her ‘real’ man. I find this exciting, and she loves it too. So we have become perverted in our marriage as well as in our sexual activity. And the sex is much more intense than what I experienced before.

I talk to Mark every so often. He hasn’t yet realized María is replacing him with Jenny in her affections, and their relationship bothers him. He thinks it’s a temporary phase for María, he knows how much she craves a penis. He says she is an excellent lover, she does anything and everything he wants , and he feels addicted to her, he may even be in love with María. He has asked me why I allow her to have sex with other men and women, and I answer it’s her choice and it no longer bothers me. I have become used to it, and have come to enjoy it now. He is supposed to get married in June to his fiancée in the United States, but he’s worried his affair with María may ruin his upcoming marriage.

I’m getting addicted to this type of sex, and I realize I’m as much a ‘slut’ as María, even though my wife, María, is my only partner.

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