Chapter 16 – Part 2, Penis Obsession

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Chapter 16 – Part 2, Penis Obsession

My contract in Guatemala extended, so we settled into a routine. I worked on my engineering contract, and María kept herself busy fucking PerfectPenis. She refused most sex with me, told me all the details of her sex with PP, and I became increasingly impotent, sexually and mentally. But I thought, at least, this was the worst that could happen until I took María back to Guanajuato. I was wrong.

I received an email from PerfectPenis. PP gloated he had been fucking my wife frequently for many years, that María loved him, and he owned her completely. He said I must leave her or he would make the affair public, provide photographic proof, and cause a scandal that would drive us out of the town.

The email contained a link to an web page. On the page were dozens of photos of PP and María in compromising and explicit positions. PP’s face had been blurred so his identity was indistinguishable, but María’s face and body were recognizable.

Most of the photos were shockingly explicit, vulgar and pornographic. One group of photos was deliberately posed like pornography, showing PP with an erect penis standing over, behind, or in front of María. He indeed had an impressive, beautiful penis. In some photos, my slut-wife sucked on his testicles or penis. Other photos of her were posed with her seated, facing the camera nude, her legs open exposing her vulva like a porno actress. These photos upset me, not for what she did with PP, but because there had to be another person, probably a man, taking the photos of her most intimate parts.

In another group of photos, my slut looked a little different, younger. As I looked closer, they seemed familiar, and my heart stopped when I realized I had taken these intimate photos years ago, mostly in San Francisco. When I took the photos, I thought they were beautiful. They are beautiful. But my slut had given my photos to PP for his sexual pleasure, and now he threw them back at me.

There was also a video of about 35 minutes with several different sequences taken at different times. My slut sucked him to ejaculation in one sequence, and he fucked her in different positions in others. This was real sex, not posed, and I could see how passionate she was for him. When she sucked him and he ejaculated, she milked his penis multiple times to squeeze out every drop of semen and savored and swallowed it as if it were a special treat.

This video shocked and disoriented me. When she told me the details of what she did with PP, and even when I saw the photos, it was static and somehow unreal. The video was another world – not only could I watch the kissing, caressing, and the stroking motions of penis and vagina and mouth, but I could hear every sound they made and everything they said. When he inserted his penis into her mouth or vagina, he turned his body so the camera would catch the insertion, and the slut was always so eager to receive his penis.

However the worst part was the sounds and talk they made. He’d question her as he stroked her slowly. When she was crazy hot from sex, he asked her many times if she loved him, if he was a better lover than me, if he was a better man than me, if she should never have sex with me again, or if she would leave and divorce me. The slut always answered emphatically ‘yes’. He asked the questions loudly so they would be heard clearly on the video. He repeated her ‘yes’ answers as complete sentences, hypnotically asking her to repeat them. My stomach turned over and cramped, my knees turned to jelly, and knives cut my genitals to shreds – PP destroyed me with this video. It devastated me physically and emotionally to see the slut under his sexual power and to hear her say she loved him and I was no good as a man.

I watched this video maybe a dozen times, alternating between elation and depression. My body spasmed in pain but I couldn’t stop watching. At first, I watched María and how she responded to him, and what she did to him. Then, I started to watch him, what he did to her. This was painful to watch – he was a skillful lover, he had great technique for exciting her and taking her through multiple orgasms. He used his hands and mouth expertly on her body. He kissed her deeply. He told her the nicest lies and compliments. He really did prepare her for the moment of receiving his penis in her mouth or vagina, and for the final climax. He pleased María, he was a real man and I wasn’t. He clearly deserved to take her away from me.

I didn’t tell María about receiving the email, photos or video – I couldn’t stand to watch them with her next to me. That was a grave mistake. PP must have known I wouldn’t tell her. María knew she was being photographed and filmed, but she probably never imagined anyone else would ever see them. I could tell from the camera work PP had a helper taking the videos and photos. Was the helper a man or woman? Whichever, María didn’t seem to mind.

* * *

Two days later, I received another email from PP with links to several videos. This group was more explicit than the first. I realized the bastard was organizing the videos specifically to attack me. I wondered if he was a psychologist.

In the first video, María lay on a bed on her back, and he lay next to her on his side with his hips under her legs. Her vulva was directly in front of the camera in close-up mode. His penis is hard and black, and he inserts only the crown of his penis into her vagina, then withdraws it. The slut’s vulva and vagina open up effortlessly like a flower to receive his penis, then closes when he withdraws. He does this several times, just with the penis crown, then inserts his penis a little deeper each time, withdrawing completely. After several iterations, he finally bottoms his penis before withdrawing each time. It’s a beautiful dance – PP’s penis and the sluts’ vulva seem perfectly matched, like they were created for each other. The slut reached down and began caressing his testicles.

Watching this depressed me, as it seemed their bodies were perfect for each other.

In the second video PP was forceful and physical with her. He tied her hands behind her back with a long scarf, inserted the two middle fingers of his right hand into her vagina, then raised her up until she stood on her toes. He took her hair with his left hand, pulled her head back, and began kissing her face, lips, ears, shoulders, and nipples and breasts, while holding her up on her toes. Standing on her toes and bending backwards must have been painful and tiring, and the slut could only stand it for a few minutes.

He moved her to the bed while still holding her by the vagina and hair, and moved her around as he wanted. Her hands were still tied behind her back and he took her as if he were a stranger raping her; he fucked her forcefully, almost violently – while she was standing, from behind, while he was on top, and he fucked her deeply in the mouth until he ejaculated. She climaxed 2-3 times during this video, almost screaming. It was obvious the slut loves physical domination by him.

The third video, seemingly much older than the others, showed María and PP on a bench in a park under palm trees. It looked like the Tanque de la Unión in Antigua. They sat together holding hands, laughing and repeating something unintelligible to each other. His face was blurred like in the other videos, but by his clothes, I could tell he was well-to-do indigenous. He’d say something, probably in an indigenous language and she’d repeat with something slightly different. I think he was trying to teach her a phrase and she couldn’t say it. They laughed and hugged and kissed and repeated until they finally gave up. It was a charming video, intended, I guessed, to show the non-sexual affection they had for each other.

The next video was triple-X, amateurish, lewd and vulgar, definitely not cable-TV soft-porn. It could not be María, yet it was María, of course, doggy fucked from behind by a huge white penis while sucking a larger black penis. Every thing about her was lewd, her body positions, attitude, and facial expressions. I thought nothing María would do sexually could shock me, but this did. There were only three scenes – the second was María, legs apart frontal to the camera, holding open her vulva and inviting an unseen man to fill it; the third was of her sitting on the floor, pumping a penis in each hand, sucking, rotating between them. When the ‘money shot’ arrived, she pumped them to ejaculation, squirting semen on her face, hair and breasts. At the end, as she smeared and licked the semen, someone in the background said ‘great job, Isabel’.

The fifth video featured only PerfectPenis. He sat on a bed, the camera in close-up showing only his flaccid genitals. A white female hand reached in to caress him and he became erect quickly. His penis was dark, almost black, and was smooth and glossy. The camera was close. The camera moved from side-to-side of his body, focused only on his penis. His penis was a magnificent sculpture, beautiful, symmetric, proportional. I could understand why the slut was captivated by it. In the background, he narrated, “This is the sword that conquered your wife. María is my puta, and this sword owns her now and forever. She will never want your pathetic dick again. Every time you see María, you will remember my sword, how many times it has thrust inside her, and how she loved it. You’ll remember how many times I’ve climaxed inside her pussy, and how she loves to suck and swallow my sperm. If you have any pride and dignity, you will throw the puta in the street.”

He was right. I do think about his penis inside her whenever I see her nude. It has become an obsession – I can’t get his penis out of my mind.

He was wrong. I won’t throw the puta in the street, I have no pride or dignity where María is concerned.

The sixth video sequence was the most difficult for me – PP was on top of her, her legs over his shoulders, banging into her hard. He told her she was a nasty puta because she hadn’t left me and she didn’t deserve him. María cried, she begged him to keep her, she said she’d leave me that night forever if he’d promise to keep her. He kept calling her a puta, saying she wasn’t good enough for him, she had to leave me first and send me back to Mexico, then he’d think about keeping her. She cried and he fucked her hard like he was trying to hurt her.

I became obsessed with the video of his penis and I watched it over and over – I was envious of the beauty of his penis, and I felt mine was ugly and useless. I had never considered before a penis could be beautiful. I remembered what María had said about PP’s penis, once it gets in your system, you can’t get it out. Well, his penis had poisoned me, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. If I were a woman, I would want a man with a penis exactly like his.

I downloaded the photos and videos to my laptop, just in time because the web page disappeared a few days later. Every time María went with PP, I watched them over-and-over, each viewing cut a little deeper into me, exposing my sexual inadequacies with María in finer and finer detail.

However, I also found excitement in the videos – watching PP fuck María in all their variations jolted me with a strange pleasure. I’d imagine I was PP, handling María expertly, driving her to stronger and better orgasms, finally climaxing with jolts and jerks as I thrust into her. But her vagina was only my hand, slathered with hand cream and glops of semen.

I asked María about his penis and she floored me. She described the genitals in fine detail, of not only PP, but of every serious lover, including me: shape, size, color, texture, symmetry, curvature, rigidity, duration of hardness, crown size, veining patterns, etc. She described their testicles, their size and shape, their tightness in the scrotum, the covering of pubic hair. She described the semen/sperm of each man – the taste and texture and quantities. She said she could tell from the taste which men had vasectomies. She told me how each penis felt inside her, the thrusting and stroking and depth of penetration, the force of expulsion at ejaculation and the temperature of the semen, and how the size of the penis changed at ejaculation. She described the hormone potency of each man, how their ejaculate made her high afterward. My knowledge of female genitalia was amateur compared to hers – I felt like an ignorant bumpkin.

During María’s next visit to PP, I went out to the pole-dancing club where María had stripped years before, and began to drink. As I nursed my rum and cola, I watched the strippers dance, thrusting their vulvae into my face and I stuck dollars in their tangas. I thought María really is a cheap slut, no better than these whores swinging around the pole. She’s easy for any slick man to get a first fuck just by flattery.

The young stripper at the pole rotated her derriere at me, and I stuffed 100 Quetzal bills in her tanga. When she stood, she left me speechless – she had long, shiny, dark-brown hair that shined in the club lights. But her eyes seized mine – they glowed, not the brilliant light of love nor the fire of rage. It was the smoldering of insanity. I couldn’t look away, didn’t see her strip off her clothes, only her eyes. She saw me looking into her, and turned away. I saw bruises and marks on her body. She had a beautiful body but had been abused, beaten, probably raped.

She turned back, trapped my eyes again, and I saw nothing else as she finished her set. She pulled on her stripper’s outfit, never losing my eyes, then came to sit at my booth,
“Buy me a drink, honey? How about a lap dance?”

“Please don’t do that, not all men are the same. I see you.”

She scooted across the bench closer,

“I saw you staring at me. Do you want a piece of what you see?”

“I see you. I see your beauty.”

“No man sees me. All men want to do is to hit me, to screw me, you can do that too, it’ll cost you.”

“I see your beauty.”

Silence, as she reached to hold my face, and looked in my eyes. She started to cry, and her pimped jumped off the bar stool and came at us.

“What do you see?”

“Shining hair and burning eyes and great beauty. You don’t belong here alone.”

She waved her pimp away,

“I’m not alone, he’s my lover. Do you really see me? Will you take me?”

“I’d love to take you, but another woman has broken me first.”

She stood, waved to her pimped, and walked away. He came over, said,

“You owe 200 Quetzales for her time, pay now and leave or I’ll break your face and take it anyway.”

I paid and left. I went home and thinking about the stripper, then María, then the perfect penis, tried to masturbate. I couldn’t get erect.

PP had destroyed our relationship and destroyed me as well with the videos. Every time I see a sexy woman or think about sex, his beautiful penis overwhelms my mind.

María was right to forbid me penises. She knew a penis would capture and destroy me. PerfectPenis. I’ve become impotent. María has won her bet and PP has won María.

The next night, María returned to stay with PP and I went back to the strip club. I held up a hundred dollar bill, and the young stripper gyrated her vulva inches from my face. I could smell her rich scent, and I slipped the greenback inside her tanga, into the damp crease of her vulva. I couldn’t help but bring my hand to my face, smelling her essence.

She came to sit with me again, this time with hardly any makeup other than a heavy patch covering a new discoloration on the side of her face, a fresh bruise.

I looked around for her pimp, and she smiled, “I told him I was taking the night off. I was hoping you’d come back.”
Her eyes shined, the madness was gone, and I examined her barely covered body. She didn’t mind my appraisal. Without stripper’s garish makeup, she was stunningly beautiful. Her body size and symmetry, her B-cup breasts, her skin tone – she was my María at her age. She said,

“Your 100 dollars gets you a no-touch lap-dance, but you can rub me if you want.”

“Yes, but I’ll touch you everywhere.”

She moved onto my lap, facing away, “Ok.”

Her pheromones slammed me and I immediately moved my hand over her vulva as she wiggled back into my groin. It was my María on my lap.

I saw the people at the other tables watching us, and I knew I shouldn’t. But I did, with one hand, I peeled off her pasties and kneaded her nipples. I moved my other hand inside her tanga, struggling against its tightness until my fingers felt the dampness between her labia. She leaned back, turned her head into mine, and her mouth searched for mine.

“You can screw me, no extra charge, but not out here. You can hit me if you want, but you’ll have to pay for that.”

I took my hand from her breast and made a fist, touching her facial bruise lightly, and involuntarily recoiled from the touch. I thought of some man striking María, and I shuddered, pulling my hand from her vulva. I said, “Oh no, I could never do that. Women are sacred, they are sent by god, it’s unthinkable.”

She swiveled around to face me, moved her hand over my penis. I caressed her bruise with my fingertips, “You shouldn’t be here, no man should ever hurt you again. You have to dump your pimp. My María had a handler, he …”

“Is María your girlfriend?”

“She’s my wife.”

“Why are you here with me? You should be screwing her …”

“She’s with her lover, a man with a beautiful penis. She loves his penis more than she loves me.”

“I’ve never seen a beautiful penis, they’re all the same, always ugly. How do you know it’s beautiful?”

“I’ve seen photos and videos of it. I’ve seen him use it on her. She’s addicted to it.”

“Maybe you should knock her around a little, then screw her crazy …”

“I’m impotent. His penis makes me crazy too.”

She rubbed my penis through my pants, “I’m sure I can fix that problem. Take me somewhere and screw me. I bet you have a beautiful penis too.”

“I can’t, I don’t have her permission.”

“You’re joking! She can screw around but you can’t?”

“That’s our rules, she knows what’s best for me. Every time I break the rules, I make a mess.”

She leaned into me, loosened my pants, and kissed me, mouth, neck, ears, eyes. She knew how to handle a penis, “What’s this handler you mentioned?”

“It’s kind of like your pimp except he doesn’t abuse you and takes his cut in pussy. My María had a good handler in Mexico, she said he was a great fuck too.”

“She’s a stripper?”

“Not anymore, it was a hobby, an easy way to fuck other men besides her husband.”

“Will you be my handler? I’m a great fuck too.”

“María would never let me do it. She knows I’m weak and you’re too beautiful.”

She continued kissing and caressing me. I felt a stirring in my penis and she felt it too. When she saw my resistance break, she led me into a corner of the dressing room. And to a jaded audience of disrobing strippers, she disproved my impotency. Afterward, laying on a pile of soiled costumes, she caressed my genitals to erection and told me, “The strippers are looking, admiring your penis, it’s beautiful. Dump your whore wife and be my handler. You don’t have to marry me, just be nice to me. I promise I’ll never screw another man unless you send me. Think about it.”

“I don’t even know your name …”

“Maricarmen. María Carmen. I’m your María.”

I went home and slipped into bed without bathing. I wanted María to smell Maricarmen on me, but of course, María didn’t come home. And I couldn’t sleep thinking about her twistings and squirmings and jerkings as PerfectPenis ravished her body. PP’s knife cutting into my genitals.

Evolution, the ‘survival of the fittest’, applied to humans, means some men should dominate other men, destroy them, and take their women. Back in ancient times when the Greeks and Persians would battle, the winners would take the wives and daughters of the losers as their sex slaves. The winners would castrate the losers to wipe out their gene line, and make them slaves. María understood this was where PP was taking her and accepted this naturally. PerfectPenis was a stronger lover than me, he dominated and corrupted María, and he destroyed me sexually – I felt castrated again. I deserve to be impotent with María, and PP deserves to take her. But now I knew I had a consolation prize.

At least at the moment, I’m not going to leave María. We’ll be leaving for Mexico in a few days, so I’ll get her back. I’m not angry with PP or María. I admire him for seducing her, for his ‘macho-ness’, for how totally he dominated María, how he disrupted our marriage and humiliated me – it was genius. He pleased María and took her affection easily from me. But it’s not finished yet.

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