Chapter 17 – Part 1, Penis Enslavement

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Chapter 17 – Part 1, Penis Enslavement

I finished my contract, and we returned to Guanajuato. María was distraught at leaving PerfectPenis. She admitted she was in love with him. I wanted desperately to fuck her, but I couldn’t keep the images of PerfectPenis’ magnificent penis out of my mind, and I had trouble getting erect with her.

María understood perfectly that what she said about PP triggered my impotence. She wanted to punish me for taking her away, and she triggered me continuously, ensuring my impotence.

Not even by masturbation. I bruised and abraded my penis trying to pump up to get an ejaculation. I finally settled on pain for sexual satisfaction – while I secretly imagined sucking PP’s beautiful penis. María willingly squeezed my testicles to help me get an occasional ejaculation, and she enjoyed causing me pain.

When María was out, I re-watched the videos. I learned how to edit videos and created my own mix of the videos – a 30 minute segment that guaranteed to blow my head off with the explosion in my hand. I masturbated myself into complete impotence with María.

PP had won, I was destroyed.

María didn’t care much. She only wanted PerfectPenis, she made no serious attempt to retake a casual lover, and she wouldn’t allow my flaccid penis anywhere close to her mouth or vulva.

María and PP stayed in contact by email and phone daily. PP was determined to keep her attached to him and alienated from me. She became so happy talking to him a few minutes on the phone. I loved her and detested her – she was certainly more slut than wife to me. Of course, her happiness with PP increased my impotency, and every time I heard her talking to him or she mentioned him or Guatemala, the images of the perfect penis loomed in my mind.

* * *

Within a month of returning to Guanajuato, I received an urgent call from my primary engineering client. The Guatemalan government, impressed with the feasibility studies I had just completed at lake Atitlán, wanted our engineering firm to immediately take over a botched project at the lake. I needed to leave at once, and I decided to go alone for this short trip.

Four days later, I was settled into a nice hotel in San Pedro La Laguna. The trip stretched from two weeks to six, and I became restless about María. She was unhappy being alone in Guanajuato, and our phone calls were mostly about her phone calls with PP each day. She continued to goad me, ensuring my continued impotence. I worked long hours, and at night, lonely and missing my wife, I decided to answer PP’s last email, determined to somehow force him away from María.

I asked him what I could do to get him to leave María alone; I offered him what I thought was a large sum of money. I don’t know what I was thinking, PP was wealthy and would laugh at my offer. PP didn’t answer the message.

* * *

In my last weekend at the lake, a stranger knocked at my hotel door, an indigenous man of medium build. He had the diagonally slanted eyes of the race from the Petén. I guessed he was looking for a job at my project. We shook hands and he introduced himself carefully,

Yo soy PenePerfecto, el dueño de tu esposa.” (I am PerfectPenis, the master of your wife).

María had told him the nickname we gave him, and she let slip the town I was in. Finding me was trivial in the small village. I was shocked to see him at my door, to finally meet him, and I invited him in. He was not what I had envisioned, not an attractive man at all. I thought his face was quite ugly, but then I remembered his magnificent penis. We awkwardly talked of trivial subjects for a few minutes, then PP told me he had come to answer my question.

PP said he would leave María alone, but he wanted something from me – to watch together all the videos he had made of him and ´his María.’ I had already seen the videos, so I agreed. We surfed to a private web site and began to watch. There were 2-3 new videos in addition to the older videos I had seen and downloaded.

In these videos, PP’s face wasn’t blurred and I could see the expressions on his face. Sometimes, PP and my slut-wife made love, but sometimes he fucked her like she was a throw-away whore. I saw from his face he didn’t love her. He used her body as a sex toy, and fucked her to hurt me. Watching these videos in his presence was the most humiliating experience in my life – I sat drooped in the chair, shrinking smaller and smaller as he ravished my slut as the scenes progressed.

PP sat slightly behind me, sometimes narrating with the confidence of a victor. Sometimes I heard their recorded voices in the videos. I heard the sounds of the slut and PP as they achieved orgasm together. I heard the slut say she would leave me, she didn’t love me anymore, that compared to PP, I was pathetic, and so on and on.

In a new video, PP fucked the slut from behind, reaching forward to grasp her hair and pull her head back to face the camera. He was forceful, dominating the slut. PerfectPenis often looked directly into the lens, directly into my eyes. PP watched her reactions carefully, controlling her ascension to orgasm, changing her discomfort levels, delaying her initial orgasm. He wore a stony and cruel face, and looked at me through the lens as if to say, ‘This is how you fuck a María, you can have no doubt I’m her real master.’ I saw on her face deep emotion had captured her, not just the passion of sex. The slut cried and begged him not to stop. She was barely coherent, her voice slurred, her body shook and convulsed with raw animality. As I watched, my genitals shriveled to nothingness; my body shrank compressing my organs until I could hardly breathe.

Afterward, they lay on the bed. The slut caressed PP’s genitals, and PP asked her what she thought of her husband’s penis. She said my penis was ugly, useless and small. That I was a pathetic man, and PP was the only real man she had ever known. Of course, the slut had told PP I was impotent.

The videos made it clear the slut was very much in love with PP and sexually addicted to him. It was equally clear PerfectPenis was a much better lover than I, he had superior sexual technique, he pleased the slut better in every sense, he gave her more and stronger orgasms than I. I was depressed and humiliated, thinking PP was in truth more ‘hombre’, superior, and he did indeed deserve to be the master of my wife.

Furthermore, the presence of his penis was spectacular in the videos. I felt my penis was small, ugly, and useless. I stared, fascinated with his penis, his penis was strikingly beautiful, a penis as unique and special as a sculpture by Da Vinci. I hated PP for the size and beauty of his penis. Now with the real PP in front of me, I was lost, I felt I was no longer a man.

The new videos continued. María danced in the room, sensually, seductively, sometimes vulgarly. I looked closely – the lingerie, bra, garter belt, and hosiery were from her Pol collection. And so was the panty. The slut approached a nude seated PP, and he removed her bra and kissed her breasts. He ran his fingers through the valley of her vulva several times as she became increasingly agitated. Her face flashed her urgency to fuck, she whispered something to him. He lifted her by her derriere, carried her to the bed, and lay down with her on top. She swept him with her hair flowing slowly over his face, like fingers caressing. He reached inside the top of the panty and pulled out the draw-cord, revealing her vulva. He rolled over and slid between her legs until his penis bottomed out. The slut wrapped her legs around his buttocks, locking her ankles. Black lingerie and hosiery against dark skin, her white thighs flexing erotically against the black as her legs helped him stroke into her.

She had used the special Italian panties we had saved for our honeymoon. She was fucking PerfectPenis with our honeymoon panties. The betrayal cramped my stomach, and I ran to the bathroom to throw-up.

The video continued, the slut didn’t let PP climax, she repositioned him for what had become my holy grail of sex, the ‘Ride’. He Rode her, and she moaned in pleasure. He grunted in climax, and I cried in pain and humiliation. As he controlled her body with her hair, I couldn’t watch, could only listen to the pleasure she had never allowed to me. I went to the bathroom to vomit again. When I returned, PP replayed the same video again, and insisted I re-watch every second of it.

We replayed the commercial porn video I had seen previously but version had two additional scenes. The first featured a triple penetration. María lay on her side, her top leg held high by two male hands, a white guy behind stroking into her anus, a black guy stroking into her vagina, and another white guy stroking into her mouth. Her face reflected no pleasure, it was twisted in pain, and her body was passive, a mere recipient of fucking penises. Something seemed familiar about the scene.

I replayed the video once again as PP’s voice threatened behind me, “This is how you took care of my woman, I should kill you for this.” I focused on the white guy in her mouth until I was sure – it was the Photog. And I knew the setting, the walls, windows and decorations. This was María’s mistress-fucking room at the apartments where she worked in San Francisco. She had rented it years before she met the Photog – María herself had set-up this porno session.

The porn video continued – in the next scene, María lay on her back in the same bed, arms and legs strapped to the bed frame. Her head lay drooping over the edge of the bed. The Photog held her by the throat, and he fucked her mouth rapidly. It seemed impossible she could breathe, it was the most relentless mouth fuck I had ever seen. After a couple of minutes of this, another man climbed on the bed between her legs and fucked her in rhythm with the Photog’s assault on her mouth.

PP changed web pages, and started another video, the video that only displayed his penis from all angles. I heard his voice narrating. “This is the sword that conquered your wife. María is my puta, and this sword owns her now and forever. She will never want your pathetic dick again. Every time you see María, you will remember my sword, how many times it has thrust inside her, and how she loved it. You’ll remember how many times I’ve climaxed inside her pussy, and how she loves to suck and swallow my sperm. If you have any pride and dignity, you will throw the puta in the street.”

The video extended beyond the original version. PP reached in with his right hand and took his penis, holding it like a king would hold the royal staff. He squeezed a little, and the penis seemed to grow longer. A glint on his hand caught my eye and I looked closely. María’s story unraveled backwards. I saw my wedding band on his ring finger and María’s band on his pinky. I saw the man that was María’s two-month live-in lover back in her pole-dancing trip years ago. María had lied, he was a not a vagrant stripper. He was the same man sitting next to me now, her lover for longer than I had known her. The video repeated over and over, and I couldn’t stop watching, fascinated by the beauty of his penis and of our wedding bands, caressing up and down his penis shaft.

The final video was the replay of María and PP on a bench in a park where they practiced some phrases in an indigenous language. PP said to watch the new ending carefully. After they gave up trying to say the phrases, María reached into her purse, removed a small box, opened it and took out an object. It was a ring, no, two rings, and she slid them on him after trying several fingers. PP held them up for the camera – they were our wedding bands for our new marriage. From behind me, PP dryly commented, “María married me. Now you see who her real husband is.”

* * *

PP called to me from behind. He sat on the edge of the bed behind me, now nude from the waist down, and he stroked and softly pumped his penis. Our wedding bands gleamed on his fingers. I stared at the real perfect penis. It was more impressive in the flesh, and I felt the deep stab in my groin of the dagger of envy, jealousy, hate, desire, and lust – extreme lust for his penis. I felt my own genitals shrinking until they withered away to nothingness. I was far beyond impotent, I was psychologically castrated.

PP said he had to tell me something important. After her pole-dancing disgrace in Antigua years ago, he found María after some strip-joint trash dumped her. She was a trashy puta, fucking any man or woman that appeared in front of her, and he saved her. He stayed with her for two months, and convinced her I wouldn’t want her after her scandalous whoring in Antigua. He told her I would abandon her as soon as I found out half the town had seen her naked, whoring with low-class men and women. As he saturated her with his cariños and semen, she came to believe he was the only man that ever truly loved her, and she swore she loved him too. He knew all about her, her husband and son, the salsa dancing, her dozens of lovers, even about the politician and her prostitution. He told her even though she might be the biggest puta in the world, he still wanted her, and still wanted to marry her. She wanted to marry him too, and they were married in a Mayan ceremony. She gave him our wedding bands as a symbol of her love for him, and as a promise to one day return to him exclusively.

He knew she’d have to return to her family. They would both have to arrange their affairs to be together later. But in the meantime, she swore she’d be completely faithful to him, both sexually and emotionally, and she’d visit him whenever possible. She made two long trips to see him, using illness in her family as an excuse. She swore she would eventually divorce me for him, her true husband.

I knew it was true – he wore our wedding bands. I couldn’t stand this anymore, his animal magnetism, that beautiful penis, and his confidence were grinding at me. But now I had an attack against him.

I told him María had not been faithful to him. When we returned to San Francisco, we had sex regularly, and María had both men and women lovers including Satyr. And when we moved to Guanajuato, she had dozens of new lovers as well, both men and women. Several of these lovers had been deep, long-term lovers.

PP hesitated, a shadow of doubt crossed his face, but he shook it off – he couldn’t accept she had been unfaithful to him. He talked to her almost every day and she swore she was faithful. I insisted I had continued fucking my wife, and made the simple case she had always been a cheap whore, even before I met her – why did he think she would change suddenly for him. I decided to provoke him,

“She’s a whore and she can’t change what she is. She was a whore when you first knew her. You’re just another one of her many lovers, she will never be faithful to you. Why would you want her? She’s still my wife because I like her fucking around, it makes me excited! I lick her lovers’ semen from her vulva; I sucked your semen from her vagina the last time we were here – I know your taste. You’re just another quick fuck to my wife. I’ve watched your videos, now, leave us alone!”

PP turned red-faced, veins bulging in his neck, fists clenched. His erection drooped and he poised to jump off the bed to attack me. I could fight or let him beat me. I decided I’d let him beat me – as long as he didn’t kill me and it got him out of our lives. He would beat me, and I would win. I said, “Now give me back my wedding bands.”

PP shook himself, breathed deeply for a minute, and relaxed. His face regained his arrogance. He said, “You’re so stupid, I don’t see how you’ve survived so long. María told me she even staged a gang-rape for you when she decided to get pregnant, and you fell right into the trap.”

He started pumping his penis again, looked at me calmly and said,

“You want me to leave you alone? You’ll have to do something else for me.”

“Fine. I’ll give you anything you want. Anything except María.”

“I want you, you as my bitch. I’m going to ass-fuck you until you bleed and cry and admit you’re a joto (queer/fag) and beg me to be your stud.”

I was speechless. PP took a small camera from his bag and set it on my dresser,

“I’m going to record the ass-fuck and show the whole world you’re a joto, and the whole world will know you and María are sleazy whores.”

My head started swirling and my stomach turned. I was shocked and repulsed. My thoughts muddied, I couldn’t think rationally, figure a way out of this. I just wanted to escape him.

I stalled, “Why are you doing this to us?”

“I want revenge for all the years you spent with her. María is mine now, I’ve made her a cheap, trashy puta and I’ll throw her out when I’m bored of her. I’ve destroyed your marriage, and now, I’ll break you to pieces, a pathetic, impotent man – exactly what María deserves for leaving me.”

He didn’t love María, he merely wanted to destroy us! My stomach cramped, I felt a mental slippage, a rupture in my sanity, my mental state collapsed – I was already broken, I needed to escape but was unable to think how. I slumped in the chair, head in hands, and tried to think.

That’s when PP knew I was defeated.

I should have accepted, it would have been so easy. If I’d have accepted, my life would have turned out so much differently. But I was repulsed at the idea; the thought of having the penis of my wife’s lover in my anus was repugnant. I said NO, absolutely NOT, I wouldn’t let him fuck me. He insisted. He said it would only hurt for a moment, it would only last a few minutes, and then María and I would be free of him. As we argued, I was more repulsed by the idea. He wanted only to humiliate me publicly as a joto.

But as I watched his hand, my rings, pumping his penis, I wondered how it would feel to have that magnificent penis in my mouth. I dismissed that vision from my mind, and said again, NO, I wouldn’t let him fuck me.

PP continued to pump his penis, calling to me. As his penis grew harder, my resolve and bravado grew weaker. The wedding bands pressed against his penis told me everything María said about their relationship was a lie. He was deep into her, so deep, I would never get him out – I was looking at our destiny. I stared greedily at his penis and lust exploded within me. That penis had stolen María from me, and I knew then that penis would enslave me to his ends. And that hand wearing my wedding bands would some day crush my genitals or take my life. That penis was my destiny, and I was ready. I broke – I craved it.

Perhaps PP read my mind, or perhaps he saw unmistakable lust on my face, and he made a second offer – I should suck his penis to ejaculation. I once again thought NO, but I felt again the pressure in my groin, the pressure all men know well, the stab of extreme desire. I remembered the black man whose penis I had sucked many years ago, how much I loved it. I remembered the other penises I had sucked since then. I had seen how PP had used his penis to dominate, pervert, and capture the love of my slut-wife.

I longed to be dominated, lost, and obliterated in the power of his penis. I understood I was no longer a real man, instead I was some type of subhuman that existed only to serve real men, powerful men. A joy bubbled into me. I was thoroughly poisoned by his penis, and my lust to suck his penis flooded me. I wanted to take the poison directly, to have him ejaculate his poison into me so it would become part of my body. I gasped, YES, I would do it!

PP held out his hand to me, palm down. I was to kiss my wedding bands on his hand. I hated him as I cried and kissed our wedding bands on his fingers. He seized the back of my head and forced his ring finger into my mouth, stroking his finger in-and-out, commanding me to suck it like I would suck his penis. I traced the ‘M’ engraved on my wedding band with my tongue; I tried to suck the ring off his finger, to swallow it, to recover it, but it didn’t slide off.

PP ordered me to remove all my clothes. He seized my genitals, clawing and scratching with his fingernails, and pulled me in front of him, then pulled me down on my knees. I sensed his excitement – the man that had stolen his first love, a gringo he hated, was naked, on his knees in front of him, ready to suck his penis. His faced shined with power and pride, vindication and revenge, and desire to humiliate me. I saw the glow of the camera recording light off to the side and remembered PP was recording everything. I didn’t care. He wanted to publicly humiliate me so I wanted it too.

He pushed me to sitting on the floor, stood over my face, and ordered me, “Lick my bag!” His testicles hung loose, well below his penis, even though he was erect. I tried to suck both testicles together in my mouth, but they were too big. I forced them into my mouth. His erection grew larger and harder, and I became more excited; I felt great power in his testicles. I probed my tongue into the scrotum to feel his testicles and it was intoxicating. I knew the power they contained would transform me. I pulled away, trapped his testicles together with my hand and licked his bag, side to side and around, licking and kissing. From below his testicles, I looked up to see what appeared to be an enormous phallus that rose forever. I saw the veins traversing up and around the penis, the texture and shine of the nearly black skin, I pulled back to see better, his penis was truly beautiful, like a sculpture – magnificent, it was indeed the perfect penis. It was perfectly symmetrical, almost straight with a small curvature. It was very dark, but the skin glowed like polished ebony. The head was larger in diameter than the shaft, lacquer smooth with the classic heart shape. I remembered what María had said about Satyr, she had worshiped his penis.

I worshiped PP’s penis. It grew larger and larger in my vision, so large it blocked PP’s body from view. It loomed over me, a giant black monolith. He would skewer me with this monster, pushing through my mouth into my body, destroying my organs along its path, finally exiting through the black hole where my useless genitals had been. He would twitch his monstrous penis and I would flop around lifeless, a discarded rag fluttering around … I was erect now, my penis throbbing painfully.

PP said, “Now you’ll suck me and drink my sperm. I’ll be your master and you’ll be my slave. You’ll belong to me until you die. You understand this?”

His words stirred a memory of an article I had read years ago about gang rituals in Guatemala. To suck another man’s penis to ejaculation and swallow the sperm was to accept that man’s authority over you, to give yourself to him as his property. Alarm bells went off in my head, this was what he was doing. I understood the significance of what I was about to do, and I knew I should stop at that moment.

I couldn’t take my eyes from his penis. It commanded me, filled my mind, drew my body, my mouth to it. It became my god. I wanted to pull it into my mouth, through my body, until it emerged as my penis.

But I had to stop – this was dangerous, deadly.

I couldn’t stop, I raised my head and licked the shaft of his penis like an ice cream, then kissed it, small tender kisses of cariño. I licked and kissed the shaft of his penis, then I saw a drop of semen on the penis head and I licked it off.

PP jerked and moaned. He sat back on the bed, pulled me up to him, and pushed his penis into my mouth. I knew what I was doing as I sucked and stroked, I was surrendering myself to him, surrendering María to him. I cried as I sucked the penis of María’s new husband, but I also swelled with privilege and honor to have my master’s penis in my mouth. I stroked and sucked him eagerly, I wanted him to ejaculate, I wanted to swallow his sperm, conquered and broken, surrendering to a superior man.

I ran my tongue over and around his penis head, to stimulate the nerves and induce an ejaculation. I alternately pushed his penis deep inside my mouth, in and out, slowly and rapidly, then returned to licking the head.

PP grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth deeply. He pushed in until I gagged and choked, again and again. When my stomach turned and my diaphragm bucked, he turned my head away and I vomited on the floor.

He dragged me up on the bed, on my back, and pulled my head down over the edge of the bed. He choked me several times to the point of passing out. He said, “I should kill you now, but María wouldn’t forgive me. Open your mouth, I’m going to fuck you, like María was fucked.”

And he fucked my mouth rapidly, deep into my throat. I cough and choked and then vomited, more lubricant for his penis. I couldn’t breathe, choking on his penis and my vomit. Between sessions of stroking into my mouth, he choked me to fade-out. He said,

“This is how those assholes fucked my María in the porno. How do you like it?”

He continued fucking my mouth deeply and relentlessly. I weakly flailed, choking and gagging, trying to breathe until finally he paused. His penis throbbed, he was at the point of ejaculation.

He pulled me off the bed by my head and I thudded on the floor, knocking my breath out. He turned me over, pulled me to my knees, and said, “Now suck off your master.” My mouth had barely enclosed his penis when he ejaculated. I felt the hot liquid in my throat. He grabbed my neck and ordered, “Swallow!” I swallowed his sperm and milked him for more. I felt his power and energy flow into me. My body jerked and my head snapped back as I ejaculated, my first homage to my Master.

I continued sucking and stroking his penis, kissing it as a new mother might kiss her baby. PP lost his erection and pushed my head away. I looked up at his face, he was triumphant, he understood what I had done – he knew, and he knew I knew! I had swallowed his sperm, the deal was done, the pact was sealed, I had accepted his supremacy over me, I had sworn allegiance to him, he was my Master, I was his property. I was simultaneously excited, happy, fearful; his dark heavy Male Mayan blood had overwhelmed me.

I thought about how easy it had been to give myself to him. I had seen people give up themselves into religions, cults and drugs so easily, and always wondered why and how they could do that. I thought they were stupid. I had just lost myself into PerfectPenis, and I was relieved and happy. I buried my face again into his flaccid genitals, kissing and licking his penis and testicles with cariño. Joy flooded through me. My slut-wife’s master was now my master – we would all be happy together. And I wondered what he would do with his new property now.

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