Chapter 12 – Part 1, Drew’s Bitch

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Chapter 12 – Part 1, Drew’s Bitch

We heard from Terri and Drew in San Francisco. Terri was late-term pregnant with a healthy baby after two previous miscarriages, and she was stoked. She wanted to visit María before the baby was born, thinking it would be difficult afterward. We invited them immediately – it would be great to see them again. Even after a few years away, we still considered them our best friends.

The big day arrived and we picked-up Terri and Drew at the airport. The buffoon Drew was gone, matured – Terri had soaked him in Clorox, picked the fleas off him, and cleaned him up into a reasonably handsome and confidant man. The transformational powers of the vulva over the penis still astonished me.

Terri was radiant as only a soon-to-be first-time mother could be. We got them settled-in our guest bedroom, and María took Drew out to the stores for the special items Terri requested.

I went to talk with Terri as she stretched out on the bed in those funny outfits expectant mothers wear. She rubbed her belly as we reminisced about our times in San Francisco. She said the baby was moving. She took my hand and held it on a specific spot and I felt a small movement. Terri said the baby had a discernible heartbeat. She raised her blouse and invited me to listen. I heard a lot of burbling and white noise, but I imagined I did hear a tiny beating. The sound filled me with immense longing. The heartbeat sounded like María’s, and I knew it was a girl. And I wanted that baby girl – I wanted to own it, kiss it, hug it, love it. I wanted that baby girl and I wanted the womb that nurtured it.

I kissed her belly several times, felt Terri’s hands moving through my hair, and then she slapped me with the sweetest scent known to man – the scent of an aroused woman. The scent destroyed me, all reason and control abandoned me, and I began to kiss her abdomen sloppily, open mouth, my tongue searching over the surface of her abdomen. Her hand pushed my head lower, and I pushed her skirt down her legs. She kicked her skirt off and opened her legs, she was hungry. My mouth traced the outlines of her white cotton panty, trying to find a loose spot. She pushed my head lower until I kissed and sucked at her wet labia through the panty. I kneaded her labia with my mouth, getting my first ever taste of her. I couldn’t stop, she was delicious and I tried to lift the edge of her panty to pull it away to the side of her vulva. As my fingers searched for the inner edge of the panty, I thought only of burying my tongue in her vagina, quickly followed by my penis. I would own Terri and the baby girl inside her. Maybe Drew would trade me María for Terri.

I plunged my tongue into her vagina, then rotated around her labia until she jerked from my tongue buds dragging over her clitoris. Just seconds away from away from filling her vagina with my penis, we heard the front gate. We barely got her skirt on and clothes arranged as Drew and María came in. Terri looked at me hungrily, but I looked away, and I don’t think Drew suspected anything. I didn’t want to screw up their lives. I didn’t look at María at all. I went to clean off the scent of Terri from my face. That evening, María and Terri huddled on the couch, exchanging secrets and squealing with delight. I wondered if María had told her about the Castration Game.

* * *

That evening, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t understand why I went so far with Terri. I never thought her attractive, she wasn’t my type, yet I was just seconds away from burying my penis in her vagina. I tossed about until I thought I’d awake María, so I got up and went down to the kitchen.

Drew slouched in the kitchen, hang-face and morose. He said he thought the new baby wasn’t his. We talked awhile about Terri’s pregnancies. The first two spontaneous abortions were caused by genetically defective fetuses – his defects. This baby was apparently perfect, and although they had sex on the right dates, he suspected Terri had a lover – with undamaged genes. And Terri refused sex with him once she confirmed her pregnancy. I thought it was no wonder she let me touch her – she was starved for sex.

Drew went to the guest room and returned with a small bag, extracting a baggie with cocaine. I couldn’t believe he crossed the border with that! He prepared some lines on the table and invited me to try it. In spite of my promise to María, I accepted, and within a few minutes, I buzzed, imagining I licked and fucked Terri, and I fondled my penis inside my briefs. I confessed to Drew I had kissed Terri’s vulva and was removing her panty when he returned to the house. Then Drew confessed he came hoping to fuck María. The small bag was his María bag, untouched since he last saw María in San Francisco. He pulled out a few condoms and a variety of lubricants, describing each one: for vaginal fucking, anus fucking, the ‘ride’, and deep throating. He was ecstatic Terri was pregnant, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his adventures with María. He described how he fucked María, growing more excited as he talked. Soon he fondled himself.

His descriptions of sex with María drove me bats, and shortly thereafter, his mouth replaced my pumping hand. And then we laid side-by-side, 69-sucking furiously at each other’s penis. His penis was small, and I kept pushing it in deep to the gag point. I asked Drew to deep-throat me, to fuck me – I asked for the ‘ride’. He laughed, said my hair and anatomy were all wrong for the ‘ride’, but he’d happily throat me. It took a while of practice, gagging and coughing, but within an hour, he slide smoothly into my throat, sucking on my penis as he stroked me. We lay on the floor nude, coked-up, consuming each others genitals, and I loved it. Drew kissed and sucked my nipples, and I felt he kissed into my soul as he caressed my genitals. I thought, “This isn’t raw sex, we’re making love, and I love it! Too bad Terri is pregnant, I’d like to have Drew for a while.” Maybe it was the coke, but I distinctly remember telling Drew I was in love with him. He laughed and we snorted more coke. Then he turned me over and pulled me up on all-fours.

When I felt Drew lubricating my anus, I startled out of my cocaine reverie and protested – I wasn’t ready for that. Drew said, “No problem, let’s do some more coke.” Five minutes later, after a couple of thick lines, I was on all-fours again and I felt a slippery finger sliding into my anus. The finger grew larger sliding and stroking slowly, then even larger. Drew opened my anus up with two, then three fingers, getting it ready for his penis. I smelt the cherry scent of the lubricating jelly and thought, “This is wonderful, that’s my cherry he’s going to pop!” I began pumping my penis in rhythm with his finger stroking.

If Drew got his penis inside my anus, would he would own me? What would he do with me? Would he take María from me? I didn’t want to be owned by any man, especially not Drew. I felt his fingers rotating in my anus, but I did nothing, nothing but wait for his penis to claim me. If he wanted me, he would own me, own María, own Terri and the baby girl – I would be his joto – he would throat me and anus-fuck me whenever he pleased. I would do anything to please him. María had always been right – cocaine and penises were too dangerous for me.

Drew anus-fucked me.

It was beautiful, and I was overwhelmed by the pleasures of the penis, his penis in my anus, my penis spurting semen in my hand. I told him, “If you want me, I’m your bitch. Make me your bitch!”

He answered, “Yes, you’re my bitch now.”

After he climaxed, we lay quiet for awhile, Drew glued to my backside, still inside me.

I guess I was a surrogate María for Drew, and Drew was a surrogate Terri for me. Why are we never satisfied with what we have? Drew wanted María for her beauty and raw sex, and I wanted Terri for the baby in her womb.

We talked, even discussed a spouse swap. I commented María would never betray her best friend Terri by fucking Drew – it would be a heinous, unforgivable betrayal. At the moment, it didn’t occur to me I had betrayed Drew with Terri. Another cocaine-induced thought popped into my head: maybe love is not fucking your best friend’s spouse. But at that moment we were more interested in each other. We continued to stroke and caress, and Drew kissed my body. I thought this cocaine stuff is great – and I realized just how easily, how effortlessly the Pol had entrapped María and his other women with the coke.

Drew fucked me multiple times on the floor, pulling my head back by my hair, fondling my genitals. He told me I was the best bitch he had ever experienced. I told him to fuck me hard, to tear me up. And he did. I told him to squeeze my testicles, and he did. I told him I loved him, I wanted to be his lover, and he laughed. I told him if he loved me, he should hurt me hard. He did and he did. He pulled my head back, squeezed my testicles, and pounded my anus. After each climax, he remained inside me until his penis shrank and fell out. We did more coke, he kissed my body and sucked my penis until he became erect again. Then, he fucked me again until he ran out of condoms. I told him if he loved me, he should destroy my genitals and take María from me. He laughed again, said, “I do love you and I will happily take María from you”. He continued laughing as he pulled me to my feet, bent me over, drove his kneecap into my testicles, and sent me into darkness.

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