Chapter 13 – Part 2, Castration Prelude

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Chapter 13 – Part 2, Castration Prelude

Two days later, María went out early to a hair stylist – she wanted her hair to be perfect, straight but wavy. María decided she wanted to dress erotically, and we chose a outfit and lingerie from the Pol’s collection. She asked me to body paint a glittering stripper’s tanga around her vulva – she would wear no panty. She laid back, and I inserted a finger into her vagina and stimulated her clitoris with my thumb as I painted. I painted the tanga, but also added decorative flourishes on her inner thighs and buttocks. As a finishing touch, I painted concentric circles around the edges of her areola. While she puttered around to let the body paint dry, I went to the hardware store and bought a black light, and hung it in her bedroom.

She put on her skirt and raised it – the panty paint was beautiful, and the knives begin cutting-up my genitals as I thought she did this for another man. ‘Erotic’ was a poor word to describe the finished effect. And while I put her make-up, I kept thinking it was all so she could seduce another man who wanted to steal this extraordinary woman, my wife and slut from me.

She said they had changed their plans – first a nice dinner, then back to the house. U&P would come for her.

María went to put her bra and blouse. She swirled around, the dress raising up to expose her body-paint panty and garter belt. It was like a punch in the stomach. I don’t remember when I had ever seen her more beautiful. I thought, ‘What in the hell am I doing, letting some other man touch this incredible woman.’

She said, “Do you remember this outfit? It’s the same dress I wore when I tried to leave you for the Pol, when he didn’t show up. This time the guy will show, and I’ll leave you. Today. Today is the day.”

“The day for what?”

“The day for everything, for your castration, when I go to live with him.”

I began to doubt my control over the situation, but I decided she still bluffed and I’d play along with the charade.

“But this is just the first of three house dates. We agreed and planned it out completely.”

“I changed my mind. I’m ready and he’s ready. You’ll never be ready. He’ll be here shortly and we’ll go to dinner. You have about three hours to get prepared.”

María handed me several pills. She said,

“Take these, they will help you to relax to get through the castration, and will block any erections. They are hormone suppressants, the black one is a relaxer. You should take them when I leave for dinner, two hours before I arrive back with U&P.”

“This is crazy, where did you get these?”

“From Sandi.”

“Sandi the psychiatrist? She’s crazy, the biggest nut case in Guanajuato. When did you see her?”

“About two weeks ago. I went to see here and told her everything. She was appalled, said what we were planning was insane. But as I explained our whole history, she became involved and excited. And she told me how to help you do it. She said at the actual moment of castration, you would fight it. She gave me these pills, and told me what to do to get you mentally acceptable for the castration.”

“You went to see her two weeks ago? You’ve been planning this since then? You’re as crazy as she is.”

“I knew already U&P is the right man for me. I knew you were not ready. Remember you said two nights ago you’ve been waiting you whole life for this moment? Well, I been waiting a long time too. But you’re not ready now.”

“So what else did this crazy shrink tell you?”

“You, well we, have to do what upsets you most. You have to focus on him as he caresses my hair. I’ll have him fondle and stroke my hair many times, and you should focus on that. You’ll watch us make love so you know he’s the right man for me. Sandi said to do special things to him while you watch – it will cripple you, make you malleable and easy to control and accept the pain. But you must take the pills.”

“Please don’t leave me.”

“You promised you’d help me find my perfect man, and let me leave when I found him.”

“I’ll keep my promise, I’ll let you go. But I’m asking you to choose to stay. I can change. I can please you better, I’ll do anything you ask. Please don’t leave me.”

“How can you ask me that now? Why didn’t you say this months ago, before I met him? We were OK before, as long as you let me have lovers. This was your idea, the man that castrates you gets me. It’s too late now, I love him and he loves me, it’s too late.”

We heard U&P roar up on his motorcycle and we looked out the window. He was dressed in motorcycle black leather, the cycle was all black. He looked up and saw us at the window. He waved.

“How could he come for you on a motorcycle? You’re dressed for dinner.”

María voice was steady, “He’s in a hurry to get something big, black, and throbbing between my legs.”

She looked at me and said, “Well?”

“I’ll take the pills now. I’ll watch him caress your hair and fuck you crazy. I’ll suck his penis and let him crush my testicles, exactly like we planned. Just one more thing. Have him kill me after. I mean that.”

U&P knocked and I answered the door and invited him in. He was skittish, apprehensive, looking at the floor. He said,

“Tonight’s the big night?”

“Yes, the biggest. It will be fantastic.”

María swirled out of the bedroom, her skirt flying. U&P gaped at her, speechless. He didn’t even notice her panty was only paint. He stuttered, said something lame like ‘you’re beautiful’. I knew the feeling well, the dirty dish rag feeling. He knew he was just an ordinary guy. He had no clue what an extraordinary life lay ahead of him.

She looked a stunning 30’s something. She wore a sweet fragrance, Jungle Gardenia, that transported me back to my first puppy love, and a large pink flower in her glowing hair, which was pulled back tight against her head in thick braids. To call her beautiful would have been an insult – she was far beyond beautiful and obscenely sensual, what we stereotypically called a ‘María’ in Mexico – that legendary conjunction of shining dark hair, glowing brown eyes, olive skin, perfect profile, sunrise smile, and a passionate and fiery temperament that stirred all men’s hormones and caused them to abandon sanity at first glance. Notwithstanding my desperation to keep her, my body pumped hormones at full throttle, and I succumbed immediately to her wishes.

She was María. With her new love. And I was an ordinary guy, dumped on the ash-heap of forgotten.

María gave him a pill. She said, “Take this, it’s a testosterone booster.”

He said, “I don’t think I need that, I do OK by myself.”

She said, “I’m going to give you a night like you’ve never dreamed of. Trust me, you’ll want it.”

I said, “I’ll go get you some water, believe me, you’ll want and need it. I’ll call you a taxi, you can’t take her dressed like that on a motorcycle.”

In the kitchen, I took the pills. I wished I had more relaxers, I wanted it to be easy for him to kill me. I took out a glass a water, he took the pill. I told them I’d call a taxi, to have a nice dinner. They went out to wait for the taxi, kissing and pawing at each other right in front of the window where I watched. I felt the first zing of spaciness, I guess the relaxer was kicking in.

I sat on the couch, thinking about the extraordinary life I had with María. It was all over now, I tried to imagine my future, but saw nothing there. I simply felt an immense emptiness. Of course, he would kill me, it would be inhumane to let me live. It must be the pills, nothing made sense to me. I decided I should get dressed for the castration party while I was still able to think straight. I undressed on the couch, but couldn’t get up. I lay back.

I heard María calling me, calling me to the bedroom. I was ecstatic – María had returned for me, only me. I shuffled to the doorway and paused to get my balance.

María and U&P were naked on the bed. He was on his back, she knelt above him. She swept him with her hair, over his whole body. Swinging her hair around, it flowed slowly over him, like caressing fingers. His penis parted her hair as it flowed. He was big, bigger than me, darker than me, harder than me, better than me. María’s hair flowed around his penis, pulling against it. Rage bubbled up from my groin, I would stop this, smash his genitals, pull María away from him to me. But I did nothing, my legs collapsed and I slid to my knees. U&P began stroking her hair. She opened her legs towards me. His hand slid up her leg to her vulva. The body paint glowed in the black light, I saw her labia open as his fingers searched in her vulva. He found her vagina and she gasped as two fingers entered her. I collapsed to sitting on the floor. The shrink said I’d be crippled.

I watched, witnessed, perhaps the most intense fucking in the history of the world. Slow and sweet, furious and rough, different positions. He certainly needed that pill. She didn’t let him climax, she took him right to the edge and backed-off, over and over. She climaxed again and again. She finally lost control of him, and he exploded into her.

While he recovered, María went to the bathroom, returning minutes later smelling of Jungle Gardenia and the lubricants she used after her enema and shower. She had arranged her hair into long braided ponytails. When María positioned him for the ‘Ride’, I turned away – I couldn’t stand to see him handle her hair like that, but María called me to watch. I saw nothing but his hands pulling on her hair as she achieved another orgasm. The scent of Jungle Gardenia depressed me. Was it for him or for me? Was she already conditioning him for his new role in her life?

They had chosen each other. They had accepted. He was my replacement. I was thrilled and hurt beyond words as I watched them cavort on the bed. She was so beautiful, and her attention to him screamed of desire.

Then her attitude changed, she became deliberate and took control of their activities. I thought it must be time for my part in this charade. She provoked my humiliation more intensely than ever before. She sucked and licked his penis with cariño, far beyond what she’d ever done with me. She straddled his head, the inverted ‘V’ of her vulva right above his mouth as his tongue flickered up against her clitoris – I could see it as clearly as I had seen JerkFace impale her many years ago. She had him remove her braids and comb out her hair with his fingers. I doubled over from diaphragm spasms.

She talked, pumped up his macho ego, referred to me disrespectfully as the gringo, and told him he was a far superior lover than her soon-to-be ex. He was in fact far superior. Watching him handle her, his mixture of tenderness and aggressiveness as he used her body destroyed me. I shrank smaller and smaller until I didn’t exist anymore. I was physically and psychologically crippled.

Until I remembered I had the final say, the veto of this replacement. I still had to acknowledge to her that he was the ‘one’, and I had to be castrated. I could simply refuse, stop this entire travesty, this horrible game of which I had lost control. I would refuse! I’d let them fuck themselves into exhaustion, she deserved that, but when they finished, I’d kill the game. That simple.

María called me to the bed. It was time for me to suck his penis. She had allayed his fears and pumped-up his ego. U&P stared at me arrogantly as I struggled to the bed, the singular arrogance only a man with his penis inside my wife could possess. I sat on the bed next to him and stared into his arrogance.

My plan raced through my mind. I’d wipe the arrogance off his his face, maybe I’d smash it off as I felt my fists clenching. Or I’d punch him in the testicles, the evil sac that wrecked my life with María. I’d tell him, and her, “No deal”, and I’d throw him out of the house. María would be outraged and upset for a couple of months, but she wouldn’t leave. Maybe she’d want me more because I had fought for her. That’s it! I’ll fight for her and win by default. If he tried to see her again, I’d tell him she was a whore playing a cruel game on him for our perverse pleasure. I’d say she had done this before, just ask around town, half the men in town had fucked her – they’d tell him. Then I’d do everything in my power to be the man María wanted. I’d practice sexual techniques, take hormone treatments, maybe even tattoo my penis. Anything, hasta la muerte, anything to please María.

Whatever he saw in my face caused his arrogance to falter some, but not enough. I blinked first, I lay flat and sucked his penis. And cried.

He had never been penis-sucked by a man, and he loved that the first time was a gringo, the useless husband of the woman he had just ravished. His penis was semi-erect, coated with crusty and sticky semen and vaginal fluid. While I sucked his penis, María goaded him to seize my testicles and squeeze. His hands were big, his fingers long, and he fumbled to wrap them around my testicles below the bangle. He squeezed gently, exquisitely, more pleasure than pain. He somehow had gotten the best grip, testicle against testicle. I wondered if María had taught him that. I sticky-licked the underside of his penis head, determined to drink his power away. María placed her hand over his and squeezed tighter. She told him I loved pain, he should squeeze increasingly tighter; I would tell him when to stop.

His penis hardened, his inner warrior emerged, excited to humiliate the pathetic loser whose wife he was looting. I think María remembered she had promised me an ejaculation, as the testicle pressure lightened. He began throbbing, then he released. Not much semen, María already had drained him, but it tasted good. Good semen for a good man, a good husband for my María.

The pressure increased steadily, but I kept sucking on him. When I reached my tolerance point of pain, I rolled on my back, opened my legs, and surrendered my testicles to his will. I grabbed his arm with both hands, held it in position on my testicles, and kneaded his arm in rhythm with his squeezing of my testicles. He probably thought I encouraged him to squeeze, but it was only my reaction to the pain of his squeezes.

I looked at María, but she looked only at him. María saw her future in his face. I was ready, he could have easily crushed me then. When the first wave of pain hit me, I would reflexively move to protect myself, but it would be too late – the intense pain would paralyze me and I’d lose consciousness. Seconds later, my testicles would be destroyed.

U&P continued to knead my testicles together. María finally looked at me, question marks in her eyes. I nodded, ‘Yes, he’s the one’. I silently mouthed to her in English, “I’m ready, tell him to do it”. María closed her eyes, put her hand on my chest, and caressed me in gratitude. She whispered to me, “Thank you. I love you, but I want him”.

She leaned into him, whispered, and he squeezed harder. María and I looked again directly into our eyes, deeper into our souls, sifting through a life together. I could no longer talk, I telepathed, “I love you, I give you to him, castrate me now”. She heard me. She began kissing his ear and pumping his penis. She whispered to him again, and the pressure increased; another whisper, more pressure; yet again, but I could bear it for María. Anything, hasta la muerte, anything to please María. He crushed until I swooned from the mixture of pleasure and pain. I felt my eyes flutter, the light fade, and knew I was losing consciousness.

* * *

When I awoke, they were gone. I looked around, expecting to see the white of a hospital room, but I was still in my bed. My testicles screamed with pain, I still had them. I felt my testicles, swollen but seemingly intact.

I wasn’t sure what had happened. Had María granted me a reprieve, exactly as I had predicted, unable to castrate her husband? Had she forgiven me and would keep me, keeping U&P as a lover?

I must have won, María was mine again. But why wasn’t she here with me? Had she decided to go with him anyway? If so, there was nothing left I could do. I would be proud and happy for her, for her new man, her new life. Without me. I would have given her up with my testicles still intact, my final act as a coward and loser. So easy.

I decided I’d rest some more. When I awoke, if María wasn’t back, I’d clean-up, dress-up in my best suit, and kill myself. So easy. I rolled over and returned to sleep.

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