Chapter 15, Exploring Rosa

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Chapter 15, Exploring Rosa

Our son became a man in Guanajuato. He had inherited the best of María’s looks, and his father’s aptitudes in the sciences and engineering. He was handsome and popular with the girls, although he tended to choose girlfriends that were ordinary. He was sharp. He knew his hyper attractive mother was a whore, so maybe his choice of ordinary girls was a reaction against that – perhaps he thought a plain girl would be more faithful.

While doing lab work for his Master’s thesis in Monterey, he met the girl of his dreams, Rosa. According to his descriptions, she was quite pretty, modern, and sexy, but he never sent us photos and I didn’t trust his taste in women. He went to visit her as often as he could get away, and he quit dating other girls in Guanajuato.

When he started his doctorate, he went for a semester to do lab research in Chicago. His girlfriend had finished her bachelor degree, and he said she was the ‘one’. They were now engaged and he wanted us to meet her. So we arranged she would come visit us for three months while she took a certificate course at the local university.

On her arrival day, María and I went a few minutes early to the bus station. We bought coffee and found a table to wait for the bus arrival. I, of course, had chosen a table to the side and slightly behind the prettiest girl in the station. María and I watched her and other passengers and gossiped about them.

No sooner had we sat to wait, when a young guy approached the girl, introduced himself, invited himself to sit down, and began hitting on her. He was smooth, giving her the right amount of flattery mixed with jokes and general small talk. More surprising was how she reacted – she sucked in the flattery, smiled and batted her eyes. I thought she reminded me of María’s younger years. The guy even managed to get his hand on her leg within a few minutes, and worked her skirt up her thigh. She was an easy score, and images of María keep popping into my head.

A bus departure was called and the guy looked at his watch – his bus. He passed a card to the girl, she wrote something on a napkin and gave it to him, and he departed all smiles – he had his next fuck lined up upon his return trip. I checked my watch and saw Rosa’s bus was 20 minutes late, but was unconcerned. The bus line bringing Rosa was notorious for erratic schedules, and María and I continued gossiping about the folks in the station, but mostly about the girl. She was young, early 20’s, quite pretty, nice body as far as we could see, full B- or small C-cup, long shiny straight brown hair, shapely legs, extroverted, oozed sexuality, and had a pretty smile. And easy to score.

I commented to María if she might go for an old goat like me, and María surprisingly replied I should go for it. And if the girl responded positively, I could seduce her! Neither María nor I thought the girl would give me a second glance, but I thought, ‘What’s to lose?’ María had never before given me permission to seduce another woman, so I wasn’t going to skip the chance, however improbable it might be.

I approached the girl, told her I had to tell her how beautiful she was, and she smiled and invited me to sit. I hit on her pretty hard, like the young guy had done, and she responded well. I thought this girl was extremely easy – actually way past the easy category into trashy slut territory. Her skirt was still high on her thigh, I put my hand on her thigh, and she allowed it! María watched us with an incredulous look on her face; I was scoring a hot, young chick, and María had given me permission to seduce her!

I ran my hand farther up her leg, and I thought we should at least exchange names – when she said “Rosa”, I was shocked. I jerked back my hand, and I called María to the table, told her the girl was Rosa, and introduced ourselves. There was an awkward silence, then María warmly greeted Rosa with a kiss. We retrieved her luggage and took her home, to our guest room, acting as if nothing had happened.

* * *

María and I discussed the ‘Rosa problem’ for two days, then we acted. While Rosa was at class, I searched her belongings and found several cards and slips of paper from men. Most damning were the business cards with a private cell number written on the back. María did the same search of Rosa’s purse and back pack while Rosa was showering. We called Rosa to the dining room table, I laid all the cards in front of her, and I told her we saw the guy in the bus station, and I personally had put my hand up her inner thigh with a minimum of effort. We told her factually and coldly she was a cheap, trashy slut, and pronounced in concrete terms our son would not marry her. While we endured her shrieks about the violation of her privacy, the cards were from family friends, etc., I had the uneasy sense we were hypocrites, since María had often seduced strangers. I was sure there was a difference, I just couldn’t say what it was.

When Rosa calmed down, we made a deal – Rosa would stay with us for the duration of her certificate program; we would pay her expenses for the trip including the coursework, and we would pay for her graduation expenses. When my son arrived back in several weeks, she would break their engagement and relationship with whatever lame excuse she pleased. Rosa accepted the deal, perhaps too quickly, and everyone was satisfied.

That evening, we joined a large group of friends for pizza and beer. Both María and Rosa were in full prick-teasing regalia, miniskirts and bra-less tops, and I walked proudly between them showing off my harem. The group packed into a booth at the pizza parlor. I had my right hand embedded between the labia majora of María’s vulva, and stroked the unfortunately placed panty that protected Rosa’s vulva with my left hand.

That night, I sensuously fucked María while thinking of Rosa, and the next day, I awkwardly fucked Rosa while thinking about Rosa. Nude, Rosa was quite shapely, well formed, nice perky breasts with big nipples and fragrant vulva. Everything about Rosa was subtly different, her tastes, scents, movements, cries and body features. The areolae around her nipples were pointed and exquisite to pull up with my lips; her vulva was smaller than María’s but her vaginal entry was larger. When I stroked her, her vagina let my penis slide in easily, but pulled strongly against my penis’ exit, like she didn’t want me to leave. Rosa liked to fold her breasts over my penis, inviting me to stroke between her breasts; as my penis head approached her mouth, she smiled and extended her tongue in promise; as my penis receded, she pouted.

Although Rosa wasn’t half as beautiful or sexy as María, she drew me into her, like pulling me down into a massive black hole into which a man could completely disappear. She was new and fresh to me, and I fucked her at each convenient opportunity, each time better than the previous. When we were together but not actively fucking, we would do cariños (affectionate caressing) for long periods, running our fingertips, our lips, little kisses along each others’ bodies, exploring crevices, freckles, curves, erogenous zones, in almost every reachable area inside and outside the body. We were illicit lovers in the full measure of the term except for one small detail – I wanted her but she didn’t want me. I was only the expedient, convenient, low-risk fuck to satisfy her slutty impulses.

I had re-discovered the joy and pleasure of new sexual partners, the promise of spontaneous sex with near strangers. I knew now why María had prohibited this to me many years ago – I loved it, wanted much more, more partners, more positions, more new and fresh tastes and fragrances, more vulvae, vulvae, vulvae, more slutty women. I felt acutely our rules weren’t fair – María, of course, knew the casual sex experience dozens of dozens of times, and she managed it well, if compulsively, and let me experience it vicariously through her. But she knew I couldn’t handle it alone, just as she knew penis sucking would be dangerous for me. María simply said that’s why we had the rules, and we would stick to the same rules.

My sexual relationship with Rosa made me realize how much María and I had lost over the years of marriage. Even her special beauty had become commonplace to me over the years – we hardly ever found the time for cariño, and we made a deliberate and successful attempt to renew deep physical affection. Those three months with Rosa in the house were perhaps the three most sexually and emotionally satisfying months in my life.

María knew each time I fucked Rosa. I think she thought our sex would further serve to break-off Rosa’s engagement with our son. Every discussion we had about Rosa started and ended with María’s exclamation that Rosa was a cheap, trashy slut. And I continued to think, ‘yes, she is a slut, like my beautiful, sexy slut-wife, María’. I finally developed a comforting distinction between the sluttery of Rosa and the sluttery of María – men easily scored Rosa while María easily scored men. This distinction relieved my guilt over the hypocrisy with which we treated Rosa and seemed important and favorable to María at the time. I later came to believe the inverse was true, María was the bigger slut because she actively provoked and seduced men.

María and I were both pretty sure Rosa had other affairs while staying with us, perhaps the young guy from the bus station or others, since she was an easy score for men of any age. We were also both convinced Rosa would never marry our son, so I was comfortable and confident in fucking Rosa in our guest room. I had watched María fuck dozens and dozens of men, and had participated in many of these adventures, but this was the first time María had given me permission to fuck another women. María was a little nervous and unsettled about how much I enjoyed it, but she didn’t retract her permission. From my experience with Rosa, I told María our son wouldn’t easily give her up, but he would dump her in the garbage as soon as he knew she was a cheating slut.

About the tenth fuck, I realized Rosa was provoking me, and making herself very available to me – I wondered there might be ulterior motives, but I stupidly followed my hormones into her vulva. Then, one day, I found semen in her vulva, and protested. She said,

“You took Brett away from me for being a slut- you didn’t imagine I’d be faithful to you?”

Of course not, Rosa had other men in Guanajuato, I don’t know why I was surprised. But the semen made me excited,

“Well let me show you something special I do for María when this happens.”

I gave her a deep vulva cleaning, and she rode my penis like a charra (cowgirl). She said she loved it. I should have been more careful about starting her on vulva cleanings, because she started coming prepped for that ‘something special’ more frequently. In fact, almost every time afterward, she had been with another man. That was OK with me. I liked cleaning her vulva, and it didn’t twist me up like it did with María. I didn’t know whose semen I was cleaning, and I didn’t ask, it wasn’t important.

* * *

A few days before Brett’s return, after our vulva cleaning and fuck, we were laying on the bed recuperating. She reached to fondle my penis while she pleasantly commented,

“You and María are fucking hypocrites. You call me a cheating slut, you want me to break off from Brett, but you fuck me at twice my age, and María is as much a slut as I am.”

“What! What are you talking about? María’s not a slut!”

“You told me yourself she was a slut- you said you’d show me the ‘something special’ you do for María.”

While I tried to remember what I told her, she continued,

“I’ve seen you dress her up and she goes out alone. When she come back, she´s all messed up like she’s rolled somebody. So last night I followed her to the edge of town, to a hotel where she met this guy in the bar and went up to his room. I waited there almost two hours, and could see she was well fucked when she came out. And you knew about this, you probably licked out her cunt when she arrived. She’s a slut! Are you selling her, are you a pimp? Fucking hypocrites.”

“Sure I know about her lovers, but she has my permission – she’s not cheating me, she has my permission, she is not a slut.”

“Well, our deal about Brett is off. I’m still going to marry him.”

“It’s not the same, Brett will never marry you if he knows you’re fucking around. He’ll never forgive you or even talk to you again once he knows about all these men you’ve been fucking here.”

“And he’ll never forgive or talk to you again when he knows you’ve been fucking me. I’m going to marry him.”

Rosa had set and sprung the trap. She took control now, aggressive sexual control of me. She licked my testicles, pumped me up hard and teased me to desperation. I should have stopped now that I knew she would marry my son. But I couldn’t help myself, and I fucked her again with deep respect, this new, powerful woman that had easily manipulated me. And I had been given notice to stay clear.

I didn’t tell María about this until days later, a couple of days before Brett’s return. María had already commented about Rosa’s change of attitude, but Rosa didn’t gloat or disrespect María, nor defer to her. She simply treated her as an equal, slut-to-slut.

María was really upset when I told her, especially for Brett, but also that I hadn’t told her earlier. She said she would have stopped my affair with Rosa as soon as she knew Rosa had reneged on our deal. That was exactly why I didn’t tell her, but I gave her the excuse I thought she might throw Rosa out, which could have revealed our situation to Brett.

María and I hadn’t counted on the hooks Rosa had already embedded into our son. He was as enamored of Rosa’s sexuality as I had been of María’s, and they continued their plans to get married. María and I tried every persuasion possible to convince him otherwise, except what I couldn’t tell him – she had fucked me and other men.

Several months later, they had a nice, small wedding in Monterey. The day before the wedding, she offered me that ‘something special’. She had been with Brett, and she said she’d fuck me after I cleaned her. I surprised myself by declining – I wasn’t about to clean Brett’s semen from her vulva.

At the wedding reception, Rosa and I talked again and agreed our son would never find out about our adventure. She promised to be careful in her extra-marital adventures, and she also expressed her willingness to fuck me again, should I desire. I knew Rosa would use my son as a launching pad to fuck other men, exactly like María had used me. Rosa now had the upper hand – in any serious dispute with our son or us, she would reveal I had fucked her many times, destroying completely our relationship with our son.

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