Chapter 15 – Part 4, The One You Love

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Chapter 15 – Part 4, The One You Love

I thought I could slide over Satyr’s multi-year cuckold with María, but I had problems sleeping again. With María in my arms, our bodies still damp from making love, my mouth and face saturated with the scent and taste of her, even then I jerked awake throughout the night with visions of Satyr fucking her just behind my back. We discussed this a few times, until finally I told her,

“I need time to sort this out, some time alone, a vacation.”

She had left me many times, on vacation with her lovers. Still she said, “Please don’t leave me now, please stay.”

And for the first time in my life, I left her. I packed a quick bag, and managed to catch the overnight bus to Puerta Vallarta. I didn’t sleep at all. Arriving in PV, I threw my bag in an old hotel in the old town center, and went down the beaches. The beaches were filthy with foreigners, hundreds of girls in bikinis or tangas. It was hot, ghastly hot and all the steamy students spraying hormones didn’t help. Hundreds of penises, cleverly disguised as boys, circulated hitting on the girls. A girl on the sand next to me kept glancing over at me. She lay down and took her top off. I didn’t know what to say to these girls. I was out of practice and they were many years younger than I. I squatted next to the girl and said,

“I’m not sure what clever lines to say to you. Can we skip that part and go fuck?”

“Jeez, you’re certainly romantic, you know how to impress a woman. Why do you imagine I’d want to fuck you?”

“You kept looking around at me. Forget it, I’m sorry, that was rude of me.”

“Wait, do you have a room nearby. I could use a decent bathroom.”

We walked up to my hotel. The girl was plain pretty, like the sluts I used to seduce in Europe. We barely got inside the door and she pulled off her bikini, showed me her pudendum tattoo and twirled around for my approval.

“Very nice,” I lied. “Now lay down and open-up. There’s something special I do with my mouth I’m sure you’ll like.”

She flopped on the bed, “Back or belly?”

“On your back.”

I stroked her legs with my hands, up towards her vulva. I leaned in to kiss her vulva, when I saw the sores inside her labia, “Do you know you have lesions in your vulva. It’s likely a venereal disease. You need to see a doctor quick.”

“Oh shit, I wondered why I hurt there sometimes.”

She dressed and disappeared. I went back down to the beach, stopped for eggs, shrimp and coffee at a beach stand. The heat washed in as the sun moved over the trees, the kind of heat that stirs hormones. I watched the girls burning-up their beautiful skin. A few uncovered their breasts. Every woman in the world I want I already have back in Guanajuato. She loved another man that made her happy, so she made me happy. So what? What the hell am I doing here?

Two cute homosexual boys came by to order coffee, exuding hormones that stifled me. I had several hours to waste until the next bus, so I thought, ‘Why not? Boys won’t be cheating María with another woman.’ I offered, “Let me buy your breakfasts, then I’ll suck your testicles out through your penis.” They accepted, and didn’t regret it, bucking and slamming their penises into my mouth as they climaxed. They asked me to teach them how to blow like that, but I declined. Instead I said, “Remove your clothes and you can rape me if you’re mean enough.”

What started as a game quickly became a testosterone battle. At first, I pretended to resist, but as they got more excited and determined, I fought back harder. I wasn’t going to quit until they raped me, but I wanted to be raped forcefully. I kicked, twisted and yanked at their erect penises, breaking loose from their grip again and again. Finally, the smaller guy knocked me to my knees with a punch to my testicles, and the bigger guy put me into a choke hold on the floor. The small guy tried to remove my shoes and pants. I kicked at him until he wrestled a position on top of my legs and sat on me. My briefs pulled off with my pants, and my penis popped-out, red and engorged. The big guy rolled me over, pinning my face down on the floor and the small guy tried to raise my hips as I kicked back at him, twisting from side-to-side. This went on for a few moments until the big guy decided to actually choke me; I went limp and recovered my senses from the pounding of the doggy-fucking. Then the big guy choked me limp again and they changed places.

When they finished my rape, I stayed on the floor, watching them kiss and caress and fuck each other just inches away. They were incredibly cute. I caressed their bodies as they fucked. As they relaxed from their frenzy, the big guy caressed my penis and testicles, then pumped me, popping his mouth over my penis just as I ejaculated. He milked out my semen, stretching my penis with his mouth. I thought, ‘This is so easy, this is why María prohibits me penises. Women are too complicated, maybe I should switch over.’

They dressed to leave. My anus screamed but I still felt wanting, incomplete. I raised up on my hands and knees, and told the smaller guy, “I bet you can improve on that testicle punch.” He stepped-up smartly, I barely had time to push my testicles into the crunch position before his kneecap hit me.

My brain exploded in a bomb of blinding white light as his blow lifted me beyond heaven. Testicle pain is pain in it’s purest form, pain that cleanses and clarifies. I washed free of Satyr. He was god to goddess María – no rancor nor jealousy nor forgiveness, only acceptance. She gave him what was his and gives me what is mine, two men in perfect harmony with one women. I only regretted not sucking his testicles out through his penis, assimilating his god-ness into me.

I took the overnight bus back to Guanajuato.

Arriving in Guanajuato in the early morning, I found a flower vendor unpacking in the market and I bought two dozen mixed roses. I stopped for a coffee and pastry, but decided it’d be fun to fuck-awaken María, so I paid and left before the order arrived. I entered quietly in the house and heard María moaning in orgasm. Then the grunts of a man pumping out his testicles.

I sat on a bench in the hallway and waited, while María and her guest giggled, laughed and played. Cariños. After about half an hour, they came out the bedroom door nude, María gently pulling him along by his penis. She saw me first, stopped, pumped his penis three times then released him. I could see why she was attracted to him – he was a dark, indigenous Mexican with a shiny, black penis, still erect. I could easily imagine my tongue sticky-licking the underside of his penis crown. He saw me, covered his genitals, and wheeled back into the room. He was several years younger than her, probably a student.

María sat on the bench next to me. Her hair was down, full length, tied in bands – she had taught him the Ride. I handed her the roses and said, “You’re an incorrigible slut.”

She smelled of sweat, testosterone, and semen, the sweetest perfume. She said, “I didn’t expect you back so soon, you should’ve called.”

“I missed you, I couldn’t wait to get back. I wanted to fuck you awake.”

“He got here first.”

“You’re an incorrigible slut. I was barely gone two days.”

“You left me, I asked you to stay.”

“He fucked you awake? You missed out on me. Was he worth that?”

“He’s young, hot, handsome, and very good. Do you want to hear about his dick?”


“He’s about your size, but his dick is straight while your’s has a nice curve, but his is stiffer, almost black and beautiful. He knows how to use it, I hated when he pulled it out.”

“Do you have to be so direct? Is he one of your regulars?”

“Not yet, but I think he’ll want reruns now. He knows the Ride.”

“Did he come so early this morning?”

“No, he came right after you left two days ago. We haven’t left the house for two days.”

“You didn’t waste a minute in replacing me. Did he take my spot on the bed?”

“You had a whole day at the beach full of horny gringas – how many did you fuck?”

“Not even close to one. I realized all those girls taken together didn’t add-up to you. That’s why I came back so early, only to find you had put another man in my bed, almost before I got out the door. You taught him to Ride you. Then you have the nerve to tell me how great he was.”

“If you want me to feel bad, I don’t. In fact he made me feel great…”

“No, stop right there. I knew you were a slut when I married you, and you’ve gotten better at slutting since. I just prefer you be my slut most of the time.”

“Then don’t leave me again like that. I promise you my body will be an free community lunch if you leave me like that again.”

“At least you should show me the Ride.”

“Husbands shouldn’t Ride their wives. It’s disrespectful to her and demeaning for both. The Ride is what men do with their putas.”

“I’ve heard that before. So you admit to being a puta?”

“Not with my husband.”

“I thought you liked the Ride.”

“I do, but I mainly use it now to get men excited. Then they fuck me better.”

“You could do that to me to get me excited.”

“We’ve had this conversation before. You’re a broken record.”

“You’re an incorrigible slut.”

“You already said that. I’m guilty.”

I sat on the floor and laid my head in her lap. The scent of her fluids and his semen was strong. I said, “I’m good about Satyr. He fucked you happy so you’d be happy for me. So he made me happy too. Now, will you tell me the truth I want to hear?”


“Were you in love with Satyr?”

“No, he was just a good fuck.”

The young guy came out of the bedroom, dressed and carrying an overnight bag. He paused to look at us. He was younger, bigger and stronger than I, he didn’t fear me. I told him, “Thanks for fucking my wife while I was gone. She gets lonely by herself.”

He didn’t reply, just nodded and stood watching us, his face an open challenge to my existence. He wanted her, wasn’t ready to give her up yet. He wanted to hurt me and take her. My testicles and anus ached – I wanted what he wanted. I thought about the cute homos at the beach – if I’m going to be taken by a man, he should be a real man, one that can bend me over and ravish me, or break me, or brutalize me just because he can. A man that can boot grind my genitals to mush while driving María to bone-shaking orgasms. This young guy appeared to be such a man. Thinking of his pretty penis, I tempted him, “You have a good penis, a penis to dominate weak men and take their wives. If you need a bitch to torment or a slut to fuck, come find us.”

María said, “You’re not going penis on me, are you?”

“If he can take you down so easily, why not me?”

“That’s off limits to you. You don’t dare.”

“So you agree I’m a weak man? Don’t worry, I don’t touch penises.”

“Yes, you’re weak – a penis will destroy you.”

“This kid made you happy so you can make me happy?”

“Yes, now you get it.”

“Do you love me, are you in love with me?”

“Yes, hasta la muerte. You’ve always been the one, the only one, my true love.”

I pulled her hips out to the edge of the bench and opened her legs. Her vulva was still engorged. I licked the semen from her vulva. I heard an ‘ugh’ gasp of disgust from the man, then his footsteps down the stairs. If he came back, he wouldn’t come only for her, he’d come to break me. María leaned back, already ascending to her orgasm. She put her hands on my head, the roses fell across my back. The thorns pricked my back, catching in the skin, pulling like barbs. Every time my tongue hit her clitoris, she jerked, and the barbs dug in. Pain. I was home and safe again, in Maria’s care.

She must love me. You always lie to the one you love. You always hurt the one you love. You always cheat the one you love. That must be what love is. María must love me.

* * *

I saw Larry later that year at a convention. I didn’t recognize him at first, but he seemed familiar even at a distance. When I approached, I saw it was him. He recognized me immediately, he had seen my presentation. He was apprehensive, but I was glad to see him and friendly. We had a couple of drinks and talked about work. He asked neutrally if I was still with María, and I told him about her and our son, Brett.

I felt like we had never lost contact, like I saw him frequently, and then I realized his gestures, attitudes, modes of speaking, and body language resembled my son. The more we talked, the more I was sure he was the natural father of Brett. I wondered if I should tell him, but decided NO. He might freak out about paternity issues, or worse, might want to re-enter our lives or see our/his son. He might even want another exploration of María’s vagina. With his luck and long, narrow penis, he might even push some sperm through her damaged fallopian tubes.

Well, I’d love to have a little girl, a María clone … I shuddered and shook myself. There was no proof, my blood type was within the compatible group with Brett, and I’d never allow a DNA test. I had already told Larry about Brett’s schooling, interests and age. I feared he might calculate the years backwards to the gang-rape and start wondering.

But no, Larry wasn’t intrigued. María was just another beautiful prick-teasing slut, and he gave her what she deserved. We parted with promises to keep in touch. I took his contact info., in case Brett ever discovered … I never heard from Larry again.

* * *

María’s mother fell and broke her hip, and María left immediately for Antigua. Her mother had become senile, didn’t understand what had happened to her and obstructed her own medical care. Two weeks later she died, and María turned her attention to her mother’s estate and her relatives. They had the usual inheritance scuffles. The inheritance was quite small, her brother and sister said she was married to a rich American and should give her part to them, etc. They also implied as a whore, she wasn’t fit to own a house in Antigua.

She stayed four months in a vacation rental dealing with this, and I missed her intensely. When she returned, she was upset and listless, and for the first time since I met her, she was not interested in sex with me or her lovers. Very strange. I thought maybe this was some 7-year itch, or an early mid-life crisis, or maybe her first glimpse at her own mortality.

My confidants suggested the possibility of a serious lover in Antigua, but María said her sexual activity in Antigua had been less than usual, she was upset about her mother, and even more upset she hadn’t been there when her father passed-away. María had always been a mystery to me, and I decided to wait it out.

Her disinterest in sex diminished over the next few months, but she was particularly indifferent to me, preferring her lovers more. She tolerated my attentions after she had fucked her lovers, allowing me to clean their semen from her vulva, but not to vagina-fuck her. I re-doubled my efforts to please her, in particular with cariños, and we spent a lot more time kissing and caressing. She responded well, became much more affectionate with me, but her vagina was still off-limits. I contented myself with cleaning her vulva when she returned from her lovers, but I began to resent those men and their access to her vagina.

This lasted for awhile, and I was upset hadn’t been able to vagina-fuck her for several months. Then I received a contract to do a small project in Guatemala, and I thought a trip together to Antigua might be just the trick to ‘cast the devil out’ and get us sexually hot again.

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