Chapter 12 – Part 2, Swapping Spouses

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Chapter 12 – Part 2, Swapping Spouses

Drew and I slept together, naked on the kitchen floor. I dreamt horrendous nightmares: I was a joto; I lost María; I lived in a skid-row hotel always drugged and strange men came to fuck me and hit my testicles. In the morning I awoke with a splitting headache, Drew still spooned to my backside. I blurringly saw María and Terri staring at the cocaine on the table, at spent condoms on the floor, staring down at us. María’s eyes shined dark brown, but her face was blank. Terri was furious. They said nothing. I knew I was in trouble. I sat up and saw my nipples and thighs covered with hickeys – I was mortified. María wouldn’t touch me, Terri helped me get up and walked me to the shower. My anus screamed bloody murder, and my testicles were swollen and spiked with pain at the slightest touch. Drew finally woke up and disappeared into the bathroom.

At breakfast, the women discussed us like we were children, talking as if we weren’t even present at the table. Drew didn’t act like he owned me or María – he was as cowed by the women as I. They calmly discussed our fate, judging us as men worthy of their continued interest. It was eerie. And terrifying.

They first decided they didn’t want us anymore, and María and Terri disappeared into the bedroom. Among their cries and gasps, I heard María’s distinctive moan when a tongue hits her clitoris just right. We didn’t dare go to watch, we were glued to our seats at the table.

We heard them talking again, and they emerged from the bedroom, nude, and sat at the table with us again. They had incredibly arrived at the same action Drew and I discussed while coked-out – they decided to swap spouses. They sent Drew and I out to buy condoms and lubricants. And for the remainder of their visit, Drew slept with María and I with Terri. I heard María coughing and gagging as she relearned deep-throating; I heard Drew’s grunts as he ‘Rode’ María. María didn’t allow me to touch her, and she barely talked to me – just enough to get through the day.

I had never fucked a late-pregnancy woman before – it was awkward, but I drowned in the joy of imagining my penis head caressing the baby girl. We tried different positions, and the most comfortable for Terri was from the side, and the power-fuck position. Since my penis is bigger than Drew’s, she feared for the baby and allowed only short, slow strokes. I preferred the power-fuck position. It provoked the old warrior instinct in me, the joy of defeating another man, taking his wife. Terri’s huge belly amplified my feelings. I felt like a teenager again, more manly, heroic, even though Drew ravished my wife just a few meters away.

The girls agreed to leave open the bedroom doors. Terri went to watch the ‘Ride’ she heard so much about. I didn’t watch – I couldn’t stand the see another man handling María’s hair. Drew and María came to watch me fucking Terri several times. We all exacted revenge: Terri revenging Drew’s bad genes; Drew revenging Terri’s cuckold; I revenged María’s ravishing of Drew, her lovers, my humiliations ad nauseam; and María … well, perhaps she revenged my entire existence.

As I gently stroked Terri, we talked about Drew. Terri explained,

“Drew was bisexual for many years, and deep into cocaine. When we decided to settle together, he swore he’d stop using drugs and seeing men and other women, and he hasn’t until now. What happened? Did you seduce him?”

“I don’t think I seduced him. He said he hadn’t fucked you for a few months, maybe he was starved. He had some cocaine and I took it for the first time. I think I took too much, I was excited thinking about you, about kissing your vulva. I wanted to fuck you badly, to make a baby girl with you. I started pumping my penis, Drew did the same, we sucked each other, did more coke. I was always envious Drew fucked María so many times, had throated and Ridden her. María never let me do that. I asked Drew to throat me, I guess I wanted him to fuck me too, because I let him do it.”

“Did you fuck him?”

“No, I just let him have me, and he fucked me several times. He said I was his bitch. I liked it a lot, I liked all of it a lot. I think I asked him to hurt me and smash my testicles. I’m worried I liked it so much. I love women, I love María, I don’t think I’m homosexual. I hope it was the cocaine.”

“Are you a bitch?”

“I’ve been called that by men several times, usually when I’m sucking their penis. I’m not sure what it means.”

“It usually refers to a man that takes the role of the woman when with another man who owns the ‘woman’. Do you feel like a owned woman when you’re with a man?”

“Damn, I never thought about it. I’m never with another man unless María is messed up in it somehow. A man in Zihuatanejo anus-raped me, the same guy María told to castrate me. Drew is the first man I voluntarily allowed to fuck me, probably because of the coke. María hooked me on semen, I lick it like candy. And I like sucking penises, especially of María’s lovers. I must have sucked-off Drew a dozen times that night.”

“Did you feel owned by those men?”

“Uhh … this is embarrassing … yes, once, by DeepThroat. María probably told you about him. I was desperate for him – he owned me mind, body, soul and genitals, just like he owned María. She planned with him to castrate me. They nearly succeeded. They should have succeeded.”

“You’re definitely a bitch. Drew’s throating and Riding María now – are you jealous?”

“Yes, but not so much. I deserve it. Does Drew ever Ride you?”

“No, never. I asked him to teach me, I wanted it but he said he would never do that to his wife, only to whores, it’s whore stuff, not for decent women. I’m not decent, I easily over-qualify as a whore.”

“You don’t get even close to María for whore-ness. I asked Drew to Ride me and he laughed at me. So here I am with you, fucking his pregnant woman, wishing your baby was mine. Is Drew the biological father?”

“No. The doctor said Drew has damaged genes, probably from all the dirty drugs he did before. I’m not sure who the real father is, it’s one of five men I fucked on my fertile days. I don’t plan to find out who the father is.”

“Who are these men?”

“They’re the men from when I was crazy, group fucking many men at the same time. I chose the men I thought had the best genes. I told them I was on The Pill, and I made sure Drew wouldn’t impregnate me again.”

“Will Drew recognize the baby as his own?”

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked about that yet. He will be shocked to learn it isn’t his.”

“He already suspects it’s not. That’s why he was upset and doing coke last night. That’s probably why he fucked me. If he won’t recognize the baby, I will. I’d love to have a daughter with my name.”

“We’ll see, I’m not sure it will be a girl. I wanted you to be the real father, but you and María had already moved away when I wanted to get pregnant again.”

Hmmm, I thought, María hadn’t told Terri about my vasectomy. I would have fucked her first, then told her I was infertile.

“I wish I could make you pregnant now, I’d love to have a daughter with you.”

Terri laughed and said, “I’ll keep that in mind, now go in slow and deep, you can ejaculate inside if you want, I don’t think that will hurt anything. And we’ll pretend the baby is yours.”

I did ejaculate, that night and the following nights. I wasn’t jealous of Drew anymore, even though I heard his ecstasy in the next room with María. I asked Terri if I could deep-kiss her and she assented. I kissed her as deeply as I deep-stroked her, and I pleased her every other way I could. I licked my own semen from her vulva and kissed her clitoris to jerking orgasms. She was afraid for the baby but wanted the orgasms more. By the second night, we were making love, deeply in love. I wanted her and the baby. Drew and María came in to watch closeup a few times, I think he was disturbed by our intimacy, and he returned to fuck María with vengeance. Of course, María loved that.

As María and Drew watched us one evening, as I kissed her vulva, Terri drifted into that exclusive privilege of women, what I call the Zone, immersed and overcome by her sexual sense. She floated outside of consciousness, incoherent. Waves of some pleasure outside my understanding flowed through her body. She undulated, quivered, crying softly as I kissed her. A pregnant woman in the Zone must be the ultimate state of human grace. I took our Nanny into this Zone frequently back in San Francisco. I had seen María in this Zone with a couple of her lovers, never with me.

I didn’t dare look at María, and I doubted Drew recognized what happened. I heard them leave the room shortly followed by their moans and cries.

When Terri returned to her senses, she rolled over on top of me, and screwed her vagina down my penis until she bottomed out. She rolled to the side taking me with her, pulled my head to her face, and said, “I love you. If you want to leave your gutter whore, I’ll take you. I’ll give you my baby girl and as many more as you want.”

I choked down my impulse to accept immediately, and said, “Let me think about it for a few days.”

Terri opened her soul to me after the Zoning. Like I did with Nanny, I induced her to betray María’s secrets to me. This was easy – she wanted me to take her from Drew. She told me the Pol Zoned María frequently, nearly every time they were together. María told Terri she’d leave me without a second look back when the Pol decided to take her. I already knew this, from María’s own lips.

Terri said María confessed she planned my castration twice, with men in Guatemala and Zihuatanejo. And now she looked for the man that would definitively destroy my testicles. María had told her about the Castration Game, and María said she would play it until I lost. This was old news to me, and I realized Terri wasn’t a reliable info source – she wanted to convince me María was unworthy of me, a gutter whore, as she put it.

Terri talked about María’s loss of the baby in San Francisco, “I think María kept seeing the Pol and taking cocaine hoping for a miscarriage. María thought it was probably her last chance to have a baby, and she thought it was yours. María still feels guilty about losing the baby.”

I asked, “Did María know the sex or race of the fetus?”

“I don’t know, she never mentioned it. She said she thought it was yours.”

“You can never, ever mention this to María, and María doesn’t know I know this. I saw the fetus against María’s wishes. It wasn’t a miscarriage, it was a deliberate abortion. When María didn’t ask the gender and race of the fetus, that’s when I knew it was an intentional abortion. She didn’t ask because she felt guilty. The fetus was black and female. María killed our last chance at our own girl. She did it before the pregnancy became noticeable by the Pol, so she could hold on to the Pol.”

Terri seemed pleased by this revelation, but she said, “That’s horrible, I’m really sorry for you.”

“It’s OK, I’m long over it. María was in love with the Pol, and she was willing to fight and sacrifice for him. That’s commendable, although I’d have given her to him in exchange for the baby. But that was long ago, and I let it go.”

I sensed Terri held back something important, but I decided to Zone her a few times before asking. I’d melt her down to her clitoris button, then she’d tell me everything.

* * *

Terri said María was upset about something but wouldn’t talk about it. María came to watch us several times, so I decided I’d make more show out of fucking Terri, if just to irritate María. Two of us can play that game. In reality, I didn’t have to pretend much – I really made love to Terri and trying to please her to the utmost.

Once, when Terri and I were exhausted making love, I reflected out-loud, “I’m fucking a woman that belongs to another man, who is pregnant from yet another man from a serial fuck of five men plus your partner. You’re a total slut, almost as big a slut as María.

She responded, “No one is sluttier than María. And you’re a typical male chauvinist hypocrite. Just a few days ago Drew fucked your mouth and ass, and you loved it like a flaming fag. Now you’re fucking his pregnant woman while he’s taking your wife around-the-world and has her screaming in climax. You’re easily as big as slut as I am, much worse really because you have your wife fucking half the men in the world.”

That exchange excited us so much we fucked again.

The atmosphere in the house stayed strange – María basically ignored me and we ended coupled-up in our activities – Terri and me, and María and Drew.

The day before their scheduled departure, Drew pulled me aside and asked,

“What should I do about the baby? I’m sure it’s not mine.”

“I’m the worst person in the world to give advice about women. If you knew how badly I’ve screwed-up with María, you wouldn’t even be my friend anymore. But for whatever it’s worth, here it is: whatever kind of man you are, now is your chance to shine. Both are us are many pay grades below our women. Terri’s a magnificent woman, don’t screw it up. Don’t ask about the father. Go immediately to tell Terri that whatever comes out of her body, however it got there, is yours, and you’ll love it and care for it with all your life. And mean it and do it. I promise you your life with Terri will be one of joy. And if you ever hurt that little girl, I’ll find you and kill you.”

That night, we went out to eat at Mexico Lindo y Sabroso in the Presa barrio, a place where María often met her lovers. Drew escorted María and I escorted Terri. I was still trying to irritate María, so I fawned over Terri’s every move and word. The waiters knew María well – no man that ever saw her ever forgot her. They had already seen María with different men in various stages of seduction. They surely thought she was a prostitute, and they snickered and gossiped while they watched us. I heard them say the ‘puta‘ word several times. Except for Terri, we downed several glasses of wine while waiting for our food, and laughed and joked. Terri was giddy from pregnancy hormones and the testosterone I pumped into her in the last week. She giggled and tittered like a school girl, and she and María prattled-away happily, such sweet music.

I continued to fawn over Terri, rubbed her hair, neck and shoulders and gave her quick, little kisses, mainly to irritate María. Terri squealed with pleased embarrassment when my hand finally found her vulva under the knee-length skirt. María and Drew were up to the challenge – he had his hands all over her, even above the table, and she was excited. Even the texture of her areolae showed through her blouse. Her miniskirt presented no obstacle to his hands. He must have scored, I saw him wiping his fingers on his pants. The waiters probably thought we were just two gringo johns, manhandling two of Guanajuato’s bargain putas. They huddled in a far corner where they watched under our table. The women didn’t seem to mind the voyeurs.

That night there were exaggerated cries and grunts from both bedrooms. It was wonderful.

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